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disappoint me daddy
  • dan and phil play dream daddy!! i messaged people abt this like a week and a half ago and immediately thought oh no what hell have i wished upon us but it is HERE
  • to be fair i am on my second watch so this isn’t. reacting
  • 0:47 and dan is already talking about barebacking i want to delete all of this

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Karkat is in for a ride.

hey everybody! 

this is john. actually, it is john, jade, and dave sprite. we all contributed to the contents of this bucket! we have to make it quick because apparently you’re about to go on a long journey, just like us. i’m sorry we can’t be there for the big meetup. karkat, i deeply regret that i will not be present for these highly touted “TROLL/HUMAN SLOPPY MAKEOUTS”, ha ha. maybe in three years, assuming you all aren’t totally smooched out by then!!! (i am just kidding around, btw.) 

Karkat knows John can be a little dense, but this has still got to make him wonder. Is John really thick enough to say all this innocently, is he trying to mess with Karkat, or is he actually attempting to flirt in some capacity?

it was a fun adventure we had today, wasn’t it? i’ll even miss talking to the trolls too. say hi to them for me, even though i didn’t get to know many. except karkat obviously, and oh yeah, vriska too. vriska, if you read this, thanks again for all your help. i don’t think i’d have made it this far if not for you! i just thought you should know that. 

My Diamond OTP is still dead. : : : : (

I wonder what Vriska and Dead John are up to? We kind of left them hanging last time we caught up with them.

jade and dave sprite both say hi and send their best wishes. but now jade says i have to finish quickly! she wants me to throw this bucket and its heartfelt payload through her mysterious portal. so here i go. 

This has got to be messing with Karkat’s head. “Is he REALLY saying all of this innocently? Is it even possible???”

Never, In Fact, Homeless - Part 2

Relationship: Dean X Daughter

Words: 1,956

Summary: Reader has found herself in a bit of a situation and since the boys have offered their help, she feels it’s only right to return the favor.

Warnings: talk of hunger, mostly just sad Daddy!Dean feels tbh

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner because she asked to be tagged in her followers’ stuff and I figured why not? If anyone else wants to be tagged in stuff let me know!

A/N: Here it is! Just like I promised! Please don’t hate me for being so slow!

Part 1

Originally posted by strengthcas

For supposedly being made of water vapor, clouds were actually incredibly warm. So soft and comfortable, you couldn’t recall a time when you’d slept on something as pleasant. The cloud even smelled nice, too, like worn leather and faint cologne. It reminded you of better, happier times, when the worst things you had to worry about were your grades or the latest gossip at school. It reminded you of coming home to fresh baked pie right out of the oven, of sweet lemonade with two straws that twisted around each other. It reminded you of –

You bolted upright, heart racing wildly in your chest. Whipping your head around, you noticed you’d somehow ended up in a motel room. But when? Why? How was it possible that you’d slept on a bed, a real, actual bed?

The realization had you almost in tears.

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Sonic Skyline Chapter 12: Alcyone

It was quieter than he expected– deafening silence that snapped into existence the moment he broke through the wall of grey. Cool air, barely a light breeze, welcomed his entrance into this surreal landscape, but it all seemed out of place. Like a different shade in a wall of the same color. Not quite opposite, but just enough to make the calm feel like chaos.

And a familiar tingle of power filled his heart, making it hard to breathe. Hard to think. It was a feeling that should have been unmistakable, but he found himself suddenly unable to recall its origin as the world before him swayed.

Then it changed. As swiftly as a gust of wind, bitter cold enveloped the world around him. The skies darkened and were silent, touched only by the gentle swirl of fog rolling in. But even that seemed surreal, having in an instant obscured all but the the slightest trace of sky. The clouded setting was beginning to lose its dim hue and yet whatever strange sense of adventure led him here lingered persistently in his heart. Virid eyes grew wider as the cloudy jungle grew thick. It was alluring. Like the mysterious places every fairy tale describes. A realm of magic and mystery, where heroes find themselves face to face with a challenge. So he was the hero. The adventurer. The wandering explorer, unafraid of what lay concealed in these shadowed skies.

