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Saudade | c.h

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Prompt: Saudade refers to a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia. 

Word count: 1,596

A/N: Angst mostly

He sat there as he watched her stuff fading away each second. How did a blooming 4-year-relationship come to an end like this? Just a week ago, he heard her voice exhilarating through the phone about how much she missed him, and how happy she was that she could finally feel his sense again. He had wished he could say the same. He kept his voice from cracking as he heard the three precious words falling from her small voice. She had thought about a glorious life with him hereafter. She had thought about looking at him nervously grinning at her as she walked down the aisle. She had thought about having little golden kids resembling him in every way running around their home. As cliché as it sounded, she had thought about growing old with him and sitting on their porch recalling every milestones they would have reached together.

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big beautiful day by pwr bttm and sarchengsey!!!! :^D

listen to the song here

little bit of body image issues of different sorts in here, including a character thinking they’re too big and also what could be read as a transphobic remark. Very light and fluffy overall, though.

They’re driving up the California coast in the middle of summer, and Blue has had enough.

“Pull over,” she says, and Gansey immediately does so, no questions. Henry, on official DJ duty, rises one well-crafted eyebrow at that, but decides teasing her girlfriend about how closely she listens to her other girlfriend is a silly endeavour when she could lean over and kiss Gansey’s cheek instead.

“You’re cute,” she says, and enjoys Gansey’s blush.

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Not hungry (Smut at the end)

Anon: Hey, so I was wondering if you could do a one shot where y/n isn’t eating things because she feels too fat, but dans really cute about it and watching what she eats and its really fluffy and cute and maybe smut? I love your writing by the way :) thanks!

I hope this is okay :) I apologise for any mistakes and the terrible writing, I am rather exhausted from work and lack of sleep. xxoo 

WARNING: Involves eating disorders and ends with smut

This had happened before, although previously you found a way to stop yourself. You promised yourself it wouldn’t happen again but as you looked into the mirror you couldn’t help but pick at every inch of your skin.
It had begun again… It had started with only having the occasional snack but as your insecurities grew, you found your hunger disappearing.
The only difference between last time and now, is Dan. Dan Howell was the man that you fell head over heals for, but you never felt good enough for him. He would tell you everyday that he loves you, but you stubbled to believe him… How could anyone love someone like you?

This time you had to come up with excuses for not eating..

“I’m not hungry”
“I don’t feel too well”
“I already ate”

All excuses Dan has now heard. You thought it was working but little did you know that Dan was watching everything the you were doing… Stressing about ever meal you missed until he couldn’t take it any more.

“Y/n, Sweetheart? Could we talk for a minute?” Dan questioned, his eyes dark and tired from the sleep he missed as he worried over you.

“Of course. Whats up?” You replied as you joined him on the sofa.

“I know what you’ve been doing Y/n…” He looked into your eyes as he spoke.

“What do you mean? I haven’t been doing anything?”

“You’ve been skipping meals… in fact I’ve not seen you eat one thing in the last three days. It’s not good for you y/n”

You felt sick, your stomach falling as you could no longer keep eye contact with your beloved boyfriend. Dan reached over and took your hands into his own large ones.

“Why are you doing this to yourself y/n?”

“I’m not good enough… I’m fat, I’m unattractive… You could do so much better than me” Your words came out in a whisper as you stared down at the floor.

“Sweetheart… Look at me. That is all bullshit, every bit. I couldn’t do any better than you, and you know why? Because there is no better than you.  You are the most kind, caring, and incredibly gorgeous girl I’ve every know to exist. And no matter what size or shape you are, thats never going to change.” As Dan’s words faded out, your heart clenched at the sight of tears building up in his eyes.

“I love you Dan” Is all you can say as now tears are escaping your eyes. Dan lets go of your hands and stroke away the tears with the pad of his thumbs.

“I love you too Y/n… so, so much.” Dan replies, giving you a quick kiss on the lips.

“You are perfect baby, so please… Try to start eating again? I will be here to help you with every step. I know you can’t just go straight back to normal and it may be a bit of a process, but please… for me?” You could see the determination in his eyes as he spoke, he really did care and you knew he would do anything to help you.

“Okay” You answer him, your voice a bit raspy as you try not to cry. Dans eyes brighten as you accept his request. He cups your face in his hands and connects your lips in a passionate and meaningful kiss.

Within moments Dan had pulled you onto his lap, holding you close to his body. Soon enough Dans lips travelled down your jaw and neck, sucking and nipping at your sweet spot as he made sure to leave his mark on you. Dan tugged at the base of your top, lifting it up and of off your body.

“So fucking beautiful” He groaned as he took in your bare skin that he loved oh so much.

You returned the favour to Dan, tugging his t-shirt off and running your fingers down the soft skin of his rising and falling chest. You could tell how worked up Dan was, his skin hot and sensitive to every little touch.

“I want to make you feel as perfect as you are” Dan spoke as his hands slid up under your skirt, finding your panties quickly.

“I can already feel how wet you are baby”

Dan expertly removed your panties, his fingers returning and running up and down your wet heat. You couldn’t help but release gasps of pleasure. One of his long and skilful fingers circled your entrance before slowly dipping in. Dans lips found yours, his tongue exploring your mouth that he knew oh so well while his finger pumped in and out of you.

You were close to release, and Dan knew it. He wanted you to release around him however, so he removed his hand from between your legs and lay you on your back on the sofa. Dan unzipped his dark jeans and pulled them down enough for his hard length to spring free.
You watched, almost hypnotised as he pumped himself a few times before hovering over you and lining himself up with your entrance.

“Are you ready, baby?” He asked, always needing your okay.

“Yes, Please Dan..” You moaned out, and with that Dan slowly slid himself into your tight heat.
All that could be heard in the room was the both of your heavy breaths and pleasure filled groans and moans. It was not hard and rough, but slow and passionate. Dans hips rocking back and for at a steady pace while you explored each others bodies.

“Dan… I’m going to-“ You started but cut yourself off with a moan.

“Go on baby, let go for me…”

That was all you needed to hears as your walls clenched around Dans length and the knot in your stomach was finally released. You could feel Dan releasing into you as he buried his face into the crook of your neck while leaving delicate little kisses.

“My gorgeous girl” Dan said as he looked into your eyes, a thin layer of sweat across his forehead.

“What do you say we have a nap and then I take you out for dinner?” Dan question, to which you smiled.

“Sounds perfect"


Pairing: Seth Rollins x OFC (original female character) or Seth Rollins/Reader

A/N: The result of vertigo + hearing words that I have no concept of. Baseline: something unusual. 

@hardcorewwetrash @nickysmum1909 @kimmyt1225 @valeonmars @emmarablack

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One Day We Were

Summary: He was supposed to just be a distant memory from now on, but he was a memory that wouldn’t stop haunting you. No calls, no closure, no happy ending. One day you were and the next you weren’t. But it can never be that easy, can it?

A/N: Thank you for reading! This was requested a while back and was super fun to write. I hope you enjoy!

~Approx. 4k words~
~Warnings: Smut~


Moving on could be a tough thing, especially when there was no real reason you should have to. It was stupid really. Stupid enough that you couldn’t exactly pinpoint the moment that everything had gone wrong, but somewhere in your whirlwind of a relationship with the boy of your dreams one of you, or both of you, had stopped putting in the effort. Perhaps it was because he was gone too much and you had stopped trying to call him, but whatever it was it was both of your faults but neither of you would ever admit it. You were too stubborn and he was too hardheaded and now you had lost each other.

At least it was the kind of breakup that didn’t involve any screaming or accusing, but that also meant that it was a breakup without any closure. One day he was there and the next he was gone, simple as that.

Except it wasn’t that simple because as much as you hated to admit it, you missed him. You missed his long legs tangled with yours in the dead of night, his arms wrapped around you the only thing lulling you to sleep. You missed his tall frame hovering over you while you made breakfast in the morning and his unshaven face tickling your neck as he planted kisses up and down your jawline and his fingers that fit like a puzzle piece when they interlocked with yours as he led you down the street.

But you couldn’t have any of that anymore and if you couldn’t have it then it was no use thinking about it. So you tried to move on with your life, getting rid of all the things that reminded you of him, never thinking about the times when life was wonderful, and of course staying off of all forms of social media. Every time you went online another picture of Luke with some ‘mystery girl’ had surfaced. Of course they were never around long, but it was enough to make your heart go back to the familiar ache and you just couldn’t take that.

It had been three months since you had last seen him, save one time when you saw him from across the parking lot at the grocery store, and needless to say you were out of there pretty quickly. You missed him, but just like you had been when it had ended you were just too stubborn to be the first one to reach out. Besides, you were sure he was happy to be a free man again. The pictures of him and all those girls proved it and you were not going to go running back to him when he didn’t really even miss you that much anyway.


It was another lonely friday night surrounded by boxes of pizza and bottles of wine when you heard a sharp knock at your door. Begrudgingly you got up from the couch and trudged to the door, bringing your blanket and wrapping it around your shoulders for extra protection, just in case. Swinging the door open you were met with the face of your best friend and surprisingly her boyfriend as well.

“Kyra hey!” You beamed. “And hey Ashton.” You smiled, acknowledging the sandy haired boy. “What are you guys doing here?”

“Well we heard that you haven’t been out in a while so we are here to give this friday night some life!” Kyra beamed, inviting herself inside and tugging Ashton along behind her. “Wow this place is a mess.” She laughed, gesturing to the garbage dump your apartment had become.

“Well I haven’t had a lot of time to clean it. I’ve been busy.” You lied and Kyra raised her eyebrows.

“Well no matter, you need to get ready.”

“Why? Where are we going?”

“Just out to this thing. Ash heard about it through some friends. It’s pretty exclusive so I thought it would be fun! Right Ash?” She squeezed his bicep and he grunted in response.

“Yeah, uh, it’s gonna be really fun. Lots of cool people are gonna be there.” He spoke like he had the whole thing rehearsed and you suspected that he did.

“I don’t know guys, I’m quite happy here. Besides I wouldn’t want to-”

“Run into Luke?” Kyra interrupted. “That’s okay, you won’t! He’s in LA right now so you shouldn’t have any problems. Now go get ready, we’re going out!”

You rolled your eyes, but you knew Kyra well enough to know that protesting certainly wouldn’t get you anywhere.

“Alright, alright just give me a couple minutes.” You sighed, depositing the fluffy blanket back onto the couch and walking to your bedroom to pick something out.

“Wear the red dress!” Kyra called out to you and you could hear her whispering something to Ashton before she scurried along after you.

“I don’t want to wear the red one.” You mumbled, suddenly hit with a wave of bittersweet memories. The red dress had always been his favorite. You wore it to almost every special event and Luke had sworn that it was somehow lucky. You had some great memories in that dress and putting it on to go somewhere without him almost felt sacrilegious.

“Well you look hot in the red one so you should wear it tonight.” Kyra insisted, pulling the dress off of its hanger and tossing it at you. “You can borrow my lipstick that matches. You’ll look amazing I promise.” She squealed, sitting down on the bed.

“Alright I’ll wear the stupid dress.” You grumbled, removing your pajamas and pulling on some cotton underwear.

“No wear the lacy ones!”

“What? Why? I don’t plan on going home with anyone tonight.”

