it's extra credit

Anyone willing to help a man out with his homework? (It’s geometry, AP world history, and bio! If you wanna help you.. can please im a struggling boy because hurricane)

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Sharon figuring out instagram and finding Alaska on it and just dying at how stunning she actually is but then kind of being jealous that everyone comments about how hot she is.

YEA and she’s sad because she wants to comment along with everyone else so later down the track Alaska makes her an incognito account on private and Sharon just comments with emojis and blends in with the rest of Alaska’s admirers and she’s happy

And then even later down the track Sharon might be away at a conference or Alaska is spending more time at her dorm to study because finals are soon and she gets too distracted at Sharon’s apartment and so she puts up a selfie with the caption ‘miss you ❤️’ or something and Sharon is like !!!!!!!

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Hey, you're an awesome dude and I know you're gonna get through this :) (cause you're amazing and smart as hell and honestly a positive impact on the world)

Ahh, Thanks anon!!  Your words are too kind ;-; 

I know I’ll get through it, I usually do. I’ve already missed an assignment in one of the classes critical to my getting my bachelor's degree, though. It was a minor thing, but it reflects badly on myself and I’ll have to spend the rest of the semester proving to my professor that I’m not an incompetent shit that can’t even turn in a 3 sentence paper on time when the entire class is for Professionalism and Industry Work. We’re actually working with clients and developing an actual product in this class and the professor is like, the head of the department. So, naturally, my anxiety got in the way and instead of emailing him immediately with it, saying it was my bad and that I don’t need to get the points but would still like to give him my suggestions anyway, when I got up yesterday I procrastinated and now it’s over 24 hours late and reflects badly on me. I have this problem every fall. I struggle to get my projects and assignments done on time for, like, the first month of classes because I’m still preoccupied with what I’d been working on that summer and then I have to spend the rest of the semester playing catch-up. 

one more time for the fellas in the back: the PV kids are their own characters with their own universe so not everything i use them in is the twin au

like i’m super glad people enjoy that au so much, but why do so many of you guys assume they’re never in their own universe when i draw them? i’ve said a million times that if something is twin au then i’ll tag it that way, and it’s not as if it’s all i ever draw, so c'mon give credit to the original PV universe where it’s due

we had to write a poem for english class inspired by one of fitzgerald’s five points and in the style of “advice to my son” by peter meinke

so this is mine, its extra credit to read it to the class is mine good or too graphic for school or what do you guys think
Sinful - Google Drive

Hey will you please read this thing
Or part of this thing

Its for english extra credit and i only get the extra points if its the best novel in the class. Its due at the end of the year, but I want to see if its good

(I was writing it for fun but my teacher announced the contest today)

Pleasey guys

And then when youre done fill out a criticism survey (theres a link already in the document)