From somewhere in the mist, lightning tore through the blanket of clouds and set the sky ablaze, only to be met with inexplicable tunnels of water that spiraled upwards and crashed into the flames. They extinguished the fire and simultaneously froze into place, like twisted staircases that shuddered and shattered into millions of sparkling flakes when thunder let out its deafening roar. It was a war of the elements and he was at the center, untouched by the chaos and yet ever more a part of it.

“Wow!” he breathed, enthralled by the magic. And all at once, his whispered breaths of excitement were swept into a river of wind. The invisible stream rushed forward, breaking free from the discord to greet him with a playful song, a melody so complex and wild that no instrument could ever hope to capture its tune. It danced and twirled around him, ruffling his quills and making him laugh as it swept about.

Then, with a slight shiver it spun away and tunneled through the wall of clouds. “Hey!” The hedgehog reached after the turbulent waves of wind, but to no avail. A strange silence settled over the place once more, abandoning him to lonely stillness in an ever-darkening sky. The moon and stars were nowhere to be found. Night had arrived in an instant, but its beauty lay elsewhere.

Sonic’s small, pointed ear twitched slightly and he glanced around him, uncertainty in every motion. The scarf did little now to keep him warm and its dim light was quickly fading. It would not be long before it lost the power that kept it, and its wielder, from plummeting into whatever lay beneath the cover of clouds. Even had this not been so, he had the faintest idea that he could not remain where he was. It felt wrong. In truth, what he sensed was something vaguely familiar about this haunted place. A patch of darkness lingering just out of reach, dangerous as the crushing weight of the sea.

But there came a sound from where the wind had escaped to. A distant song, echoing in the night. It, too, was familiar but offered something more. Something sweeter. Its gentle hum swayed softly throughout the sky and ushered away the ribbons of fog. Little by little, stars appeared and the darkness crept away, retreating as soon as the moon came uncovered. Follow me, the whispered lullaby seemed to beacon, and he obeyed. All fear slipped away.

Had he been concerned enough to check, he would have found his scarf’s usual glow had vanished. There was nothing left to power its flight yet it remained airborne, wavering with a jade sort of shimmer in its wake. But he didn’t care in the least. He was far too fascinated with the scene unraveling before his eyes.

The last bit of cloud folded apart in front of him, opening like a grand gateway and melting into the sea of fog below. As if dragging the night backwards in time, the pink hue of sunset flooded the sky, the shimmer of stars still suspended in its lacuna. Basking in this illumination was what appeared to be a mountain’s peak, reaching above the misty barrier, and yet it was anything but a barren, desolate spear of snowcrested stone. From above, the surface at its base appeared to sway like waves of a blossoming ocean. The trees were locked in eternal bloom, bending back and forth beneath the weight of the wind that swept through their boughs and carried the scent of spring in its wake.

As soon as he landed on the surface of this strange new world, the song grew louder, more enchanting. It resonated in every inch of space, a whispered melody of power that refused to ebb.

Then the frisky gust that had first greeted him suddenly returned, frolicking about. With it came a twirling stream of petals, as though it had come to the understanding it was quite invisible on its own but certainly wanted to be seen. Funny how it seemed to take shape, petals like scales and leaves like tiny wings, as though this little strand of wind was very much a living creature itself. It bounded into the flowering forest and turned to face him, eagerly wagging a tail of spinning florets.

“Oh, you want me to follow you?” Sonic laughed, as if the whole situation was completely normal. If there was one thing he’d gotten good at in the past years, it was realizing that the world was not so mundane as he first believed. It’s not so hard to see the adventure in things when you have the power of flight in your hands… or draped around your neck. The impossible promptly becomes probable.

So he followed the wind-creature into the dappled shade. The breeze was ever-present in this place and it rippled through the forest in cool bursts that shook the tops of the trees while shadows below swayed to a shifting rhythm–nothing stayed still for long, perfect for someone like the hedgehog who loathed anything but constant distractions to keep him on his toes. “Where are we going?” he asked as they emerged from the trees into a verdant meadow.. The majestic silhouette of the central mountain rose up overhead and cast a long shadow over the colorful sea of wildflowers.

The creature stopped and turned around, giving every indication it had no intention of going further.

Sonic was not amused. An empty field? Where was the fun in that?

Apparently the creature must have taken notice of his dismay because it bounded forward and lifted its floral head towards the mountain, triggering a flash of green at its peak.

