it's even better than i imagined

Thank you @mi-dispiace for such a beautiful comission piece!!! I seriously cannot thank you enough for making this scene from my Mabel’s Mind Palace fic a reality. I especially love the necklaces, they’re even better than how I imagined them. This entire picture is just perfect, so thank you very very very much!

Go request a commission here if you want something as awesome as this.

Plus this bonus picture xD




sun le pukar bulleya tuhi toh yaar bulleya, parvardigar bulleya haafiz tera murshid mera

I just want to talk about how close the lightwood siblings are. alec, izzy and jace know each other better than anyone. they don’t even need words to communicate with each other. they fight effortlessly next to each other, because they know the way each other move, they know who goes where, they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. can you imagine how much time it took them to get like that? all the late night training, the accidental injuries that caused them to not leave each other’s side for hours out of worry and fear. fears, another thing that they know about each other. can you imagine the silent communication made between them whenever jace used to flinch back from someone yelling or the way izzy and alec would tense up whenever their parents told them they’re not good enough . imagine how they’d instantly get each other out of there. they know what each other is thinking and have so many inside jokes. the smirks that are passed between them whenever something reminds them of a joke from when they were kids. the looks of boredom whenever they’re in a meeting. the amusement dancing in their eyes when someone doesn’t understand what the hell the three of them are laughing about. imagine all the times they stayed up together for no other reason than to just spend time together. imagine them sneaking max into their room because it’s not fair he’s left out. imagine them passing on their wisdom and inside jokes to max. imagine people being so intimidated by alec, jace and izzy because it’s scary how well they know each other, scary how close they are. imagine in a few years time, when max is older, how much stronger the lightwood kids will be, how much stronger their bond will be. how nothing will ever get past the four of them.

Not Even Two out of Three

I got carried away as usual. It’s playing in the same sandbox as this, but it can be enjoyed on its own, I think. Smut. x.

It was the sangria that had possessed him to convince you that his eyes and his dimples were better than anyone else’s and that two out of three was more than good enough. It was the sangria that had possessed him to kiss, and bite, and pry his way in between your legs and to grind you both to orgasms that he still plays over in his head (he still hears you when he’s pulling on his dick and he can still imagine how tightly you must have clenched and what that would have felt like).

If it was sangria that got him that far, it was the mojitos that had compelled him to sidle up next to you and to put his hand on your thigh. He’s always handsy when he’s pissed – he always likes a good cuddle, whether it’s a lad or a girl – but the way his pinky is all but buried in the crease between your thigh and your pelvis is new. He leans on you a little more and he drags his nose along the edge of your jaw, and he enjoys the way you grip your glass just a little tighter.

You’re trying so very, very hard to ignore him. He doesn’t mean it; he’s just pissed.

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cat ive been feeling down lately and honestly these days its getting more frequent and its starting to scare me cause sometimes if feel sad and other times nothing i dont know how long i can keep smiling to feel better but i feel like if i say something about it than i cant keep it up

don’t worry,pal ovo ive been having those kinds of days too and even if i may sound cheery today

i suffer-

uvu but its okay

don’t let the bad days bother you

just think about the good things about that day and why its a good day instead of thinking about why its a bad day 

sadness is a normal emotion and its great that you have it ovo imagine

without sadness

would you honestly be able to enjoy happiness at its fullest?

imagine having sad days for a long time

then imagine suddenly being hit with happiness

now that would be one hell of a great day-

so keep fighting for that good day,alright? ovo you can do it,my champ


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if you dont mind me asking who are your inspirations for starting this blog or even writing? its okay if you dont want to answer! btw i love your blog, its amazing <3

There are many people and blogs who gave me inspiration to create this blog. But I guess the few main ones would be @redhoodshood @batfamily-imagines @colormemeow and @maruthor They all are amazing writers (far better than I’ll ever be tbh) and uh, yeah!

I’m so excited at the thought of finally having some independence? Even if I’m getting too hyped up about Flour’s training, even if we still have things to work on (surely there will be some things), just knowing that I’ll probably be able to go back to school soon for the first time in 5 years… I might be able to travel on my own and visit my best friend in the city? I can get a job hopefully!!! Even just being able to go off on my own when at a store with somebody is an accomplishment and feels amazing. I’ve already felt what it’s like to not have to be so worried about people coming too close to me, he’s helped me stand properly in checkout lines instead of with my back awkwardly against the nearest shelf but somehow still in line. That was scary to trust him to do but he did great and it felt awesome. And that was just a small taste of normalcy and now I’m starting to imagine it full scale and I’m just…. This is so exciting and sometimes it makes me feel like I’m gonna cry. I’m super tired rn so maybe this didn’t all make sense but. Ahh

awww anon! i hope you’re better ;A;

