it's exactly what you do in the bedroom

Competition with Sabriel ft Destiel
  • Sam: My hair is better!
  • Gabriel: No! My hair is better! Do you see this cute ass curl I put into the front while slicking it back?! It's perfection!
  • Sam: Do you see the length of my brown locks? Bonus points for the natural highlights I have!
  • Dean: (bangs through the bedroom wall) Will you two shut up!
  • Gabriel: Bitch, please! My hair is blon-
  • Dean: (kicks down Sam's bedroom door)
  • Sam: What the fuck?
  • Castiel: That's exactly what Dean and I were attempting to do! (calls through wall)
  • Dean: If you princess' don't shut the fuck up! I will solve your problem by shaving both of you bald!
  • Sam: (clutches his head protectively)
  • Gabriel: Dean, you can't hurt me. You're just a hum-
  • Dean: (holds out canister of holy oil and a pair of clippers) Bitch, try me!
Delirium related Prompts/Starters

“Go to bed already. No, your bed! That’s the pet bed!”

“If you didn’t worry about taking too much aspirin, I’d think you were on dope.”

“Calm down, you’re just a little mixed up right now.”

“No, no, _____ isn’t here. It’s me, _____.”

“Okay, that was barely even a sentence…”

“I can’t even see what you’re seeing and it’s freaking me out.”

“Your brain is melting, isn’t it?”

“No one is trying to hurt you, that’s just your doctor.”

“So you won’t eat my soup but you’ll eat that old candy you just found on the floor.”

“This is really scaring me! Stuff that isn’t even here is making you cry!”

“What do you mean you have to go home? You are home, we’re in your bedroom!”

“Please stop hiding in the bathtub.”

“Oh crap, _____ escaped!”

“I know you didn’t mean it, you’re just spooked because your fever’s messing with you.”

“This is exactly why you need to be in bed right now.”

“Tell whatever is freaking you out that I’ll kick its ass if it doesn’t stop.”

“Uh…That is definitely not something you have to do. Not at all, ever, but especially not right now.” 

“I’m gonna call an ambulance if you can’t tell me something coherent in the next ten seconds.”

“Let’s see what the thermometer has to say about this.”

“You don’t even know what day it is!”

The Affair

here’s an unnecessarily long coworkers!Everlark drabble. 

Katniss has just dropped her bag on her desk when Peeta appears, two coffee mugs in hand.

“Good morning,” he greets with an easy smile. “Two sugars, just like you like it.”

Even as she rolls her eyes, she can’t help the smile that slips into place as she takes the proffered mug. “If you suck up any harder, you’re going to collapse a lung, Mellark,” she teases, sipping the hot liquid before she sets it down beside her keyboard.

He scoffs in mock offense. “We’re peers, Everdeen. There are no nefarious ulterior motives here.” He sips his own coffee before continuing, bracing his shoulder against the edge of her cubicle wall. “You are Abernathy’s favorite, though, so…”

This time, she’s the one who snorts dismissively. “Hardly. You’ve only been here a month, and he already likes you better than everyone else,” she grumbles, flipping on her computer screen.

She’s not prepared for Peeta to lean in close, his mouth dangerously close to her ear in conspiracy. She tenses at the proximity, her eyes dropping to his lips as they shape his response. “The secret is that he takes his coffee with a shot of Jameson,” he whispers, his mouth curling up at the corners, and she laughs as he finally leans back, her face mildly flushed.

“Duly noted,” she replies, keeping her tone dry, and he just grins at her and takes a step back out of her cubicle.

“I’ll leave you to it then. Remember, it’s going to be a big, big, big day!” he chirps in perfect imitation of their office manager, Effie Trinket, and she just gives him a disapproving shake of her head, despite the grin on her face.

He heads back to his desk, and her gaze follows him until he disappears into his cubicle.

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dude those last hcs were the fucking bomb lmao. if it's not too much trouble, could you do smutty gee hcs?

Hell yesss

1. Gerard loves kissing, he always wants your lips locked no matter the situation. It can make getting underdressed a little difficult but its honestly so worth it cause he’s an amazing kisser

2. Gerard and you like to switch off who’s in charge when you’re playing with roles altho gee rlly prefers being a bottom, that boy loves you taking control of him cause you know exactly what he wants

3. He’s experimental, bringing toys and kinks into the bedroom. He’ll try anything once and you love playing along.

4. Gerard is all about consent, he checks multiple times during sex to see that you’re ok and that you’re enjoying what’s happening. It’s so sweet and comforting and you always feel loved and safe with him

5. Gerard is up for anything but he rlly fucking loves oral. Whether that means you blowing him, him blowing you or eating you out or anything else. He’s enthusiastic and never needs convincing, he’s usually always down to make you feel good using his mouth and his fingers until you scream

6. Everything leads back to kissing. No matter how hard you were fucking or how tired you both are Gerard cuddles you close and covers you in sweet kissing until both of you relax. He loves kissing you so much

Haha i think this is way fluffier then what i did with frank

Two + One

This is my entry for the 3some smut challenge!

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 5.8k

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Taehyung

A/N: @dope-yougot7

Kinks featured: spanking, light bondage, orgasm denial. These are relatively ‘vanilla’, but if for some reason they aren’t your thing, don’t read this ^-^ ALSO any mentions of the OC ‘being put in her place’ are merely sexual and were consented with. @hyongtae @park-jimeme @namhyong @infireation

ALSO A HUUUUUUGE THANK YOU TO @namhyong for putting up with me and editing this for me ^-^

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

You exhaled shakily, your limbs trembling from exertion. The door to your left opened and with it came a breeze that swept across your skin like the caress of a lover’s finger, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its’ wake, your nipples hardening.

You kept your head down, waiting for permission to look up, the craving to look at Taehyung’s face almost overriding the fear of punishment. Soft footfalls came closer, tanned bare feet coming into your line of vision and making your breathing come out in small excited pants.

“Raise your head up like a good girl, Y/n,” he purred, satisfaction clear in his voice.

You complied immediately, whipping your head up so fast Tae flinched back in surprise before gathering himself and chuckling. His long arms reached up to undo your restraints, caressing the red skin on your left wrist and kissing it before moving on to your other wrist. The smile on his face was gentle, despite the fact that he had spent the last thirty minutes or so punishing you for a bit of sass, denying you the orgasm you so desperately needed before finally caving in to your pleading and allowing you to cum.

The blood rushed down to your cold fingertips, the feeling of being stung a thousand times over uncomfortable, but something you’d deal with if it meant being pampered by Taehyung.

Both of your arms free, Taehyung bent down and picked you up bridal style to carry you over to the bed and set you down gently. He began his normal massaging, gently unwinding the knots in your muscles, gradually bringing you down from the post-orgasm high. You hummed as his fingers skimmed over your skin, finding the toughest spots and melting the ache away. Placing a kiss on your forehead, his soft lips searing his brand upon your skin, he brought you to cuddle with your back flush against his chest.

His thumb rubbed soothing circles into the back of your hand, dropping kisses onto your hair. You “hmm’ed” contentedly and settled into his arms, feeling the call of sleep dimming your consciousness.  

You awoke to the smell of eggs and you smiled, knowing Taehyung was behind the enticing aroma. You scooted over to the edge of the bed and stood up, stretching out your sore limbs and sighing at the feeling of your muscles become taut. Reaching for your silk robe draped carelessly across the back of a chair, you took the few steps to the door and stopped.

You slung the robe on and tied it closed before stepping out of the bedroom, the plush buttermilk carpet tickling your bare toes as you came closer to the kitchen. You ran your finger along the crown moulding as you strode towards the heavenly smells luring you in like moth to a flame, eager to get some food in you.

Your stomach began rumbling louder, demanding to be heard, crying out “feed me, feed me!” You picked up the pace and finally arrived at the galley kitchen. You stood for a moment, taking in the sight of a shirtless Taehyung standing at the stove dropping in some tomatoes and cheese for an omelette.

You tiptoed as quietly as you could to stand behind him, wrapping your arms around his naked torso and kissing his back. He looked over his shoulder at you and gave you one of his perfect smiles, before wiping his hands on a towel and turning around in your arms to place his large hands on your cheeks.