That made things more interesting. Something was up there, waiting to be discovered. For a moment, an excited grin flashed across the hedgehog’s face and he leapt into the sky, fully prepared to take flight. But the scarf faltered about a foot in the air and he finally recognized, with a nervous laugh, he was fresh out of rings.

Thankfully the drop wasn’t too far, and the only thing hurt by the fall was his pride. The floral creature, on the other hand, seemed incredibly entertained. It alighted next to an irked Sonic, chirping with amusement. “Well, how am I s’posed to get up there now?” the boy humphed, sneezing as a small petal landed on his nose.

It was as if this was the very question the creature had been waiting for. It whisked itself into the air, a whirl of flowery hues, and let the gusts before it grow into an ocean of wind.

“Wh-whoooaa!” Sonic cried as he found himself lifted into the air. It was nothing like the kind of flight he was used to; the scarf gave him control, the ability to run through the skies just the same as the earth below. But this was a wild and untamed form and he found, if not rather sheepishly, that he had not yet mastered the art of traversing this turbulent terrain. It was like running through water. He was fighting against the currents, trying not to be dragged by the raging undertow, but the more he struggled, the more difficult it became. Only after a significant amount of clumsy attempts to gain control of the airstream did he realize that it had more control of him…and maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing. He stopped struggling and instead focused on feeling the air sweep through his spines and beneath his feet. He didn’t have to fight the wind, he could use it.

His eyes lit up with accomplishment as he found his balance, taking note of how little effort was actually necessary when he surrendered to the airflow. It carried him upwards without a wink of trouble, and in a moment he was soaring above the ground once more, scarf snaking behind him. The treetops below blended their colors into a dappled watercolor of pink and green, growing distant as the mountain’s peak loomed overhead.

The air took on a faint chill with the altitude, and wisps of cloud ribboned their way about grey stone. Sonic grew near and they gathered together, forming a stairwell of mist. It was here that he alighted and stepped onto the fog, thankful that his scarf allowed him to do that much, even without the power of rings.

He raised his gaze to take in the scene. The staircase stood before him, vast and intimidating, but ultimately nothing compared to what lay at its end. For just as the cloud merged into rock, a great archway hovered overhead. Sonic stepped towards it, breathless as he reached the ornate work of art. He couldn’t resist running a hand over its surface, amazed at the intricacy of its design. Detailed symbols and images, some of which he recognized but none of which he understood, were carved into the pillars.

And as he stepped past the gateway, the wind once more gathered beside him. Though he couldn’t see it, he could sense the creature was there, and it cleared the way before him. The fog shifted, if only slightly, to reveal what lay beyond.

Jagged islands of earth and stone floated in the air, suspended in the atmosphere. Some remained mostly still, bobbing only slightly in the breeze. But many others raced about, back and forth or up and down, as though meant to carry unseen passengers from isle to isle. Marbled ruins, curtained with ivy and moss, adorned the scene while immense statues of ancient figures looked out over their domain. This was almost certainly by design, a creation forged in the same kind of magic that kept all of the Skyworld afloat.

And at the center, rooted in the earth of one island, was a single tree, bigger than any Sonic had ever seen. In appearance, it closely mirrored the others that encircled the base of the mountain, but its rose-tinted petals shimmered with a light that theirs was lacking.

He could have sworn he’d seen that same kind of glow before….

With the wind at his heels he leapt from stone to stone, navigating the complex pathways. Once or twice he found himself overstepping a landing and for a moment, feared he might fall. But each time, a gust of air would rush up beneath him, steadying his stance. He didn’t know what this creature was or where it came from but whatever it’s purpose, it seemed obsessed with helping him reach his goal.

The tree was just one short jump away now and he cleared the gap with ease, his vision blurring for a moment as he crossed into the canopy’s shade. He steadied himself as it came into focus, realizing his initial assumptions were not enough to describe the true nature of the plant.

He’d never seen anything like it. The tree was tall but its truck thick, and seemingly hollow. It rose off the ground, supported by roots that gripped the edges of the island, leaving a tightly woven cavern of wood at its base. Rushing water echoed in the hollow, and a river flowed out from the two sides that Sonic could see, splitting the isle into neatly divided corners as it cascaded off the edge into the cloudy abyss below.