Genji - He always tries to start a cuddling session with his s/o anytime they have any sort of free time. Reading a book? Except Genji to crawl into s/o’s arms or wrap his arms around s/o, his head on s/o’s shoulder. Sleeping? He will somehow get into s/o arms, being the little spoon with his head under s/o’s chin even if s/o is shorter than him. His jokes usually comes after a moment of silence between him and his s/o. They involve what had happened today to the both of them to get a laugh after a long and hard day. The occasional dragon pun followed by an impression of Hanzo or maybe just another one of their friends gets him all giggly as he keeps going on with everything he has, smiling when he sees his s/o’s smile. 

The illegitimate son of the king of the demon world, the broken vampire prince Kino (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

“Isn’t this even better than I imagined? Your blood’s the best.“

Karlheinz’s illegitimate child, born in a remote region of the demon world. For the sake of a certain goal, he plans the destruction/ruination of vampires. A natural airhead and a selfish/willful prince who thinks that people doing things for him is a matter of course.

Species: Vampire
School Year: 3rd year
Age: 17
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Konpeito
Hobby: Smart phone games/mobage

minor?? spoilers?? i guess? the minorest. breath of the wild is better than i remember oot being even the first time i played it, which is to say, it has instilled in me a wonder and an ardor i havent felt since i was a child

like you can play with this game, and imagine “play” italicized. you can use time stop to build momentum on boulders and climb on those boulders and go flying. you can hold a chicken while enemies hit you and they will aggro the chicken into getting its pals to attack it. you can make boxes and shit fly with you on it!! using balloons!!!

it feels FULL, it feels like a world. all my worries about having a giant empty map were washed away when i found a disappearing yellow flower leading me across a river, or the first time i climbed a mountain to find a horrible boss lurking there, or the first time i rescued strangers from monsters, or hell even when i wander places that are filled with guardians & i have to use literally all my wits to sneak through.

idk i love it. i love it a lot. im so glad i avoided looking at ANYTHING gameplay related because it is a fucking experience

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I also really appreciate the way you made tench's controlling nature more,,, subtle? like, when people think of abuse they usually imagine someone being super violent all of the time, but even just being manipulative is enough of a sign and a single fucking incident-- in this case, the bruise on the wrist-- is more than enough, and any violence however small is unacceptable. its such a good point to drive home.

Exactly. I didn’t want him to make this giant monster but I basically want to point out that Tench isn’t made to be in relationships. He is much better alone and Eliza deserves much better.

You know, when I made that post about it being okay that Danny is white in Iron Fist I expected some pretty bad responses, but I didn’t expect stuff like “It’s racist because Danny is better at Asian culture than Asians.” (Only slightly paraphrasing) Do you people even realize what you’re typing?

If Danny was casted as any other race you all would be applauding the show and demanding that it should win every award imaginable for its progressive ideals.

Faux outrage isn’t a good color on you, yet again many of these people have previously lashed out at shows for not having enough LGBTQAAIPetc. characters. It’s a TV show, no one is forcing you to watch it, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. (If you are being forced to watch something against your will you should probably contact the authorities because that’s not legal.)

If you think there aren’t enough stories written today to your liking then write them yourself. Without infringing on copyright laws of course. Unless you don’t actually have the creativity to create your own characters then maybe you’re not the right authority to criticize it in the first place. Writing is an art form, and like all art “if you don’t get it then it’s not for you.”

Thank you for taking your time to read my opinion, and of course remember to reblog it angerly criticizing my opinion because it matters to you for some reason or another. As if typing in caps and adding Beyoncé gifs from your bedroom is going to have an effect.

Just a hook up.

Requested:hey can you do one where calum flirts with you at a meet and greet and things get heated after words?!” (I changed this up a bit)

