it's either i was like or then im like or then there me or something idk

You know what I think about this a lot, but am I the only one that’s actually made pretty uncomfortable by the idea that romantic/sexual attraction is what gender you’re attracted to?

I understand why that was changed from sex, because that was problematic in itself

But I don’t feel like gender is a better term either because that’s presuming that you can somehow see and determine gender when?? It’s one of the most volatile, indistinguishable and intangible things on the planet?? How in the hell are you attracted to gender?? What is gender?? Where is it???

idk maybe it’s just cause i’m non-binary (and quite clearly straight men and non-straight women arent attracted to me bc of my gender) so I suppose it affects me more directly, or rather I have more reason to question it…. who knows

i draw natsu and lucy making out a lot and being super lovely dovey together but i’ll admit that i don't realistically see them being like that when they actually get together

So I just showed my little 12 year old brother Voltron and we got up to the ninth episode before we decided to go bed. At the end of our binge watch, I asked him who his favorite character was because he seemed to be really getting into the show. Now, I was expecting him to say maybe Lance or Keith or even Allura but then he turned to me said something I was kinda surprised at. 

“My favorite character is Hunk,” he said. 

If you know my brother, you’d understand why I was so shocked. He usually goes for either the super funny ones with flashy personalities (like Lance) or the somewhat brooding ones with kinda standoffish personalities (like Keith). I was kinda floored that he liked Hunk, who was typically funny, but didn’t really have any of the other traits his other favorite characters had. So I asked him about it.

“He’s a big guy, like me,” my brother said with a shrug. “He’s a badass, but he’s also chubby.”

And that’s when it hit me. My brother and Hunk practically have the same body type (save for my brother being younger). He liked Hunk because he saw someone who was bigger like him, but who was also a super cool ass-kicking space hero. And, honestly, I couldn’t be more happier that my little bro found a character he can look up to and relate to. 

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Halp! I've identified as bi for at least a year now and im comfortable with it but i used to say that im more pan than bi but i still used bi. Now i dont know what i should call myself because i know i like everybody but its not that i feel uncomfortable using pansexual but its weird describing myself as it. I feel like im not truly bi(??) because its not just 2 genders that i like. Idk whats going through my head and its making me anxious. Everytime i see something bi or pan on my dash i freak

either one is okay! there’s a lot of overlap between bi and pan, and you just pick whichever you’re comfortable with if either could apply.

and on the topic of mood swings. 

man my moodswings are killer. i hate them. and they are triggered by like, really silly things. the other day i had a bad depressive moodswing because i told someone something and they replied with a very vague answer. 

basically, i feel either nothing. or everything. usually its anger or sadness i feel the most. i get angry a lot more now. and sad. 

its so weird and i hate it. its making me really irrational because durring mood swings i get so irrational. and moodswings are different then like, depressive episodes? like when im just normally depressed, im okayy with talking about stuff not about me. when i get in a mood swing, i get RAGING MAD when the  topic is not about me. thats why i dont really talk to people when my mood swings because,,,its not good.

iidk if im even using the right words. idk, i know theyre not the same thing for me but idkkkkk.

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Im so desperately trying to figure out my sexuality but its so hard. Im just so scared to date cuz my last bf hurt me. But i feel like things might be better if i date a girl? Ive never had a gf but im so sick and tired of guys not giving as much effort to the relationship as i am!!!!! And ok youtube, lesbian relationships just seem more fun. Idk, do you think this is true? I just want someone whose not gonna stop trying halfway through the relationship...


It really sounds like you have a struggle on your hands but I will tell you that every relationship is going to have struggles. A lesbian relationship is not exactly fully easy either. I have had relationships where I felt it did not work out well. I felt that I had to put in more of the effort. I say something you may want to consider is the fact that a relationship might need something any relationship for that matter. I know one thing that all relationships need is communication but no matter what you do it is important you communicate with the person. 

So I am going to say all relationships need work. I feel that youtube relationships do not give them the correct info. Do what truly is your attraction. This may be girls but it may not be. I truly can’t solve the issue for you but it is important that you be you and take care of you. 


Im on mobile so sry for no read more

Ive thought about bottom surgery before and like. Idk. Its rlly confusing cause like i dont MIND having a dick like im fine and dandy with it??? But at the same time i also wouldnt mind something else y'know?? Any kind of permanent surgery scares me so so so so so muh and thats the primary reason im probably not gonna get bottom surgery but i just. Idk i just wish i could have had a chance to actually y'know. Experience being a fuckin girl. Sure yeah trans girls are real girls thing. But its a completely different thing and feeling to want to be female bodied and idk. Its such a weird bodderline dysphoric feeling. Ut also something i cant see myself doing for the long haul either???????? Like idk id just wanna try it out for a year or someshit then fuck off if i dont like it ykno like hey ur trial version pussy is up give it back

i dont understand aesthetic/image only blogs

my recent selfie post was liked by a couple of them and i know they dont follow me, but it wasnt reblogged either? it’s weird

i mean maybe they’re the kind of tumblr users who actually browse through their liked tag, or maybe they like stuff to say “hey neat” and that’s it?

idk its weird for me if i like a post its because im like agreeing with it and mostly to show people im following that im listening or something