Sunlight filtered through the blossoms and budding leaves above where Sonic stood, and a pleasant breeze brought with it a sense of calm and warmth. The view to his right wasn’t much different. Strangely enough, the leaves on that side of the river seemed to have matured and the buds had disappeared. But the grass was still the same shade of emerald green and, although the sun seemed to shine a little brighter, he assumed it was just a trick of the light.

Or at least he would have, had it not been for the left. The difference was striking. Ice coated the river and the tree itself was bare, minus the snow that dusted its branches. Sparkling white powder blanketed the ground and ribboned through the air, blown about by a strong winter’s wind. And yet not one flake crossed into the place where Sonic stood. They simply vanished upon reaching the river’s edge.

Intrigued, Sonic approached this border until he was standing mere inches away from the riverbank. Nothing felt different. He could see the frost from his breath just in front of his face, but only the warmth of the sun reached his body. Then, he reached forward.

He drew back his hand almost instantly, caught off-guard by the biting cold that pierced the fabric of his gloves. But his surprise melted into awed laughter, and he felt the urge to explore this strange slice of the world even more. He took a cautious step onto the ice, shivering as the warmth faded into a hushed chill. The surface held, and he walked across, emerging himself in a land of eternal winter. Snow crunched beneath his shoes, but his footprints were immediately swallowed by a fresh coat of powder brought about by the howling wind.

Wind. That was what he noticed most about this place. It was relentless, constantly blowing on both sides, but as different as…

“The seasons!” Sonic shouted, and his voice echoed across the mountain. He laughed again, incredibly proud of himself for making such a deduction, and eager to test his new theory. Sure enough, as he continued across the frozen landscape, he could just make out the faint outline of orange within the canopy across the next riverbank. He burst into a jog, then a sprint, leaping across the four rivers with ease. It was like traveling backwards through time–winter, autumn, summer, spring–all within a moment of the other. It suddenly all made sense, and he began to notice little things, like how the valleys beneath the mountain changed just like the island, or how all four winds seemed to be blow towards the center of the tree.

Sonic stopped running and skidded to a halt, unintentionally landing in a pile of auburn leaves as he did. He was thankful Amy, or anyone else for that matter, wasn’t there to see that. But he didn’t let the embarrassment hinder him for long. After shaking out his quills, he looked towards the deeply shaded cavern within the tree. Something drew him near, like the island itself had determined the time for fun was over, and what lay ahead was all that mattered.

Vines draped the entrance to the hollow, all the shades of sunset painting the fronds. They trembled slightly in the autumn breeze and the faintest trace of light shone through as they parted. But Sonic hesitated before crossing in. There was a familiar tingling sensation racing through his veins, and he shivered with recognition. “Chaos…”

The word formed on his tongue and bubbled out into existence. The winds howled in response and leaves spun wildly in the air. For a moment, the whole island hung on the sound, waiting to see what would follow.

And then it quieted, the second half of the spell left unspoken as Sonic crossed the curtain of leaves.

Soft, green light shone softly in the darkness, shimmering flecks floating in the air. True, their glow was faint, but it was just enough to illuminate the vastness of the hollow. “Bigger on the inside, huh?” Sonic noted, voice echoing beside the constant whispering of the rivers. He wasn’t wrong. The cavern appeared far larger from within than it did from the outside, with long wooden passageways that led to spacious “rooms” around every turn.

He decided to follow the river to what he presumed would be the center and, as he did, took note of the carvings that lined the walls. They were different here than on the outer structures, formed of words rather than images. There was an ancient story hidden in these scrawlings, one so much deeper than what anyone could see from the tree’s exterior. It was all part of a bigger picture, a tale which refused to be lost to time.

But though the pull he felt was strong, he could not translate the foreign tongue. They looked nothing more than scribblings to his eyes. Yet something still drove him to look closer, to see what could not be seen. He placed a hand against the grain and gasped as his emerald eyes grew wide. .