Standing in line of a 5sos M&G you pushed your boobs together to make them look better for the photo. You were wearing a army green lace up body suit, with a dark blue skinnies that showed off your ass perfectly. The line moved, and you were getting closer and closer to the boys by the minute. You quickly teased your hair before security let you through to see them. They all greeted you and your friend with big smiles, you turned to look at Calum who you noticed was looking you up. Your friend took her spot next to Ashton and Michael, so you decided to stand between Luke and Calum. Before the picture was taken, Calum leaned over and whispered in your ear. “You look incredible.” You could feel your cheeks heat up from his subtle compliment. Your heart began to race as Calum’s hand moved a little south, gripping onto your ass making you jump. He had the biggest smile on his face as the picture was taken. A few more were taken before he finally removed his hand; “what’s your name sweet cheeks?” He asked before security asked you and your friend to move out of the way. “Y/n” you told him. “Y/n.” He repeated. Dave came and moved you guys to the side, and Calum leaned over to whisper to him. Pointing into your direction your heart sank, “what’s wrong?” Your friend asked, “I think Calum wants me to be his groupie for the night.” You said jokingly. Dave walked over to you, “which one of you is y/n?” He asked, “I am…” You mumbled. “Calum wants to know if you want to hang out after this is done.” You bit your lip and looked over to the golden boy whose arm was around another girl. “If you don’t take up the offer I’m not talking to you again.” Your friend said. You let out a sigh and shook your head at her comment, “yeah I guess, why not?” Dave escorted your friend out of the room, and brought you to 5sos’s dressing room. You took a seat, on the leather sofa and crossed your legs. Nerves started getting to you, so your instinct was to text your friend. She basically just laughed at you, and made you realize this won’t be that bad.

30 minutes have passed and you heard a group of boys laughter down the hall, your heart began to beat faster as the door opened it dropped. Calum locked eyes with you, and gave you a quick smirk. Taking a seat next to you he leaned into your ear, “thank you.” He mumbled his eyes looking down at your chest. The rest of the boys introduced themselves properly and you talked for a bit. But it didn’t seem to last long, it seemed like Calum was signally them to leave. They eventually all left leaving you and Calum alone on the couch, “okay so how does this play out?” You asked, Calum frowned his eyebrows. “How does what play out?” He asked. “You’ve been looking me up for the past hour, and honestly it’s a turn on so when are we gonna…” Calum just laughed, “Sweetheart, I would never fuck you here. That’s why we have hotel rooms.” He got up from next to you, and turned raising his eyebrow. “Well you coming? If you don’t want to do anything it’s completely understandable.” He said reassuring you it’s okay to say ‘no’. You stood up, “lead the way.” You said giving him a smile, giving you a quick smirk he pulled out his phone and called his uber.

The whole ride to the hotel Calum’s hand was resting on your thigh. Rubbing his thumb against it, you two talked about random shit to pass the time. You’ve never seen someone’s smile as genuine as his when you made him laugh. The way his eyes lit up over something stupid you did today relaxed you. The uber stopped in front of the hotel, and Calum handed him cash. You followed Calum out of the car, and walked up to the hotel door and he held the door open the door for you. “Aww what a gentleman.” You said, “haha don’t get use to it.” He said back smacking your ass as you walked in. The two of you made your way to the elevator, he pressed the up button and the doors open. Your heart began to race, at the thought of the things that will go on once you make it to his room. He pressed the button with a 16 on it, and the elevator doors closed. Once you lost sight of the lobby, his hands gripped onto your waist and pushed you against the wall. His lips connected to yours, and he pressed his crotch against yours. He bit down on your lip and moved down to your neck, leaving sloppy kisses. Lightly sucking on the sensitive spot right under your jaw, making a light a moan escape your lips. You heard a ding and Calum pulled away, giving you a smile. He turned around and walked out the door, biting on your bottom lip you happily followed him.

