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gonna be super gross and mushy in the tags and it’s not even abt like hockey or anything lmao literally don’t read them i’m such an emotional mess it’s embarrassing

A Tale of Ink (McCree x Reader/ Reaper x Reader/ Soldier 76 x Reader)

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“Whatcha got there?” He asked as they pulled their sweater off and then looked at the long tattoo on their forearm and a wash of guilt washed over them. “It’s something that is a constant reminder.” They say as they get ready to go shower as he follows them, wanting to full story. “When I was younger, I made a stupid mistake and all I could do was keep screwing up. I put this on my forearm because it reminded me that someday, I will know why I was meant to be here.” they sigh as they run the water and he holds them from behind before they could strip anymore clothing off. “Want to know something, you make mistakes to grow but this beautiful piece of art, it not only serves a reminder for you but it makes me want to be stronger for you too. So this way when you have a down day, I can be there for you.” He smiles as he kisses them as the reply with an eager kiss back. This is what they needed, to know that they won’t be alone during the worst day of their life.

“Shall we make some sin before we get you cleaned?” He smiled as for the first time in their life, the art on their arm was exactly right…As Mr. Johnny Cash says: ‘Life is rough so you gotta be tough’


‘Dying is Easy…Living is a Challenge’…Those words hurt more than most realize. After the death of a close friend, they could only look at the mirror and cry. Reaper saw this and was confused by it but what was the most confusing was the words that had been inked into their skin. “What is this, amado?” He asked as they looked at their arm and then back up at him. They didn’t want to tell him about the nights where they wanted to be with their best friend but could not bring themselves to do it because they didn’t want to leave his side. “Gabe, do you remember about my close friend that died…they committed suicide and I blame myself for not helping them.” was what was whispered as he holds them in his arms, letting them cry.

He knows what it is like to lose someone but to lose someone by that account, that hurts worse than anything else. “Then why do you have these words on your arm?” He asks as they look down he makes them look at him. “Tell me” He urges and then in clicks with him as he holds them, telling them that life is hard but his would be impossible with them. He would do whatever it takes to make them smile again because he loves them that much. Every day from then on, he told you that you mattered to him at least once a day.

Soldier 76-

“I didn’t know you had a tattoo sweetheart.” they hear from behind them as they look down and felt some sadness come back into their heart. “What does it say?” He asks as he looks at it as they reply. “Memento Vivere…its Latin.” He looked at it as he asked what it means before he realized that they were shaking and looked at them, seeing that they looked either nervous or maybe embarrassed. “No needed to be upset because I saw your tattoo, I love it.” he says as he sees them holding their arm and holds them since no one was around. “Is everything ok?” he asks once again as they shake their head. “Jack, I have something to confess…I am the child of a once strong leader in an army…I turned away from him because I was hurt so much that I lost so much time with him.”

Soldier held them as he listened to their tearful confession because he did not think that they were that secretive but nodded to them to continue. “I returned eventually and I remember that growing up, he had a tattoo on his hands that said Memento Mori…meaning Remember that you must die.” Soldier froze as they continued. “He wanted to protect the world so he said that was to help him remember that he has to keep going with the mission but…he was killed by the enemy and left me alone.” He holds them and remembers that their words do not match their fathers. “Wait, then what does yours say?” He asks as he tries to remember anything to help him understand the old language on their arm.

“Jack, this is my reminder to not waste another day, to progress with the mission and now with you by my side, I can do that.” He smiles as he holds them but in the back of their minds, they still remember their Father’s sweet words the final time they spoke. “Remember these words, my child…‘Memento Vivere’…Remember to Live, my sweet child.”

(Sorry some are short and some are long but I have plans to get the Memento Vivere tattoo soon and that is a story that goes with my all time favorite band. Thanks again!!!)

