it's exactly how i imagined it


mistrel-fox created an awesome crossover with gf and fma, also did these amazing drawings. Oh man the ideas are so great.

With the twins losing both of their limbs, I imagined GrunkleStan being the suit of armor and well….. I got waaay too deep into this.


and it’s all your fault MISTREL


Okay but thinking about my reaction to Darth Vader in Rogue one like… it kind of goes to show you JUST HOW IMPRESSIVE the writing and acting in the originals was and how they were able to work around their limited effects of the time because you never see Vader wrecking shit like that in the originals but you always KNEW HE COULD? 

Like the entire originals you sit there like “Oh man this guy is a scary motherfucker I can just imagine the shit he could do”

And then you see Rogue One and its like. “Yep. Thats what I thought he could do. Thats exactly what I always knew he could do.”

the guy playing Shadow in the new American Gods tv series looks like the kind of person i would want to pat me on the shoulder and softly tell me everything is going to be okay

how about happy adam with bed hair eating oatmeal at the barns in a sweatshirt his boyfriend picked for him? y/y?

I relate to bum, because when i was younger and in a really dark period of my life i too used to imagine someone, anyone, who could save me and validate me and make me feel secure about who i was.

Yoonbum has seen sangwoo as a saviour, who held everything; friends, affection, warmth, care, comfort, connection. Yoonbum has been raped before and it almost happened again in the army, but he was saved this time; sangwoo saved him. And it’s not like sangwoo helped him up and carried him away, but bums state of mind probably boils sangwoo up even more in his head.

In the spoilers it’s ripped away, the last bit of it. Sangwoo’s changing actions, from scary and violent and dangerous, to being exactly what bum imagined him to be. Even though “I can’t today..” is kinda funny (its so cute and funny haha), it’s also so sad because imagine how much sad lonely abused depressed yoonbum has dreamed about doing couple-things with sangwoo, in a healthy happy relationship. Is he imagining sangwoo teasing him, having fun, lusting after him? 

And when they go shopping, even after it all he still thinks “Isn’t that what couples do?”. Maybe somewhere, imaginary kind sangwoo is. i i dont doubt one bit that yoonbum could forgive sangwoo if he apologized and became who bum thought he was. which is fucking heartbreaking.

But when sangwoo says “i’ll sing for you”, a thing that a normal amazing boyfriend would maybe proudly do to his boyfriend in a crowd full of pretty girls, that seems like it’s bums wakeupcall, and it rips him apart. He has probably hoped that someday ‘kind sangwoo’ will reappear and save him. But he won’t, and yoonbum has realised he is all alone, nobody wants to help him, and this monster of a being is standing there singing for yoonbum the way that ‘kind sangwoo’ should have. The last bit of hope that someone will come save bum is gone, and i think that’s nearly exactly what happens in these frames.

one of my fav bts old school songs is “let me know” and i was thinking about it alot with this idea in my head of all seven members kinda singing the song in bed bcs for me it has a cozy athmosphere. as if they recorded it while sitting in bed. i wish this song had an mv with exactly this theme… anyways i didnt do all 7 and idk if i will but at least i drew taehyung

You know how people muck up Benediction Cantaloupe’s name for the ridiculousness of it and people still know exactly who you’re talking about? I bet Slytherin had exactly the same thing happen to him. Imagine the possibilities. Just think of Godric rocking up and addressing Salazar as any/all of the following every time they met:

  • Snazzledong Sluffington
  • Sansiban Sybilthon
  • Saffron Sneethilmug
  • Saladan Smimmylow
  • Salamander Slathering

I’m just here

But what i really love about the whole “Victor fell in love with Yuri first” thing being canon is that during that scene where it shows him first “falling in love”, Yuri was obviously very drunk (so drunk he didnt remember anything that happened at the banquet) and acted very noticably different from his usual demeanor. Its evident by how Victor acts towards Yuri when he first gets to Japan that he expected him to be somewhat like his drunk self (you know, much less shy and…stuff), but is suprised to find out that Yuri was not exactly who he had imagined. So that means Victor is still just as in love with Yuri, even if he was not who he initially thought he was, who he first “fell in love” with, and i think that is really sweet.