You both stood there for a moment before Taehyung leaned down to kiss you. His lips melded with yours, moving together in perfect synchronization for a few moments before he pulled away from you with a sigh.

“How do you feel, babe?” He asked as he smoothed your hair away from your face.

You gave him a lopsided smile before replying, “I feel good. Great actually.”

He grinned brightly at that, very clearly pleased with your answer.

“Good, because we need to talk about something.”

Pushing the plate away from you, you leaned back into the chair with a content sigh, watching Tae do the same on the opposite side of the table. You cleared your throat and took a sip of coffee before venturing to ask him what he wanted to talk about.

He looked at you for a moment before replying, a twinkle in his eye making you nervous, yet excited. Whenever he had that look in his eye you were sure to enjoy his idea.

“Well, Jimin and I were talking, and he expressed interest in joining us for a little bit of fun,” he watched you carefully, trying to gauge your reaction. He bit the side of his thumb and you wish he wouldn’t, memories of that very thumb rubbing your clit in tight little circles as his fingers fucked you mercilessly crowded into you mind, making it hard to concentrate on what he had said.

“……Jimin wants to join us?” You asked quietly, wanting to make sure you’d heard correctly. Seeing his nod you immediately began thinking of the apricot haired boy, his smiling face making an appearance in your mind’s eye.

Jimin wanting to join didn’t surprise you, though you were unsure as to what his role would be. Was he Dom? You didn’t think so, but then again you had been surprised to find your next door neighbor Taehyung to more than fulfill that role.

“Okay. Bring Jimin over.”

Taehyung clapped, looking extremely excited about his girlfriend being fucked by his best friend. He stood up and walked around the table over to you, pulling you up out of your chair and into his arms. He hugged you tightly, whispering into your ear the promise that he’d have Jimin come over soon, Jimin armed with the knowledge of your safeword.

His statement made you shiver, the thought of another Sir heating up your insides and tying your stomach up in knots.

Soon, soon, I’ll know what Jimin tastes like.

You’d ended up having to wait a week until Jimin was free, the build-up of anticipation was killing you, a bundle of nerves sitting in your stomach and making it hard to keep still. The day he was coming over you spent twenty minutes picking out an outfit, a bemused Taehyung watching you from the bed, neglecting to remind you until the very last minute that you didn’t need to have any clothes on; they were going to end up on the floor anyway.

This bit of information made you groan and you threw a glare at Tae before tossing all of your clothes back into the closet and grabbing your silk robe. Tying it around your waist with a flourish, you shut the closet door and turned to face the man currently trying not to laugh at his girlfriend. You glared at him again, ‘hmp!-ing’ when he chose to ignore you. You stood there trying to find a way to get him back, grinning as the perfect thought came to mind. Sauntering over to the bedroom door, you stopped to shoot a threat over your shoulder.

“Well, maybe Jimin will take pity on me and take me home today. I bet he knows exactly what to do with his hands..”

No sound came from the bed and your shoulders slumped with disappointment, as you’d been hoping to get at least a scoff from him. Suddenly a hand snaked around your waist, its’ partner placing itself over your mouth. Taehyung pulled you against him harshly, knocking the air from your lungs in a gasp. His mouth was at your ear, hot breath sending shiver after shiver down your spine, raising goosebumps like tiny little molehills across your skin.

“I don’t think you truly want that, princess. We both know Jimin won’t fuck you as thoroughly as I do. He doesn’t know all of your weak spots…” as he spoke the hand at your waist trailed down to the gap in your robe, your naked pussy becoming wet as memories of just how thoroughly Taehyung could fuck you flashed in your mind. His index finger grazed your clit, the movement as soft as a feather’s touch, nowhere near what you needed.

“Do you really think Jimin will know what to do with his hands? He won’t know what to do with you, he doesn’t know how you crave my fingers, he doesn’t know how you beg for them.” His voice gradually became deeper as lust tinged his words, coming down to a growl. His limber fingers slid at a snail’s pace down your slit, coming to a stop at your entrance.

“See? The mere thought of what my fingers can do is enough to make you wet. I don’t think Jimin can do that, do you princess?” He chuckled smugly against your hair, placing a soft kiss into it before ramming a finger into your slick heat, making you whimper into his hand. You leaned into him, the aching need making your knees go weak.

He hummed, your walls clamping down on his finger stoking his pride. He slid a second finger into you, stretching you out and filling you up at the same time, his fingers curling up and finding purchase on your special spot and pressing down on it. The familiar tightening of your stomach heralded your climax, Taehyung’s fingers moved faster within you pumping into you with such ferocity as to leave you breathless. His thumb rubbed against your clit in sloppy circles, your hips bucking against his hand, attempting to ride your way to release.

“Ah-ah, I don’t think so. We wouldn’t want you to be all tired out and satisfied before Jimin gets here, do we?” He pulled his hand away and you let out a whimper before you could stop yourself, your clit throbbing with the need to release. He patted your robe back into place and swatted at your backside.

“Don’t you dare, princess. Let’s not forget who’s in charge, okay?”

“Yes, sir.”

He grinned at you, happy with your compliance. He opened the door and pushed you gently out of the doorway, grabbing your hand and interlacing your fingers.

“There’s a good girl, now let’s go wait for Jimin.”

The two of you sat together on the couch, Taehyung idly playing with a piece of your hair as he flipped through the channels on the t.v. He glanced at the time and sighed, shaking his head. He grabbed his phone and unlocked it, intent on calling Jimin and giving him an earful for keeping them waiting. Thumb centimeters away from starting the call, the doorbell rang and your heads both whipped towards the front door.

You jumped up off the couch and practically sprinted towards the door, ignoring Taehyung’s protests and cries of indignance.

“Yah, I’m your boyfriend why are you so excited to see another man?”

You reached the door and faced Taehyung for a moment, excitement making you cheeky. You stuck your tongue out at him and he gasped in fake shock, dramatically falling back onto the couch, arm draped across his face. He groaned incoherently, your’s and Jimin’s names popping up between the groans.

You rolled your eyes at his display and turned back to the door, a grin so wide if felt as if your face was going to split in two. Jimin stood on the porch, leaning against the railing, decked out in a plain black v-neck and black leather pants. His tangerine hair looked tousled, as if he had ran his fingers through it moments before, a habit you approved of wholeheartedly; as he looked like a heart breaking bad boy, the type you fuck in the back seat of his mustang.

He had always reminded you of summer days long past, licking the sweat off your then-boyfriend as he finger fucked you in a dark corner at the mid-summer carnival. In other words, he was walking sin and the need to be dominated by him was an itch you couldn’t scratch until now.

He smirked at you, looking as if he knew what was running through your mind. He ran his hand through his hair once more before straightening, taking big lumbering steps into the house and pausing for half a second when he was in front of you.  He winked at you, causing a barely noticeable shiver to crawl down your spine making you clutch the doorknob tighter.

He looked past you to see Taehyung glowering at your exchange. Jimin merely smiled at the brunette man, his eyes challenging him to do something. They stared each other down, both of them wanting to be the ultimate Dom.

You cleared your throat, trying to diffuse the tension between the friends. Their heads snapped in your direction, watching you as you shut the door. The lock clicked, echoing in the near-silent room and sounding much like the announcement of impending doom in a movie. Jimin chuckled and you look at him again, crossing your arms over your breasts in an effort to hide your lust-hardened nipples.Both men smiled smugly then, immediately knowing what you were doing.

Taehyung turned to Jimin, his smile dropping at the hungry look in his eyes.

“Okay, Jimin. Do you remember the safeword?” Taehyung asked, his need for your comfort and well-being overriding the silly alpha male thing that just happened.

Jimin was quick to respond, a simple “of course,” your shoulders sagging with relief at his answer. You looked over at Taehyung, the question you didn’t dare say out loud clear in your eyes. He nodded and you took the step to close the distance between you and Jimin, your hand coming to rest on his forearm.

Heart pounding against your chest, the blood rushed to your cheeks as you tilted your head back to look at Jimin, his plump lips parted slightly as he breathed.

“Can I kiss you, Sir?” Your voice timid as you spoke the question. Jimin nodded and you stretched up onto your tiptoes, your lips meeting his in a chaste first kiss. You began to pull away, but Jimin wasn’t done with you, not by a long shot. He wound his arms around your waist crushing you to his body, his lips finding yours again in a hurry.