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RFA reacts to you cooking and humming/singing a random Disney song

because I had to do it – bonus points for guessing the songs

spoiler free-


  • He just comes home after work he already smells that you are cooking.
  • Its so sweet of you to cook for him.
  • He comes in and he hears you humming a melody
  • Awww so cute he tries to guess to guess what you hum.
  • He is not hundred percent sure what sing it is till you start to get really into it.
  • Well, anyway let me say you’re welcome .For the wonderful world you know
  • Zen finds it so cute that you sing like that and he really can´t help it but to giggle sightly from your cuteness.
    You notice him standing their and looking really happy so you continue on
  • Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay You’re welcome! You smile and wink at him and he comes over and kisses you.
  • He loves you so much its so cute how you randomly sing like that you never tell him that the song somehow reminded you on him.


  • He comes in to see if he can help you.
  • He hears you are humming a song thats so cute.
  • You are way to cute while cooking and then you are humming too.
  • Yoosung is really blessed to have you.
  • That is when you start to sing out loud Sha-la-la-la-la-la Don’t stop now  Don’t try to hide it how
  • You wanna kiss the girl
  • Did Yoosung just heard that right is he imaging thinks now ?
  • Well its not wrong what you are singing
  • Sha-la-la-la-la-la Float along Listen to the song The song say kiss the girl You continue on.
  • Well if the lyrics tell him to kiss you he will do it he has no choice right ?
  • So Yoosung kisses you on the cheek.
  • You are quite surprised and drop the spoon in the pot you can save it.
  • Yoosung feels awful about that but nothing really bad happened
  • You are not mad at all you find it ever nice when he kisses you.
  • Yoosung Asks you to sing some more for him and so you do.


  • She comes a bit after you home.
  • You are already cooking she comes to the kitchen and she hears you are humming a song.
  • It sounds familiar but she cant really pin it anywhere.
  • Jaehee feels really blessed that she came in while you are singing.
  • It sounds so pretty.
  • You then start singing out loudLa da la da la ahahahahah
    But if I know you I know what you do Jaehee recognizes the song right away
  • You’ll love me at once
  • Jaehee decides to join in when the prince does The way you did once upon a dream
    You are surprised but you are really happy to see her and its so cute how she joined you.
  • You not even knew that she loves that movie so much.
  • You feel happy about that you ask her if she wants to sing some more with you.
  • She agrees but first she gives you a kiss.


  • You are cooking for him.
  • He just comes in and wants to greet you.
  • You are humming something s he listens .
  • He wonders what you are humming and he thinks how cute you look with that apron on.
  • You start to sing a bit louder time is racing towards us till the huns arrive. Heed my every order and you might survive.
  • You then see Jumin and you feel a bit embarrassed.
  • “So I guess the Han did arrive hm my Love ?” Jumin is smiling at you and you turn red.
  • “Its actually H-U-N-S  but I am glad you are home.” You laugh and continue to cook.
  • “Will you finish the song for me ?” Jumin finds it really sweet how you sing while you cook.
  • “Of course my love.” You nod and finish the song for him.
  • He really loves it when you sing and cook for him it really makes him feel at home.


  • You cooking for him alone is a blessing for him.
  • Then he hears you are humming a song.
  • How does he deserves to be that happy ?
  • You then start singing A whole new world A dazzling place I never knew
    But now from way up here It’s crystal clear that now I’m in a whole new world with you.
  • You then notice him staring at you like he just discovered a new species.
  • You stop singing and smile at him you tell him that dinner is almost done.
  • He feels like he is dreaming or something he asks you to keep singing.
  • So you do he feels truly blessed.
  • He loves you so much and when you happily cook for him and sing he truly feels so happy

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Imagine Levi taking Eren back to his apartment and it turns out Zeke lives down the hall. Its really awkward when Zeke finds them aggressively making out in the hall while Levi tries to get the key in the door.

Poor Zeke just wants to be able to leave his apartment in peace. Instead he finds his younger brother and his boyfriend trying to fuck before they even reach the bed. 

Eren is so embarrassed the next time he sees him, lol. He just keeps avoiding eye contact until Zeke finally approaches the subject like, “so that’s the guy.”

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12 Komahina (*゚▽゚*)

I do, haha ! But I expected it :P

12 … successfully turning the other on

“I’m just scared that he isn’t really into me.”