Excitement and joy filled his being, though he could not tell exactly why, and he felt a sense of relief. The fear was gone. It was over…what was over, exactly? He didn’t know but could not help but continue along the passageway, never letting his hand slip away from the wood. The emotions in his heart changed suddenly and the sound of his laughter echoed in the cavern. Lightning bolts of energy coursed through his veins. This was all so fun–a grand adventure in the search for a new life. And then contentment. Love. Home… it was so much better than he could have imagined, a wonderful place among the stars. Nothing would hurt them anymore, or so they said. At last, they were safe.

But something wasn’t right. He wasn’t right. The one they all seemed to love so much. He wanted to steal it all away and no one seemed to care. Why wouldn’t they notice? Why wouldn’t they listen? Why? Why?!


A gust of air rushed past and Sonic gasped, pushing himself as far away from those words as possible. His chest heaved with exertion and his heart pounded madly in his chest. Those thoughts, those feelings… they weren’t his.

He barely noticed as the wind-creature took form beside him, ever-shifting body shimmering brightly among the shadows.

“Wh-what was that?” Sonic breathed. His ears were laid flat against his skull, and his widened pupils shone like black gems in the dark.

It didn’t respond, just turned away and padded forward, drawing Sonic’s attention to his location. He’d been too distracted to realize he had reached the center of the cavern…

… and it was incredible.

Four waterfalls stemmed from a single flow at the top of the tree’s hollow, having been split by the central convergence of the four winds. The airstreams blew inwards, each bearing signs of their seasons–the auburn leaves of autumn, pink petals of spring, frigid snow of winter, or dandelion stars of summer. The floor was a map, not unlike those Sonic had seen of the Skyworld, but expanded far past the standard borders he had observed. Seven islands in particular stood out to him, aligned in a circle around the entirety of the world. Each one glowed with a different colored stone, and a ring of light connected them one by one.

A stone pedestal stood at the focal point of the room, the sign of an all-too familiar gem carved into its surface. It was here that the wind-creature leapt up and faced him.

It seemed so much more complete in this place, its appearance like that of a regal guardian rather than a nonsensical creature of fantasy. It swept its leafy tail over the front of the stone and the emerald’s image opened, revealing the green gem inside.

Something clicked in his mind, and he could have sworn the ground swayed beneath his feet. He stepped towards it, only half aware of everything else around him.

But that can’t be here, Sonic thought, though unsure why that was so. There was something strange about all this. Like he had forgotten some crucial detail since arriving. Something very important… something, or someone, he was meant to save. And then he realized–

“I’m not really here…” he murmured quietly.

The gem disappeared and the wind-creature screeched in protest as its pedestal began to crumble. The petals in its wings took on a lifeless texture and though it fluttered desperately, it could not seem to take flight. Instead, it collapsed in a wilted heap on the ground, a slight breeze all that kept its withering form from dissipating completely.

Sonic ran to its side and knelt beside it, though unsure if he could even touch a being made only of wind. Creaking sounds were beginning to echo about the corridors and the winds above seemed to be growing wildly out of control. The wood itself was starting to grow dull and dry, and he could hear splintering as branches outside were being broken. His ear twitched and he felt a prickle of dread when he happened to glance around. The map that composed the floor was darkening along the edges, engulfed by a deep shadow that poured in from the walls and crept ever closer to the center.

The creature let out a sound that could have been a whimper and drifted weakly into his outstretched hands. It was a strange sensation, like cradling a feather, and he worried that the slightest motion could cause it to fade away forever. Even though he was certain this had to be a dream, he had a strong inclination that a touch of reality had been added to the mix. This place, this being, were all too real.. And at the moment, both were in grave danger. “How do I help you?” the hedgehog asked gently, acutely aware of the encroaching darkness. “How do I fix this?”

It looked up at him, then back at what remained of the pedestal. Of course. The emeralds…or one of them at least. It had to be the source of power for this place–that explained the countless engravings of the gems throughout the ruins. Was this where they came from?

“I’ll bring it back. I’ll stop this, I promise.” The darkness was growing closer as he spoke, prompting him to stand. He wasn’t quite sure how he planned to get out of this–the shadows surrounded them on all sides. But a wisp of gratitude crossed the creature’s face and something flashed in its sparkling eyes. With one last determined beat of its wings, it leapt into the air, its petaled form dissolving into the four winds above. In an instant, they changed course and plunged downwards, a glowing spiral of air and magic.