“Because you never know silly! Now put on some cute lingerie. You’ll feel better on the inside trust me.” She began rifling through your panty drawer in a way only your best friend could and tossed you a lacy black set. Of course it had been one that Luke loved the most.

“Anything else you’d like to pick out for me tonight?”

“Yeah, a drink at the bar. Now get dressed!”

You playfully rolled your eyes before pulling on the necessary items to placate your bubbling friend. Twenty minutes later, the three of your were piled into Ashton’s car and off to wherever in the hell they were taking you.


You were not in the mood to be out tonight. Everything was either too loud or too bright and all in all you felt forty years older than you were. You wanted to go back to your apartment and change back into your pajamas and forget that tonight had ever happened. You had been third wheeling ever since you got into the car with Kyra and Ashton and frankly had been having a miserable time. Maybe you just needed a little more to drink because what you had in your hand right now was not doing it for you. You made your way over to the bar and ordered a vodka soda. Maybe a couple of these would help you have a little more fun, or at least forget about the face that was hindering your ability to have a good time.

“Hey beautiful can I get you a drink?” A voice spoke from behind you. You turned around and were faced with a tall, handsome man you had never seen before with a smile that you didn’t quite trust. But you were trying to let go tonight and maybe finally move on from the blonde haired, blue eyed boy that had been haunting you.

“Only if I can trade it for a dance.” You flirted back as he handed you a drink.

“Of course babe.” The stranger winked before guiding you to the dance floor, his hand dangerously close to your ass. You shrugged it off, following him out as he turned you around and began grinding against you. He carried on quite promiscuously for a while, continuing to buy you drinks and then dragging you back to the crowded dance floor. You had lost Kyra and Ashton, convinced that they had left you here with this person who was starting to make you feel quite uncomfortable.

“Hey what do you say we get out of here babe? I’ve got some things in mind for you tonight.” His voice slithered into your ear and made you cringe. The thought of going home with this guy made your whole body shiver and so you gingerly removed his hands from your waist.

“Um, I actually can’t do that.”

Suddenly you felt his hands back on your body, squeezing harder than they had before.

“C’mon sweetheart I’ve got it all laid out for us. Here let me just get you another drink and you’ll be fine.”

“N-No that’s okay. I need to leave.” You stuttered, the bad vibes you had been feeling suddenly reaching a pinnacle.

“You’re not fucking leaving until I say you are.” He growled, his entire demeanor suddenly turning incredibly hostile as he reached a hand up to grope your breasts.

“Stop it!” You pushed him away but he held onto you, his grip like iron as he shuffled you towards the private bathroom, ignoring your struggles and protests.

Suddenly you felt his weight being ripped off you, his strong hands gone from your skin. You turned around and saw the last person you thought would be here currently beating the shit out of the man who had been harassing you.

“She fucking said stop you fucker. You fucking listen to her when she says something, you hear me?” Luke shouted as he threw punches at the man he had cowering on the floor.

“Luke!” You shouted, rushing to pull him off the guy before he did something he would regret. You gripped his broad shoulders and yanked him off the sleazy mean underneath him.

“If I ever see you here again I’ll fucking kill you, understand?” He shook his pointer finger at the terrified guy as he scrambled to get up and get far away from the scene.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest to create a sort of barrier between you and your ex boyfriend. It felt odd for him to be standing in front of you now, like somehow it wasn’t even real. But his eyes were just as blue and even more real than they had ever been and right now they were staring directly at you.

“I come here all the time. Never seen you here though.” He shrugged absentmindedly and you couldn’t help but wonder if maybe this had been Kyra and Ashton’s end game all along.

“I thought you were in LA?”

Luke raised his eyebrows and you mentally cursed yourself for admitting you knew anything that showed you cared for him more than you should. “I was in LA. But I’m here now.”

“I can see that. Why’d you just do that?”

“Because he was a sleazy asshole who clearly couldn’t take no for an answer.” Luke scoffed.

“You could’ve killed him! We both know what that temper can do. If it had been anyone else would you have reacted like that? ”

“Y/N it wasn’t anyone else it was you.”

“So? We’re broken up, what do you care what happens to me?”

“Because I care about you.”

“No you don’t.” You could feel yourself getting angry. For what reason you had no idea, but it was something about seeing him again after months of pushing all your thoughts about him aside that was setting you off. You didn’t know how to handle yourself around him like this.

“How would you know how I feel?” He raised his voice over the loud music before taking your arm and gently dragging you into the back hall by the bathrooms where it was a little quieter, your back against the graffitied wall. And his tall form hovering protectively over you. “How would you know how I feel when you wouldn’t return any of my phone calls and you refused to see me?”

“C’mon Luke we don’t need to go back there right now.”

“Yes we do Y/N. I need to know what went wrong. I’ve been driving myself crazy thinking about where we went wrong but I just can’t figure it out. We were so good together! What happened to us?”

You were silent. You didn’t know what to say to him because you didn’t know the answer.

“We need to move on Luke. What we had was nice, but it’s over now. We drifted apart and that’s how life works.” Your voice sounded foreign, even to you. You knew deep down that you didn’t mean those words, that you were only reciting to him what you had been telling yourself to try and make sense of your ending.

“God, how are you fine right now?” He ran his fingers through his messy blonde hair, distress written all over his handsome features. “How are you completely fine when just looking at you kills me? You in that fucking dress looking how you always look has me floored. I tried to move on, I fucking tried so hard but you consume every waking thought in my mind. I cannot stop caring about you, I cannot stop loving you. And I don’t know what the fuck to do about it because clearly you’re just fine without me.” His eyes were watering as he spoke.

“I am not fine!” You shouted, cutting him off as he stared at you. “I am not fine.” You repeated, your voice lowering into a whisper. “I don’t know why we ended Luke, we just did. One day we were and one day we just…weren’t. It was easy to walk away but it was so hard to stay away. You’re right, we were more than good we were great together and it was hard to give you up, it really was. And sometimes I wish I hadn’t. Fuck, all the time I wish I hadn’t.”

“Then come back to me.” He placed his hands on your cheeks, his thumbs absentmindedly stroking over your skin. “Come back and we can be happy.”

You shook your head. “I am no good for you Luke. You’re you and you’re out there traveling the world and changing people’s lives with what you do and meeting new people all the time and I’m just-”

“Perfect. You’re just perfect for me.” He stopped you. “We can do this again, we can make it work this time, I know we can.” He searched your face, searching desperately for the answer he wanted. “God Y/N say you’ll come back. I’ll lose my goddamn mind if you walk away again.” He was desperate. You could tell by the look in his eyes that he was terrified of what your answer would be. Except you didn’t answer him.

His lips felt just the way you remembered, smooth and supple, tasting of spearmint gum, with the scruff of his beard tickling your chin. His body was familiar, but you could pick out subtle differences since the last time you had held him. His arms were bigger, his shoulders just a little more broad and his chest slightly more toned. They were good changes, you though as you wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands found your waist do that he could lift your feet off the ground. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he carried you to the unisex bathroom, not detaching his lips from yours once. He fumbled at the door, kicking it open and stumbling inside before setting you down on the countertop. His hands roamed up your body, reaching up to the familiar zipper of the beautiful red dress that he loved so much and dragging it downwards, exposing you bare back that he could see in the mirror. He slipped the fabric down your arms, taking time to feel every inch of your skin that was so familiar to him and exposing the set you were currently so glad that Kyra talked you into wearing because you could feel him hardening at the sight. His hands continued traveling down your body, taking the dress with them until it was left in a pool at your feet. You reached up and tugged at his jacket until he too began to shrug it off before lifting his white tee shirt over his head and discarding it on the bathroom floor. Your hands eagerly fumbled with his belt buckle, undoing it and tugging his pants down his hips as far as you could reach. You swore you could hear him chuckle at your impatience but you knew he was just as ready as you were to begin solidifying your reunion.

He began trailing his lips down your neck and you tousled his hair with your fingers, tugging at the roots until you could hear his moaning on your skin as he left marks you were sure would be quite visible in the morning.

His hands were off of you for a moment as he tugged his pants down the rest of the way.

“Burger underwear? Really?”

“Shut up, you love it.” He went back to kissing you, his tongue delving into your mouth as he took your breasts in each of his palms, kneading them wonderfully slow as his tongue continued to massage yours. He felt so good, so routine that you wondered how you had gone so long without him. You could feel yourself getting wetter and wetter as he worked you over with his expert tongue and hands, your body craving him.


“Yeah baby?” His voice was breathy on your lips, turning you on that much more.

“I need you…need you to do something-oh, fuck!” You whined, as his fingers ghosted over your clothed pussy, brushing over your extremely sensitive clit.

“Say it again.” He commanded as he teased his fingers over your entrance.

“Luke I need you, oh god, I need you!” You moaned, your head luling to rest on his shoulder. He chuckled at your submissiveness before whispering in your ear, “I’ve got you sweetheart, I’m gonna make you feel so good.”

He reached into the jar of conveniently placed condoms, grabbing one and ripping off the foil packaging before gripping the base of his dick and quickly rolling it on. With it held firmly in his hand, he gripped onto your shoulder with the other as he captured your lips for another kiss. You could see the sheen of sweat on his forehead as he looked down to watch his cock sliding into your pussy with ease. Your moans mixed with each others, the feeling of him filling you up making you feel complete. He stayed like that for a few moments, unmoving inside of you, savoring the feeling of being connected to you again after what felt like a lifetime without you.

“You know I still love you right? I never stopped loving you. Not once.” He whispered, his breath hot on your skin.

“Yes, now move.” You demanded knitting your eyebrows as you braced yourself. Taking a deep breath, he slowly began to move his hips and you watched in awe as his thick length moved in and out between your spread legs. You clutched the countertop for dear life as he began rocking faster and faster, your juices coating his length and helping him slide in and out as he found a steady rhythm, fucking you against the bathroom counter. You could still feel the reverberating bass of the club remix pounding in your chest, but all you heard was Luke’s voice in your ear, whispering sweet nothings mixed with the occasional groan of pleasure when you clenched yourself around him.

“That’s it baby, that’s it. Just like that. God I missed this so much. Missed your sweet smell, missed your gorgeous tits and the way you can take all of me so well.” He cooed, speaking between gritted teeth as he moved his hips in a way that have you the ultimate sensation like only he could. You could tell he was reaching his climax as he began nipping at your earlobe, a tell tale sign you had memorized that meant he was about to come. You were getting close too, your entire body heating up and your legs shaking slightly as he lazily rubbed his fingers over your clit as he continued to thrust in and out of you.

“L-Luke please.” You squeaked, holding onto his biceps as he rocked your entire body with the force of his thrusting.

“I know sweetheart, almost there.” He grunted, carelessly caressing your neck with his lips. Your perfume smelled the same as he remembered the beautiful scent that had been haunting him for so long. He knew you were close. He could feel it in your body as you clenched around him and the very thought of him being the one to make you come brought him to the edge.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck I love you. I fucking love you baby, fuck I love you so much. Love fucking you!” He came as he unleashed the profanity filled confession of love, his arms wrapped tightly around you as he unloaded his cum into the condom, deep inside you. You hit your high soon after him, coming in a whirlwind of passion and emotion as he coaxed you through your climax. You felt your entire body tingling and your heart racing as his thrusts began to slow and you two began to catch your breaths, coming down from the insane orgasm.

