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shared motivation : keeping the avengers the family together

the thing about Bakugou is that, in the limits that his personality allows, he’s soft for Kirishima - he calls him by name, listens to him and always answers him, tries to help him out as best as he can, accepts his help when Kirishima offers it, actively works to make him feel better when he’s down, never yells at him unless it’s an answer to Kirishima’s teasing, has no problems in complimenting him and pointing out his strength, he’s soft for Kirishima

he openly considers him a friend and treats him as such, he cares and doesn’t really try to hide it, though his inexperience in showing that sort of feelings does make him come off as awkward now and again 

I guess what I mean to say is it’d be nice if the fandom could remember that, instead of writing him as angry and prickly and downright offensive and uncaring when dealing with what has been recognized by the canon as his best friend and someone he does enjoy the company of over and over again

see, this is why its so easy to put people on a pedestal and why i dont blame anyone for doing that even though i advise against it. like, the travis mcelroy thing made me confirm something about my identity to myself and because of that he’s inexorably linked to that. so if he turned out shitty i’d be totally distraught. and i think looking at every single personality, on the internet or otherwise, with such a critical eye that you assume they’re shitty no matter what is probably just depriving yourself of avenues to bettering yourself. its ok to have role models. its ok to assume people are good. its not your fault for thinking nick robinson is a good person, it’s his fault for betraying that trust.

I can find a little bit of you in everything. I can find you in the smell of freshly brewed coffee and I can find you in the warmth of a soft blanket on a cold day. I still remember the way you wrapped your arms around me so tightly and the way you smiled when you were exhausted. I can’t forget you. I don’t know if I even want to.
—  I wish it could just be us again. I need you now more than ever.

California’s best beaches

Whether you’re looking to spot wildlife, want to catch some waves or ride a rollercoaster from dawn until dusk, there’s a beach for every type of traveller in California, says travel writer Hannah Summers

Santa Monica, Los Angeles 

A day at the beach doesn’t have to mean hours lazing in the sun. A case in point is LA’s 5.6km-long Santa Monica Beach. In fact, this stretch of sand is home to the original Muscle Beach, which has made a name for itself as the city’s most popular outdoor gym (and the second home of celebs and bodybuilders, including Arnold Schwarzenegger) since the 1950s. 

Today you can try out the bicep-quivering equipment yourself, or just head along for a spot of people watching. The big draw though is the colours, lights and old-school atmosphere of the Santa Monica Pier. Test your nerves on the roller coaster, indulge in gigantic ice creams, or ride the 13-story Pacific Wheel – the world’s first and only solar-powered Ferris wheel.

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La Jolla, San Diego

La Jolla is known as ‘the jewel’ of San Diego, and it’s easy to see why with its white-sand beaches, towering sea cliffs and turquoise coves. Most beaches here are tucked into rocky coves, but for a 1.6km-long stretch of palm-backed sand, try La Jolla Shores Beach, the perfect patch for soft surf and sunbathing.

For something a little more hardcore, join one of the many kayaking trips leaving the beach and heading out to La Jolla Caves – it’s a rocky beach that’s hard to access on foot, and your efforts will be rewarded with spectacular cliffs and perhaps a sea lion or two.

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San Gregorio State Beach, San Francisco Bay Area

For a combination of wildlife and walks, try San Gregorio State Beach which sits in a valley 15km south of Half Moon Bay. This is a rustic beach as its best, so instead of ice-cream shops and fairground rides, expect a golden sweep of sand dotted with logwood, driftwood and birds. 

Picnic tables dot the bluff – bring your favourite food and drink down and enjoy it with the views – then work it off with a walk. Head south and you’ll take on a cliff-backed stretch to Pomponio State Beach, or head north to explore caves, fossils and sandstone cliffs.

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Leadbetter Beach, Santa Barbara

It’s impossible not to fall for Santa Barbara, the laid-back and cosy beach town boasts top-draw beaches, pretty buildings and a booming food and drink scene. It’s also been a long-standing surfers’ hangout, and if you fancy trying it for yourself then there’s no better place than Leadbetter Beach, a favourite of local families and students from the college over the road. 