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Re: the ask/answer about exclusionists seeing gay aces as not fully gay but het aces as fully straight - it makes total sense under the mindset that gayness is something you can fail at, and failing means you're straight. Doesn't matter HOW you fail. The two states are gay and failure. It's a reconstruction of the most heteronormative concept imaginable, just smaller with a new hat.

Yep this is exactly it. For as much as they’ll try to deny it, I think exclusionists of all stripes know perfectly well that straight hegemony constructs itself in a very specific way, with myriad criteria for failure to adhere to its requirements–it’s just disappointing that instead of using that understanding to welcome its rejects and dismantle the system, they’re choosing instead to try to recreate that very power structure in their own lives.


“You’re exactly my type.”

Pairing / Ryan Haywood x Reader

Word Count / 1,081

Warnings / none

Prompt / “Fuck me up with some fluffy Ryan where there stuck at work together so they play around like nerds and fall asleep together”

A/N: Suh dudes its my monthly fic upload bc i am the slowest writer in the world, i realise this is quite an unrealistic scenario but i also dont care so i hope you enjoy and hopefully one day i learn how to write love u 

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Do You Trust Me?

Prompt: On a dangerous mission to save a rural town from an alien threat, Chato let’s the reader know exactly how important they are to him

Prompt Request # 23: Anon - “You’re my best friend.”

Pairing: Chato Santana X Reader

Warnings: Some cursing, some violence, cauterizing of a wound (fluff galore)

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“Alright, were gonna split up into teams.” Rick Flagg began as the rest of the Squad gathered around. “In order to clear the area of these, erm.. things, we need to buddy up, go in different directions and take them out." 

 Ever since the Suicide Squad had secretly saved the world, all the meta-human inmates residing in Belle Reeve had become quite acquainted with one another. Having been out and about together while saving the world on different assignments the team had formed fairly strong bonds with one another. Whether those relationships were competitive, friendly, or playful ranged between the individuals. Though, it was easy for all of the Squad to see that the two that had developed the closest relationship would be the man of fire and yourself.

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okay, so i was playing around with the google translate voice thing and, there’s different quality of translation voices for different languages; the more widely spoken/assisted translation there is in a language, the more fluent and normal the voice sounds

that makes me think, though, what if there are bots with lower-quality vocalisers than others? For example, it can go from ‘computer generated’ sounding to downright one flat note binary sounding [though words are still audible]. some vocalisers come staticky, can’t go beyond a certain octave, or have fluctuations and skipping that make it hard to understand the bot. 

I’m thinking a lot of decepticons end up having lower quality vocalisers. they’re gruffer, rougher, scratchier, staticky. and while it wouldn’t exactly be scary in a normal civilised fashion, hearing it scream as you take its life, or you hearing it as you’re torn piece by piece, is kind of unsettling.

and, for bots that speak languages not native to cybertronian, imagine how robot-y and awkward it’d sound if they had a lower budget vocaliser. I can imagine how stressful it’d be to speak a language like ones humans speak, because it doesn’t rely on clicking/whirls/frequencies, and typically requires a constant flow of harmonics to speak. 

I can imagine how hard that’d be on a worn down vocalizer. I also think that human language would wear down a vocalizer a lot faster than their own language because of this. You’d see bots who’ve been on earth for millions of years ending up mute if they’ve communicated with humans often. 

Mimicking animal noises is easier on the vocaliser; those that are stuck on earth but don’t want to screw around with humans communicates with animals instead, asking for the animals’ help to forage for resources they need, or to warn them if any humans are close to stumbling onto their location. Bots becoming leaders of entire animal colonies because they can speak their language.
ok it kind of went off track there sorry oTL


I wanted it to be the sort of album that… Imagine, you know, you’re lost in the woods and it’s snowing and it’s cold and you know you’re going to die if you don’t find a shelter. And the wind’s blowing and it’s just, it’s brutal and you find…like a cabin that’s falling apart, you know, ruins of a cabin, and you make it to these ruins of this cabin and you open the door and it’s illuminated and theres a fire and it’s warm and it’s kind of like a transformation from life and death. From this cold brutality outside and of life and of death being this kind of warm comfortable fireplace. And that run down cabin in the woods is where you’re going to be forever. And that’s kind of what I told the engineer, I kind of gave that story to the engineer to sort of paint this aesthetic picture of where we wanted to go with that album and how I wanted that album to feel, and so that was Pale Folklore. 