“That was-”

“Amazing.” You finished, giving him a small peck on the nose as he pulled out and proceeded to dispose of the condom. You leaned your body into his, your head hitting his chest and your arms wrapping around his bare torso with a content sigh. He kissed the top of your head before pulling his pants back up and refastening the buckle.

“So, does this mean you’ll take me back?” He took his lip ring between his teeth, fiddling with it like he always did when he was nervous.

“Of course it does you dork.” You laughed and he rolled his eyes before pulling you in for another long kiss.

“Good. Because I’m ready to take off back to my place, maybe, for dinner? And then another round if you’re up for it.” He winked before continuing. “I’m ready to make up for all this wasted time. I wanna do it right this time. Do right by you and make sure that not a day goes by where you don’t feel my love.”

“I think that will be more than enough Luke.” You smiled happily, moving your hand up to caress the side of his face. “I love you too, by the way.”

He smiled, kissing your forehead lovingly before whispering, “Well baby, that’s all I’ll ever need to know.”



  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: the new covers for The Winner's Trilogy show a deep lack of understanding not only of Kestrel's character but of the very nature of the story, since Kestrel is not a warrior princess, her weapon is her mind and sometimes she needs Arin to save her life and that's okay because she's still a strong female character, and the designers of these new covers wanted to advertise the trilogy as a story about a girl who saves the world when that's not at all true-- Arin is just as much a main character as Kestrel, and he's also necessary for the "saving the world". neither of them is "the love interest"; it's a story about slavery and war and these two main characters who fall in love and their love plays a role in the course of history. and even if the covers managed to somewhat capture the essence of the story, which they don't, the cover designers blatantly copied the covers of the Throne of Glass series in a grab for money instead of acknowledging the uniqueness and intrigue that the series already has, and they've gone and made the series look like every other YA high fantasy series out there when it's so unique and original. Kestrel is not Katsa or Meira or Celaena-- she is herself and the new covers are promising another Celaena Sardothien and that is false advertising. also they're so terrible-looking and cheesy that sales will drop and the author, who had no control over this, is the one who's going to suffer and she probably isn't allowed to publicly say anything negative about the covers and this whole situation makes me furious.
say you won’t let go

“then start at the beginning.”

(based on the song Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. honestly, the sweetest song and the story tells itself)


It was a normal night in the same club; the same seat I’ve been in for months after moving away from home, from my parents, from my whole life; the same drink I downed for the third time that night in hopes it’ll help take away some pain again. But it never has, not since the first night. I felt like I was stuck with this forever; with the feeling of disappointment and loneliness and it’s never going to change. But I can’t go back home anymore. That was the only thing my parents and I agreed on.

While I asked for what I think was my fifth shot of tequila, I felt someone slide beside me requesting for three shots of corn starch. Okay, obviously that was one of the parts of the night I couldn’t really remember as well, but I’m pretty sure that was close to what it was really called. What I did remember was the girl’s brown hair flipping as she turned towards me; and the fact that no matter how dark the club was, her smile made it seem like all the lights were on and it was almost blinding but I couldn’t look away. I tried to blame that on the alcohol, too, but I knew that wasn’t it.

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He Asks You Out For the First Time


“I really think you should go to the Common Friday. Daughtry’s having a free concert and I know how much you love him. It’ll be cool. Bring a friend…like Ashton,” Stewart said with his accent into the phone as y/n continued to fold her laundry, Good Charlotte in the background, hearing a quick knock on the door. He had been pressing for her to accept the drummer’s advances for ice cream dates or even to just meet up for a quick cup of coffee, but as much as she fantasized about a relationship with the famous drummer, it wasn’t a realistic desire.

“Stew, I’ll call you back, alright. I think my mom’s at the door,” she said knowing her mom was supposed to show up to her small flat at some point that night, not getting any specifics from the woman. She pulled the door open to see the mess of curls that was just mentioned on the phone, dressed in a relaxed fitted tee and his signature skinny jeans. “Ashton? How’d you get my address?”

“Your friend had texted it to me,” he responded smiling softly in hopes of the small gesture to be returned.

“That’s Stewart for you,” she sighed before inviting him into the small area. “I’m sorry it’s a bit of a mess. I wasn’t expecting company.”

“Oh, it’s no problem…so, a little birdie told me you have a thing for Chris Daughtry…and there’s this concert on Friday around seven if you, you know…wanted to go,” he stumbled around his words causing her to giggle slightly.

“I’m assuming Stewart told you that as well, considering I know you aren’t from Boston,” she said back crossing her arms only earning another dimpled grin. “How long are you in Boston anyways, Irwin?”

“Until I’m needed in LA. I like exploring new places, especially when they help me meet new people, even if those people hate Vegemite,” he teased causing her to groan and roll her eyes. “But, I’m willing to put that all aside if you take time out of your busy schedule to go on date with me?” She sighed looking down at her feet.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but I just don’t know how this whole you being famous, me not being famous thing is going to work out. You seem like a great guy, Ash, but-.”

“One date,” he said cutting her off. She was silent for a moment just looking into his bright eyes that melted every fiber in her being.

“One date, Ashton…one date.”


“Poncho really likes you,” Calum stated as the small dog ran up to her as she entered the apartment. The boys were leaving in three days to start their tour, Calum promising to be back on every break they had between legs.

“Well, Poncho is lucky I like him as well. I don’t like people that easily,” she giggled as the dog ran back to its owner who stood in the door frame watching y/n carefully. “You’re staring.”

“I can’t help it. You look beautiful,” he said smiling softly causing her to blush, considering she was in workout shorts and a disgustingly faded band tee she should really throw out, and Adidas sandals. Something she wouldn’t consider looking beautiful in. “Hey…I know this is a long shot and that I’m leaving in three days…but do you want to do dinner tonight? Like…as a date?” he questioned blushing slightly looking away from her to the dog that was barking at the wall.

“A date..? With me?” she asked just about ready to fall over. Just in the past four days of seeing Calum and getting to know Poncho, she’s made a fool of herself too many times to count that she was sure it completely wiped out her chances for Calum to ever have feelings for her. “You can’t be serious.” He laughed slightly looking back towards her.

“I just stuttered, asked you out on a date while blushing, and you don’t think I’m serious?” This time, it was her turn to blush as she bit down on her bottom lip, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t serious, sweetheart.” And there goes the pet name.

“So…dinner? Tonight? As in the two of us going to dinner…on a date?” she questioned back causing him to smile nodding his head. “I…sure.”

“Cool. We can just keep it simple if you wanted to…go grab some pizza or some- God damn it, Poncho. Not in the flat!”


“Just go up to her, and ask her out,” Jack said as they watched y/n pull off her wet suit on the beach leaving her in a haltered bathing suit top and bikini bottoms on the beach, surf board dug into the sand enough for it to stand upright.

“But, what if I mess up?” Luke asked his brother who fell back in the sand laughing.

“Bro, if you mess up asking her out, then you don’t deserve to go out with her,” Jack teased before shoving his brother into the sand as well. “Now, get your ass up, and ask the damn girl out before I do.” Luke sighed standing up, wiping the sand off his swim trunks before walking over to the girl who was now tugging on a bright colored tee.

“Hey y/n,” he started grabbing the girl’s attention. She looked up a bit confused before smiling wide seeing the blue eyed, dimpled boy in front of her.

“Luke, pleasant surprise,” she responded dropping her things letting a hand rest on her hip. “How was that interview this morning?”

“Oh…it was fine. Too many personal questions,” he laughed uneasily while scratching at the back of his head. “I actually, uh, had a question to ask you, if that’s alright.” She giggled at his nervousness, nodding her head encouragingly as he took a deep breath. “So, I have these tickets to see Good Charlotte on Wednesday…I know it’s short notice, but I was just kind of wondering if you wanted to go with me…I mean if you like them, of course. If not, we can do something else.” He rambled stuttering. He only stopped when she pressed a finger to his lips, a smile still evident on her face.

“I like Good Charlotte, and I’d love to,” she said back before kissing his cheek lightly before grabbing her bag and board. “If you pick me up early, maybe we can go to lunch before hand as well. Alright?” He couldn’t trust the words to come out of his mouth, so he just nodded his head still surprised she said yes to him. “Text me, Hemmings.”


“I don’t know why you didn’t ask for her number last night,” Calum scolded his friend as they walked into a game stop a few blocks from the hotel they were staring at. They were talking about they girl Michael had met the night before at the concert that had snuck backstage with her sister.

“I don’t know…but I’ve been kicking myself in the ass all day,” he groaned before heading over to the Xbox games looking for the new Fifa game.

“Can I help you boys find anything?” they heard from behind them turning to see a girl that greatly resembled the girl from last night as she stocked the shelves behind them, causing both boys to almost fall over.

“Y/n?” her head turned slightly making eye contact with the green eyed boy from last night. “I think I’m in love.”

“Oh, god,” Calum muttered rolling his eyes turning back to the rack of games. “When you’re done drooling, I need help looking for Fifa.”

“The new one? It’s over by the register. Just ask Dave at the desk to grab it for you,” she responded, Calum leaving immediately leaving Michael and the mystery girl. “So, you’re in love?”

“Quite possibly. I think We should test it out, though, and maybe go on a date tonight. You, me, pizza, and the new Fifa game,” he said smiling causing her to let out a laugh.

“Sounds like the best date I’ve ever been asked on,” she responded pulling out her phone handing it to him. “Put your name in there so I know where I’m going tonight, unless you want to get away from your band mates and go to my place. I have the new Fifa and Call of Duty games, as well as a few beers taking up space in my fridge.”

“Marry me.”

War - Tony Stark

Requested by anonymous. 
Prompt: “We’re family, and we’re always going to be family, I swear.”

“Y/N?” You glanced up for a second, seeing Steve walk into the dark room. You sniffed and tried to hide your puffy, tear stained face. You came in here to be alone, so you could cry in peace.

“Hi,” you managed to let out. 

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” You opened your mouth but all that came out was a struggled breath. He sat down next to you, wrapping his arm around you. He looked at you in concern. “Y/N,” he said more firmly. “What’s wrong?”

“Is it childish to say everything?” you asked, shaking your head. Steve pulled you closer and kissed the top of your head. 

“I’m so sorry that you are involved in this.”



“It’s not like I’m the only collateral damage. Everyone, in the entire world, is involved in this now.”


“Is it really so bad that they want to keep an eye on you? Steve, you’re the most honest person I know. You would never put anyone in danger on purpose.”

“Some people don’t see it that way,” he said, running a hand through his blonde hair. “They don’t see that what I’m doing is best for the world. They don’t see that I’m doing this for everyone else, not myself.”

“Make them.” You stood up and began pacing because sitting next to Steve only made you seem more helpless. 

“I’m trying.”

“Do you know what they’re saying? They’re calling this a war! How am I suppose to stand by and not say anything when you could all be killed?”

“I’m not going to let that happen.” You turned toward him, your eyes hardened. He stood up and put his hands on your arms firmly. He forced you to look at him, your best friend for the past three years. 

“I’m not going to let this get out of hand. Tony and I will agree. We will,” he said, more to himself than to you. You rolled your eyes and shook free of his grasp.