Before Sonic could react, it had reached him. The whirlwind froze him in place and the darkness reeled back, writhing like twisted tentacles of shadow. He was paralyzed in a complete rush of power, feeling weightless as the wind surrendered itself to his control.

Then the light consumed his vision and the dream slipped away.


Well it’s only been half a year, right? I was hoping to get this chapter done by your birthday, Lala, but too many things came at me all at once and I just couldn’t make it happen. Still, I hope you enjoy this!! As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions and/or things you’d like me to fix ^-^

As for the rest of you, thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy reading this chapter as well! It’s a bit longer than usual, but hopefully still interesting to read 

Sonic Skyline belongs to the wonderful @drawloverlala!

Sonic the Hedgehog and related characters belong to SEGA.

anonymous asked:

not meanin' to get argumentative or anything but i always got the vibe from gaylalondes art that they just exaggerated everyones features? like they draw boxy tall masculine cis women too as far as i can tell and they draw a variety of body types on trans characters. BUT i also havent seen their entire art tag so i might b missing something bad

even if its exaggeration (which its not even good exaggeration to be quaint), its still blatantly disrespectful to trans people. no matter how many boxy tall ~traditionally masculine~ cis women she draws, it still doesnt balance out how she draws kanaya (who she headcanons as a trans woman) and how she used to draw jade (who she also headcanons as a trans woman. the only reason she even begrudgingly changed her jade headcanon on that note is because she got called out on it); and the reason why is because trans women face being stereotyped as hypermasculine and muscular and extremely hairy and cis women dont. there is a big difference between these two experiences!

im not saying trans women cant be hairy or cant be muscular because obviously everyone is different and has different body types and et cetera and having those traits arent bad/evil/make you look unhuman, but i AM saying that when you draw most (if not all) of your headcanon trans women as ALL having traditionally masculine traits and have their bodys literally contorting to the point where they look like wax sculptures, its really not good representation and you should consider like… not doing that!

Is it wrong to be
This young and
This tired?

“All your life is
Ahead of you.”

They say, but
Mine feels
Far behind.

—  David jones “love and space dust”
The Popplio Line

The Sea Lion Pokémon
Type: Water
Official Registration #: 728
Entry: One of three pokémon traditionally offered to new trainers at the beginning of their journeys in Alola. Using its own bodily fluids, popplio blows bubbles from its nose. These bubbles are highly elastic and resistant to damage, which means they’re ideal for smashing into opponents or using as springboards for acrobatic stunts. A word of advice from the author, however: it’s best not to think too hard about which bodily fluids make up these bubbles.

The Pop Star Pokémon
Type: Water
Official Registration #: 729
Entry: The evolved form of popplio, by battle experience. This sweet and innocent-looking pinniped pokémon is known for its elaborate and adorable battle strategy, consisting of cheerful movements and a dazzling shower of bubbles that it launches towards its opponents as if it’s dancing to a upbeat pop song. However, a few years from now, after spending years dancing and singing for the human public, brionne will be known for its extreme lifestyle, triggered by half a lifetime of media overexposure in which tabloids will microanalyze its life for even the slightest scandal to latch onto. Jaded by such treatment by the humans who once adored it, brionne will spiral into a dark abyss fueled by overindulgence and far too many rare candies, after which brionne will be a bitter and cynical shell of its former self, an X-rated version of the innocent child star it once was. There will be no return from this. Only edgy and mediocre PG-15+ content and perhaps a half-hearted return to or reboot of the thing that made it famous in its early teens.

Bill … are you okay? —LH

Perfectly fine, Lanette. Why do you ask? —Bill

The Soloist Pokémon
Type: Water/Fairy
Official Registration #: 730
Entry: The evolved form of brionne, by battle experience. Primarina prides itself on its singing voice, largely because its hydrokinetic abilities are extremely reliant on it. As a result, song is equally important to primarina. Each primarina undergoes a strict routine geared towards preserving its voice, and it rehearses songs for hours each day when not in battle. In addition, each song is unique to every primarina family, as primarina pass their songs from generation to generation. For this reason, it’s perfectly understandable that some of these songs date back for thousands of years, perhaps even to the dawn of music itself. Less understandable, however, is how certain trainers (namely ones who have befriended certain students of the author’s) had managed to raise a primarina that would sing Tom Jones’s “What’s New, Pussycat” in practically every battle, except for those rare ones in which these specific primarina sing “It’s Not Unusual” instead.

