it's enough to make any girl happy

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people are fickle and shallow, be with someone who doesn't replace you like that, people like that will suffer some day.

i actually totally disagree. people who move on quickly are just looking for happiness. come on, getting to know someone feels good, especially in its early stages. if a person “replaces” you it’s because you left a hole in their chest big enough to need replacing. you can question the realness of it, but why? i know that i am and have always been a sad sap who romanticizes the connections he has with people, someone who falls in love with girls he had one night stands with. all they have to do is fucking hold me after. how does that make my love any more authentic? it doesn’t. its the same desperate search for something that makes you feel whole.

losing someone like that doesn’t hurt because you lost something real, it hurts because you’re forced to come to terms with the fact that, surprise, almost nothing is. it’s being reminded that love is fleeting, and it can be felt in so many different ways with so many different people, and we forget that every time we fall into it. 

by the end of it all maybe, just maybe, you’ll have experienced an okay relationship where you got to laugh and cry and cum and be the truest, most human version of yourself in the presence of another person. don’t shame the people who are hungry for that all over again. 

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Hi! So I came out as bi this year(im a girl) and honestly I don't think I've ever felt more comfortable and happy with myself. Any advice on how to get more confident about this? Like enough to talk to other girls? Also, I wanna go to the Pride Parade in Chicago this year(its next month) and I'm kinda nervous about it because I heard not a lot of gay people actually accept bi as part of the community and I'm afraid I'll feel out of place or someone will say something mean. Help me! ❤💜💙

So…. biphobic people on tumblr can be very loud and make it seem like most gay people are biphobic and tbh - I’ve made the experience that in reality that’s not the case. A lot of them are supportive and there’s a huge solidarity between lesbians and bi women.

You could also ask a friend to come with you, so you’re not alone there in case anyone is being a dickhead. But from what I’ve seen at my local Pride (Berlin) it’s a super fun event. It’s obviously political as well but most people are in party mode and happy!

What you could also do is check if there’s a bi group in Chicago and if they participate in Pride - then you could ask to join them and be around other bi people.

And generally I’d say: make more queer friends. That helps a lot in getting more confident about your sexuality.



Happy Diwali 🎉🔥
Taken from mums 6plus that doesn’t white wash unlike my huawei. Now being truthful whenever I take pictures on this camera I don’t feel as happy with the result as my whitewashed huawei camera. As for some reason I feel to scared to post pictures where my true darker skin is more evident. I know its bad cause I only feel this way about myself, when I see other amazing people embracing their colour it brings me happiness but for some reason its not enough to change that voice in my headsaying nah you look pretty ugly like that though. I’m not saying this for any “pittyness” or “compliments” its just truly how I feel and I want to finally let it out. Yes campaigns like unfair and lovely make me have slight more confidence and its amazing to see more people embrace their own skin but for me idk its taking me a while. I can’t help but still feel/think “I wish I was fairer to be pretty”

If My Pillow Could Speak

If you talked with my pillow
It would tell you my dreams
And what I think about right before I fall asleep

You’d find out
I miss my childhood
So I visit it often
Building sand castles and catching bugs

You’d learn my for love animals
Feeling calm in the presence of puppies
Stopping traffic for any squirrel

And you’d know that I would sell my soul
To touch the clouds just once

But most of all
You’d know about her

You’d know
I met her on a Tuesday
First kissed her on a Wednesday
And fell in love with her someday in between

You’d know
She has eyes like the ocean
And in my dreams I do back strokes
Feeling waves crash against my chest each time she looks my way

You’d know
She has a smile that could cure a bad day
Lips that can tie my stomach in knots
And a laugh that has a way of making everything feel better

You’d know
I love the face she makes when she thinks
The kind words she uses every time she speaks
And the beauty she shares in all the art the creates

My pillow would explain how I want to feel what she feels
Her happy and her sad
So in my dreams I kiss her palms
Because then I am able to be in all she touches

My pillow would be able to tell you
That my wish is to explore with her
So I dream of adventures
I take us to mountains
To waters
To buildings
I show her every beautiful place
That has a way of reminding me of her

My pillow would complain about getting squeezed too tight on the nights shes away
And rant about the tears its felt
When “I miss you” are the only three words I manage to say

My pillow would know
That she makes me happy
Unlike any happy I’ve ever felt before

Its’s the
Wake up early just to see her
Type of happy
The go to bed late because I can’t get enough of her
Type of happy
And the unable to sleep because she’s all I think about
Type of happy


Talking with my pillow
You’d also know
I don’t dream of her as often as you may think

This is because
I am too busy discovering
What I already have

A girl I couldn’t even imagine
In my wildest of dreams