He attacked you hungrily, his lips larger than you were used to. He nipped at your lower lip, wordlessly asking for entrance, his tongue invading your mouth the moment you opened it. He spent his time exploring, committing your taste to memory.

Spearmint toothpaste overwhelmed your tastebuds, an underlying sweetness that screamed Jimin, making your nipples even tighter and shooting a ray of heat into your core. You gripped his shirt into your fists, stretching out the neck and exposing more of his golden skin. He moved away from your mouth, breathing heavily and leaving a trail of kisses across your jaw, stopping at your earlobe.

His hot breath came out in pants, his hand moving down to your ass to squeeze, eliciting a squeak from you. You felt him grin against your skin, his teeth leaving red marks on your neck that Taehyung was sure to cover with his own later. His hand moved to the front of your robe and pulled at the tassels, untying it to expose you.

He pulled away from you and pushed the sides of the silk aside to get a good look at you, his eyes darkening to onyx and lust clouding his features. He reached out and took a nipple in his hand, tweaking the hardened bud and pinching. You sucked your lip between your teeth and worried the tender swollen flesh as you watched Jimin grab your other breast in his hand, kneading it roughly.

You moaned at the sensations of, for all intents and purposes, a stranger groping at you, eliciting these mewling sounds from deep in your throat. You gripped Jimin’s shirt tighter, his head bending back down to lick the swell of your chest, biting the skin gently before arriving at the nipple. He sucked it into his mouth, licking it with the flat of his tongue as it stood trapped between his teeth.

He bit down and you cried out, the pain shocking you. Jimin lifted his head up and gazed at you through his eyelashes, his lids lying heavily upon his eyes. You gazed back at him levelly, showing no signs of the hesitation you felt earlier.

“Kitten, I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to be looking at me,” he spoke barely above a whisper, you had to strain your ears to hear him. He gripped your wrists and flung them off his shirt, a faint ripping sound announcing the ruination of this particular shirt. Jimin tsk’ed, shaking his head at you before looking over at Taehyung who’s bulge could be seen straining against his jeans.

“She is being a little cheeky and defiant, Tae. I think we might have to put her in her place,” he whispered, albeit with a smug tone. Jimin looked you over, paying particular attention to your glistening pussy lips and swollen clit. Biting his lip, he spoke to Tae out of the side of his mouth, his tone huskier as he fell deeper down the rabbit hole of lust.

“Where do we take her?”

Taehyung led the two of you down the hallway, his firm grip at your wrist a gentle reminder of who you belonged to at the end of the day. Jimin followed behind you, his fingers brushing your back and shoulders as you walked.

Entering the bedroom, all three pairs of eye landed on the hook dangling from the ceiling, looking ominous in all of its’ glory.

You walked over to it and stood underneath in your usual place, dropping the robe onto the floor. The fabric shimmered like water running over the rocky bed of a stream as it fell, pooling around your feet in a crumpled heap.

Jimin padded over to you, pausing as he came within inches of you, reaching  out a finger to draw lines across your abdomen. He watched in amusement as your skin shuddered from the feeling, your chest expanding with every shaky breath you took.

“Not that I’m complaining about you being on display, but I had other… Ideas,” he murmured, his voice taking on a dangerous timbre. He gripped your shoulders and turned you to face the vanity on the far side of the room. “Go sit on that chair and spread your legs out for me, babygirl.”

Dipping your head in compliance and uttering out a weak yes sir, you made your way over to the chair, pulling it out and turning it to face the room. Taehyung stood silently, watching it all unfold as he palmed his hard cock through the fabric of his jeans, clearly not getting the friction he so craved. You ached to reach out to him, wanting to please him the way only you knew how to; but at that moment Jimin began unclothing himself, the movement catching your eye.

Inch after inch of his gloriously tanned skin appeared from beneath his shirt, making you salivate like a wolf. He moved closer to you, shedding more clothing as he went; ultimately ending up almost completely nude, lapis boxer briefs adorning his hips. His cock strained against the fabric, the bulge larger than you’d anticipated.

He kneeled down in front of you, his hands sliding down your thighs and pushing them apart. Inhaling sharply through his teeth at the sight of your glistening lips, the sight of your arousal was almost too much for him.

As he bent down further, his mouth coming closer, you could feel his breath across your slit,making you desperate to touch him. His eyes rose to meet yours as his tongue connected with your clit, circling the sensitive bud achingly slowly, teasing you with the proximity of his tongue to where you needed him the most.

You moved your hips slightly, trying to angle yourself correctly, making him stop in his movements immediately, as his eyes darkened even more.

“Does kitten want to feel my tongue lapping at her clit? Does she want to feel my fingers inside of her, filling her up?” His voice was smug, knowing your answer already. You nodded and his smirk grew into a grin, momentarily making his face look angelic.

He drew back down to your core, index finger teasing your entrance while his mouth latched onto your clit, teeth gently biting down on it. He thrust his finger in, making you gasp. His fingers were smaller and thicker than Taehyung’s, but by no means was that holding him back. He curled his finger up just as well, finding the perfect angle to thrust against the spot guaranteed to make you cry out.

He sucked on your clit at the same time as he slid a second finger in, making you moan and grip the seat of the chair in an effort to not cry out. He fucked you with his fingers mercilessly, his tongue laving against your clit just as torturously. You felt the familiar tightening of your stomach begin, Jimin wasting no time in his effort to make you cum.

His fingers moved faster within you, obscene noises filling the room, your moans and whimpers a perfect accompaniment. Jimin moved away from your clit, leaving teasing butterfly kisses along your abdomen before biting at your breast. The heat of his mouth sucked on your skin, leaving a cherry spot behind, all the while his fingers kept up their relentless pace.

The knot in your stomach grew, a few thrusts away from bursting. Your legs trembled with the effort to sit still, the urge to ride Jimin’s fingers almost too much to bear. Suddenly his fingers stilled inside of you and he gave you a lurid look.

“I don’t believe you’ve earned the right to come just yet, kitten.” As he spoke his fingers resumed stroking your insides languidly, the fire that had been raging now a dull roar. He moved forward to kiss you, taking in your lower lip between his teeth and biting down on it harshly. You whimpered into his mouth and he placed his thumb atop your clit, pushing down on it a bit as he moved the digit from side to side.

Screwing your eyes shut, you did your best to hold back the onslaught of pleasure, but the efforts were in vain as Jimin gave a final flick of his thumb.

You cried out, whimpers and moans following soon after, your high crashing over you like a tsunami. Your whole body shook from the intensity of the orgasm, your lip crying out in pain from being bitten too hard. The taste of copper filled your mouth and you grimaced, quickly schooling your features into a blank mask as Jimin glared at you.

“Up. Now.” His voice spoke volumes, letting you know the punishment was going to be severe. A thrill ran down your spine, secretly excited for the possibilities.

He took your seat, adjusting himself so his cock was not standing straight up. He reached for you and pulled you to his side, turning you sideways to face him.

“Lay across my lap, babygirl. Let’s see what we can do about you cumming without my permission,” his voice still held the promise of a threat, but now a smile colored it.

You obeyed his demand, laying your torso across his lap, his powerful thighs providing ample support. He stroked your ass with his hand, caressing the skin. He planted a kiss on your spine before raising his hand and striking you.

The strike rocked your body, lurching you forward. Tears gathered in the corners of your eyes, but you couldn’t deny the heat that was beginning to gather in your core once again, your sensitive slit already glistening. He rubbed the reddened skin before once more bringing his hand down with a sound that echoed through the room.

This time you cried out, unable to hide the lust in your voice. Jimin’s fingers wandered down to your slit and dipped a finger in before he brought it up to his mouth, the lewd sound of him sucking your juices off the digit only making you wetter.

“My, my, babygirl. Do you enjoy the feeling of my hand connecting with your ass?” He sounded teasing, trying to drag the admission out of you. When you didn’t answer he spanked you again, this time moving his hand just so, to graze your pussy. You whimpered as the pain spread across the cheek and into your core; you rubbed your thighs together in an effort to relieve some of the ache.