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The SU au looks so cute!!!!!

Anon:I love your Au!!!


Anon:hnnGHHHG YOUR SU HOMESTUCK CROSSOVER ART IS JUST its just *whispers* so perf…

thank you!! <3

I have a couple of other things planned for it so far ahh

Anon:What do you think jake and dirks fusion would look like?


Anon:OH GOD I LOVE  YOUR HOMESTUCK X STEVEN UNIVERSE AU!!!!!! in this au, connie is jade? and what about the others?? you have any ideas for them?? (srry if i annoy you, but this au is so cute!!! <3

yes Jade would be Connie :^) and well I’m not gonna assign “roles” to everyone, it’s not supposed to be a full au or anything, I’ve seen several people saying Karkat as Lars and Tz as Sadie and I can see that sort of lmao but I also had another thing planned for Karkat

Anon:OMG, the SU/Homestuck crossover is probs the most adorable thing you’ve ever drawn! :D Quick question: What gem is Jane/John?

omg thankss 8′) I still haven’t decided about that actually!

Anon:But will we see gemstuck dirkjake?

maybee? I mean I’m not actually sure if that counts as shipping but I do have something haha

i have finally finished my version of Little Mix from their new video Black Magic. Ive loved this song for ages and when I saw the video I just had to draw them. In the video you see the girls with magic powers. I started working on this before I went on holiday but only just coloured it. I am so happy how this turned out, its one if my favourite pieces i’ve done so far. I hope you all like it too.

SSPrompt: To the End

prompt: Sasuke acts as protectorate to young child, and his betrothed, Sakura.

a/n: Kinda nice to pop these out every now and then. Always taking prompts. <3


“Get down from there.”



You’re not the boss of me!

Sasuke huffed to himself. It had been nearly a year since the clan had decided upon marrying him off to the Haruno child. However, as heir to the clan head, he had elected in putting off said marriage. After all, she was only six, and he, sixteen.

Rolling up his sleeves, Sasuke stared daggers at the unruly child as she sat out on a dangerously high branch hanging over the lake. He dared to think of how she had managed to reach such a place in the amount of time it took him to take a decent leak in the bushes. It was impressive, really.

“You’ll be of little use to your parents if you turn yourself into alligator food,” he informed her as a last resort.

“I’m of little use anyway!” she shouted back with serious conviction, a sudden gleam of despondence passing through her jade eyes. “Besides, there are no alligators in this lake. Only caiman.”

Damn. He thought he had her there. He sighed. “Sakura-”

“You said we weren’t friends.”

Stunned, Sasuke averted his eyes from the girl to stare regretfully into the dirt. It had been in passing, but he had said it. Whether he said it out of annoyance, or out of reflex- because they weren’t just friends, and nor could they ever be- he wasn’t sure. Still, it had been foolish of him to think that someone so young would take such a thing with a grain of sand.

Defeated, and feeling a little bit dim, Sasuke began his trek up the tree.

Sakura defensively called to the boy, “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?

“Climbing a tree,” he asserted.

“You can’t come up here!”

Sasuke peeked past the trunk of the tree as he reached the top, giving her a sly look, “’You’re not the boss of me.’

Sakura’s jaw dropped with vehemence, her eyes flickering between rage and bewilderment. In the time they had known each other, two things about Sasuke had always been very clear. One- he did not eat sweet things. And two- he did not indulge in humor of any sort (mocking included.) Yet here he was, sitting before her, very pleased with himself it appeared.

Nevertheless, she turned her head from him abrasively, clearly angry.

Emitting a calming breath, Sasuke began, “Sakura.” Though she didn’t move an inch, he understood she was listening, “I’m sorry.”

Sasuke felt her small form falter in its anger at the sudden apology. But it wasn’t just an apology, it was his admission. As young as the girl was, she understood what it meant for Sasuke to say such a thing, especially to her. “I know you don’t entirely understand what we are to one another right now,” he followed, “but you have to understand that I am your friend.”

