it's embarrassing to watch

The8 pulling Jun back to make way for Seungkwan.


I love watching this kind of video. And the boatsex reaction is pretty funny.

That girl is my spirit animal

i got my brother a poster of mcree and hanzo at anime expo bc he ships mchanzo but i made sure it wasnt too shippy bc i didnt want him to be embarrassed to hang it up

but im listening to him play right now and he just said into his headset ‘yeah my sister brought me home a mchanzo poster from anime expo, frickin sweet’ 

7 minutes in heaven au with a twist where even is dared by the balloon squad to read the script of the bee movie when he goes in and so the bottle falls on him and this really cute, possibly tipsy boy and even looks at his friends pleading but they just shake their heads, laughing so with a deep sigh even stands up and follows isak inside the room. he closes the door slowly, counting down in his head then he turns around, gets his phone out and looks isak straight in the eyes before just. “according to all known laws of aviation….” and isak is so fuckin confused, he’s just standing there and wonders if he’s smoked too much weed. then when even gets to the yellow, black part, his cheeks a shade of red, thinking about the minutes he’s wasting when he could have his lips against the boy’s, isak starts laughing with a frown and even messes up a few times too distracted by his laugh. and he literally just. reads the script for 7 whole minutes. and its possibly the most embarrassed even has been and he sees isak watch him as the balloon squad high fives him and each other, and he gives isak an apologetic smile and shrug, which earns him a grin. then half an hour later even is in the kitchen standing against the counter, sipping on his beer, scrolling through his phone when somebody slips next to him and “are u trying to memorize the bee script” and even looks up with wide eyes and they both chuckle, “sorry my friends.. they dared me to do it” and isak opens a beer for himself, “and here i was thinking its your flirting technique” and even raises an eyebrow at him, “well.. did it work?” and isak takes a sip and thinks about his answer a little, “bee’s dont really do it for me,” then smirks, “im more into d’s” and even nearly drops his beer, then isak is wiggling his eyebrows at even ,who is rolling his eyes with a grin. and not long after evens “well i dont have a script for that but i can always improvise” theyre stumbling into isaks flat making out

not to be that kind of person but becoming a jongdae stan is, hands down, the best decision I’ve ever taken in entire life. you get the whole package; a striking visual with an endearing personality and an unparalleled talent. truly an exceptional man 🌹


David Tennant tries to get someone laid and fails

  • Date: so what do you like to do in your free time?
  • Me: *blushes and plays with hair* well it's kind of embarrassing.
  • Date: I mean as long as it's not watching anime it can't be too bad right?
  • Me: *shoving breadsticks into purse* sorry I have to go.


I’ll also assume her subconscious is assigning everybody’s titles. Obviously I enjoy not only “Passion Flame” for Rei, but how Ami (and I presume everyone) are doing a “Fire Soul” pose in the background. But I love “Genius the Veil” even more. Not only because as a sentence in and of itself it makes little sense, but as an idea.

Ami’s so smart the very idea of how smart she is is behind a veil and unknowable to Usagi. GENIUS THE VEIL