You felt Jimin’s cock twitch against your abdomen and you once again felt the urge to taste him. He struck you a few more times, each moment that his hand connected with you stinging flesh plunging you deeper into your want, his cock leaking precum and wetting his underwear. You felt the wet patch of fabric with every fiber of your being, focusing on it almost obsessively.

Jimin finished spanking you and began soothing the crimson flesh with a gentle hand, every now and then dotting your cheek with kisses. He motioned for you to stand, but you hesitated in obeying, choosing to wiggle your abdomen against the head of his length. He inhaled through his teeth, the friction something he desperately needed. Chuckling darkly, grabbed your upper arms to pull you up, gripping your chin in his hand and twisting you to face him.

He kissed you roughly, sloppily, his lips moving over yours discordantly. He pulled away slightly, his eyes dancing over your features, taking in your swollen lips and dim eyes. Hunger for your submission burned in his eyes and you lowered your own, hoping you hadn’t crossed a line.

“Get on your knees and show me how you well you can suck dick, kitten.”

You shivered at his order, and hurried to obey,tripping over your feet in the rush to get into position. Jimin pulled his underwear off as you kneeled in front of him, his cock springing free. He was about as large as Tae, but thicker.

You gripped him at the base, wetting your lips before placing them around his head and moving them down until they met your hand. Sliding back up, you hollow out your cheeks, allowing your teeth to graze his skin lightly. He groaned and placed a hand in your hair, gathering your silken locks to use as reins.

You took all of him into your mouth, the feel of him twitching against the back of your throat giving you an ego boost. As you bobbed your head up and down, your hand wrapped around what you couldn’t reach.

The bed creaked as Taehyung got up and made his way over to the two of you, crouching down behind you. His fingers danced across the skin on your back, and you moaned around Jimin, his hand pushed down a bit, to keep your head in place as you swallowed around him. Taehyung’s hands continued their path, tracing patterns into your skin.

Jimin moved his hand away from your head and you took the opportunity to move away for breath, pumping his cock before he placed his hand atop your to still your movements. You glanced at him questioningly, hoping he didn’t stop you because you were doing a bad job.

He motioned for you to stand up again, reaching behind you for something Taehyung held in his outstretched hand. Looking down, you saw that it was the sash from your robe, the silk catching the light. Jimin took it and motioned for you to turn around, grabbing your arms and wrapping the cool fabric around your wrists. He placed his hands at your waist and pulled you forward to stand with one leg on either side of his.

Taehyung moved closer to you, his hands finding purchase on your shoulders. He leaned into you, his mouth aligned with your ear, speaking in a low growl.

“Don’t forget you’re mine princess.”

You nodded weakly and allowed Jimin to pull you down, the head of his cock aligned with your entrance. You sank down onto it slowly and the man beneath you groaned at the feeling of your slick heat enveloping him.

Taehyung placed a hand on your throat, his thumb tilting your head back to look at him as you began rolling your hips against Jimin. He watched the emotions play across your face and bent down to take your lips in a heated kiss, his tongue moving of its’ own accord and coming to dance with your own.

Jimin gripped your hips and pulled you down to meet his upward thrusts making you moan into Taehyung’s mouth. The latter moved his hands down to your breasts and kneaded one, the other one pinched and tweaked your nipple.

You whimpered again as the sensations came together in a harmony of lust, the sounds of Jimin’s grunts, the slap of skin on skin and Taehyung’s quiet groans adding to the mix. You circled your hips as you rose up, slamming back down quickly. You kept up a steady rhythm, Jimin’s constant litany of “that it’s baby girl, just like that” egging you on. Taehyung’s nimble fingers slid down your torso, intent on bringing you to climax.

He grazed your swollen bud with his nail and you gasped into his mouth at the feeling, walls clamping down on Jimin. A ragged “fuck me” escaped his mouth and he felt his release coming closer, your tight slick heat making it very hard for him to hold back.

“Get back on your knees, kitten,” he said raspily, his voice tinged with an effort not to come like a high schooler. Taehyung huffed, a little miffed he couldn’t keep playing with you, but he helped you off Jimin’s lap and stepped away to remove his clothes.

You kneeled in front of Jimin as he stood, hand wrapped around his throbbing cock, and pumping it slowly as he placed himself at your open mouth. Without a warning he thrust all the way in, making you gag and swallow around him. You teared up and attempted to breathe through your nose but Jimin gave you no chance as he held your head in place and fucked your mouth. Your throat convulsed around him, saliva and precum dripping down your chin. Tasting yourself, you moaned, the vibrations sending Jimin over the edge.

Thick, hot ropes of cum dripped down the back of your throat as his cock emptied itself out, twitching. You swallowed as best you could, some of it escaping and landing on your breasts. Your lungs screamed for air as you pulled away from Jimin, sucking in big gulps of the oxygen you so desperately craved.

Jimin slumped back down on the chair, throwing his head back, chest heaving and skin glistening from sweat.

Taehyung came to you then, a towel in his hand. He wiped your chin and breasts clean of all traces of Jimin, untying your wrists when he finished. Pulling you up, he lead you to the bed to push you down onto it.

“My turn, princess.”

You whimpered at his tone, knowing he was upset at how much you enjoyed feeling Jimin inside of you. Watching him walk over to the bedside table and open the top drawer, pulling out a nylon rope, you quickly scooted into position before he spoke, trying to make him go easy on you.

Fat chance.

He gripped your  left wrist and tied it to the steel headboard, crawling over your body to tie your other wrist. He spread your legs and settled between them, placing his hands on either side of you and leaned down. He looked at you darkly, lower lip caught in his teeth’s harsh grip.

He closed the distance and took your lips in a heated kiss once more, his anger clear in every glide and nip. With no warning he placed himself at your entrance and slammed in all the way. You gasped into his mouth and he chuckled, feeling your walls clamp down on him. He was rough in his thrusts, hips snapping into yours hard enough to leave bruises; his movements making it hard for the two of you to kiss, panting into each other’s mouths instead.

He moved away from you, sitting back on his heels to lift your hips up and place you on his legs, the new angle reaching deeper into you. You cried out and tried to pull away from him, the sensations too much for you, and almost becoming painful. He gripped your hips harder, fingers digging into your skin.

“Where do you think you’re going, hm? You seemed oh so eager to get a good fucking earlier, what happened princess?” He growled out, giving you a smirk as you whimpered in response. He slowly pulled out until the head was the only thing in and he blew you a kiss before slamming back in. His thumb found your clit and began rubbing it in small circles, pushing down on the bud. You moaned and whimpered, increasing in pitch with each pass of his thumb.

The coiling in your stomach wound up, your hands clutching at your restraints as Taehyung fucked you ruthlessly, his thumb moving over your clit sloppily. You shut your eyes against the feelings rushing over you, but that was a mistake as your other senses became overloaded. As you cried out for Taehyung, the sound of his name stilled the ministrations that had been driving you mad.

“No, please Sir don’t stop, I’m so close…” you whispered between pants, eager to feel him bring you over.

His thumb resumed it’s stroking, slowing down as you got closer to your peak, his thrusts matching the slow pace of his hand. He pulled out of you making you open your eyes to see his hand wrapped around his cock as he pumped along his length. He pulled his hand away from you right as you began feeling the beginnings of your orgasm.

Taehyung stared at you as he fucked his hand, groaning as his own release crashed over him. Hot, thick strings of cum landed on your stomach and you whimpered at the sight. He sighed and shook his head at you, grabbing the  towel to wipe your stomach clean. Untying your wrists, he moved to stand, where he looked down at you to sigh again.

“You don’t get to come, babe. Maybe later if you make it up to me,” he shrugged and looked over at Jimin. “And you, you don’t get to do that again. Now get out, please.”

The two of you watched Jimin gather his clothes and walk out of the bedroom, looking back at each other when the door clicked shut.

“Sorry about that babe, turns out I don’t like sharing,” he said sheepishly, shrugging a bit.

You shook your head at him and opened your arms to invite him in, “come here, you. I need my massage.”    

Deal - Jungkook

A/N: I’ve had this idea for a while now. I mean, it’s vamp!Jungkook + roommate au… and i haven’t written in awhile so maybe this could make up for the lack of activity?? I’m on spring break so I’ll be writing more! hopefully, it’ll be Mr. & Mrs. Jeon next!!