“I want to believe you. Don’t turn this into a war. If only for me,” you said, looking him in the eye. “Promise me.” Steve nodded honestly.

“I will try. I promise.”

“What are you doing in here?” Natasha asked as you beat your anger out into the punching bag. Every hit helped you release some of the feelings you had harbored deep inside. You turned towards her, blowing some fallen strands of hair out of your face.

“What’s up?” you asked, panting. She smirked at you and walked around you in a circle, like a tiger eyeing its prey. You stood still and looked at her in confusion.

“I could be asking you the same thing. You never work out.”

“I work out.”

“No, you don’t,” she said with another smirk, only the corners of her mouth turning up. You rolled your eyes and took a drink from your water bottle. “So you wanna tell me why you’re down here?”

“Am I not allowed?”

“No, but you’ve got both Clint and I confused.” 

“Clint?” She nodded and motioned up toward the rafters where Clint was perched, watching you talk with Natasha. You waved at him over zealously and he nodded back at you. “Why am I confusing the two of you?”

“Because you’re working out. Didn’t we tell you that already?” You stuck out your hip and placed your hands on your waist. “Honestly, we’re worried about you. About everything going on with Tony and Steve.”

“I’m fine,” you said, trying to gather up your things so you could escape this interrogation. 

“No you’re not. You’re right in the middle of this.”

“And you’re not?” you snapped, looking at Natasha.

“I’m not dating Tony, and I’m not best friends with Steve.”

“Yes you are,” you added.

“That’s not what I mean. I know who I am, I don’t have to choose between the two.”

“I know who I am, too.”

“Doesn’t mean that you aren’t torn between the two people you love most.”

“Why do you care?”

“Because I care about you, and I’m not going to let you beat your hands bloody fighting with yourself.”

“That’s not what’s upsetting me,” you said, dropping down on the mat. Natasha sat down next to you, looking at you thoughtfully. “I don’t care about choosing a side. I’ve chose one over the other before.”

“So what’s the problem then?”

“I’m afraid that there won’t be two to choose from,” you said, finally getting it off your chest.

“Nothing’s happened yet.”

“You’re not dumb, and neither am I. They’ve always been at each others throats, this isn’t much different. It’s just worse, so much worse.” You sighed, hoping that it would stop your chest from feeling so tight. It didn’t. Your chest still felt like a force was pressing against your lungs and heart.

“They know what they’re getting into. They don’t want a fight either.”

“I’m not sure they can stop it anymore.”

“Then I will.”


“I won’t let them blow this out of proportion.” You rolled your eyes. “Hey, I will.”

“You’ll try,” you corrected.

“What? You don’t have any faith in me?”

“I’m loosing faith in everything. I always thought that nothing could tear apart the Avengers. I thought you were all a family.”

“We are a family. Families argue.”

“Families don’t declare war on one another.”

“No one’s declared anything yet.”

“Give it a day,” you said bitterly. Natasha rolled her eyes and sighed this time. 

“I know I won’t convince you otherwise, but I will try to stop them from making a foolish mistake. You’re not the only one who doesn’t want a fight,” she said, looking up a Clint longingly. 

Tony came into your apartment, slamming the door. Lately, that’s the only way he came home. He didn’t say anything when he came in. You were sitting down on the couch, reading a  book, pretending you hadn’t notice him come in. You heard him walk into the kitchen, and the familiar sound of whiskey pouring into a glass. You groaned more audibly than you wanted, shutting your book.

“Y/N?” You looked up and saw Tony walk into the living room. He smiled at you, but dropped it when he looked at you better. You and Tony had been together for a few years, he knew your faces well enough. 

“Hey,” you said, folding your lips and turning back to your book. He sat down on the love seat across from you, keeping his eyes locked on you. You sighed and looked over at him. “What?”

“Are you going to talk to me?”

“About what?” 

“Come on, Y/N. We’ve barely spoken for these last few days.”

“And you think that now I want to talk about it?” you snapped.

“Seriously?” You rolled your eyes and closed your book. You grabbed your legs and crossed them, facing him. “Steve said you talked to him.”

“So the two of you are talking?”

“Please, I don’t want you to be involved in this.” 

“How can’t I be? Everyone is involved in this.” Tony sighed and put his face in his hands. “I don’t want to make this harder for you,” you said, fighting back tears. Tony looked up at you and shook his head.

“Shh, you aren’t,” he said, reaching across the coffee table to take your hand. You let a few of your tears slip and you could tell Tony wanted to wrap you up in his arms. 

“I’m afraid,” you whispered. Tony practically jumped across the table and took you in his arms. “I don’t want to lose any of you. I thought we were all a family.”

“You’re right. We are family, and we’re always going to be family. I promise. Families fight. We’ll work this out.” You smiled and sniffed. You burrowed your face into his chest, concentrating on his breathing. 

“I don’t want to lose any of you. I don’t want to lose you,” you clarified, looking him in the eye. He took your hand in his and squeezed it.

“You won’t. There isn’t a force in this world that could keep me from you. Even Cap,” he joked. You giggled and kissed his cheek. Tony wrapped you tighter in his arms, keeping you as close as he humanly could. He tilted your chin up and kissed your lips. His kisses were hot and breathy, as if this was the last time he was going to kiss you. When he pulled away, you rested your head against his chest, letting Tony’s strong arms hold you close to him.

We’re always going to be family, I promise.”

bisexualscarletbenoit  asked:

"Promise you won't forget?" kaIDER

Cinder hugged her knees into her chest, the artificial weather of Luna chilling her to the core. Strong arms crept around her waist, and soon her body warmed with Kai’s chest pressed into her back. She sighed against him happily, letting him hold her as tightly as he wanted and, for once, not feeling pressured to pull away. Kai had made sure that they were completely alone, and for this one night, they didn’t have a care in the world.

“Today was the best day I’ve ever had,” she said, nuzzling her cheek against his neck.

He brushed her cheek with kisses until he tired, then rested his chin on her head. “The best day, huh?”

She gazed out at the lights that hung from the houses that now sat just below them from their spot on the rooftop. It wasn’t exactly beautiful, not in the same way New Beijing lit up with lights during its festive season, but it was peaceful. She could relax up here, away from prying eyes, scheming minds, and burdened hearts.

“Yes.” She closed her eyes, almost scared to admit how she really felt. “A day that ends like this, with us together and happy—how could it not be?”

Kai tucked a piece of her windswept hair behind her ear, then stayed silent for a few minutes, watching the lights as well. “When this all over,” he finally breathed, “no matter where we end up, I’m going to make sure that every day is the best you have.”

She twisted so she could give him a response with her lips, even though they weren’t capable of forming any words. The deep longing that he had awoken in her when they had first kissed on the Rampion ignited again, like it always did. She doubted she would ever be able to get enough of him.

“Every day, Your Majesty?” she said, winking.

“Every day,” he said, then added: “As long as you call me Kai.”

”I can do that,” she said.

“Promise you won’t forget?”

His question hung between them as they looked into each other’s eyes for what must have been the hundredth time that day. Cinder knew he was asking about more than just a name, and its meaning was enough to spread light over all the darkness she’d experienced every other day of her life.

“I promise,” she whispered.

Chapter ThirtyEight


Releasing the rest of my nut deep inside Lani, I sent a hard slap across her ass before pulling out and rolling over to my side of the bed. It was now 9 o'clock in the morning and Lani and I had spent my first night at home fucking each others brains out. Six weeks of sexual frustration was released in the matter of a few hours and if Lani hadn’t tapped out I would have fucked her for another few hours.

Letting out a satisfied sigh, Lani rolled over so that she was now laying on her stomach and proceeded to pushed her hair away from her face. Just the mere sight of her had me once again becoming rock hard and I mentally fought myself not to jump on her and bury myself deep inside her. Reaching over, I pulled her body into mine and closed my eyes at the feel of her naked body next to mine. I had to wait six weeks for this, six weeks of pure torture and now all I wanted to do was hold onto her until I wasn’t breathing no more.

My eyes dropped down to her fresh tattoo that was placed on the side of her ribs. Big cursive writing that was inked onto her smooth skin, making me harder by the seconds. It was a god damn power trip. Having the most beautiful woman tattoo my name and claim me had me feeling like the luckiest nigga on this planet. Unable to keep my hands of her, my fingers ran up and down her smooth thigh while she nestled her face in the crook of my neck. 

“I want to stay like this forever”, She mumbled, speaking out loud my very thoughts. If I could, I would take Lani away to an island, spend all day naked in bed and do nothing but be with each other. Knowing that could only ever be a dream, I snaked my arm around her waist and pulled her body on top of me. Wrapping my legs around her, locking her into place then I stuffed my face into her wild hair and took in her scent. This right here, this was home. 

Her fingers trailed my tattoos as her lips pressed against my chest. I closed my eyes and tried to remember how the hell I lasted this long without her. When my eyes landed on my bandaged fists I almost chuckled out loud as memories started to flood. Truth was I barely did survive. The only reason I hadn’t resulted back to heavy drugs and killing sprees was because I was on 24 hour lock down, otherwise I could almost guarantee that would be my reality right now.

“Did you miss me?”, She whispered already knowing the answer. Although like me, she likes to hear it out loud, over and over again, “So fucken much”, I mumbled against her hair while she tried to snuggle her body further against me. We laid in silence for a while after that. Hands roaming each other, trying to catch up on missed time. 

Before I knew it the sound of Isaiah banging on our bedroom door could be heard. Sitting up quickly Lani grabbed my shirt and slipped it on before reaching for her black g string and rushed to put her feet in. I on the other hand took my time getting out of bed and found my sweats laid out on the floor. Slipping them on just in time for Lani to open the door, Zay bust thru the opening and made a beeline for me.

“Morning, morning, morning”, He buzzed as he jumped up and down in front of me waiting for me to pick him up, “You been drinking coffee again, huh?”, I questioned as I chuckled at his overly hyper self and found him nodding his head instantly, “Coffee good”, He grinned though I knew he had no idea what coffee was. 

“Okay come on Mr Hyper, lets let daddy clean up while we go make breakfast”, Lani grinned as she took Zay out of my arms and kissed his cheek. I so wanted to protest and tell her that I wanted to have a shower with her but I bit on my tongue and let her take Zay out the room. 

My shower took a total of five minutes. I was so anxious to have Lani next to me that I powered through a shower, got soap in my eyes, stubbed all 5 toes and finally landed on my ass while trying to shove my legs into a pair of basketball shorts. The entire jog down the stairs was done with me shaking my head at my clumsiness and obsession with my woman.

Finally my gaze landed on her body and in an instant I felt myself release the breath that I hadn’t realised I was holding. Taking a moment to admire her from afar, I leaned against the side of the door and slowly I felt a grin tug at my lips. Lani danced around the kitchen, making a batch of pancakes as her and Isaiah sung along with the cartoon playing on the TV.

Moving her hips as she began spinning around in a circle, her gaze fell on mine and instantly she started to laugh as her cheeks wet red from embarrassment, “Baby!”, She chuckled breathlessly as I licked over my lips and felt myself mirror her own smile. Pushing off the door, I headed further into the kitchen and felt my chest tighten at how beautiful her smile was. To think I had gone so long without it made my heart beat harder but I quickly reminded myself that she was here, in front of me, with me. 

