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Magical Girl Monthly, Issue #1 Cover!

What if magical girls had their own magazine? What kind of gossip and tips would it talk about and expose? This mag cover was an idea I’ve had for a while, and finally tried it out! It was very fun :)

Inspired by the Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump manga magazines of my childhood

here is a gentle reminder that loving someone romantically should not hurt u

it shouldn’t bring u pain or make u feel small

u deserve a person who makes u smile rather than cry, who gives u confidence as opposed to taking it away

if someone is making u feel negatively about urself on a daily basis, it’s maybe time to reevaluate things and find perspective

i can promise u from experience that there will be someone out there who will treat u better. who will love u better. love shouldn’t be a source of hurt. if someone loves u, they won’t hurt u.


Myoui Mina went to Korea to fulfill her dream, worked harder on her Korean, and even sacrificed her day off (which prevent her to meet her fam in Japan) to practice for ISAC just to be mistreated and people attacked her mom ig acc like this? No, i’m gonna fly to SK. Who’s going with me? I’m gonna fight these morons and that stupid JYPE PR *wear my ninja clothes*

Nah, but for serious if I was looking for any kids show to introduce a trans female comfortably and with success, I would be looking at Star vs The Forces of Evil. A show which has diverse personalities for all its female characters - Jackie, Janna, Star, Ponyhead, Starfan 13. All of them are different, but they are all still girls. None of these characters are ever told to be more feminine or are called manly. Janna who literally says in the show, “I just hate contributing to gender stereotypes”.

If Marco were to identify as a trans girl in the show, they’d know not to make him any different than he is already. They already know that girls have different interests and looks and attitudes and everything. All they’d have to do is for Marco to say the words, “I don’t think I’m a boy” or “I’m a girl” and you’d believe it because that is what the show is about. Being a girl. Not wanting to fit into the standards people expect of you as a girl. Marco identifying as a girl fits into the show so well and fits into everything it is trying to represent.

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Imagine P being terrified of his massive ass bee tattoo, and he keeps having to tell her, "its fake baby girl, just a drawing." But her small toddler mind doesn't understand and is truly so scAred of her daddy's arm, crying every time she sees it.

She’d push it away from her each time she saw it, squealing and frowning and crying loudly each time he tried lift her up into his arms, his eyebrows furrowing when her hands would push and slap at his wrists. Confusion lacing his features as he’d crouch down in front of her and cup her shoulders in his hands.

“Baby, we don’t hit and hurt daddy. What’s the matter?”

“Scary bee, daddy. S’too big and scary,” she’d grizzle, cheeks wet and shining under the light of the room, his lips curving into a smile when he’d look between her face and the tattoo on his arm, “s’not funny, daddy! It’s scary! I don’t like it.”

“Sweetheart, it’s just a silly drawing, okay? Just a fake bee sitting on daddy’s arm because he was silly back in the day and ,” he’d smile, “it’s a drawing. Like the ones you draw with Auntie Gem.”

“But they’re not scary, daddy,” she’d sob, falling forward and collapsing to his chest, wrapping her arms around his neck and hiding her face in his neck, “it’s scary.”

He’d grunt as he stood up, holding her to his body, “the bee won’t hurt you, baby. He doesn’t hurt daddy. He sits on daddy’s arm and doesn’t hurt me,” he’d smile, “see? Daddy won’t let him hurt you.” xx