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meet me in the stars

Dedication: For InuKag Week 2017 Day 6: Stars

Summary: Kagome never realized how much she equated the stars with the gold in Inuyasha’s eyes until they were gone.

Pairing: Inuyasha/Kagome

Warning: n/a

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Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup


4th place prizes

@alphalilly (Isocteur by @art-of-lunarecliptix)

Happy Mother’s Day! Have a Webber with Mommy-Longlegs. 

Bonus crappy, last minute sketch:


New kids on the block!

I meant to draw a little celebration back when we learned the names of the new characters in Episode 7, but hit a bit of an art block, along with holiday madness, and never really finished it… :<

But didn’t want to end the year without trying to push through! I can’t wait to meet these guys in 2015!!


please ignore the bad colouring it was a pain in the assbutt ¿ⓧ_ⓧﮌ

  • Lance: *poke*
  • Keith: lance.
  • Lance: *poke*
  • Keith: Lance.
  • Lance: what? *poke*
  • Keith: you're doing the thing.
  • Lance: what thing? *poke*
  • Keith: the thing we talked about.
  • Lance: we never talked about a thing *poke*
  • Keith: the POKING thing.
  • Lance: oh. yeah, that. *poke*
  • Shiro: (whispering to Pidge) Jesus Christ Keith's got it bad. if any of us tried that we'd be halfway to hurt town by now

that feel when your incorporeal Dark Lord cbf coming up with a Cool Villain Name for his least fav follower X)

based on this post, and because I can’t get over learning that Asmodean literally means “Musician” in the official Wheel of Time companion book, I’m still flipping out poor Asmo, this is why I love you