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‘So this television…it is how you entertain yourselves?’ Felix asked.

‘Yes, its what we do instead of running around outside ir reading books.’ you answered.

'So it keeps you fat and stupid?’ he asked with a small smile.

'Exactly.’ you smiled as you and he walked ahead of Peter.

'I can hear you rolling your eyes, so you might as well talk.’ you sighed.

'If you two are done making goo goo eyes could we focus on the fact that the house is bigger than it was when we left.’ Peter said from behind you.

You looked up and sure enough the house was bigger. It was…longer.

'So I made up my appointment with a client and installed another room in the house.’ your dad said as he appeared in a cloud of smoke.

‘Dad, are you serous?’ you groaned as you pulled him away from Peter and Felix.

‘What did this cost you?’ you whispered.

‘Oh it was actually really cheap, the contractor owed me some money so we worked it this out.’ your dad said proudly.

‘Wait, so you didn’t magic this up?’ you asked.

‘No, what have I told you about deals? If you need it work for it…or buy it.’ he smiled as he lead the two Lost Boys to the house.

You sighed in both relief and annoyance as you followed.

Everything was basically the same except the hallway was longer and there was a new door next to yours and one across from your room.

‘So this is the new room, fully furnished, also a new bathroom, figured with two new butts to clean we need another toilet.’

‘Dad.’ you groaned.

‘Fine, no more dad humor for the rest of the day.’ he pouted as he headed down stairs.

‘Hold it old man.’ you said stopping him.


What are you hiding downstairs?’ you asked with a glare.

‘There isn’t anything down stairs.’ he said.

‘I didn’t see anything down there, but  from what I saw outside there should be a room beneath us.’ you answered with your arms crossed.

‘Fine, I there is a room downstairs, a…man cave.’ he admitted.

‘You selfish little ork, you didn’t renovate for me and the boys, you just wanted a man cave.’ you accused. 

‘I did renovate with you in mind, look either way he has a room. Geez there is no pleasing you.’ he mumbled as he went downstairs.

‘Now, Felix, you can put away your clothes while I put away the air mattress. Peter some for you, hang up your clothes.’ you instructed.

You and Felix were both surprised that Peter obediently and quietly headed toward his room.

 Once he was out of sight you both turned and stared at each other to make sure you both saw the same thing. With a shrug you both went on with your tasks.

Soon after you had the air mattress back in the closet you went to check on Felix.

He was sitting on the bed looking around the room.

‘I’ve never had room for myself…never. Not on the island, not before then even. Always shared space, don’t think I know what to do with so much space.’ he said.

‘You decorate it, you keep it as clean or as dirty as you like. You lock the door when you don’t want to talk to anyone, you do whatever you want.’ you said as you sat next to him.

wait idk how clear im being, re: these posts im making, bc sherlock is trans in my parentlock their baby is always biologically both of theirs to me and i imagined that as being their faces mixed together with curly reddish brown hair which is…EXACTLY what baby sherlock looks like IM LOSING MY MIND GKDJFKSKSKFLS

Marichat Fanfic~

I decided to post my marichat fanfic that I made a while ago here, cuz why not? It was my first fanfic ever. So it’s… Pretty bad xD I might post the rest of the 17 chapters, if it turns out you guys like it?? Anyways here goes nothing ✨

Marinette’s POV~
I slowly made my way towards the park to meet alya, who insisted I go immediatly. For what reason? I do not know. All she had told me was to put on something nice and meet her at the park. I didnt give much thought about it and put on jet black boots that come up just below my knees, and with highwaisted shorts that were a floral color. And a beautiful hand stitched shirt. (I WISH U GUYS COULD IMAGINE EXACTLY HOW OUFIT LOOKS, ITS LOOKS WAYY BETTER THAN I MADE IT SOUND)

