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sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion


random vampire sims +1 human sim !! shoutout to @ciruelabob, thanks to whom i actually have the game pack!

wait what-

tbh i found this fascinating lol bcs a non-fan almost believed that theyre actually together, THUS PROVING that im not being delusional😂



you: dazai completely changed his life around when he joined the ada and is now a good human being. 

me, an intellectual: a key tenant of dazai’s character is his amorality (his indifference to what is right and what is wrong). the only reason he seems like a good person is because he decided to work for a good cause, that does not mean dazai is now a good person. he has still shown the ability (and willingness) to be callously manipulative, rely on immoral tactics to get results, and be complicit in murder. He also continues to lack remorse for the lives he took while in the mafia.


harry potter characters and the major arcana / harry + strength
the strength tarot card represents strength, courage and determination in many forms, but especially in the context of “inner strength”, i.e. trusting in one’s own abilities and it also encourages you to get control over your anger through an understanding of where it comes from by seeking first to understand and accept the more negative aspects of yourself and others. anyone who posseses the form of “strength” can cope with whatever life deals to him or her.

OKAY GUYS I feel like we don’t acknowledge enough that one line Grantaire says! I mean besides all the other lines that Grantaire says! The one that comes right after “I understand only love and liberty” remember that line (my favorite line)???
Yeah after that is my SECOND favorite line: “Never having had any money, I never got used to it, and therefore I’ve never felt the need of it; but if I’d been rich, there would have been no more poor!” THAT LINE.
He’s drunk here and still thinks of how he would help people if only he’d been in the position.
And it’s so interesting to me because Grantaire is speaking of how if he had the chance he would help, but meanwhile there is an actual barricade there with an actual hopeful revolution occurring. And he is not helping.
Enjolras and the other amis have their method of doing things, which is to demand more from the government. But GRANTAIRE (my beautiful son) doesn’t think that way. He doesn’t think going to the government will get them anywhere. He would go directly to the people suffering from the problem and help them with what he has, personally.
He’s surrounded by a bunch of rich schoolboys who have the money to help the poor directly (and also gain their devotion and to raise spirits) but who instead reject the money and challenge a powerful government. But he speaks of how if he was in their economic position he would do something guaranteed to help.
And this is from someone who says he “never (…) had any money” so he probably knows better than them how it feels to be like the rest of society, hardly making it through.
Idk man, this is my son and I love him.

Another dislike I have re: the tumblr kin community is that everyone is so focused on being ‘valid’ and whether it’s problematic to identify as X if you haven’t experienced Y that there is little to no exploration of what being otherkin (therians + fictionkin included) actually is like. 

I rarely, if ever, see people comparing their experiences (not even in a judging way - just 'oh that’s cool!’) whilst on most places outside tumblr this is a big part of the 'kin experience’. Understanding not only how you came to identify as your kintype, but also why, and what that entails for you, is such an interesting topic and I wish it was more commonplace here.

I will exchange the fandom IE for nothing in the world. It’s like another family for me where I can share my passion and admire the work of other fans. And without expecting it, I made a lot of incredible, adorable friends who support me and who make me smile every time I’m depressed. You welcomed me so gently and I have to say that I don’t want to leave. I don’t have enough words to thank you all. I’m just too happy being here with all of you. 💗💗😌