Jade eyes came into his view, gazing with endless melancholy into the bark of the branch that connected them. In them, Sasuke saw the years of loneliness pent up in a mansion far too old, and busy, and demanding for the likes of someone so young. He saw the yearning for her father, her mother, to see her beyond the filial obligation of spreading the family name; simply to love her as their child. He saw the need to be something more than a name. He saw the hope for someone to come along and make life just a little less lonely. Sasuke saw this because he understood it; more than anyone, he understood her.

Sniffling, Sakura wiped the hair that messily clung to her tears. Sad emeralds met warm onyx, making his heart clench in the most unsettlingly familiar way. “We’re friends?” she sniveled hopefully.

Sasuke’s expression sobered as he offered her his hand, “To the end.”

Graciously, Sakura took it, instinctively wrapping herself around him so that he could carry her. Though before Sasuke made to climb back down the tree, he wrapped his arms around the child. Closing his eyes, he allowed himself a moment to hold her, hoping so desperately that he would never lose the irrevocable companion he had found in her; the one to make life just a little less lonely.

He would be hers to the end.

*        *        *

The gardens of Malfoy Manor lapse into an artificial disorder so perfect and so cunning that one might think here is a real wooded thicket! Here is formed a true miracle of greenery! without ever knowing that this is all the work of a beleaguered house elf, ordered to work and work and work and work until he had produced a simulacrum lovely enough to compete with nature herself.

And the gardens of Beauxbatons are ordered, symmetrical, divine. They force a strange effect on the mind; first, awe at the scientific exactness of it. And next comfort, a powerful sense of human rightness and mastery as one looks on all those regular hedges interspersed with beautiful statuettes, with singing mermaids in each fountain, with rows and rows of orange trees so identical that one might suppose nature has been bested.

But the greatest garden in the world is in the far West of Asia where was once the kingdom of Xerxes and Darius and then Alexander. It is so perfect that one might assume it is not a garden at all, excepting that the white palace at the center is no palace, but a rare lily with four million petals branching out to form domes and columns; and a stem that is a central stair in jade green, and inner courtyards with sweet-smelling pools that are its syrupy aqua vitae. 

The rocks surrounding the garden, too, are plants. Chip away at them and it is not dirt you will find, but sap and inner greenery and a great concentration of healing water; the mountain is no mountain. It is one of those hard spiked desert plants so prized by mediwizards. And ringed around it are temples which are pistachio trees growing all together to form walls, and statues which are nothing more than massive, peculiarly cultivated berries that have sprung from the ground, itself no more than a branch of some tree which protrudes from the center of the earth. The leopards which stalk the garden are shrubs and mandrakes that have seized upon magic and given themselves new form. The vipers are walnut shells and willow leaves, which have soaked in the power of the place and attained a kind of independent life.

This is not nature controlled by witch or wizard. This is nature controlling itself, the highest form of gardening. And it is a puzzle to all who have visited. Phyllida Spore, who came when very young and stood on a cliff nearby and gazed at the place, asked, “Why imitate us? Why make a human place, and a human city?” She received no answer. 

And Pomona Sprout, who came when very old, concluded that this was because the garden was a trap, a network of meat-eating plants that sought to entice passing fools with its beauty, and devour them whole with enchantments once they’d passed under its almond-fruit gates.

And this may be so. For few who enter the garden come out again. It inverts the human trickery of Beauxbatons and Malfoy Manor; here we find humanity consumed by forest and hedge, by nature exercising her most magnificent artifice. 

But Neville (who made it back out again, thanks to hard work and courage) believed that this was simply herbology in its most perfect form, the plants themselves proving that anything arrogant man could do, they could do twice as well. And Ginny (who went with him and also survived, thanks to her ferocity and her will), understood that there was beauty in the trials the garden subjected one to, that the place was no devourer, but simply designed to reflect all the pain and loveliness in the world, a great testing ground to make one stronger.

But Luna (who had gone and gotten herself lost in it in the first place, thanks to her curiosity and her cleverness; and who was subsequently rescued by two dear friends, though, if you’d asked her, she would have been very shocked to realize that she needed a rescue at all) theorized that it was all the work of the creator-elf; that is, the universe’s most overworked and mercurial house-elf, the one we call Nature, who had made the world and was forever keeping it from sliding into man-made ruin.

And that here one might find the wellspring of all magic.