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It’s you

Word Count: 3, 100

Tags: @commandergreysonpike @brutalera @allaboumydirtymind @missphanosaur18 @sighsophiia @lakef

Warnings: This was so painful to write oh my god I need to stop doing this to myself. ITS SO GOOD THO?


The sun shone against the fading green and yellows of the woods that surrounded me. Squinting against the sky, I breathed in a lungful of the sharp scent of pine wood. Groaning, I slowly got up from the wet grass. The sky was dark with gray clouds-a storm was coming. Looking down at my hands, I took a shaky breath-noticing the blood slide down my palms. The crimson color contrasting with that of my hands. Trying to wipe it off on my black jeans, I began to breathe heavily. Shivers running through my spine. I didn’t know who’s blood it was. Where it came from. Where I was. Looking around, I found nothing but trees. But, the further I looked, up ahead, there were two black military vehicles. I ran towards them. But the faster I ran, the quicker they seemed farther away. Suddenly, something knocked harshly into my body. Slamming against me-Causing me to reel back as I tried to catch myself. But falling to the ground, I groaned, beginning to get up again. My gaze falling to the side while I got to my knees.

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okay but if i make my inquisitor who tf is gonna b my egg wolf :/


make me choose: black haired hyukjae or and blond hyukjae (for kpopforeplay​)

gonna wait for the last chapter of the thought before i post more of my fan-fancomic

Until then here have a very happy Izzy holding a bunch of dandelions

Izzy belongs to @tratserenoyreve