“Come here”, I mumbled as Zays’ attention stayed on the Tv while Lani licked the spoon, sat it down and met me halfway, “That was a quick shower”, She grinned knowing fully well why it was. Instead of responding I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her body into mine. Dropping my face down, I rested it in the side of her neck and felt my body untense as her own relaxed into mine.

“I'on wanna let go”, I muttered as I squeezed her body tightly into my own. Yesterday had been all fun and games. I was on a power trip in the courtroom, proving my innocence to the world, only to come home and revealed the truth. I felt fucking powerful, like no one could stop me and last night being inside Lani was icing to the cake. But this morning? Reality hit and it hit hard. I once again put Lani through hell and back for my own selfish need. My need to protect her.

I could have prevented this but like always I let my possessiveness and pride get in the way. If I had just let it go and not killed the girl I wouldn’t have been separated from Lani but my state of mind wouldn’t allow it. Adrianna was a threat. I had warned her one too many times and her fighting with Lani was the last straw. I had promised Lani that no one would ever hurt her again and I have every intention to see that promise through. So I did what I always do. I killed the person who attempted to hurt her.

“Im sorry for what I put you through”, I finally apologised for what I had made her go through for the past six weeks, “I just love you so much Lani, I had to kill her. I couldn’t let her live, my mind wouldn’t let it”, I stressed, trying to desperately get her to understand my state of mind.

“Tyson”, She sighed as she pulled away and looked up at me with glossy eyes, “Its okay baby”, She smiled softly that instantly made me feel better although I still needed to just hold her. Pulling her back into my embrace, It was my turn to let out a sigh as I took in her scent and closed my eyes at the feel of her body molded against mine.

“Come on baby, let me finish making your breakfast, then you can hold me all you want”, Lani mumbled against my chest after several minutes of holding her in silence. Liking the sound of it, I released her body from my tight grasp and held her hand as we walked back over to the kitchen island. Isaiah’s mouth was covered with yogurt while his fingers tried to grab the slippery fruit wedges that kept slipping out of his grasp. 

Shaking my head at the mess he had created, I grabbed a fork and went over to take a seat next to him. Watching on with an amused expression, Lani handed me a face cloth and I wiped down Zay’s face before forking a peach wedge and bringing it up to his mouth. Looking up at me with a grin, Zay opened his mouth wide and bit the peach in half causing half of it to fall on his lap.

“Zay you’ve been acting too silly today, since when are you so messy”, Lani sighed as she came around and lifted his shirt up and over his head. Sitting topless, Zay started laughing before dipping his finger in the yogurt and shoving it in his mouth. Smirking down at my son, I slipped off the stool and looked around the kitchen for my packet of cigarettes, “Baby you seen ma smokes?”, I muttered as I patted down my sweats in case I had them stashed in my pocket.

“Uh check your office, I think I saw them in there last”, Lani called over her shoulder while Zay started to fling yogurt everyone, “Ay, quit it”, I warned causing his hand to drop and his lips turn into a pout. Shaking my head as I tried to hide my grin, I headed out of the kitchen and towards my office. Inside I took in the setting of the room and my eyes soon landed on my packet that was sitting on top of my desk. 

Grabbing them, I lit one up and sat back on my office chairs as I checked the time on my phone. Smirking at the digital numbers, I grabbed the television remote and turned it onto the channel that airs the national news. With a few minutes to spare, I continued to puff on my smoke as I got out of my seat and poured myself a glass of whiskey.

Tippin back the glass, I swallowed the contents in one go before re filling it up and taking it back to my desk. My eyes flickered to the TV and instantly a smirk graced my lips as the screen showed Detective Hawkins getting ready to address a crowd full of media and fans. Once again my pride flared up and I was once again feeling myself. I didnt so much as blink as I watched Hawkins clear his throat and explain himself to hundreds and thousands of viewers. 

He went on to explain I had been cleared of all charges and that the entire arrest was a mistake on their behalf. By the end of it, Detective Hawkins was red faced while I was hunched over laughing at their stupidity. My laughter soon halted as images of Lani and the crew arriving at the courthouse showed up on the screen. Bringing my glass up to my lips, I took another gulp but soon started choking on the contents as a video of Lani and Briana followed after the pictures.

My eyes narrowed as they pushed through the crowd of paparazzi and headed straight towards MY orange Lamborghini. Shaking my head, I watched as they got in the car and before I knew it Lani was doing a burnout before speeding down the street. My eyes went wide at the tire marks she left behind and before I could register anything I was up and out of my seat, jogging towards the garage.

Busting through the door, I used my hand to feel up the wall until I hit the light switch on. My eyes traveled down the lined up cars I owned and suddenly stopped at my orange Lambo that looked untouched and unused. Heading straight for it, I dropped to my knees beside it and brushed my hands over the tires only to let out a rough groan.

The rubber grips on the tires were now flat and I clenched my jaw as I shook my head at my stubborn woman. One rule, dont drive, touch, feel or smell my Lamborghini’s and Bugatti, “Mother fuck”, I grumbled as I stood up and kicked the tire before marching my way back into the house. Like a child, I stomped my feet on the ground as I crossed the hall and entered the kitchen where Lani was loading out plates.

“Lemme ask you something”, I muttered as I took a seat on the stool while crossing my arms across my chest. Looking up, she gave me a confused look before nodding her head and placing my plate of breakfast in front of me, “We get robbed or anything while I was locked up?”, I asked as I eyed out the food and licked over my lips at the sight of the syrup dripping down my pancakes.

“What? No why?”, She laughed as she cut up a pancake for Isaiah and sat it in front of him. Once finished getting us our food, Lani grabbed her own plate and sat on the stool opposite me while watching and waiting for me to answer, “Well cause it looks like somone been driving ma Lambo and I know no one in the family is stupid enough to take it so its gotta be a stranger, right?”, I stated as I watched her eyes go wide and slowly her lips tugged up into a grin.

“About that”, She giggled while I narrowed my eyes at her, “Im sorry ! It was only one time I promise”, She laughed harder due to my salty ass expression. Slipping off her chair she walked around the kitchen and wedged herself between me and the island, “Im sorry baby”, She pouted and slipped her hands around my neck, “What I tell yo sneaky ass about that? You know I'on like no one driving ma shit”, I huffed in annoyance, though my hands found their way to her round ass where I grabbed a hand full and pulled her closer.

“But Im not just anyone”, She frowned with a pout while running her fingers up and down the back of my neck, “Don’t you love me”, She continued in her baby voice that had me rolling my eyes before leaning down and biting down on her bottom lip, “I'on care if you jesus himself, ma cars are off limits”, I grumbled sternly against her lips and had to refrain myself from bending her over the bench and slipping in her from behind.

“Tyson! I thought you said what’s yours is mine!”, She huffed while stomping her foot and pushing my face away from hers, “And it is baby but dont mean you allowed to use em”, I chuckled at her now salty expression and dropped my gaze down to her perfect breasts that were raising up and down, “Alright, we’ll see if you’re singing the same tune when you aint get any”, She mumbled under her breath while beginning to walk back around the counter.

“Oh hell nah, bring yo ass back here. You want a car? Imma buy you yo own so you can hit, bang and fuck it up all you want, ight?”, I reasoned with her causing her to tilt her head back and laugh before throwing her body into mine. Grabbing my face in between her hands, she stood on her tippy toes and began kissing all over my face, “Im playing baby, Im happy with the car I got”, She mumbled once her lips grazed my own.

Ready to slip my tongue in her mouth, Lani jumped back at the sound of a loud bang, followed my glass shattering, “Isaiah !”, Lani yelled as he was laughing in his chair while looking down at the plate he had just thrown on the floor, “Why you giving him glass plates anyways?”, I muttered under my breath as Lani frowned and sent a small slap on the back of his hand, “That was naughty Isaiah! Do you want to go sit in time out?”, She frowned causing his eyes to swell up with tears while his lips trembled.

Huffing with annoyance, Lani shook her head and went to grab a broomstick to clean up the mess he had made all over the kitchen floor. By now the tears had fallen and Zay was crying at the top of his lungs. Shaking my head, I watched my feet and leant over to pick him up from his high chair, “Why you acting up today”, I sighed as he immediately buried his head in my chest while I rubbed his back.

“Put him down Ty, his little ass needs to learn a lesson”, Lani sighed as she came back into the kitchen and instantly started to clean up the glass that was scattered everywhere, “He aint mean it, did you little man?”, I defended knowing truly well that his spoilt self did throw it on purpose. Shaking his head, his crying quietened down and he slowly pulled his face from my chest and used his small fists to wipe his eyes, “You giving yo mama a hard time while I was gone?”, I frowned causing him to once again shake his head with pouted lips.

“Go tell her you sorry and I'on wanna see you acting out no more”, I warned before leaned down and kissing his cheek. Waiting patiently for Lani to finish cleaning, she gathered the glass in a garbage bag before going outside to toss it in the big bin. Placing Zay on his feet, he waited for Lani to come back in before running and crashing his body into her legs, “Zaya sorry mommy”, His muffled voice came out causing Lani to tilt her head back and sigh before reaching down and picking him up.

“What happened to mamas good boy?”, She asked with a frown causing Zay to instantly point to himself, “I here”, He grinned causing us both to chuckle at this cute self. Squeezing his small body into hers, she laid kisses all over his face sending him into a fit of giggles, “Imma eat, I aint waiting no more”, I mumbled as I realised I had yet to touch my pancakes.

Six weeks of jail food had me looking down at my plate like a savage. Coming around the island Lani sat back in her chair with Zay in her lap. Without waiting another second, I grabbed my fork and began downing the pancakes like it was my last meal. Lani followed soon after and began alternating between feeding herself and Isaiah who no longer had his pancakes so instead Lani shared her own.

“What you think bout heading to the zoo or something?”, I suddenly asked causing both Zay and Lani’s head to snap up and look over at me, “No?”, I questioned with a frown as I thought that we could have a family day or just spend some time together, “What!? No of course we want to! Dont we Zay? You want daddy to take us to see the lions and tigers?”, Lani beamed causing Isaiah to grin with wide eyes.

“Mason come too?”, He asked causing me to frown as I had forgotten all about that little nigga, “Where he at, I aint seen him since I been back”, I muttered as my gaze scanned the kitchen trying to find our spotted kitten, “Most likely sleeping in the lounge room”, Lani chuckled before looking down at Zay, “Mason cant come sweetheart, but we will take heaps of pictures to show him”, Lani insisted which caused Zay to look satisfied with that while I sat there shaking my head at both of them.

No even bothering to comment on that, I wiped my plate clean before pushing it over to Lani with a grin, “Thanks for the cakes baby”, I smirked before leaning over and kissing her lips while making sure to lick off the syrup that was on the corner of her lip, “Welcome handsome”, She cheesed as her and Zay and finished up with their own plate, “Take Zay up while I wash up and then we can get ready and go”, She beamed with excitement that made me feel good inside, knowing that I was the one to put the smile on her face.

Walking around the counter, I leant down and kissed her lips a few more times as I couldnt get enough. Finally pulling away as Zay started to get impatient, I picked him up from her arms and with one final kiss to Lani’s lips, I made my way back upstairs.

All I wanted was to make my family happy and I was going to start by taking them out to have a family day that they dont ever forget.



