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and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart


a lil dumb comic of my d&d warlock attempting a v dangerous ritual bc of course he would!

The planet Uranus: Is teal

The planet Neptune: Is blue

Sailor Uranus: Is blue

Sailor Neptune: Is teal


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So, you posted the quick history of Olexians quite a while ago, but I'd like to ask what it means by hoofed feet and animal heels?

there’s your arbitrary lieutenant fact of the day 

I think the world got easier to understand once I realized that the night I found God, all dressed up in her Friday night best and eyes that glimmered like pennies in a wishing well, is also the night I met the devil; he was down on his luck and down on his knees, praying to fall back into God’s good graces again.
The heat between us drips and slides onto the floorboards of the two-seater. My breath smells like old, mint gum, and my lipstick has sank into the cracks of my lips. His hands grip at the leather of the driver’s seat, and his eyes dart back and forth between the road and the promise of what’s to come in my mine.
The Saturday night fever has reached its peak as the kids from the community college journey back to the land of sex and sleep. To be honest, there are many things I should of kept out of my mouth tonight, but, I’m glad I let the words dribble out my mouth and let loose into the air. I’m glad I drank cherry sprite instead of that lime-a-rita bullshit. I’m glad that this is a night I get to remember without associating it with the scent of vomit and cheap perfume.
When the water looks cool and inviting, don’t dive in head first.
You’ll get swept up in a current you weren’t expecting, and your body will be ripped apart by its beauty and strength.
Instead, look at it from a far. Let its cool and calm demeanor tantalize your imagination and captivate your sense of sight.
Not everything must be touched to be appreciated.
(But when that water seems choppy and volatile, throw yourself to its mercy. Touch until you’re both satisfied, until the drought in your mouth has been quenched.)
When I’m with you
the sky melts
into a scene
made for
and the pressure
of last night’s
blunders and mishaps
When I’m with you

brain: hey. heyyyyyy. HEY.
me: GO. AWAY.
Brain: … should draw self-indulgent h/c ooc garashir
brain: ….okay, okay i mean… but… why not?

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In the toon au, I know you said that Henry would wake up after the first chapter as a toon, but I couldn't help but think what if it was like that scene in the Page Master where the kid gets chased by the ink dripping from the ceiling through the halls until it covers him and then he wakes up as a toon. I know it's far from what you had in mind, but it's still a cool visual.

Well, think about it.  When Bendy pops up out of the ink machine room, what’s happening?  Why, the halls are flooding with ink!  Who’s to say Henry didn’t wind up with a facefull or more of the stuff in his mad dash for the exit?

In this AU, Henry does happen upon the pentagram room similarly to his in-game counterpart, however that’s not to say he just stands there and passes out.  The halls are still flooding with ink, after all.  Going DOWNWARDS into the studio isn’t exactly going to help him escape it.

I hear that a person can pass out pretty quickly from holding their breath if they’re not trained as a diver.


shark fact: you’re more likely to fall into a sand sink hole than be attacked by a shark. they’re fish who are curious but don’t have hands or the ability to tap things with their fin to figure out what something is so they might nibble if they can’t figure you out. it’s like a bee flying at you when you wear a really bright shirt. ‘oh hello! is this a flower? i check! not a flower, goodbye’

counter: theyre very very creepy and have far too many teeth


Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)

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Mamaguchi??? :0

is….this what u meant??

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Plato's a bore? Hm. Plato's works could be simple yes, but I wouldn't completely discredit him for that. Perhaps he only rehashed Socrates ideas and his ideal republic had no check on power, but still. Tell me you at least give him credit for his allegory of the cave? That piece is really profound, and come on, it's far from boring. Your Existentialists are cool but they owe a lot to Plato and his ideas. Also you gotta give the guy some points for not being sexist

Let’s work back through this: 

One: If your bar for “not sexist” is living in a society that won’t let women vote and treats them as property, but acknowledging that a woman might have enough of a “philosophical nature” to be reborn as a man (because philosophy and logic are the natural arenas of male thought, of course), then you and I have a fundamental disagreement going on. Slightly less sexist than a culture that essentially thought women were home furnishings is not “Not Sexist”.

Two: The Cave a perfectly good allegory. But it’s Socrates’ allegory, and it essentially boils down to “most people are stupid and limited and don’t want to have to change how they understand the world.” And while that assertion may be unfortunately true, it is also an incredibly boring way to imagine the world.

Three: The Existentialists built their philosophies on a lot of things. If you need to point out that Plato is amongst them, that’s fine. But are you ever missing the point.

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Soulmate AU's??:) for Ginny/Harry week!

I have to admit, I’m not really a fan of the traditional soulmate AU. So here’s a soulmate not-AU…of a sort.

“I don’t feel the same.”

Ginny looked up, startled. She had thought she was alone in the Burrow’s kitchen, with its blissfully cool night breeze and quiet thoughts far removed from the war, from May 2nd. She had not expected Harry, leaning on the doorframe and watching her with shaded green eyes.

“I don’t think anyone does, anymore.” Ginny said carefully, watching the way his silhouette—tall, just returning from the brink of unhealthily skinny—cut out the bright light from the doorway. “But how do you mean?”

Harry stepped towards her, sinking into a chair across the table from her. He was not wearing glasses, and in the soft glow of a moonlit night he looked achingly young and uncertain.

“Listen,” he said. “I have to tell you something, but I can’t tell you the whole thing. Not yet. Just promise—promise that you’ll hear me out.”

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So I just got this postcard this morning, and I am so excited!! Ahh thank you so much Hannah, this little postcard finally made the long trek all the way to Australia! I was stoked to support you then, and I can’t wait to see what awesome things 2015 bring for you!!