Koizumi gave him a flat, bored look over her cup of tea. For once, she wasn’t doing anything, just enjoying the sun near the pool, reading a bunch of magazines published before the Tragedy ( it was so surreal to see all these smiling people on the cover, unaware that their world was about to end ) and drinking some of the darjeeling tea Kirigiri had brought with her a few weeks ago.

And because she was a nice person who couldn’t help but try to help everyone, she had accepted to hear Hinata about his problem. Though she seemed to regret that decision.

“You do realize” she replies, “that he would take a bullet for you, no question asked, right ?”

Hinata grimaced. He would argue that it wasn’t true but he couldn’t be sure that Komaeda would save his own life over Hinata’s in a situation like that. He was getting better, but Hinata would wait before testing how ‘better’ he really was. Anyway.

“That’s not… well I’m not asking him that, come on, you know what I mean.” He mumbled. “I’m wondering if he is into me like that.”

“Like that ?” Koizumi said with a reproving look. “You know what I think ? If you aren’t mature enough to pronounce the word ‘sex’, then you aren’t mature enough to have it.”

“I can say the word sex, I’m not a child.” He replied.

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I THINK WE'RE ALL FORGETTING THAT kaneki has always been a bit of pervert about boobs like rmbr when he blushed when he saw rize's??? and now he gets to EXPLORE lmao also he loves touka man its canon its fucking canon im sobbing

IKR?? Now I get some panels of past chapters where toukachan was talking with him and her boobs were..prominent in the panel..that’s because they were getting his attention too?? lol/////
love how touka asked him if he felt ticklish when kissing his chest but he was just embarrassed of how good it felt, so she went ahead and continued kissing him aaaaa they were exploring each other and knowing what felt good for them ;;/////;;

  • Summer: *Summer sat under a tree in Beacons courtyard, letting out a sigh when she heard a noise above her and looked up.* Uh? Aw.~ What a cute birdy! Come here birdy. I have a cookie for you. *Summer smiled as the black bird flew down in front of her and began to peck at the cookie.* What A good birdy... *Summer smiled before letting out a sigh.*
  • Birdy: *The bird looked up at Summer, tilting it's head and cawed.*
  • Summer: Huh? Oh I you wondering why I'm sighing?
  • Birdy: *The bird cawed again.*
  • Summer: Well it's kinda a surprise and I don't thing I should tell you. *Summer said as the bird tilted it's head the other way. She then looked around before looking back at the bird and leaned down to it.* Well if you promise not to tell anyone I'll tell you okay? Pinky promise. *Summer then held out her pinky to which the bird tapped with it's foot.* Hehehe, Good birdy. Anyway, You sees my partner really likes our teammate named Raven and asks me how he should ask her out. Now I am trying my best to help him but... you see...
  • Birdy: *Birdy tilts its head and caws.*
  • Summer: *Summer begins to blush and pull her hood over her head.* Oooooh it's too embarrassing. *Then the bird hops onto Summer's knee and uses its head to lift her hood, making her smile.* Hehehe. Thanks... I guess you want to know the secret huh?... The truth is... I don't want him to win her over. *Summer sees the bird tilt its head.* I know. I know. It's horrible of me but the thing is... I'm in love with her too. *The bird's beek drops open.* But I know Raven, Oh this her name by the way, won't feel the same way and I don't want her to hate me so I am truing to-
  • Tai: Yo Summer! Where are you!? We are going to be late for lunch!
  • Summer: Huh? Oh. Coming!. *Summer called out as she took the shocked bird and set it on the ground.* Thank you for listening to me, birdy. Just remember. This is our little secret. Bye-bye. *Summer then got up and run off to meet Tai as after a few moments the bird quickly flew away.*
  • ~~~
  • Qrow: I wonder if I could pull off a real kilt. *THUNK!* Huh? *Qrow turned to the window to find a bird smoothed against it. He then got up, walked over and then opened the bird fell in.* You okay sis?
  • Raven: *Raven transformed back t her normal self rubbing her face as she got up and quickly grabs her brother's shoulder and shakes him WITH A BURNING BLUSH.* SUMMER JUST CONFESSED HER LOVE TO ME WHEN I WAS A BIRD! SHE LOVES ME LIKE I LOVE HER!
  • Qrow: Uh... Congrats? Are you sure you didn't hit your head to hard there sis?
  • ~~~Present day~~~
  • Qrow: And that is why my Raven can't look you in the eye Rubes.
  • Raven: God damn it Qrow. I hate you so much right now.
  • Ruby: I, uh, I think I need an adult. *Qrow and Raven look at her with a raised eyebrow.* A responsible adult.
Confessions of a Teenage Sugar Queen: The Fall