Anxiously bouncing my legs up and down, I hid my face deeper into my hood as my eyes watched the wall clock tick by. We had now been waiting for approximately 16 minutes and 34 seconds and if I had to sit on these hard plastic chairs any longer I was going to bust through the doors.

“Im so nervous I need to pee”, Jas whispered next to me as a few young, pregnant mothers eyed me out from the other side of the waiting room, “You already peed 3 times in the last half an hour, you even have anything left to pee out?”, I mumbled back as I placed my arm behind her chair and stretched out my cramped legs. Laughing softly she rested back against the chair and laid her head on my shoulder, “Its this pregnancy, its making my bladder so weak”, She sighed while rubbing her hand over her rounded belly.

Grinning at the very sight of her growing belly, I rested my own hand on it and leaned over so I could kiss her lips. Pecking them a few times, I let out a low chuckle as Jasmines cheeks burned red at the attention of the other ladies in the waiting room, “I hope it a girl, I aint about to lose this money to Ace”, I blurted out causing Jas to pull away and look back at me with wide eyes, “You betted on our baby!”, She lowly gasped although there was amusement laced in her voice, “Damn when you say it like that you make it sound worse then it is”, I chuckled while running my hand across my jaw.

“How much?”, Jas asked as she once again rested back into my embrace while interlacing her fingers with mine as she finally noticed the lustful stares of the other woman, “10 g’s, it aint bout the money though, I just dont wanna have to hear that nigga bragging if he wins”, I muttered while Jas grinned while shaking her head, “Well might just teach your ass a lesson. And 10 grand? Really J?”, She chuckled lightly while I brought her hand up to my lips and pressed them against it.

“This all on you now. Give me a baby girl, woman!”, I cheesed causing her to bury her face into my chest as she laughed. Seconds later the doctor poked her head through the double doors and called out Jasmines name, “Lets go find out what we producing”, I winked as her cheeks turned red. Helping her up, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and lead her behind the doctor and into a room at the end of the hall.

“How is the lovely couple doing?”, Dr Martin asked as she placed her glasses on and began skimming through Jasmines file, “Good thank you, we’re hoping to find out the sex if thats possible?”, Jasmine asked in a hopeful tone while I felt my palms start to get sweaty as I was so nervous. Jasmine on the other hand climbed up onto the bed and rested back as the doctor started to put some gloves on.

“We most definitely can have a look to see if the baby is in a position t show”, Dr Martin informed as she waited for Jasmine to lift her shirt. Rolling it up so it bunched up just under her breast’s, I couldn’t help but feel my lips tug up into a grin at the sight of her bare rounded belly. She was showing more and more by the day and If I tell you it made me even more attracted to her then I was before, I wouldn’t be lying.

“This may be cold”, The doctor mumbled as Jas reached over and held my hand with her own. The smile on her face had me wanting to do everything in my power to see it permanently on her face. Suddenly she let a shudder take over her body as the doctor started rubbing the jell all over her belly. I watched as she brought the camera handle onto her belly and my eyes immediately shot up to the screen in front of us.

My handheld onto Jasmines tighter and I was almost positive I was way more nervous than her. Suddenly the soft sound of a thump came through the speakers and I both Jasmine and I broke out into a cheesy grin. It wasn’t the first time coming to get a ultrasound as we had come a few times before but it didn’t mean we didn’t get excited every time we got to hear our baby’s heartbeat.

“Oh”, Dr Martin suddenly said causing Jas and I both to visibly tense up, “Oh? What does that mean? What does ‘oh’ mean?”, I blurted out as my eyes scanned over the screen trying to understand what the hell 'oh’ meant, “How do you guys feel about twins?”, The doctor said causing my heart to drop in my stomach while Jasmine looked up at me with wide eyes.

“We talking hypothetically or realistically?”, I managed to get out as I squinted my eyes at the screen trying to see if this lady was making a fucking joke or was for real, “My 20 years of experience tells me that you my dear are carrying not one but two baby girls”, The doctor said as she patted Jasmines hand while I on the other hand felt around for my chair before collapsing back into it, “Im going to give you two a moment”, Dr Martin grinned as she stood up and headed out the room.

As soon as the door shut, I dropped my head in my hands and tried to fathom what the doctor had just told us, “J?”, I heard Jas whisper in an uneasy tone while I tried to picture in my head two curly haired baby girls that would look like both Jas and I. Slowly I lifted my head and my cheesing grin met her worried expression, though as soon as she saw me grinning she instantly mirrored mine, “You still want this?”, She chuckled as her tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Fuck Barbie, Imma be surrounded by mini you’s and I swear I aint ever wanted anything else so badly”, I beamed as I stood up and took her face in between my hands. Kissing her tears away, I pressed my lips against hers and kissed her with every ounce of love I had for her.

“Twins, fucking twin baby girls”, I mumbled on her lips in disbelief, “I’m so excited”, She whispered back as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me back down to met her lips. The sound of a small knock caused us to pull apart and seconds later Dr Martin stuck her back in with a grin, “Ready to see your girls?”, She asked us causing both Jas and I to immediately start nodding our head in anticipation.

The next 20 minutes was spent with Dr Martin pointing our baby girls on the screen. She printed out 3D sonograms for us and gave a rundown on what she wanted Jasmine to be doing and eating for the remainder of the pregnancy. As soon as we headed out, my protective instincts kicked in and I wrapped my arms around Jasmine pulling her closer into my body.

“J, I cant walk”, She laughed as she tried to push away from grasp but I wasn’t having any of that, “Yo can you get the door for me?”, I asked a pregnant woman who was standing near the door. Her eyebrow shot up and I knew her single ass was about to catch attitude but lucky for her someone else came through and ended up holding it open, “She was about to chew you out”, Jasmine laughed against my chest as I shuffled her along towards the car while I still had my arms wrapped around her.

“J let me go, we look rediculous”, Jas continued to laugh as I shifted our bodies and opened the door for her. Ignoring her protests, I swiftly picked her up bridal style and sat her into her seat, “I got three of ma girls I gotta take care of now”, I grinned as I placed multiple kisses on her lips and moved down until I was levelled to her belly, “Daddy gonna look after his princesses”, I cheesed, not caring if I looked fuckin ridiculous because right now nothing and I mean nothing can ruin this good mood I was in.

Strapping the belt on for Jas, she softly laughed at my antics and before she could blink I rushed around the car and jumped into the driver seat, “You hungry? Shit you gotta be, gonna be eating for three now. What you feeling like? Maybe we should go grocery shopping?”, I started firing off different questions without waiting for her to reply. Without another breath, I backed out of the car park and headed towards the closest grocery store.

“I cant wait to tell the crew!”, Jasmine beamed beside me as her hand was rubbing her belly, “Shit lets three way em now”, I grinned as I handed her my phone and waited for her to call one of the boys first. The hands free was set and the ringing tone came out through the speakers, “That nigga keep looking at me like that, Imma beat his ass”, Tysons voice came through the phone as he picked up. Instantly I frowned at the thought of him already getting into trouble but before I could cuss him out Lani and Zays laughter followed behind, “Its a gorilla Ty ! You cant fight him”, Lani laughed as I looked over at Jas who had her hand over her mouth and was silently laughing at our crazy friend.

“I can do what I want”, He huffed before shuffling around, “Ma homie, what up nigga?”, He finally answered while I shook my head at him as if he could see, “Where the hell you at that got you wanting to fight gorillas, nigga?”, I asked with an amused tone while the sound of Lani and Zay gushing at the gorilla could be heard in the background, “Man ma stupid ass thought it would be a good idea to take em to the zoo. I swear bra Imma bout to catch a case with either one of these cocky animals or one of these bad ass kids”, He huffed with all seriousness causing me to start laughing alongside Jasmine.

“Bra you need to just keep yo ass inside yo house and not be around humans”, I chuckled although I was dead serious as this nigga could barely go out for a few hours without wanting to start a riot, “Aint that the truth, cuh”, He agreed while letting out a frustrated sigh, “Anyways homie, fuck is you doing?”, He asked causing me to grin as a reminder of why I called, popped into my mind, “Hold on the line, I gotta put Ace through as well. I got some good news”, I muttered as Jas instantly dialed Adrians number.

“Yo, yo, yooooooo. Tell me you callin to let me know you down for the strip club tonight”, Ace hollered off bat causing me to let out a loud groan as I shook my head, “Damn, Im on loud speaker huh?”, He quickly muttered while I looked over at Jas who was already looking up at me with a raised eyebrow. Shrugging my shoulders at her, I turned my attention back onto the road, “Yea nigga you are”, I mumbled as he started chuckling, “Ma bad! What up Jazzy J, I was just mucking around we aint hitting no strip joint tonight, thats next weekend”, He laughed causing another groan to escape my lips while Jas sent a punch to my arm while laughing softly.

“Nigga just shut up. Imma put you in a three way call, hol up”, I said before signalling Jas to merge the three of us within one call, “Bout mother fucking time, got me on hold and shit. You lucky you ma boy otherwise I woulda hung up on yo ass a long time ago”, Tyson’s voice immediately boomed through the phone causing me to suck me teeth.

“Tyson!? Niggaaaa what up! We hitting the strip joint tonight?”, Ace asked this time causing Tyson to groan followed by the sound of a slap, “Damn Lani, I aint know what the fuck he talking bout”, Tyson huffed while Jas and I literally sat back and listened to our friends with amusement, “Stop asking them to go to the strip club Adrian cause your ass aint going know where tonight”, Briana’s voice boomed from the background followed by Ace sucking his teeth.

“I do what I want woman!”, He yelled this time causing both Jas and I to groan as we knew they wouldn’t stop now, “Ight all you mother fuckers need to shut up !”, I yelled causing them all to go silent for a second before all firing off abuse about not telling them to shut up. Holding my stomach as we waiting at a stoplight, I laughed hard before the sound of Jasmine clapping her hands had me straightening out.

“Okay seriously everyone be quiet for one minute, J and I have some exciting news”, Jas announced, this time causing everyone to go silent and stay silent, “Make sure we are on loud speaker, I want the girls to hear”, Jas ordered as I pulled up to the grocery store and looked for a parking spot, “Im here baby girl”, Lani’s voice echoed through the phone, “Me too!”, Brianna followed behind her instantly.

“So we went to find out the sex of the baby today”, Jas blurted out before looking over at me with a excited smile. Whipping the car into a spot, I pulled up the break and sat back as the girls all started gushing with excitement, “Oh shit, Imma bout to win this 10 g’s aint I?”, Ace asked with excitement causing all the girls to smack their lips at the same time, “Bet? What bet and how come I aint in it niggas?”, Tyson huffed out, “Bra fuck the bet, Jas tell em”, I told her as I looked her over and grinned at how overly beautiful she looked when she was happy.

“We’re having twin girls !”, Jas rushed out causing the car to fill up with the sound of squeals coming through the speakers, “Oh My God Jazzy!!!! Im going to have not one but two nieces!”, Lani screamed as I chuckled at all the excitement that was booming throughout the car, “Damn bra, Im happy for you man”, Tyson chuckled while Briana gushed to Jasmine.