As I made my towards the park, I spotted four figures at an entrance to an ally, 3 seemed to be surrounding the fourth, and smaller figure. I frowned, and crept closer to get a better look. As I slowly approached the figures,a heavy stench overcame me, it was the heavy stench of beer and liquor. Then I realized the three figures were older men, probably in there 30s or 40s and judging by the way they looked, all drowsyand uncordinated, they were drunk. What made my heart stop was who they were pinning to the wall, my best friend. Alya.

I clenched my fist and called out alya’s name, which made the 3 men freeze, giving Alya a chance to free herself from their grip and run off. I gulped, as I realized the situation I had just put myself into. The men were walking right towards me. I yelped, and darted to the other direction, trying to find a place to transform. Thats when I hit a dead end. There was no way out, the alley had brick walls that were impossible to jump over. Unless.. I transformed. I shook my head, I couldnt expose my identity. I had to get out of this some other way. I turned around to see the men right in front of me. My eyes widened in horror. I screamed as one of the men tried grabbing me.

Chat Noirs/AdriensPOV~
I sighed, the photoshoot was finally done and overwith. Adrien quickly tranformed into chat to relax and be able to feel the cool wind blow against his face as He jumped from roof to roof. Thats when a blood curdling scream split the air. I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew that voice. My eyes widened.

Marinettes POV~
My scream was cut off as a rough hand clamped over my mouth. I felt another pair of hands grabbing my waist and pinning me to wall, I struggled to get lose, struggling hopelessly. Without thinking,I bit down hard on the hand that was clamped around my mouth. I heard them scream in pain and I brought my knee up to the second attacker, hitting the right where it hurts. I staggered forward, Ready to make a run for it when a searing white pain striked through my head, my head colliding with the brick wall. I groaned as I saw the men closing in on me. I lay helplessly on the ground and I tightly shut my eyes. I hear a shout and the men release me. Two of the men were already bolting the opposite direction, while the other man one was fighting none other than Chat noir. My eyes were wide with shock as I saw the burning rage that filled chats eyes, his clenched mouth, placed almost like a snarl. His face was so contorted in anger that I couldnt help but gasp a little.I had never seen Chat so angry before. Suddenly the man grabbed an empty beer bottle from the ground and smashed it on Chats head. I screamed chats name, as Chat grimiced in pain and collapsed to the floor. My blood turned to ice as I saw the man draw something from his pocket. The object glinted in the sun. It was a knife. Without thinking, I darted in front of chat as the man pulled back his knife and thrust it deep into my shoulder. I screamed in pain and tumbled to the floor. Landing face first in the concrete floor, forcing the air from my lungs. I gasped as I struggled for air. The ends of my vision blurring and the world seemed to dip and sway. All I could see was the faint image of chat throwing the man with extreme force against the wall. I then saw chat rushing towards me and gathered me into his arms. I pressed my face into his leather covered shoulder.“Chat..”? I whispered weakly. I struggled to keep my eyes open, but eventually my eyes clamped shut, and there was a hollow silence.
I did it in 1st person, yes xD I SUCK AT WRITING OK.

as sad as it makes me bc it really does hammer home that this season is done, i’m so happy to see the cast posting and celebrating with us? it just feels like they get how important this season was. maybe they don’t get exactly how or why it became internationally famous, maybe it blew up way beyond what they ever imagined it would. but they seem to get that, regardless of all the extra attention, and maybe also the reason for all that attention, is bc at its core, this season told a story that was real, painful, multidimensional, unforgettable, and just. necessary. for so many of us watching, it was necessary that we got to have this experience, to see ourselves and our experiences in popular tv storytelling as we never have before. and it is necessary that we get to carry that feeling with us from here on out. this season has been groundbreaking in a lot of ways, many of those in the most personal sense, and i love knowing that the cast, writers, showrunners, crew, and everyone else involved in making it happen are aware of that bc it makes the whole thing feel that much more genuine.