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“Now or later, if you meet a guy whom you can be yourself around and loves you, date him.”

Day ?? - Interacting with your crush

Would you believe me if I said I drew this first out of all the prompts in the challenge? LOLOLOL I wanted to post them in order but I realized the fatesona child thing was also a prompt so… oh well. 😂😂😂


                                 and all I can do is just wait
                                    for you to come round
                                          and save me

i’ve seen a lot of people worry that the text is foreshadowing something but i don’t think it is. when i read it it felt more like a text to let us know that even has people that care about him, but that he’s not magically cured because of it

i noticed i never really draw oikawa so here he is

So I went to sleep and woke up this morning feeling a lot less angry over the Not Today situation. I still think what they did to Jin was unfair, embarrassingly so, and that he deserved better than that. Without a doubt (Whatever you think about the mv, only 1 second of individ screen time for a member of the group is just unacceptable in any MV). But I needed a bit of distance. Because this is a k-pop band. Even if I love them, it’s not something to get that upset over. (I also had a real shitty day yesterday–someone keeps stealing my food.)

But I think the outrage was probably big enough that BigHit would have heard it, and well there’s not a lot that we can do anyway. Just hope that he will have fair share in the future and try to love on him as best we can. I don’t want Jin to feel guilty or uncomfortable for all this, I’m sure he has his own feelings and thoughts about it and we can’t know what happened behind the scenes. A win for BTS is a win for Jin, at the end of the day. 

Rather than let this divide the fandom, I hope that it’s a reminder to love our dorky, pun-wielding foodie sweetheart hyung Jin and show him as much love as you can, so he can hear about our support for him, rather than our fights with bighit or ourselves (or other fandoms). 

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i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up


sun le pukar bulleya tuhi toh yaar bulleya, parvardigar bulleya haafiz tera murshid mera

Quick short lame comic because the idea has been bugging me for hours! This is the only possible ending I can see to the upcoming episode without Jamie getting a bad heartache, and without Garnet having the need to say “Sorry but I’m already dating myself.”

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Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar

Get to know me: aesthetic post edition (◠‿◠✿)

Send me one of the following numbers and I’ll do an aesthetic post about it. You can either send me options for me to choose from or let me answer freely. The posts might have more than one answer per question :)

  1. Favorite season of the year?
  2. Favorite colors?
  3. Favorite numbers?
  4. Favorite movies?
  5. Favorite books?
  6. Favorite actors?
  7. Favorite actresses?
  8. Favorite fruits?
  9. Favorite ice creams?
  10. Favorite candies?
  11. Favorite foods?
  12. Favorite drinks?
  13. Favorite articles of clothing?
  14. Favorite artists?
  15. Favorite TV shows?
  16. Favorite pairings?
  17. Favorite sports?
  18. Favorite school subjects?
  19. Favorite hobbies?
  20. Favorite cities?
  21. Favorite holidays?
  22. Favorite animals?
  23. Favorite quotes?
  24. Favorite countries?
  25. Favorite cartoons?
  26. Favorite traits?
  27. Favorite places?
  28. Favorite scents?
  29. Favorite episodes?
  30. Favorite celebrity crushes?
  31. Favorite breakfasts?
  32. Favorite memories?
  33. Favorite board games?
  34. Favorite parts of the day?
  35. Favorite words?
  36. Favorite features on someone from the opposite/same sex?
  37. Favorite party games?
  38. Favorite historical periods?
  39. Favorite accessories?
  40. My birthday?
  41. My sign?
  42. Where I’m from?
  43. What I’d do if I won the lottery?
  44. Perfect day out?
  45. Perfect day in?
  46. Greatest skills/talents?
  47. Places I’ve been to?
  48. Places I want to go to?
  49. Hopes for the future?
  50. Ideal partner?
  51. If I could live anywhere, where would it be?
  52. Objects I can’t live without?
  53. What I wanted to be when I grew up?
  54. Languages I speak/understand?
  55. Dream job?
  56. Lucky items, objects or traditions?
  57. Superstitions?
  58. Things I’d like to learn?
  59. Harry Potter house?
  60. Ideal date?
  61. Introvert or extrovert?
  62. Someone people mistake me for?
  63. Things that make me smile?
  64. Things that make me cry?
  65. Things that make me angry?
  66. Things that make me laugh?
  67. Fictional characters I’d wish were real?
  68. My country?
  69. Piercings/tattoos?
  70. Things I’m proud of?
  71. What I see myself doing in one year?
  72. What I see myself doing in five years?
  73. What I see myself doing in ten years?
  74. My personality?
  75. What my name means?

Feel free to add to this.


hs yearbook: itstheaqueen asked the 100 + best bromance

Which side will you choose?

It’s hard being a small time artist on tumblr sometimes. Especially when most of your followers are mostly in it for the fandom/shit posts. 

On one hand, you want to show people what you’ve done and be proud of your accomplishments and improvements. On the other hand, since most people don’t end up seeing/liking the art anyway you end up not reblogging it as much as you want because you feel like you’re just annoying everyone.

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Mumbling about NiGHTS again sorry don’t mind me

If we ever (well, WHEN WE) get another NiGHTS game, I would really like it if one of the nightmare fuels for a visitor was grieving/mourning.


Take it from me. Mourning is horrible. And the dreams/nightsmares that can come with it are no picnic. Some I’ve had when in my dark times still haunt me to this day. I just…I dunno I think it would be interesting to see how night dimension creatures (especially NiGHTS) handle death in the real world. I think it would serve a challenge for NiGHTS especially. ESPECIALLY if they decide to sacrifice themselves. Said visitor would have a true reason to refuse NiGHTS’ wish. All that guilt they would have during sad times. Why go through it all over again? “We need to protect your dreams.” “…Why would you teach me to be strong and to be kind to myself if you’re having me kill you too?”

…oh…..OH GOD that’s dark and now I’m sad and thinking of all sorts

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books I love (2/?): Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle

“You should avoid seeing too much of yourself anywhere: in the outside world, in others, in the imagined worlds that give you shelter.”