Summary: He had strange requirements for a roommate and you didn’t question it but why of all conditions did his potential roommate had to work at a hospital? 

Word count: 2.2k

You didn’t steal. Not even once have you taken something that was yours. When you were younger, you had attempted to steal an extra lollipop but before you could even taste it’s dangerously sweet strawberry flavor, guilt practically swallowed you whole and your little legs carried you back inside to return the candy with a blubbering apology.

It was from that moment that you realized being a thief was something you weren’t cut out for. 

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mecotter1  asked:

#294 with Bucky?

294. “W…Was that you making that noise?”

Humming softly as you folded your laundry helped keep a piece of mind while doing the boring act, the rooms of the compound were quiet as you were one of the only ones to have today free so you took the precious time to carry out your mundane needs. One of them cleaning the clothing you were running low on wearing. 

You carefully weaved a hanger through the neck of the t-shirt and stilled as a peculiar sound disturbed the quiet, you knew your head was cocked similarly to a bird–at the connection between the noise you heard and what you likened yourself to you blew a breath of laughter from your nose.

Tucking the shirt into the closet, you trailed into the hallway and heard the sound again, but slightly louder. Your brow furrowed in slight confusion as you peered into some of the open bedrooms to find no sign of anyone and continued down the hall until you reached the large room that acted as the living room for the Team. 

The tune of the noise changed slightly and echoed through the area, sharp and melodic, exactly like a songbird. You sighed noisily and rubbed at your temple, praying that a bird hadn’t somehow found its way into the compound. You wouldn’t even know what to do since the little damn creatures couldn’t see glass and there was a lot of it in the main room. 

It sounded again and you shuffled through the kitchen, crossing your fingers and chanting beneath your breath, “Please, don’t be a bird. Please, don’t be a bird…” 

You peeked around the corner to only find the lounging form of a certain metal-armed soldier perched on the sill of the large window looking out over the outdoor training grounds and to the woods beyond. Your shoulders sagged in relief and you approached carefully, not wanting him to draw a knife on you if he got startled at your presence. 

His steely eyes could be made out in the reflection of the glass and they flicked to your figure, his fingers pausing from toying with his sweatpants strings, and you cleared your throat. 

W-Was that you making that noise…?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest as you met his gaze through the window. 

Bucky’s mouth curled up slightly in amusement and then his lips puckered out in an ‘o’ shape, before he emitted the short melody that mimicked a bird perfectly. He finally turned his head to look back at you and chuckled, “Does that answer your question?”

You snorted, “It does, actually. Like, a lot of questions.”

Bucky hummed, implying to continue.

“I would’ve freaked out if there was an actual bird in here so I’m glad it’s only you,” you elaborated, gesturing at his large frame. 

“That would’ve been a sight,” Bucky wondered. “Seein’ you out here trying to wrangle a little sparrow.”

You scoffed. “Yeah, well, let’s hope that never happens…”

anonymous asked:

OMG first of all u dont know how happy i was to find your blog!!! (i absolutely LOVE V) Can u do a hc on how V would treat MC when she has her period (with terrible cramps and aches)? Hope u have a happy 2017!

I AM SO HAPPY THAT PEOPLE WANT TO TALK TO ME ABOUT V! I LOVE V AS WELL and i wish you a happy 2017 :3 my requests are closed and its 5 am but fuck it i love V

  • V always wakes up before MC but its already noon and MC hasnt gotten out of bed yet so he starts to worry
  • he even made breakfast but had to put away some for MC since she didnt wake up and join him
  • he doesnt want to wake her up but needs to make sure she’s feeling alright
  • V comes into the bedroom and leans down by MC’s side of the bed, whispering to her
  • “sweetheart? are you feeling okay?”
  • without opening her eyes she rolls over and groans
  • “cramps…”
  • he knows exactly what to do!
  • V grabs MC’s heating pad from the closet then plugs it in by the bad and sets in on the ground
  • he goes into the kitchen and fills MC’s favorite cup with water (cold, but no ice) and grabs some extra strength ibuprofen
  • when he comes back into the room, the heating pad was warm
  • V lifts up the covers slightly and places the heating pad gently onto MCs stomach and then covers her up again
  • he gets on his knees by her bedside and whispers
  • “theres water right here on the nightstand and some medicine. i think if you take some now and rest, you might feel better when you wake up”
  • MC slowly sits up and takes her ibuprofen
  • “now get some more rest and i’ll be here to make some food when you wake up”
  • he stood up to leave the room when he felt a little tug on the bottom of his shirt
  • he turned to see MC pulling on him softly, still laying down barley awake
  • “can you stay with me…Jihyun..?”
  • he smiles
  • “of course”
  • V knows that MC likes to have space when she’s on her period, so he gets into bed and lays down on his side next to her
  • V starts running his fingers through her hair
  • “i’ll be right here when you wake up”
  • V also rubs MC’s tummy a lot when she doesnt want the heating pad!
  • I LOVE V

 The other day I was thinking about a fake dating AU so I tried writing one because … because. But then it wasn’t working out like I wanted at all. And then the OOTW music video came out (which is just, like, a treasure trove of AUs, honestly, it’s unbelievable) so I thought I might as well just finish this ficlet.

I would probably love to write a proper fake dating AU some day, but anyway, here is this piece of nothing for now instead.


“So how long have you two been together?”

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If the bedroom I share with two cats, numerous Snoopys, and umpteen dozen dust bunnies had empty space, I would love to own a refurbished 1940s Waterfall vanity, similar to the one pictured.

And speaking of vanity… Choose 10 random Balfe-Heughan shipper blogs and 10 random photos of Sam on his Instagram account. Scroll through the first 30 posts on each blog and the first 30 comments on each photo.

Oh come on, you’ll find the time if you really want to. 😁

What do you see most often? Me ol’ da would say, “It’s six o’ one and half a dozen of the other.”

Is Sam vain, or does Sam deliver exactly what the people want?

Just thinking out loud…

The only vanity I see is the one I covet for my bedroom. Big surprise, I know. 😉 I’m nothing if not consistent.

Jimin - Alone Time

hi~~~ Can you make scenario when you are hanging out with Jimin (dating) and the other bangtan member eepdisturb both of you? kkk >///<


Dating secretly is probably the dumbest thing you’ve done in life. But then again… you’re dating the pabo itself so you can’t really complain anymore. Your meets with Jimin are in the strangest places, the bathroom, the janitor’s room, the back of their van and the list goes on. 

Their dorm is probably the only place where you and him can perform skin ship in front of people and by people you actually mean the 6 other weirdos in BTS. Upon dating Park Jimin, BTS had become your extended dysfunctional family. 

Having said so, you’re casually spending your time in the BTS dorms. Their dorm isn’t exactly your idea of a romantic date but its a place where you can be with your Jiminnie freely. 

Jimin had  brought you in the bedroom he shares with the rest of the members. He called dibs on the room the moment you said you were on your way to their dorm. So now here you are leaning against his chest as he lays down on his bed while his eyes are closed

“Minnie” you mumbled as you poke his nose

“Hmmm?” he hummed 

“What are you doing?" 

He chuckled "Closing my eyes~” he sing-song

“Ohh~~ I thought you wanted to see me?”

“I do”

“Then why are you trying to sleep eh?” you accused

“All I can see is you jagi. Be my eyes open or close its all you~”

You rolled your eyes greasy Jimin strikes again you thought 

“You’re mental aren’t you?” you joked making him open his eyes and looked at you lovingly as he pulled you closer to him. 

“I’m sooooo crazy about you jagi~” he said and poke your nose as he bit his lip. 

You giggled and snuggle closer to him “Since when did I get so lucky huh?” you asked locking gaze with him whilst the both of you lean closer. Jimin’s gaze travelled from your eyes to your lips… 

“Since never, ____-ah. Are you guys finish yet I want to take a nap” Taehyung said bursting in the room while he yawn– making you and Jimin jump a little. Jimin groaned and glared at his band mate. 

“Great timing Taehyung cant you see we’re busy?” he muttered in sarcasm making you blush furiously.

Taehyung lay on his bed and started scrolling on his phone dismissing Jimin’s sarcastic comment. 

“Continue to whatever you guys were doing, act as if I’m  not here let your hormones be free” he said, his eyes glued on his phone screen. 