This is for @zutaraweek​ Day Four: Icarus. Trigger Warning: hints of abuse

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

Is it ridiculous that I am now curled up in bed with Zuko’s sweatshirt? I’m not even wearing it, just hugging it. My brain keeps replaying this tantalizing scene—his car windows all fogged up for a much different reason. If only we had been swapping spit instead of sob stories.

Would he think me a desperate fool if I just… kissed him? After confessing about my dead mother, yes… yes, he would.

I wonder what the scar feels like.

What would Mom say? I could use a little advice here. Is it too soon? Yes. Is he even my type? No.

Jet had a tragic backstory. A small voice in the back of my mind says.

But Jet was also an amazing kisser. Says an even smaller voice.

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I'm glad you liked my best friends and a baby au. Some hcs I have for it are: 1) When they go to try for the baby Eliza is all embarrassed and making him promise to not make fun of her or laugh while meanwhile Alex is all for having sex and is like since when have you been this hot?? Like can we not get pregnant right away so we can do /this/ more? 2) Both of them crying excitedly for their little family when she's pregnant. 3) Alex insisting on sleeping on Eliza's couch so he's always there.

I am loving this AU so damn much, its the best ever

Oh yeah, I totally see Alex being like ‘hah, lucky you, you get to have sex with me” and she’s like “oh shut up, Hamilton” but they actually have a really good time and they do start doing it maybe a few more times than strictly really necessary, just to make sure of course.  Aw and Eliza calls him excitedly to tell him the news and he runs right over and hugs her so tight and spins her round and they’re super happy. And yea, Alex sleeps on the couch but after the first few weeks Eliza wants cuddles and he’s right there so she’s like “um, you could share my bed if you wanted??” 

Awkward (Poly! Relationship w/Chenhun)

Originally posted by oh-sehun

Type: Fluff

Request: Hi ! can I have a poly relationship with Chen and Sehun ? Thanks you

“So how does it work bedroom wise?” your friend asked as you and her sat on the couch. She was very aware of your polyamorous relationship with Jongdae and Sehun. “What do you mean?” Jongdae asked back “like do you guys have threesomes all the time or do you take turns or-” “well depends on the mood” Sehun says. You and Jongdae were more calm about the personal details of your relationship while Sehun answered a lot of the questions. “Do you and Chen have sex as well?” your friend pushed making Jongdae groan “he’s my boyfriend so yeah. No one is neglected by the others in the relationship” Sehun answers as he looks over at you. Jongdae wrapped his arm around you as he gave your friend a small smile.

“You do understand the relationship consists of more than sex yes?” Sehun asks her “well what else would the three of you do?” she spoke really not sure what else you guys would do. “Well we go on dates in public, we cuddle, watch movies, shower sometimes, it’s a standard relationship with an extra person. “Do you guys think you’ll get married?” she asks then “if it’s allowed then yes. We’ve been dating for like our whole adult life. Well Y/N and I have at least” Jongdae says putting his input in as he kisses your cheek. “I’ve only been with them for 2 years” Sehun says.

She made a sound “it’s weird Y/N you have two boyfriends while I have none. You’re the shy and quiet one out of the two of us” your friend whines. “Well in the bedroom its a different story” Sehun teases “shut up” you screech at him “she doesn’t need to know everything” you tell him “but it’s true” Jongdae says as you push away from him. “I love this. I am so glad I came over today” your friend says as she gets up to follow you. “You really like to embarrass her Sehun” Jongdae says as he feels Sehun wrap his arms around him. “You blushed something pretty when I mentioned us having sex” he spoke.