You stood in front of the room door, and he slid the key into the lock. The green light flashed, and it made a clicking sound. His hand wrapped around the Handle opening up the door. To your surprise the room was spotless, “expecting company?” You questioned raising an eyebrow. “Well I have some don’t I?” He said removing his jacket. You kicked off your shoes and sat on the edge of the bed, just taking it all in. Calum walked over to you and lightly pushed you onto the bed, so he was now hovering you. You couldn’t help but giggle, “you think this is funny sweetheart?” You shook your head. Calum’s eyes were a darker shade of brown, but before you could do anything his lips were on yours again. The taste of tobacco, and spearmint made him irresponsible, your hands found there way to be back of Calum’s head, and you lightly pulled on his hair making him let out a small moan into your mouth and you couldn’t help but giggle. Calum stood up, and grabbed the back his shirt removing it, revealing his gorgeous brown body. You ran your fingers over the light abs he had making goosebumps appear on his skin. He cupped his hands around your breast and slowly moved his hands down your body making you squirm. He unbuckled your jeans, “up.” He demanded. You lifted up your ass so he could slide the fabric off your body, leaving you in just your body suit. He ran his hands up your bare thighs, and over your hips gripping them tight. He pulled you closer to his crotch, you could feel his hard on through his jeans. “You know, for a quick fuck your being a gentlemen.” Calum bit down his lip, “I want you to remember how amazing, that “quick fuck” was tomorrow.“ A chill went down your spine at those words, he rubbed his thumbs against your hips bones and rubbed his crotch against your throbbing core more. He kelt down between your thighs and gently ran his finger over the fabric between your thighs. “Who made you this wet?” He asked looking up at you. “You did…” You mumbled, calum pressed harder. “Who?” “Fuck calum you did this.” He let out a small chuckle, and unbuttoned the bottoms and looped his fingers around the waist band of your underwear. Pulling it down painfully slow, the instant cool air hitting your core made you shift in your spot. “Calum, please.” You practically begged for his touch. He took two of his fingers running them up your slit, making chills go up your spine. “Don’t tease me!” You whined, calum let out a small chuckle and moved in closer, moving his tongue up your slit and stopping at your clit wrapping his plump lips around it. Lighting sucking on it, he swirled his tongue in slow painful circles making you grip onto you hair and pull. He let out a moan, but spend up his pace. He took one of his fingers and without warning forced two of them inside you. You let out a loud whimper at the sudden burst of pleasure. Calum let you adjust to his fingers, before he began pumping in and out of you curling his fingers to hit the spot you desired the most. Your let out a loud moan and he sped up the pace but his lips didn’t stop sucking on nub of nerves. “Fuck calum I’m gonna cum!” You yelled and Calum removed his mouth, “already baby girl? We’re just getting started.” He said frowning his eyebrows he kissed your lower stomach and moved his thumb over your clit and rubbed it as his fingers kept a steady pace. His lips moved up your body tranquilizing your movements, the way he was making you feel was the last thing you expected from a quick fuck. Trailing up your collarbones, he began to nip on your neck. Once you let out a soft moan, he laughed against your skin knowing he found your sweet spot. He sucked down on your soft skin, hard enough that the hickey would be there for a few days. Your hands went to the back of his head, “CALUM FUCK!” You yelled he, removed his fingers from you and his lips from your neck. He moved his fingers to his lips and sucked off your juices. He Palmed himself through his jeans at his very noticeable erection, placing his hands on your hips he slowly began to move your body suit off your body. Leaving you completely exposed.

He ran his hand down your body, his calloused finger tips tickling your skin. His touch became extra gentle as he rubbed his hand over your stomach feeling the marks on your skin. You could feel your face heat up, and he leaned down to kiss your stomach. “Your fucking beautiful.” He mumbled against your skin, Calum stood back up and unbuckled his belt. You got up and crawled over to you, getting on the floor on your knees. “May I?” You asked, Calum swallowed hard and you pulled down his jeans really slow. You kissed his hard on through his briefs, and ran your hand over it. You felt him twitch under your touch and you couldn’t help but giggle. “Someone’s excited.” You joked, “oh shut up Y/n” he mumbled. You slowly pulled down his boxers, made a stumble of moans and “fucks” escape Calum’s lips. Removing them completely, you took him in your hand and gave him a few light pumps. “Don’t fucking tease me.” He said looking down at you. You made eye contact and just smiled, wrapping your lips around the tip of his throbbing cock swirling your tongue on him he let out a loud raspy moan. “Fuck y/n I need your mouth.” You moved down his length, taking as much as him you could. Hitting the back of your throat gagging Calum moaned barely got out, “you like my cock shoved down your throat? Like the filthy whore you are.” You moaned in response and he gripped your hair into a pony tail, guiding you on him. You hollowed out your cheeks and played with his balls, as he made you pick up the pace hitting the back of your throat nearly every time. Loud moans escaped his lips, looking up at the beautiful boy above you his lips were parted his chest was rising heavily, his head was leaned back and eyes closed tightly. “Fuck y/n you feel so good around my cock.” He moaned, he twitched and you pulled away from him. Wiping your lips, Calum eyes shot open. Looping his finger under your chin, he pulled you up to his lips. Cupping your face in his hand he pressed his soft lips against yours stepping out of his pants his hands made there way to your chest. Pinching your sensitive nipples. You let out a small moan into his mouth and he let out a chuckle against your lips. “Bend over for me sweetheart.” You bit your bottom lip, and climbed back onto the bed. You bent over your ass high in the air, Calum kneeled behind you and rubbed his tip against your slit making your body shake. His hand came in contact with your bare ass, making a loud smack and his hand rubbed the now sensitive skin. He smacked your ass against making you whimper, pushing your ass against him hoping for entrance. He took both of his hands and spread your cheeks, before forcing himself in you. Not letting you adjust he began thrusting into you hard. Your face fell to the bed and your hands gripped the sheets. Calum’s hands gripped onto your hips tightly, possibly leaving bruises. The only sounds heard were the moans and whimpers escaping both of your lips, and the smacking of your skin together. Calum wrapped his hand in your hair, and pulled you up against him. His hand now around your throat he turned your head so his lips could reach yours. He picked up the pace, as he bit down on your bottom lip. His free hand moving to the front of you rubbing your clit at just of fast of pace. Your stomach tightened, and your thighs began to shake. “Calum I’m so-” you said against him. “Cum for me baby, cum all over my cock.” He demanded. He hit your g spot one last time and your body shook and you came undone all over Calum, he rode out your wave and you fell against the mattress. He let out a few more grunts and pulled out of you, giving himself a few more pumps you felt his white sticky liquid hit your lower back and ass. You couldn’t do it, you collapsed fully on the bed, and Calum got up from behind you.