Jimin could only groan but as if on queue the maknae Jungkook entered the room with a frown on his face. Being  concerned noona you plop on your arms and asked him what was wrong 

“I think my throat is strained” Jungkook replied as he plopped down his bed and cover his face with a pillow. 

Jimin rolled his eyes and pulled you back down next to him. 

“Aish you guys, can’t you see we’re trying to have some alone time” Jimin complained. 

“Its okay oppa they want to rest” you said defending the maknaes 

“Yah you two go~~~ mock about in the living room!” Jimin said ignoring your defense. 

“Minnie it—”

“KIM TAEHYUNG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE RICE?!” Jin was heard from the kitchen making Taehyung’s eyes bulged and cover himself with his blanket like a burrito 

“Tell him I’m not here” Taehyung said allowing an evil grin tugged on Jimin’s lips

“HYUNG TAEHYUNG’S HERE!” he shouted and the next you knew a furious Jin entered the room he pulled Taehyung’s blanket away and glare at him

“yah Taehyung why didn’t you put water on the rice then switch it on?!" 

Taehyung sat up and looked at Jin innocently as if a light bulb just lit in his head. "Ah!!! You’re meant to put water in!" 

You face palmed yourself as Jimin ran a hand through his face realizing it was a bad idea to ratted Taehyung out, now Jin’s another addition for your ‘alone time' 

It wasn’t long until Namjoon and Hoseok joined the fiasco. Jimin could only groan and glare at the boys. 

"They planned this…” you heard him muttered to himself. “They knew I wanted to get ____ alone all for myself. They all planned this…” he ept muttering as if he lost his sanity. 


A/N: Aigooo (/.\) this took me a while XD I don'teven know if it makes sense cause I’m just out of it at the moment; I’ve been organizing my prom stuff and my exams are still not finish (/.\) 

I’m sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind anon! Mian~

-Nicole (admin n)

P.S. we’re working on the requests guys bare with~

Calum Smut - In Control

Rating: they don’t banG so

Pairing: Calum Hood/reader

Requested: No I was just horny

Word Count: 939 

A/N: hi first smut I’m going to publish go easy on me tkanhs also its v short and probs bad so

Pacing back and forth in your bedroom, you sighed and collapsed onto the bed. “I don’t know what to do.” you complained to your best friend who sat across from you. Lately your sex life with your boyfriend, Calum, has been going downhill and you had no clue as to why.

She tossed the latest issue of Cosmo onto your lap as you mindlessly flipped through the pages. “Sorry Y/N, you know the bedroom isn’t exactly my area.” she responded with a giggle.

You continued to browse the magazine and stopped at a page titled ‘Top 10 Foreplay Moves in the Bedroom’. “Don’t get me wrong, the sex is great and everything it’s just ever since he came back from tour there’s been like zero foreplay. Like, why can’t we do any of the stuff like this anymore?” you questioned and gestured to the page.

“Then I dunno, take control.” she said and shrugged.

“Y/F/N, you know I can’t do that.” you stated.

 “Why don’t you just talk to him about it then?” she asked.

 “Yeah Y/N, why don’t you just talk to him about it?” a masculine voice echoed. Your eyes darted over to the door, and you gaped as you saw Calum causally leaned against the doorframe, with his jaw clenched.

 “C-Calum, what’re you doing here?” you asked in a small voice and quickly grabbed the magazine and tossed it across the room.

 “The recording session ended early today so I thought I’d surprise my lovely girlfriend.” he said without taking his eyes off of you.

“I think I’ll be heading off now, Y/N.” your friend told you as she gathered her things. She mouthed a quick good luck and scurried out of the room.

“So, pizza or Chinese food?” you asked, hoping he wouldn’t bring up the conversation he just overheard. You got up from your spot on the bed to pick up the magazine and toss it into the trash. Calum grabbed your wrist and spun you around.

 His lips crashed onto yours harshly as yours moved against his plump, slightly chapped lips. You moaned once his tongue found its way into your mouth and tangled your fingers in his hair, pulling lightly. His hands moved down to your ass, giving it as squeeze before his lips left yours and moved over to your neck. He sucked on the delicate skin harshly, nipping and biting every now and then.

“So, I’ve been slipping up in the bedroom department lately, Y/N?” he questioned and blew cool air onto one of the new marks.

“N-no, Cal. You’ve been - you’ve been great.” you said as his fingers fumbled with the bottom of your shirt and peeled it off your body. His lips hovered over the valley of your breasts and looked up at you, sucking his teeth.

“Oh Y/N, I know you’re lying to me.” he stated and unclasped your bra. Your core was dripping wet at this point, and you moaned quietly as he kneaded each breast with his large hands. His thumb rolled your left nipple while his lips attached to the right and sucked at twirled his tongue around it making you tug his hair every now and then. Your finger trailed under his shirt and raked your fingers over his toned abs.

“No t-touching.” he stuttered. You raised an eyebrow and played with the hem of his shirt. Then I dunno, take control. Your friend’s words played over and over in your head.

“You sure, Cal?” you asked cockily as you slipped off his shirt. You placed your pointer finger on the top of his chest and slowly trailed it downwards towards his happy trial. He chewed on his bottom lip, staying silent. You took this opportunity to place opened mouth kisses across his collarbone and softly suck on his sweet spot. You guided your hand down towards his hard on and palmed him whilst looking up at him with a small smiled being played across your lips. He moaned and bucked his hips forward.

“Fuck Y/N,” he said in a deep voice. “I was g-going to be in control.” You hummed, content with yourself. Your fingers fumbled with the button of his black jeans before pushing them down his legs. He tore off his pants and his boxers, his erection against his stomach. You wrapped a hand around his length and slowly pumped him. You lowered yourself and placed a chaste kiss on the tip before taking the tip in your mouth. You slowly sucked and swirled your tongue around it, teasing while you used your hand to pump him faster. He gathered your hair into a makeshift ponytail and pushed your head forward, forcing you to take more. You began to pick up your pace, sucking faster and harder and he grunted and bucked his hips. You bobbed your head down as you felt him twitch inside your mouth. Nothing could be heard other than Calum’s loud moans and a few profanities escaping his lips as you deep throated him.

“Shit I- I- I’m going to co-“ he began to say but was cut off once a warm liquid shot down your throat, he clenched his eyes shut and threw his head back. His shaky moans and short breaths filled the room. You finished him off, as he was coming down from his high and stood up.

“So Hood, how was that?” you asked triumphantly.

He sucked in a breath, “Wow,” he said, speechless. “I think it’s time for me to return the favor, don’t you think?” he asked with a smirk. You nodded quickly and guided him towards your bed.

Speculation on 7x21 based on extended promo: Steroline, Bamon & Baroline

I decided to do a little further investigating into the promo for 7x21 and piece it together with the synopsis and the new introduction of huntress!Bonnie by taking a few screenshots and placing the characters and where they might be. Since the title of the episode is called “Requiem for a Dream” I think we’re safe to assume some of this is happening in Bonnie’s head. What I’ve gathered and what I’m speculating is the vampire (Caroline, Damon and Enzo) will all enter Bonnie’s mind at some point before she awakens, most likely to try and reason with her not to hunt them.

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MC/Mamoru - Can’t move on

The sun was gleefully playing peek-a-boo behind fluffy white clouds. The tender breeze made the heat bearable….all in all it was a perfect day. Which made Mamoru all the more pissed off as he took a deep drag from his cigarette. He took a deep enough breath so that it burned his lungs before slowly releasing the smoke.  He tapped the cigarette out before flicking it to the side. He had to squint his eyes as he stepped out from the protective shade of the trees.
“Today of all days should not be so pleasant. Couldn’t have even a little bit of rain. Everyone is just too damn happy.”
He frowns as he watches a happy family walk by him, the young boy laughing joyfully atop his father’s shoulders. Mamoru shoves his hands in his pockets to prevent himself from grabbing another smoke. He walked up to the gates, but stopped right before he passed thru them. Looking down at his feet, he starts to tremble as he remembers the first time he passed them.

Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yes, I want to see where I will be buried.”
As they walk to around looking from one plot to the next, Mamoru tried to light a smoke, but she pulled it from his lips with a frown and scolded him.
“You can’t smoke here, it’s disrespectful!
“Well damn kid, what do you expect form me. This whole thing is kinda morbid!”
She straitens her shoulders and proudly lifts her stubborn chin,
“I want to make sure my grave has a nice view.”
“Of what? Six feet of dirt.”
She giggles with mirth giving him a coy smile
“Now whose being morbid.”
She starts to walk forward, but he pulls her hand to stop her and turns her tok look at him. Anguish tints his voice as he fight the words pass the lump in his throat. HIs eyes search hers as he sweeps her hair behind her ear. 
“We can still fight this. Please, I am begging you….don’t give up.”
She reaches up and places her hand over his, leaning her head into his palm. She smiles at him sweetly with love and sadness in her eyes as she slowly shakes her head no. 
“No, we can’t. You heard Luke, there is nothing that can be done. There is no cure. The only thing we can do is prolong my life a few more months with aggressive treatment that is both emotionally taxing and very painful. Besides, with the pills that he gave me I am in no pain and I have a clear mind. I am thankful for that.”
“But….I know…that somewhere there must be som-”
She places a finger against his lips and gives him a quick kiss. 
“I don’t want to live the remainder of my days hooked up to machines. I want to live what life I have left….with you.”
As the sun began to set, he could see her strength fading away as she fought the resolve to keep her tears from slipping down her pale cheeks. 
“Alright kid, whatever you want.”
Perking up she point to the top of a small hill. 
“I want one up there, next to the cherry blossoms. When the wind blows it makes it seem like the flowers are dancing. 
He stood on that hill with her watching the sunset until she no longer had the strength to do so.

Coming back to his senses, he passes thought the gates and slowly shuffles his way to her grave. As he walked up the hill he noticed two people placing flowers on her grave. When he got closer he recognized Baba and Soryu, he tried not to show his annoyance by seeing the mobster at her grave. Mamoru always suspected that Soryu held a flame for her.
“I haven’t seen the two of you here for awhile,” he stated not hiding his irritation. 
The mob boss gave him an icy glare, “I’ve been busy.”
The thief gives Mamoru a sad smile, “We just flew in this morning and thought we would pay our respect. We’ll leave you alone. See you around.”
As the two turn to walk away Soryu stands in front of the detective. 
“I’ll never know what it was that she saw in you, other than a lazy detective.”
“Clearly something more than she saw in you.”
Soryu’s ire is clear on his face as he puffs out his chest and grits his teeth.
I would never have let her give up. I  would have fought for her!”
“And I didn’t let her suffer. I respected her wishes, no matter what I wanted.”
Baba raises his voice slightly in a chiding tone.
“Gentlemen this is neither the time or place for this. What was or what could have been no longer matters. You should not tarnish her memory by bickering here.”
Both men looked away from each other, not completely giving in, more of an offering for a truce. When the two men finally leave Mamoru kneels down by her grave stone. He runs his fingers across her name, regretting not having the chance to change her last name. 

“Well kid, another year has passed by. Three years may seem like a short time, but it feels more like a lifetime. I…um…met a woman about six months ago. She is a real nice lady. Her name is Misaki. I met her at a group therapy meeting, which I was forced to go to, for those dealing with the loss of a loved one due to cancer. Her husband died of the same thing you did ‘bout five years ago. She has made things a bit easier, I guess. She does get on to me about not cleaning up like you used to. I…I just thought I should tell you about her. Not sure why, but it feels right letting you know.”

He pauses as he tries to fight back the tears that sting his eyes. He turns to sit down, his back resting against her headstone. He quietly watches the breeze make the cherry blossoms sway back and forth. He sat there until the sun started to set, painting the sky with brilliant hues of orange and red. This is when he lost his battle and the tears burst from behind his lashes and silently fell from his eyes. He takes a deep breath and looks up at the sky, as if he was talking to her in heaven.
“Sometimes, I imagine what our life would look like if you hadn’t died. We’d be married, with a little hell-raiser of a son. Sometimes, I  imagine you pregnant with a second child….a little girl. Someone who would have been a sweet as you. My favorite daydream, is the two of us walking home from out son’s recital and we lift him high in the air between us as we all laugh. It makes me smile……but then I remember that it is just a vision and will never come true. God damn it kid, you got me going crazy here.”
He wipes his eyes bitterly as he gets up to leave, before he turns, he taps the top of her gravestone, “See you next year babe. Know that I will always love you.”

As he descends the hill he lights a smoke and he progresses home in the dark. When he finally arrives he opens the front door and finds all of the lights on in the house. ‘She must be here, I told her she didn’t have to come over today.” Walking into the house he can smell Soba noodles cooking in the kitchen. Making his way through the living room area he stops in his tracks as he notices the room looking bare. Taking in account of things missing, he notices that on the coffee table, his favorite photo of himself and ______ was replaced with Misaki. Picking up the frame he sees that not only in the picture gone, but most of ________ decor was gone too. Right then, Misaki walks around the corner and smiles kindly at Mamoru.
“Oh, you’re home. I was getting worried about you. I made you some Soba nood-”
“Where are they?” He stared hard at her.
“Where are what?” She looked around confused.
“Don’t play coy with me. Look around, where is all of her stuff, my stuff. The snow-globes, the decorations…..her picture!” He tosses the frame on the couch.
“Don’t yell at me Mamoru! I was cleaning this pig-stye of a household and moved everything into the bedroom closet, so that nothing got broken. I wanted to do something nice for you.”
“Oh….and her picture?”
*Sighing* “Its in the closet as well. Look, I know what today is, and I respect that. I know exactly how you feel. I have been there too.”
Neither would look at each other for a few moments. 
“Are you hungry? I made your favorites.”
“Nah. I’m tired. I’m just gonna go to bed.” 

When he finally looked up into her face, he could see heartbreak flicker across her face. He felt guilty as he passed by her, but he just didn’t have the strength to comfort her. When he reached the bedroom, the first thing he did was open the closet door. He searched through the mix matched items until he found the treasure he was searching for. He put her picture back in the frame and placed in on the nightstand. He fell asleep looking at her in hopes of finding her once again in his dreams.

The harsh annoying sound of his alarm woke him from his slumber, cursing slightly he hit the snooze button on his clock before rolling back over. His hands found the warm skin of Misaki laying next to him. Still feeling guilty, for how he treated or the fact that she is there, he can’t decide so he slides out of the bed to go for a run. It is not his favorite activity, but it does help him clear his head. While getting ready, Mamoru takes everything out of the closet and restores them back to their rightful places. When he returns from his run, however, he finds Misaki sitting on the couch with her suitcase in hand.

“What’s going on?”
“I’m sorry, but I am leaving Mamoru. I just can’t do this anymore.”
“I don’t get. What can’t you do anymore?”
“Listen, I know exactly what you are going through. Grief is not pretty or kind. I’ve been there and I thought that we were moving forward together. Last night, we had a chance to let go of the past and mold a future together, but this morning you placed everything back exactly as it was before. You even put away the picture of us.”
“This is a pain. That doesn’t mean that you have to leave. You said that you understood where I am coming from.”
“Yes, it does mean that I have to leave and I do know where you are coming from, which is another reason why I am leaving. I miss my husband every day and will always continue to love him. But I am ready to move forward…and….you clearly are not. I’m sorry, but I need to do this for me.”
She picks up her suitcase and drifts towards the door. Just as she opens the door and steps outside she looks back at him and smiles.
“Don’t worry too much, we all get to that point somewhere down the road and so will you. When you do reach that point and you are ready to move forward, I hope you look me up….because I do care about you.”
With that being said, she departed, closing the door behind her. Mamoru slowly walked over to the couch and laid down. He grabbed ________ photo, running his fingers lovingly over the frame.
“Well kid, it looks like it’s just us again.”

This Feeling


1.2K words
Pines Family Angst/Fluff

He wasn’t sure when exactly he started feeling it. That was a lie, he knew when, but it had been a while, and he wanted to pretend that he didn’t miss it enough to still remember the feeling. He felt it now, more than ever, leaning against the doorframe of their attic bedroom, staring into the dim light at their small figures, breathing slowly and evenly.

“Mr. Pines?” He turned his attention back out to the hallway, where Soos stood at the top of the stairs.