“Wait wait wait”, Ace yelled causing everyone to suddenly go silent as we waited for him to speak up, “Does that mean I didn’t win?”, He asked with all seriousness causing us all to start cussing him out while laughing. Resting back against my seat, I couldn’t help but admire my girl as she beamed with excitement as the women discussed our baby girls. It was then that I had realised that this was the happiest I had ever been. 

I came into this world without a family and for the past 24 years I had gone through life creating my own. Jasmine and my twin girls were the perfect icing to the cake and I didn’t want it any other way.


“I aint a killa but dont push me, revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy”, I smirked towards Lani as I rapped alongside 2pac. We had finished up at the zoo at around lunch time and we were now on our way to the shopping centre as Zay insisted that we buy him some new toys. Though I enjoyed being with my family, I couldn’t wait to get out of the public and back into the privacy of our own home.

My mood swings were in full force today and not to mention rapid. One minute I was having the time of my life and the next minute Lani was trying to pry me away from the group of little kids who were yelling too damn loud and I was about to kick them all in their little heads. Other than that, it felt good to sit back and watch Zay’s excitement over all the animals while Lani tried to contain her own excitement. 

Pulling up to the large carpark, Lani sat up in her seat while we scanned the rows for somewhere to park, “Over there baby”, She pointed to a spot close to the front door that was free. Driving up, I parked the Range Rover into the spot and instantly Lani and I were getting out of the car. Grabbing Zay from the back, I sat him on his feet and guided him as we walked around the car and took a hold of his moms hand.

“We buy toys now?”, He asked as he looked up at her with a hopeful look that had me chuckling, “Yes sweetheart, lets go spoil my babyboy”, Lani cheesed before looking over at me and holding her hand out so I can take a hold of him, “Ight lets do this quick so we can get outta here”, I mumbled as Lani chuckled at my impatience. 

As expected as soon as we stepped foot inside the shopping centre, it seemed like everybody had stopped what they were doing and turned their attention on us. It didnt help that I was just released yesterday and judging by the way Lani’s hold in my hand got tighter, I knew she was uncomfortable. Hating the constant attention that was put on my family, I let go of Lani’s hand and picked Isaiah up in my arms before bring my free arm back around Lani’s shoulder.

“Just ignore it baby”, I mumbled as I kissed the top of her head and lead them towards the huge toy store that was situated 3 levels up. The constant flashing of cameras had me clenching my jaw and noticing my annoyance Lani rubbed her hand against my arm softly, instantly calming my unease. 

Noticing the step elevators, Isaiahs excitement bubbled and soon he was wiggling in my embrace as he wanted to stand on them himself. Chuckling at his amusement, I set him on his feet and kept him close as we stepped on the elevator and let it take us up to the next level, “We going up up up”, Zay chuckled while briefly bending down so he could touch the cool metal of the elevator steps, “Be careful baby”, Lani mumbled as she rested her body into mine and kissed my chest.

“Im hungry as fuck”, I mumbled against her forehead before pressing my lips against her crown, giving her a kiss, “We can get something on the way home or if you can wait, I can make you dinner”, She grinned knowing truly well that I had a weakness for her cooking, “Damn I think I can wait for that”, I muttered as I licked over my lips at the very thought.

“Hurry daddy, hurry!”, Zay beamed as he started climbing the steps and got off before us, “Ay, slow down”, I warned causing him to halt instantly before turning around and giving me an innocent grin that always had him getting his own way, “He spoilt as hell, Lani”, I grumbled as I shook my head and held her hand as we walked up to Zay, “Who are you telling, his little ass been naughty as well. I think its time we be a little more stern on him”, Lani sighed as we headed up one more elevator to get to the level we needed.

“You saying all that but we taking him to toy heaven right now, to get him whatever he wants”, I chuckled as I shook my head at the sight of my son who was glancing around at everything with wide eyes, “Hey thats all you, you’re the one who agreed to this”, She laughed while I smirked at the thought of that damn baby pout that Zay did when he wanted something to go his way, “I aint have nothing growin up so I wanna give him the world”, I mumbled truthfully as Lani looked up and gave me a small smile that had me leaning down so I could kiss her plump lips.

“Come come”, Isaiah interrupted as he tugged on my free hand. Stepping off the elevator, Zay’s eyes beamed at the sight of the huge toy store and a second later he took off running towards, “Zay!”, Lani yelled while I shook my head, “Little shit”, I muttered before letting go of Lani’s hand and jogging towards the toy store to catch him. Little nigga was fast as hell as well and it took me a good minute to finally capture his little body, “Yo, you want me to take you home without no toys?”, I frowned as I turned him around in my arms so he was looking at me.

“But toys daddy”, He pouted as he pointed towards inside the shop that looked like every kids dream, “I'on care Isaiah, try that again and yo ass going home with no toys and Imma throw out all your ones at home too”, I warned as he looked up at me with big brown eyes that instantly soften me up, “Oh no you dont, I know what your thinking Tyson and you better not back down”, Lani warned from behind me causing me to sigh as I shook my head, “Come on”, I sighed as Lani went and grabbed a shopping trolley and brought it over.

“Put him in the trolley baby, Ill drive him around”, She winked as Zay’s eyes lit up with excitement. Chuckling I sat him in the trolley and watched as he scooted over to the end while Lani began pushing it into the store, “Over there mommy”, Zay instructed causing Lani to look up at me and shake her head at our demanding son, “This is all your fault”, She laughed as we began making our way over to the superman toys.

“Damn we gonna be here awhile”, I muttered before looking down at Lani who was nodding her head in agreement, “Yep, a hella of a long time”, She laughed at my salty expression just as Zay ordered me to grab him one of the toys he was pointing at. Letting out a sigh, I bit down on my tongue and allowed my son to boss us around for the next few hours.

Two hours. Thats how long Isaiah had dragged us through the toy store, grabbing everything and anything he could. We ended up needed an extra trolley as one was not enough. It took me another 20 minutes to stuff 15 grand worth of toys into the back of our Range Rover and by the time I got in the drivers seat Isaiah was knocked out in his booster seat.

“He literally lived up to the meaning 'shop till you drop’”, Lani laughed as she looked over her shoulder before turning around and putting her belt on, “Anything to see him smiling the way he was”, I mumbled truthfully as I pulled out of the parking spot and started driving home.

“Im so happy for Jasmine and J”, I heard her randomly whisper causing me to look over at her for a brief moment and find her own hand laying on top of her flat stomach, “Yea me too, I hope they ready for two kids though, I know I ain’t”, I chuckled though Lani stayed silent and instead she turned her head so that she was now looking out the window. Blaming it on her being tired, I turned the radio on and drove the rest of the way home as I  rapped to the music.

Once we made it back home, Lani went off into the house while I picked up a sleeping Zay and carried him up to his room. Taking off his shoes, I slipped off his jeans and shirt and swapped them for his superman pajamas. Making sure he was tucked into bed, I kissed his forehead before turning off his lights and headed towards my bedroom where the sound of the shower could be heard. Smirking at the thought of some shower sex with Lani, I rushed into the walk in wardrobe and tripped over her handbag as I pulled my shirt off.

Looking down, I groaned at the mess I made and quickly I bent down and started picking up all the items that had fallen out of her bag. Throwing in her lipstick, tampons and keys my eyes suddenly landed on a flyer and almost instantly my body tensed up. Picking it up, I sat down on the floor and turned the flyer with shaky hands and my heart beating so hard that I thought it might come out of my chest.

The words 'Abortion Clinic’ stared back at me like a bad dream and it took everything in me not to fall into a episode. Mentally coaching myself to stay calm, I flipped through the flyer but the only words I seemed to read were 'abortion’. “Fuck Lani”, I mumbled in a strained tone as my hand clenched around the flyer and crumpled it into a ball.

She killed my baby? Our baby? My head began to hurt and I knew I was going to lose myself if I didn’t do something. Standing on shaky legs, I held onto the crumpled flyer with all my strength and slowly made my way out the walk in and into our en suite. The steam from the shower filled the bathroom and instantly my anger turned into confusion as Lani never has hot or warm showers.

Hesitantly I opened the shower door and dropped my gaze to the floor where I found her sitting with her knees brought up, her face buried in her hands and her quiet cries were drained out by the sound of the water pouring out from the shower head, “Lani?”, I mumbled, desperately wanting to go in there and comfort her but my fear of hot water was stopping me, “Lani turn the water off”, I tried again as I back out of the shower a little as the steam from the heat began to feel suffocating. 

Instead her sniffles became more frequent and soon she was sobbing in her hands while I stood there helpless. Letting out a groan at the sight of her hurting, all thoughts of her getting an abortion left my mind and without thinking, I found myself to step into the shower. Gritting my teeth as the warm water came down on my arms, I let out a rough breath and stood under the hot water, fully clothed as I turned it off. As soon as the water was switched off, I jumped back and pulled my hot wet shirt off my body as memories of when I was a boy, soaked in my sweat due to the hot steamers my parents locked me in, filled my mind.

Looking up with wide, wet eyes, Lani watched in shock as I slumped down on the floor next to her. Our backs rested against the cold tiled walls and the only sound that could be heard was my hard breathing and her sniffles. “Im sorry, I should have been showering with cold water”, She whispered why I just chuckled bitterly and ran my hand down my face in frustration.

“Fuck the water Lani, please tell me you didnt do it”, I asked her in a pleading tone as I lifted up the now wet, scrunched up flyer and handed it to her. Looking down at it with wide eyes, she looked up and me and once again started to cry. Tilting my head back against the wall and repeatedly banged it against it, “Why’d you kill my seed Lani?”, I muttered in a broken tone causing her body to tense up beside me.

She sat in silence for a few minutes and suddenly she stood up without another word and stepped out the shower. Watching her every move, my gaze followed her body as she grabbed a white cotton towel and wrapped it around her naked body before stepping back into the shower. Parting my legs, she kneeled in front of me and wedged her body in between them, trying to get as close as possible. 

I wanted to be mad at her, I wanted to be angry and cuss her out but I couldn’t find the willpower to do so. I loved her so fucken much that I couldn’t even find it in me to be angry at her for killing my seed, my child, “I didn’t get an abortion”, She suddenly whispered causing my eyes to shoot open as I looked at her with confusion, “You didn’t?”, I breathed out as I felt my heart starting to beat so fast in my chest.

“No sweetheart, I didnt”, She whispered as she looked down at her stomach and placed her hand over it, “Im 7 weeks”, She mumbled before looking up at me with a tear rolling down her cheek. Confusion ran through me like crazy, I didnt understand why she was crying so much if she didn’t have an abortion. Wasn’t pregnancy suppose to make people happy? “You dont want another kid with me?”, I muttered with hurt laced in my voice.

Instantly her eyes snapped to mine and she frowned as she started shaking her head, “You’re the one who doesnt want another child, Ty! You always say you arnt ready yet, hell not even 15 minutes ago you said you didnt want one”, She cried as I instantly wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her into me. Burying her face in my chest, I buried my own in her neck as I shook my head silently telling her she was wrong and that I did want her to carry my child and that she was the only woman I ever want carrying my children, period.

