it's fan made

W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  M A D N E S S

Yurio, you’re such a little punk. ilu.

You can also go check Sans’ Formal if you’d like

This took a while with the colors because orange is just a really warm color and it’s hard to pair it to light cold colors without looking super bright. And I had to decide whether Papy wears a bowtie or a necktie

be̢t͡r̀͝ay̸ą͘l̡̧ ̨́͡ņ͜e̢͏̡g͏̵́l̴̛e҉̡c͟t ͞m̴i͜sta̴k̕é

So, the lovely @theonetheonlyanak suggested an Anti edit for this particular part of the video and I thought it was a great idea! This time I tried something a bit more complex and made a video! What do you guys think? :D I’d be very curious to hear @pixlpit’s opinion as well, since he’s the master of the Anti edits! C-can I? Please? :D

(originally from “BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS | Detention 返校 - Part 4 (END)”)

kirishima touka week ✿ day four; au
centipede → butterfly


Subin Ibrahim, 17, a Sudanese-American hijabi girl and the second Spoiler. Was training for the US Olympic Judo team when she found out her mother was a villain, so she quit the team and made it her mission to round up her mom and her cronies. Ignoring Bruce’s direct order, Steph gave her the costume and the gear, and let her prove herself.

its my beautiful wife sister’s brithday


after a very long Bad Art Feel period, i wanted to redo some abandoned from that sad time. so!! here’s phantom quartz! a gemsona i created 2 years ago but never had a good design for! she’s kinda scary looking (yes that is a soulless eye on her left side) but also beautiful?