“Soos? What are you doing here?” Stan asked, attempting to whisper, but really using his normal voice but in a breathy manner.

“I forgot some medication over here- can’t goto sleep until I have it. It’s only nine.” He laughed softly as the older man quietly shut the old wooden door, and approached him. “What were you doing in the little dudes’ room?”

“Just watchin’ them. Now that they’ve gotten into more trouble recently, I’m worried that faeries will crawl into their ears at night and plant trees in their heads.” Stan joked, moving past Soos to head downstairs. Soos followed, his steps a bit off compared to Stan’s, said man keeping an eye on him as they went down.

“Oh, yeah, I’ve been a bit worried too, they’re gonna get themselves hurt one of these days!” Soos agreed, passing Stan, who had stopped on one of the bottom steps. He turned, confused as to why the older man had stopped, and was surprised to see him with an expression of distress. “Mr. Pines?”

“Soos, could you go now, I have some stuff I’ve got to do.” He said quietly, his hand gripping the railing with white-knuckled effort. Soos paused, watching him carefully, but turned and went out the door anyways.

Hurt. How many times had they already done that, he wondered. How many times had they gone out and gotten bruised and scratched, how many times had he brushed off and ignored them getting hurt? His eyes stung and he rubbed them viciously, stepping down the the landing and letting out a deep shaky breath. How many times had he treated them neglectfully.

True, when they had first come, he half-expected a couple of snobby rich kids, but he knew his niece and nephew better than that- he shouldn’t have. He had expected kids who were going to groan and sigh all day about working (and granted, they did do that time to time), but what he hadn’t expected was them both diving headfirst into the wavepool of danger than Stan had been in for years. He had suspected that Dipper had gotten ahold of outside knowledge, and when the boy had revealed the third Journal to him, he was terrified. Terrified because part of him was thrilled that he’d found it, and the other wasn’t nearly as worried as he should’ve been.

He was lucky that they hadn’t gotten Journal one. He shuddered at the thought. If they had gotten the first edition, they would have come across him. 

He had walked into the living room, undoing is tie and jacket a bit, slumping down into the chair and letting out another sigh.

This feeling sucked- he’d hated it and tried to fight it for years. He fought it when he met Soos. Fought it when he met Wendy. Hell, he fought it every day when he looked in the mirror. But now, he had no choice but to cave in. He’d already caved, he had caved when he took them to the lake. He had caved every time Mabel had grinned at him with her shiny teeth. He had caved when Dipper was up at 5am doing sudoku at the kitchen table in his socks, and his only excuse was “he’d dreamt the answer”.

“Grunkle Stan?” He nearly rocketed out of his seat at the soft voice, whipping his head around to the open doorway of the living room to the threshold. Mabel stood there, her hands clutching the sides of her pyjamas, flexing and unflexing.

“Mabel, sweetie, what are you doing up? I thought you were asleep.”

“We were, but Dipper… Um… I thought I should tell you that Dipper…” She struggled, her eyes averting to the floor, and her shadow cast against the threshold behind her seemed unnaturally large from the dim lamplight of the livingroom. He stood, worried again.

“What about Dipper?”

“He’s crying in his sleep… Again…” She murmured, and he was painfully reminded how small she was as he scooped her up in his arms, and began to head back upstairs. He dreaded why Dipper was crying. He dreaded hearing the word ‘again’. He dreaded how Mabel shook in his arms. Above all, he dreaded how familiar this all was.

He got to the top of the stairs, walking slowly and quietly the the bedroom door, shifting Mabel to one side as he reached for the handle.

The door opened painfully slow, and he momentarily didn’t understand why Mabel buried her head into his shoulder, but as his eyes focused, he saw it and his heart stopped.

Dimly, just above what he could presume was Dipper’s head, was a glowing eye. Only outlined, and beginning the fade, anger filled up his entire being as he set Mabel down, storming over and lashing out at the image above Dipper, causing it to vanish completely. He immediately shook the small boy, biting back the urge to copy the pearls of tears in his eyes and on his cheeks. Dipper’s eyes flew open, a panicked, strangled gasp escaping his lips, his whole body quaking.

“Dipper… Dipper, shh…” He murmured quietly, sitting on the side of the bed, and pulling the boy up into his arms. He felt his heart shatter as the boy immediately began to weep, his arms limp at his sides. Mabel moved to the side of the bed, her eyes exhausted and sorrowful. 

“M-Mabel… Wh-wh-why did you g-get him…” Dipper sputtered, suddenly pushing Stan away, and moving an angry glance to his sister. Stan looked to Mabel as well, confused.

“Did he not want me to come? Why on earth not?” Mabel fidgeting, picking at the skin on her nails, which Stan noted sadly, were already scabbed and jagged.

“Dipper, I can’t help you. Stan knows now, he can help… Please just tell him.”

The feeling was overwhelming now, and this time he didn’t fight it. The boy in his arms and the girl standing in front of him, switching so quickly from adult to child in front of his eyes, wrecked him. They were still children, still soft in the cheeks and hands, yet their eyes were weary and worn. How long had they been doing this? How long had Dipper been crying in his sleep? How many times had Mabel woken up to this, had she held her brother shivering in her arms, parenting him when it wasn’t her job? How many times?

“Fine… Grunkle Stan…” Dipper turned to him, and he resisted the urge to look away. He didn’t want to see how hardened Dipper was, how similar he was to Stan’s own memories. He knew this feeling, and for a while he thought that it was nostalgia, or reminiscence. But he knew what it was, because this was different than Soos, or Wendy, or his reflection.

They were his family. They were him. They were his brother.

anonymous asked:

Could I request a scenario where kuroo comes home from a night out with the guys and tries to initiate sex with his gf but he's just a little too drunk and won't stop giggling and his gf ends up just putting him to bed :3c nsfw that turns fluffy ? hehe

oh my lord this was way too much fun to write, thanks for your request and sorry it took so long!!

He’s out late again, god knows where. That boy is always getting out and about in the late hours of the night, though you love him regardless. Usually you’re out with him but sometimes you just can’t keep up with such a party animal.

It was a Friday night, exam week just gone and you’re exhausted but you also refuse to sleep until your boyfriend comes home. Its going on 3am and you can barely keep your eyes open, giving into the late night chocolate snacking in attempt to stay awake and watching whatever horrid program is on the TV to pass the time. That is until you hear the front door open.

The dork stumbles into the room, his cheeks a light shade of pink and his signature smirk playing on his lips.

“I’m home~!!” Kuroo sings through the house, managing to somehow take off his shoes. You pull yourself out of the comfort of the sofa and hurriedly walk over to the sound of your tipsy boyfriend. Before you can say anything about how late it is or how worried you were he beats you too it, pressing his lips to yours without hesitation.

His arms now around your waist and his entire build pushing against you, you have no choice but to push him back with whatever strength you had, him landing on you was almost fatal.

“O-Oi-.. Kuroo!” you manage to squeeze some words in between his lips and wriggle free from his grasp, not only was this guy drunk, he was horny as well. Great.

“C’mon babe its Saturday! lets have some fuuunn~” His words are slurred and the grin on his face never leaves as he attempts to take you in his arms again.

Though as drunk as he was and as tired as you were, sex right now wouldn’t be enjoyable for either of you. What this man needs is sleep and you had to try and make that happen. Your giggling, dazed boyfriend is approaching you with a wobbly step right now and you’ve experienced this situation enough times to know exactly what to do. You take his hand and start guiding him to the bedroom.

“c’mon lets go to bed,” you say, but you can tell he isn’t listening. His hand leaves yours and snakes its way around your waist once more, his lips on your neck too. You’re way too tired to react to him.

Now in the bedroom, he takes your arm and tugs you over to the bed, he lays down with a giggle and gestures for you to sit on top of him, which you do. Riding him wasn’t your plan however. You lean over to the side table and grab your perfume, you discovered awhile back that the smell of this instantly puts him to sleep when he is intoxicated. With a smile you spray some over his face and kiss him once, when you pull away, his eyes are closed and you can hear a snore starting to from. Works like a charm.

You pull yourself off and sit next to your passed-out boyfriend, his lips parted slightly and his hair falling over his face, how can such a dork be so attractive? You giggle a little to yourself and help yourself to bed as well. He is going to be a mess tomorrow.