it's fabulous don't change a thing

anonymous asked:

I feel my lockscreen is never gonna change because your art is as fabulous as Suga drinking his champagne (lmao it was probably apple juice but anyway) DON'T DOUBT YOURSELF I LOVE YOU HAVE A NICE DAY/NIGHT ♡ (whatever time it is there 😂)

You reminded me of this thing I did when I tried to add contrast to stuff. He doesn’t even have a face but that’s him.

Thank you!! I feel better now

autumn bill 

i spent soooo many time on this i swear, something like 5 days? but i’m so happy of it and i learned so much stuff while making it so yay!

themissimmortal  asked:

I love the trash sector of the fandom- our thirst overpowers everything 😂😂😂💜💜💜

That’s the blessed thing about being in the trash bin:

Noboby can knock us down any further than where we already at, HAAAAAAAAA

Btw ilu Moosh, never change k ❤️