“I may not be ready Lani but that dont mean I dont want it. Anything that is a product of you? I want. I want it because it comes from you. Fuck Lani I swear ma fuckin heart broke just at the thought of you getting rid of it”, I muttered helplessly as she snaked her arms around my waist and cave her body into mine, “Im sorry, the flyer was just part of a bunch of information and papers I picked up at the hospital 2 weeks ago. I would never get rid of your child Ty”, She mumbled as she lifted her head up and looked me in the eyes to show me she was telling me the truth.

“Are you sure you want this?”, She whispered as she dropped her eyes to her stomach in fear of what I might say, “I didn’t realise how badly I wanted this until I saw that flyer. You really pregnant?”, I asked again in disbelief as my eyes pried her towel open, desperately trying to find any indication of a child growing inside her. Our child.

Chuckling she started nodding her head as she wiped her cheeks with her hands, “100% pregnant”, She smiled softly as she pulled away and stood up, only to give me her hands so she can help me up after to her. Stepping out of the shower, I stripped myself from the rest of my wet clothes and followed behind Lani as she went into the main bedroom and laid back on our bed.

Walking over, I stood in between her legs and pulled her towel off, leaving her naked body in full view for me. Instantly my fingers softly trailed the surface of her belly as much chest swelled with so much love and protectiveness, “Damn first Jas now you. We gonna have a bunch of kids running around this joint huh”, I chuckled as I leant down and kissed her belly softly before trailing soft kisses until I got to her perky pink nipple. 

“You carrying ma seed?”, I mumbled just before my lips wrapped around nipple and lightly tugged it with my teeth, “Yesss”, She moaned softly as my dick stirred at the very sound, “We can still have sex right?”, I asked as I looked up as her while my tongue swirled around her right breast while my fingers trailed down her stomach and towards her centre. Nodding her head, her lips parted and her back arched at the feel of my fingers sliding up and down the opening of her wet clit.

“7 weeks pregnant with my seed”, I groaned with pride as I felt myself trailing down the road to where I have a fucking power trip. The very thought of impregnating her had my harder than I could ever remember and knowing that she would be having a rounded belly showing the seed I put in her had my pride shooting through the roof.

“Fuck Lani, Imma make love to you all night long”, I grumbled huskily as she nodded her head, silently telling me she wanted it, “We gonna have another baby?”, I asked, needing to hear it out loud a few times so I knew this was real. My woman, the person I held higher than life itself was once again carrying my baby and this time round I got to experience every step of the way.

“Are you happy?”, She whispered as I let out a low groan at the very thought, “You have no fucken idea Lani, fuck I'on how I keep getting blessed with you but fuck I aint ever wanna feel anything but this, with you”, I mumbled truthfully as tears swelled in her eyes. 

“I love you so much Ty, thank you”, She whispered as she lifted up and pressed her lips against mine, “No, thank you”, I mumbled against them, before laying her back down and staying inside her the entire night.


Pairing: NaLu.
AU: Artist/Model.
Dedication: lucysenpaii.

A/N: I’m pretty sure it’s midnight there, right? Making it May 3rd! Happy Birthday Martina! I hope you have a wonderful day. <3

;Loving him is like trying to change your mind once you’re already flying through the free fall. Like the colours in autumn, so bright just before they lose it all.

“Y-you want me to what?” 

Natsu assessed every inch of her frame as he began preparing his paints. She watched him fill the pallets and prepare colours he thought ‘suitable’ for her skin tone, her eyes, her hair. She felt naked.

An ironic sentiment, really.

“Strip,” he raised his thumb and gestured to the bed, “And sit over there.”

“T-this is what you meant by ‘modelling’?!” she squeaked.

“You don’t want to be my model?” he blinked, seemingly confused as to why she’d feel shy about taking off her clothes. 

She should have known – he wasn’t interested in seeing her body; not even a little. He was only interested in his art. It was strange, really, that he’d asked her to be his model in the first place. He’d said it was urgent, though. That his muse was drifting. That she was his inspiration. She’d fallen for those words more than once, but never before had he requested she model. That’s not to say he hadn’t drawn her before. He had. But he’d always been watching from afar, observing in the quiet – when he wasn’t arguing with Gray or making a mess of the school grounds with chalk. Salamander, they called him. That was his signature. 

“You don’t have to take everything off,” he told her then. “Just your clothes.”

Her face was burning. “Do I have to?”

“No, I guess not,” he shrugged. “I can just imagine it, in my head.”

Lucy threw both arms up in defeat. “T-that’s no better.”

Natsu searched the room for a moment, his eyes wandering the mess he liked to call ‘comfortable living’. She’d stumbled over more items than she could count walking down the hall to his bedroom.

“You can hold something,” he explained, “Something to cover yourself a little, if you want. Don’t worry, Luce. I know you’ve gained a few pounds but I won’t make you look fat.”

She threw her coat at him first, frustration and embarrassment painting her features. He let out a laugh to show her he was joking, but the thump of her heart would not cease its painful rhythm. 

“Fine,” she turned to unbutton her shirt first. “But don’t look until I’m ready.”

“I promise.”

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Meant to Be ll Cora and Emma

It had truly come out of nowhere. One moment, she’d been fine. Sure, she had just gotten sucked through a hat portal, taken prisoner, and thrown into an underground cell, but not even all of those combined prepared her for meeting Regina’s mother. 

The feelings that the brunette always stirred within her were instant, and she found herself handing on every word she said, believing her full-heartedly until Snow had placed herself between them. And that was how it always seemed to go; every time that she would finally be able to come face to face with the other woman, someone would come to ruin it, but that only made her want to be there more.

She nearly didn’t jump back into the portal with her mother, in fact, she’d had no plans of leaving the brunette behind at all, but Snow had quickly grabbed ahold of her arm to drag her in… and she hadn’t had a choice but to go back and wait for the time that she would be able to find a way to get back to her. It was a craving that took over her the moment she woke up until the moment she slept again, a need to just see Cora again despite everything that had happened, but even the first moment that she saw her in Storybrooke didn’t quench it. 

“Hello?” Emma called out, finally, after waiting for days to get her parents out of her hair for a couple hours and even more to make sure that Regina would be out of the house, leaving only the woman that had been on the front of her brain every waking moment since they’d met. “C-Cora?” She called quieter, looking around her quickly to see if anyone was watching her, though she couldn’t care less if they were.

Lucaya in Girl Meets Friendship

So it pretty much starts off with Lucas coming in late because his flight coming back from Texas was delayed. And Maya takes it upon herself to make fun of him through song, because she hasn’t seen him ALL weekend :) And Lucas being the devil he is, pulls out a freaking harmonica and plays along with her (does anyone see that smirk?). But get this, Maya continuous to sing, because ya know it’s just so natural, and she has to stop herself becuase—“No. Maya. You cannot like this” and the Mockingbird proceeds to ask the soaring Eagle “I will never get to you will I?” and all I could think was “Oh. Don’t worry girl. You’ll get him” ;)

And this is a minor detail, but when Cory asks Maya “how you doin’” and her face falls, Lucas smirks as if he already knows what expression she has on her face. 

The next scene includes Lucas trying to be a good influence on Maya again by telling her that she can’t go after Farkle. And she promises that she won’t, but when he leaves, she proceeds to tell Riley that they’re going after Lucas. Aw, doesn’t Lucas look so proud of himself when Maya agrees with him. And if we’re technically speaking, it was only Maya who was going after Lucas ;)


The next scene includes Maya spying on Lucas to get some personal dirt on him, because apparently Maya had already asked every kid in school, and none of them could say anything bad about him. But honestly, if taken out of context I would have assumed that Maya just wanted to spy on Lucas just cuz’ but ya know, never assume things :).  I feel for Lucas because he really seems disappointed that Maya would try to sabotage him like that, I guess that’s what happens when you care about someone too much :)

But in the end Maya and Riley, surprise Lucas with a video of his friends from Texas talking about why he should be elected president. And let me just tell you, Maya looks so incredibly happy for him, I know it was originally her plan to ruin his chances of winning, but I like to think that this was her way of telling him that she really does think of him as a friend. This was her chance to finally “get to him” but she chooses not to, and she pretty much finds out that when Lucas is happy, she’s happy too.

And in the final scene, Lucas decides to appoint Maya as his secretary of state. And obviously she doesn’t really understand what that means, until Rebel tells her. This scene is pretty cool, because throughout the entire episode, Maya was trying to help Riley become something great. Maybe because Maya believes that she’s never gonna amount to anything, which is why she somewhat stays on the sideline and didn’t run for president herself. But here is Lucas giving her such an important role, because he believes that she CAN be something, as Rebel says, he thinks “highly of her.” And an Ambassador is someone who acts or represents something, so take it how you want but it sounds like Maya is Lucas’ representation of the world.

And that’s pretty much it for this episode! Once again, I’d like to give credit to loveholic198 and neroscardigans for giving me the privilege to use their GIFs to make this post. I literally couldn’t do this without them. So THANK YOU. And I’ll be back next week, if there are any Lucaya scenes that is :)

Until the End

They both knew this day was coming. They had known it since they had stumbled upon that damned Syrian prophecy months ago. The date and time of his last breath had been foretold. For no man may live beyond what God has decreed to be his time. Ichabod’s fate was sealed and with it, the fate of Abbie’s heart. It was inevitable.

A simple piece of tattered parchment propelled Abbie to do the one thing she’d never allowed herself to do before. It made her move beyond her fears. It made her embrace the unknown. It made Abbie listen to the frantic chanting of her own heart and reach tenaciously for the one person she knew would be gone forever within a mere matter of weeks.

They had been circling each other for so long that their union felt natural. There was no hesitation, no awkward pauses. It wasn’t sweet and coy. It was raw and unfiltered. It was a tangle of tongues and lips and limbs. It was as if this too, was inevitable.

Abbie didn’t think about the what-ifs or the could-have-beens. Ichabod didn’t fight against the marching drum of time. Instead they basked in the glow of each other. They took love and comfort in the maddening symphony that their slick bodies created. Each sigh was an adagio, each bellow a crescendo.

Still, to Abbie, no sound was more musical than that of the steady beating of Ichabod’s heart. Each night, Abbie would lay with her ear to his chest, listening to the tell tale thump-thump of its beat .Each night, she’d whisper I love you and make promises they both knew would never be kept. It was their routine until that last night.

No words were spoken. What could they say that hadn’t already been said? Ichabod had held her and kissed her. He left his mark on every inch of flesh until Abbie was sure he was branded on her forever more. They lay together after, cradled in each other’s arms, tears falling silently from their eyes. There wasn’t enough time!

Abbie didn’t dare to look at the clock. She simply laid her head on his chest, whispering I love you over, and over and over again. She listened to the steady beating of his heart as she poured hers out to him, until his heart beat no more. She clung to him, pulling him closer and willing him to come back to her even though she knew he never would.

Weeks flashed by in a blur of black and grey. There was nothing; no color and no music. Even the pulsing of her own heart was drowned out by the oppressive weight of nothingness that threatened to suffocate her. Wave after crashing wave of tuneless existence washed over every single day since she’d lost Ichabod.

Abbie thought she’d never been the same. Every day was a soundless, gaping void until one day it wasn’t. That one day Abbie felt different. It took just one day for color to seep back into her life. Just as quickly as her whole world had been shattered, it was put back together. All it took, was the tell tale thump-thump that hit her ears as the wand slid over her belly. Ichabod may never come back to her, but he would live on as would she through what their love had wrought.