“We’re not going to talk about this” Jongdae says “why not?” Sehun asks “because it’s bedroom talk” Jongdae spoke. “You’re worse than Y/N at least she will talk about it when her friends aren’t around” Sehun teases. “So what? I like it being only in the bedroom” Jongdae said proudly “what about the shower? Or the kitchen?” Sehun jokes “stop it or I’m going with Y/N and her friend” Jongdae. “Wait what about the car? That was an interesting place no?” Sehun says with a laugh as Jongdae groans and gets up. “You aren’t being serious are you?” Sehun asks not getting a response from his boyfriend “I guess he was” he mumbles and shrugs before turning the tv on.

‘Haven’t you ever been in love? Been married? Had a girlfriend?’ Ian regretted the question almost as soon as it was asked. It wasn’t exactly subtle, and the Master looked at him with a vague suggestion of a sigh.
‘If I say yes, I could be lying to make you feel better, or to appeal to the human sense of the romantic. If I say no, I could be lying to avoid embarrassment. How would you know whether you could trust my answer? Love is a powerful master, Mr Chesterton, and quite ruthless in its own way. No other emotion can so completely dominate the human will, to the exclusion of all others. I am not human and nor am I one to be mastered.’
—  The Face of the Enemy, David A. McIntee
Choi Seungcheol | Highschool!AU

im not a cheerleader but the cheer team at my school does this for the football team and its the cutest!!! so i wanted to use it for this :’) also ik i just did something for s.coups but y’all wanted this so hey why not??? s.coups fits this story the best anyways LMAO. hope you guys like this!

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Enzo Amore One Shot

(Y/N) was backstage getting ready for her upcoming match putting her nervous energy to good use making sure she was properly warmed up. As (Y/N) began to do another set of push up she suddenly felt a heavy weight on her back causing her to fall to the ground. “What the…” she gasped as she heard laughter. “ENZO!! Get off of me you’re… crushing me…” (Y/N) struggled to get out from under her good friend Enzo Amore who was sitting on top of her. “What?? Why?? I was just wanting to help you warm up. One set of push ups with me sitting on your back and then one with Cass on your back. If you do that you will be sure to win your match.” Enzo rambled as he enjoyed watching (Y/N) struggle and hold back her laughter. “You have… five seconds to get off me before I smack you senseless” (Y/N) growled. “Better listen to her Enzo.” Big Cass finally spoke up after watching the whole little episode. “Fine.” Enzo sighed and finally got up. (Y/N) sprang to her feet and went to smack Enzo on the arm but he dodged her with ease an put her in a fake head lock. “You ready for tonight??” Enzo asked (Y/N) as she pretended to pass out from his hold. “Heck yeah I’m ready.” (Y/N) announced as Enzo finally let go. “That’s what we like to hear.” Big Cass ruffed up her hair. “Good luck out there you two.” (Y/N) called out as her two best friend made their way to the ring. Enzo turned around and blew her a big exaggerated kiss. 

(Y/N) couldn’t believe what she just saw. She stood still in shock her hands covering her mouth as she tried to breath. She had just watched her best friend Enzo get knocked out in his match. It was like slow motion. Him hitting his head on the apron. Him not getting up. Medics running to his aide. (Y/N) didn’t realize until stage came to her side that she had fallen to her knees. “I’m fine… I’m… I have to go with him…” (Y/N) stuttered out as she brushed the stage hand away from her. “You can’t (Y/N) you have your match right after.” “But…” “No buts… We need you out there…Get the crowds mind off Enzo… Hes going to be fine.” (Y/N) just had a blank stare on her face as the scene of horror kept playing over and over in her head.

