it's fine in photoshop

*scoots this under ur door then flees into the night* dont look at me


overwatch: favorite skins

ra & nomad


Okay, so it’s not bad at all. The actual bad news is that I’m an ass who keeps spamming WIPs. What else am I good for? (Aside from being in a massive rut I don’t feel like rolling out of HA.)

Getting faster. Still constantly distracted, though.

kitkqtenderheart  asked:

I use Krita and it's just fine, though someone I know got a virus from it too :^ There's also FireAlpaca, Medibang Paint, Autodesk Sketchbook (it's limited in the trial but functional), PaintDotNet (No pen pressure though), and if you go back Adobe released CS2 software for free so you could get Photoshop CS2 (it's outdated, but it works fine on my Win10 laptop other than some lag)

OH THERE WE GO! A nice list of free software for the Anon!

And yeah I actually know someone who uses Photoshop CS2 and it’s doing fine, I say start out looking at that! ^^

Thank you Kit!

Mini!Shironeki gif process

Put together some process recordings to help anyone visualize a workflow/see how I operate when making still pictures move using Photoshop and After Effects 

1) Original picture of Shironeki looking sinister af like damn son

2) Cleaning/redrawing in Photoshop (approx. 1 hour)

 Cleaning/redrawing/separating the eyes, skin, and hair (I use a red background because it helps me to differentiate any gaps)

More cleaning/redrawing/separating of the eyes (using a ref picture to try and match the art) and then the body

3) Movements/animations in After Effects (approx. 2 hours)

Moving the pieces (note: certain parts, such as hair movements, were hidden/omitted from this timelapse)

Color adjustments and text

4) Result + comparison (total time: approx. 3 hours)

Please check out the final gif post here!  (´⌣`ʃƪ)


for margo, my lovely queen


Milo Ventimiglia & Lily Rabe as Sean & Claire Bennigan
the Whispers 1.10 “Darkest Fears”

Aesthetics - Once Upon a Time: Henrietta ‘Henri’ Mills (original idea by @emmaofmisthaven)

I’m done reading about heroes. I wanna to be one.

2p!America recolor!