Walking into the bathroom, you heard the water run, Calum came back in underwear and a wash cloth. “Here let me clean you up.” He said taking the warm cloth, wiping down your inner thighs and getting his mess off your backside. He set it down on the table and pulled out a hoodie from his suitcase and a pair of basketball shorts, “here, should get dressed.” He handed you his clothes and you slid them over sized clothes on you. “Aren’t I suppose to leave?” You said barely being able to sit up. “Usually, but I actually like you.” He said helping you up. “Come on you need sleep, I’ll bring you home tomorrow morning.” He said helping you get under the warm covers. He got in the bed next to you and wrapped his arm around your shoulder, and played with the strands of your hair. You two talked for hours on out full of laughs and smiles until soon those words turned into snores. Falling asleep on Calum Hood’s chest was the last thing you expected from a hook up.

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better ✨ (christ, 20 people?? i aint even close to knowing more than 10 people (that i regularly talk to) on tumblr.

tagged by @bostonfireflies

a - age: 16
b - birthplace: pasig city, i think
c- current time: 9:12 am
d - drink you last had: water
e - easiest person to talk to: my beautiful awesome amazing friend kirk, 10/10 would recommend. but tbh most of my friends are easy to talk to :0.
f - favourite song: rn its believer - imagine dragons
g- grossest memory: being born
h - horror yes or horror no: or
i - in love?: with jane crocker 😍😍
j - jealous of people?: tbh no
k - killed someone?: oh no u caught me
l - love at first sight or should i walk by again: like, cry in front of them
m - middle name: yzabel
n - number of siblings: 2
o - one wish: to finish all my projects and pass 🙏🙏🙏
p - person you called last: my sister?
q - question you’re always asked: lately its “are you okay” and idk how to feel abt that BAHAHHA
r - reason to smile: tracer is a lesbian
s - song you sang last: All my friends are creepers they explode
t - time you woke up: 6:20 am
u - underwear colour: uh, idk pastel colors??
v - vacation destination: Baguio! its cold there.
w - worst habit: drawing and not doing things i need to do
x - x-rays: yes.
y - your favourite food: idk pasta from yellow cab
z - zodiac sign: virgo

tag 20 (3) blogs you wanna get to know better:
@acrylyxx @butterlegos @humbella

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=D Hell yea!!!! Trousers!! #dreamscometrue#. I have been waiting for her to wear a trousers look to a carpet event and its finally happened!!

Haha, same! Always wanted her to wear something like this and it looked even better than I imagined! 

**using an example of Toaster.


OOP In JavaScript is little bit different than other programming languages.This small example explains the terms Encapsulation.

All in JavaScript are objects, even the function is the object,

in most OOP programming languages is better know as Classes (self-contained pieces of code to develop applications).

I guess, if you want to oversimplify it like that. Let’s imagine a toaster. Toaster has a timer, and the start/stop buttons. But we cann’t affect to the toaster power consumption and the strength of the spring that pushes the bread out of the toaster - its default values. In this case Encapsulation - hiding implementation power consumption and the strength of the spring for the users.

**As for real example: ** _ _

//My Class - is object constructor with method and properties
_var MyClass = function () {_
    // hidden method
_    var privateMethod = function () {_
_        console.log("Hidden method");_
_    }; _
    // when we use key word ‘this’ -visible method, and can use outside object scope
//in this case we use hidden/local method inside visible method of the object

    this.publicMethod = function () {
        console.log("visible method");
//create an Object with MyClass constructor
var obj = new MyClass();

//we can not implement this part of code, cause privetMethod hidden for global scope.