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What are your tips for people attempting to transition to a vegan diet?

Make sure you eat enough. When you are vegan you can eat a lot  more food to get the same amount of calories, fat e.t.c (which is awesome obviously because food is amazing) and the food is very nutrient dense so its really fab. It can be hard when you are first starting out to eat enough though so make sure you do (perhaps track the amounts you eat just when you start out or just keep an eye on it).

Try not to get angry at people. It is completely normal to get angry (especially when you first go vegan) about how much cruelty happens to animals in this world, just because people feel they are not deserving of life or not as important as their appetite. And it is good to be angry at all that injustice. It is however not a good thing to get angry at people because it just makes you upset and is less likely to get through to them (it’s better to share the information in a calm way)

Be ready for stupid comments (gosh I’ve had so many) but it’s because people are not educated and there is so much proper gander for these trillion £ industries (e.g. some people actually think cows have to be milked or they die) so…. yeah. Just try to educate these people and laugh it off if it’s offensive because they are coming for a place of ignorance.

Watch documentaries and speeches to help educate yourself along with doing your own research. I recommend:

101 reasons to go vegan



Food inc.

The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear (Gary Yourofsky)

Follow lots of vegans on instagram, tumblr and youtube to get inspiration and motivation and to feel less alone in your decision. my faves are:

(all instagram and youtube)

Brianna Jackfruitson

Essena Oneill

Bonny Rebecca

Happy Healthy Vegan


Izzy that fruit bat

Sweet sugar crumble

And the vegan corner on youtube for amazing recipes

(I also have a vegan instagram and youtube sorry shameless self promo(links to my instagram on my blog and youtube on my instagram))

And here are some companies I recommend for different vegan foods (but to be healthy have a diet mostly consisting of whole foods and add these vegan products to that rather than basing a diet on these products)

Vbites (especially for vegan cheese and desserts they’re amazing)

Fry’s Family for vegan meat style dishes (they taste so good)

Moo Free for vegan chocolate (although any vegan chocolate is good chocolate in my experience and dark chocolate is normally vegan too)

Hope this was helpful. x

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who are your must follows?

oh god okay i follow a bit and you should tots follow these losers:

Harry Potter

Percy Jackson

You could call it multifandom but i call it stuff


Tobias + beating up people who threaten Tris


Three pivotal roles in this past fabulously successful year: 

    Thorin Oakenshield   ◆   John Proctor  ◆   Francis Dolarhyde  

Happy Birthday, Richard Armitage (August 22, 1971) - may your 45th year bring you all you deserve  ♥ 


“I’m an Iowa boy who spent his high school years in south Minnesota wishing he was somewhere else. I started writing music as an escape from reality and it soon grew from a hobby into a wild monster — a passion that has taken over every corner of my life.”


sadly, the school year is already here :^( so i’ve decided to send off this summer on a high note and finally make a follow forever :D i wanted to say thanks to everyone on here for being super cool, u all make watching wrestling so much more fun, i love and appreciate all of u so much :D 

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