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So I just showed my little 12 year old brother Voltron and we got up to the ninth episode before we decided to go bed. At the end of our binge watch, I asked him who his favorite character was because he seemed to be really getting into the show. Now, I was expecting him to say maybe Lance or Keith or even Allura but then he turned to me said something I was kinda surprised at. 

“My favorite character is Hunk,” he said. 

If you know my brother, you’d understand why I was so shocked. He usually goes for either the super funny ones with flashy personalities (like Lance) or the somewhat brooding ones with kinda standoffish personalities (like Keith). I was kinda floored that he liked Hunk, who was typically funny, but didn’t really have any of the other traits his other favorite characters had. So I asked him about it.

“He’s a big guy, like me,” my brother said with a shrug. “He’s a badass, but he’s also chubby.”

And that’s when it hit me. My brother and Hunk practically have the same body type (save for my brother being younger). He liked Hunk because he saw someone who was bigger like him, but who was also a super cool ass-kicking space hero. And, honestly, I couldn’t be more happier that my little bro found a character he can look up to and relate to. 

Calling all antis, and anti-MAP’s, anti Pro-contacts, Shi* all of tumblr

You don’t like me and thats fine, i don’t like a lot of you either. But some do share something with me and I with them. A lets protect kids from harm mentality. Their is this Youtuber called Omnipolitics16. He is a pro-contact, pro-child & adult sex Pedophile who believes that if children are taught enough about sex then they can consent. Myself and a few of my anti-contact/non-offending MAP peers have written long responses about the effects and harm of CSA and how he is just completely wrong. Yet he rebuttals with answers filled with the benefits of adult on child sex. Along with how CSA victims are brainwashed and that in “most cases sexual interactions with children bring them pleasure”. 

Im calling to you guys to blacklist him hard and if you can do your thing. Get them scratched off of youtube. His influence is dangerous. What if a child stumbles upon his videos and thinks its okay to have “consensual” sex with an adult. We all know its rape. I know you don’t like us MAPs (to the antis) but some of us really despise Pro-contacts and that guy is dangerous to children. I don’t want a young MAP finding him and thinking this same mentality. I fear for the safety of children. I fear for the future teen MAPs. Please help and get that guy and his horrible influence out of youtube. I know its just one speck of dust cleaned off of the shelf. But its one speck down. Don’t do it for me, or even for the future MAPs. Do it for the sake of children. Please 

I told him i was happy Offenders were put in jail and that law and society looked down hard upon them and he said that 

He said that about kids being able to feel sexual pleasure even though we are clearly talking about rape here. 

he said a “A child can indeed consent to sex” and i couldn’t stop crying for hours. 

the he talked about how kids play Doctor??? because kids being them is related to raping them?? 

Guys please 

Thats his channel. I don’t want him near children, sadly i don’t know how to prevent that as to him being so stubborn about his pro-contact views. And yes he shows his face. Get him off of youtube please! Please! Do your thing! Spam him! Report him! Spread the word! please! He is spreading information that can result in more possible outcomes and i cant have a child be hurt by him or by his beliefs or by others influenced by him. 

Drag him

You know what I think about this a lot, but am I the only one that’s actually made pretty uncomfortable by the idea that romantic/sexual attraction is what gender you’re attracted to?

I understand why that was changed from sex, because that was problematic in itself

But I don’t feel like gender is a better term either because that’s presuming that you can somehow see and determine gender when?? It’s one of the most volatile, indistinguishable and intangible things on the planet?? How in the hell are you attracted to gender?? What is gender?? Where is it???

idk maybe it’s just cause i’m non-binary (and quite clearly straight men and non-straight women arent attracted to me bc of my gender) so I suppose it affects me more directly, or rather I have more reason to question it…. who knows

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What are your lgbtq headcanons of the paladins and Coran and Allura?

alright so this is a little late cause i just woke up but!! i love talking about this!! (specifically trans headcanons)

okay so since im a sucker for trans headcanons i headcanon all of them as trans, but im also very open about my trans headcanons, for example i adore both demiboy hunk and genderfluid hunk and such i love pretty much any trans headcanon (unless its something involving pidge not being a girl or keith/shiro as trans girls for personal reasons (i do however support all trans girl headcanons)

anyways to the point these are my personal headcanons 

Shiro - dfab agender, bisexual
Keith - gay and trans boy (i also really like genderfluid keith)
Lance - dfab genderfluid (between male and agender) and bisexual
Pidge - trans girl, either gay ace or acearo (i like both but i think im leaning more towards gay/ace)
Hunk - demiboy or genderfluid (like i mentioned before i like both a lot) and i think bi/ace (but im not really sure about that yet)
Allura - bisexual trans woman
Coran - gay trans man

i also should mention i fell in love with genderfluid lance because of @starryklunk and agender shiro because of @thesaxymcclain so um thanks and bless

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hey, do u have any advice for me?i feel really lost rn. i feel like im not really sure how to connect with people and im stepping back from things way too much... my grades are going well and im doing great in subjects but i just feel very lost like im always reaching for something i can't quite touch and im stretching further and further. i was so happy and fulfilled just a few weeks ago idk what changed. i hope this will pass soon

hey! im not in a great place myself rn either but i’ll try my best. do you think this could be you burning out? if you feel disconnected from people, then i think it’s best to do the obvious and try to reach out again though it may be hard? if you have a best/close friend, maybe confide in them. or don’t, you can talk to them about anything?? suggest going to coffee shops or somewhere to just meet up? i find that when im feeling lonely, its best not to dwell in the loneliness but do things that prove to yourself that you’re not lonely.. like even going out alone? 

i honestly know what you mean, just that i too haven’t really found a way to make things better when it heads towards that route? it gets better gradually, so hang on to that yeah?

eating hot dogs at other peoples parties as a child was always a crapshoot because you either got the ones that tasted really good or like the meat flavored plastic ones

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(laughing about u being disinterested anon) i remember you saying they were ugly lol. That was when I was really into Dan's videos and I was like, second hand offended. But yeah I mean I think they've blown up more in the last maybe 2-3 years? Either way its cool to see a mutual getting interested in something i like haha.

yea omg i searched my blog and someone asked me liek i was doing pick this or that celebrity and someone sent me dan and phil andi was like ’they’re both ugly’

which tbh i like dont think phil is attractive but thats fine he doesnt have to be but idk what i was talking about because now i think dan is a beautiful precious baby…i think he just had a bad haircut

and true but i dont have time for this in my life i dont have time to watch all of these videos its been literally like 3 days and im in hell and suffering