(Y/N)’s match was a blur to her. All muscle memory no thought behind any of it. Right after the match (Y/N) ran out of the building and to her car. She had to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Enzo was all she had on her mind. At the hospital she checked her phone for the room number Cass had sent her. The elevators would only slow her down so she ran up stair case after stair case. Finally the magic numbers came into view. (Y/N) threw open the door and stormed in. What she saw paralyzed her. Enzo was pale… And laying with his hands in his lap. No machines attached to him. Dead. He was dead. “No…” (Y/N) whispered as a tear fell down her cheek. “No…” She repeated as she made her way to his bed side. She took his cold hand in hers and sank into the chair that was beside the bed. “Enzo no… I never… I don’t… I love… I love you… I have since we first met at the gym and you accidentally stole my wallet… I love you so much… I was so content on just being your friend that I never got a chance to tell you… I was scared all this time that you would reject me but now… Now you won’t know I feel to even reject… I… I…” (Y/N) buried her face in her hands and cried as hard as she could. “Hey Enzo… They didn’t have any… (Y/N)??” (Y/N) jumped and looked up to see Big Cass with two cups of coffee in his hands. “What’s wrong??” Cass asked setting down the coffees. “What’s wrong?? Enzo is…” (Y/N) turned to gestrue to Enzo as she saw him sitting there wide eyed with a bright smile. “Enzo is alived and concussed!!” Enzo announced. (Y/N) jumped out of her seat. Big Cass just stood there confused as Enzo busted out laughing. “It’s not funny!! I seriously thought you were dead!! You asshole I CONFESSED MY LOVE TO YOU JUST NOW AND YOU SAT THERE PRETENDING YOU WERE DEAD!! I can’t believe you.” (Y/N) wiped her eyes and glared at Enzo as he shook with laughter. Big Cass holds up his hands and exits the room. Enzo pats the chair beside him. “Come on… You might not think its funny now but a year from now you will.” Enzo snickered as (Y/N) reluctantly sat down beside him. “I am so embarrassed” (Y/N) covered her face with her hands. Enzo gently took her hand away from her face and kissed her gently before she could say anything. The kiss was sweet and flirty. “I love you too (Y/N)… You’re my girl.” Enzo whispered as he broke the kiss and wrapped his arms tightly around (Y/N).

This unique one shot was requested by the lovely  irish-newzealand-idian-dutch. Check out her blog… And/or send me a request if you wanna… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING

honestly…… much as I love namgil, I am so excited to see bando n jinjoo fall back in love because its obvious that they loved each other passionately in their youth. all those “what actually happened in 1999″ scenes always makes my heart grow 9x bigger because they are so heartwarming….. especially todays when they replay the embarrassing talent show scene bando n his friends were in. when he says on TELEVISION how much he loves jinjoo n when jinjoo yells out that she loves him too……………….. man namgil I’m sorry 

This is the first time I’ve posted anything like this but it’s really fluffy and I didn’t mention any names so you could just imagine it with any boy… please give feedback (constructive criticism is welcome) :)


“I love you.”



They sat in a silence that was anything but comfortable for a few minutes and then he spoke up.
“I heard what you said, you know?”
She opened her mouth to ask for some clarification but he cut her off with
“Why didn’t you repeat it though? We’ve said it before.”
“Oh, uh, I dunno” she mumbled as she shook her head slowly, eyes never leaving her fingernails. To this he raised his eyebrows to let her know he was in need of an explanation.
“Y/N, what is it?”
“I guess I just didn’t wanna come off as clingy or an-annoying” She trailed off and shifted uncomfortably in her place under the sheets, suddenly becoming highly interested in the ceiling. He moved a hand from under his head and gently took her chin between his warm thumb and forefinger and tilted her head towards him and waited for her gaze to follow. With a sigh and some hesitance, she looked him right in the eye. Her expression was a cross between guilty and slightly annoyed.
“You do know that I’m completely addicted to you, right?” She chuckled lightly and rolled her eyes in response, a hint of amusement in her laugh.
“You’re fuckin full of it, huh?” another laugh tumbling past her parted lips. He scoffed in fake disbelief.
“No, I’m serious! Love, I promise you there is no way you’re the clingy one in this relationship. I tell people about you where ever I go. The boys are so tired of hearing me go on and on about you.” She hid her embarrassed expression beneath the sheets, eyes peeking above them.
“Don’t hide from me” he said, pulling the sheets from her grasp, with one side of his mouth pulled up into a playful smirk. He pulled her into his side and she subconsciously draped her leg over his and blinked up at him.
“You don’t have to hide.” His smirk then dropped into a content grin.

“Oh, and another thing"


“I love you too.”