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I’ve been quite fond of the French opening song since I heard it, so I made this animation exercise based on it (~˘▽˘)~

“Gentlemen don’t cry, Jeremy.”

Happy Father’s Day :^)

i’m cackling literally every single one of Dick’s teammates calls Jason ‘squirt’

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are you going to continue to virus!phan storyline? Sorry for brother if you I just really love the storyline! Also happy new year!

Yes I am going to continue virus!phan soon~
And I have a lot of upcoming projects for this AU which will take a lot of time.
So I hope you guys can wait a little longer for what I have in mind :)


don’t smoke kiddos

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I have one thing I have been waiting for since s11 failed to deliver and I personally feel is important for Dean's and Cas' relationship; for Dean to save Cas. The big save, the gripped tight and raised you from perdition kind of save, the break a blood pact with a reaper kind of save. And I think it's important because the whole Cas= The Protector and Dean= The Protected narrative needs to break for them to be equals. It's time for Dean to be the saviour and for Cas to be saved.

I can’t argue with this at all. I mean, when Cas was possessed by Lucifer, this was a BIG disappointment, that Dean wasn’t directly involved in freeing Cas. He gave it a desperate try in 11.18, but there were the extenuating circumstances of Cas’s depression that seemed to only get worse while he was hosting Lucifer.

I’d be depressed if I had to host Lucifer too, and I’m just thinking of the “stuck him in the spare room” sort of hosting here…

Dean did break Naomi’s hold over him in 8.17, but then Cas had to go and pick up the angel tablet and suddenly all he knew was that he had to protect that tablet with his life from everyone, including Dean.

(which sounds VERY MUCH like how he currently feels/is behaving toward Jack and Kelly after 12.19 and all the way through 12.23).

They nudged up to that line in 12.12, but there wasn’t anything Dean could’ve done to save Cas once he’d already been injured by the Lance, since he didn’t know that snapping the lance in half would work as a cure. But at least Cas got a shining example of how Dean was unwilling to leave him to save their own lives. They stood and faced Ramiel.

(granted at that point I think Mary may have been more motivated by guilt for having brought them all into that fight, but by the end of the episode she had admitted that Cas was one of her boys… so it was obvious enough to HER that this was Cas’s place in the Winchester family, where his life was to be equally defended by all of them).

But yeah, whatever becomes of Cas in 13.01 might be setting up just this kind of potential situation. We shall see.

We know he’s willing to lay his life down for the Winchesters (he said it again in 12.19:

Castiel: This has nothing to do with my reputation. I am doing this for the Winchesters. I-I stole the Colt to keep them out of this mission and to keep them safe from Dagon, and I… I will kill this girl so that Sam and Dean don’t have to.)

Problem is, they’d rather have him, and fight with him at their side, than have him act as their protector.

Dean pulling a big save might help him finally see that.

I only hope it doesn’t involve any sort of deal. Deals ALWAYS go bad on Supernatural.

It’s All A Lie: Finale

After a year of head bashing, wailing, and generally procrastinating…I have finally posted the last chapter to the story I began for the March 2016 Everlark Fic Exchange, @everlarkficexchange. My thanks to @javistg for running this amazing event, as well as the Anon who submitted the original prompt. Also, my gratitude to @peetabreadgirl and @titaniasfics for editing all three chapters. Ladies, your perseverance is appreciated. Two beastly chapters and then a year of nothing. Thanks for sticking it out with me!

Also, I wanted to thank the several people who read and commented despite the length of time without an update. Honestly, your interest and words helped get my mind back into this story.

Summary: Unrest in District Twelve drives the Everdeen family to make choices they’d once thought would be impossible. Panem AU with no Games. Based on the prompt, “I was watching the movie ‘71 and I got this everlark prompt idea where it’s panem but without the games and there is a rebellion starting in d12 and peeta takes part in it but during a street riot he gets injured and katniss and her dad find him and take him in and take care of him for a while and hide him from authorities looking for rebels.” -Submitted by Anonymous

WARNINGS: RATED T+ for depictions of violence and executions, character and child character deaths, racism, police brutality.

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