You’ll find hardcore surfers at other beaches in Santa Barbara (try Rincon Point) but Leadbetter, with its gentle waves, is a great place to get to grips with a surfboard or try a stand-up paddle boarding session.

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Zuma Beach, Malibu

Zuma Beach in Malibu has had its fair share of publicity – Pamela Anderson ran these sands while filming Baywatch (and allegedly lives nearby), while Don Henley reportedly wrote his hit The Boys of Summer on this very beach. 

Malibu locals find its wide sands and gentle surf (perfect for boogie boarders and body surfers) hard to resist, while others love the lively beach atmosphere – from hot dog stalls to groups of surfers hanging out listening to music. Satisfy your stomach at the Reel Inn, an informal restaurant, kitted out with wooden sharing benches – it serves up plates of fresh fried and grilled fish.

Carmel Beach, Central Californian Coast

Forget people watching – at Carmel Beach on the central Californian coast it’s all about dog watching. In fact, this is one of the only beaches in the area where dogs are allowed off the lead, so expect a full-on show from the pups. 

Here the Pacific Ocean takes on a turquoise hue, and the water is speckled with surfers, otters and even dolphins. If you’re a big kid at heart, the annual Great Sandcastle Contest takes place every October, while you should also set aside some time to explore the romantic beach town of Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur State Park

Big Sur features on most people’s Californian must-visit lists and with good reason – as far as dramatic coastlines go, this is the best you’ll see. At the heart of the region is Pfeiffer State Park, where hiking trails thread their way through 1,000 acres of redwood groves (try the 2-mile round-trip hike to the Pfeiffer Falls for some of the best holiday snaps around). 

Pfeiffer Beach, however, is really the big deal here. The combination of offshore stacks and rocks, deep blue ocean and purple sand make for a simply unforgettable combination. Stay for sunset and you’ll see some of the best beach views California has to offer.

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Words by Hannah Louise Summers

Photography by Austin Neill on Unsplash 

You know, it makes me feel kind of sad that we never see anyone truly comfort Sherlock.  We see Sherlock, the cold, ruthless, frightening “machine” comfort almost everyone in the show, but are never allowed to see anyone comforting him.  I can’t think of one instance.  

It just makes me sad because, of all the people in the show, Sherlock himself is possibly _the_ saddest person, at least through most of the show.  Later on I think John takes that trophy due to Mary’s loss.  Even though, after we find out about Victor and Eurus, noooo one holds this poor man who’s lived a lifetime of self-loathing and emotional emptiness and just comforts him.

I think this also makes me a little bit angry, because I feel like I can relate on some level.  Right now, you’re expected to show compassion for everyone around you.  Your’e expected to be there, to listen, to learn, to understand, all of that, but that is rarely extended back.  People just assume you’re ‘ok’.  

Anyways, this was just a thought that I had earlier today and it ruffled my feathers a bit.  It bothers me so much that no one ever really did comfort Sherlock Holmes.  Instead, he had to work through his own trauma just in order to be able to comfort people who never really comforted him the same way.  That’s very, very hard to do…and it’s also incredibly selfless.  In the end, the most selfish man in the world put himself aside for everyone else.  He really did become good.


Draw him out. Your pain, your sorrow. It calls to him

Jungkook’s mature and he isn’t like a maknae. So, Jimin is charge of being the real maknae. Jiminie has the qualities of a maknae. He gets spoiled and his aegyo is full marks (he’s really cute). It seems hard for him to say this, so I’m saying it for him.
—  J-Hope, to which Jimin replies, “I don’t know but it just turned out like this. Hehehe. Thank you♡”
Cersei vs Sansa is the showdown we all deserve

I love @jonsalways analysis of how the show is foreshadowing Sansa becoming Queen in the North. It has been illustrated over and over that the northern lords will never accept a foreigner as their leader, and certainly once Jon’s heritage comes to light they’ll reject him as well. That really only leaves one person–one capable, strong, and compassionate person–to step up and accept the role: Sansa Stark. 

The audience has been lead to believe that the ultimate showdown for the throne will occur between Dany and Cersei. But narratively speaking, it would be a completely natural development, yet unanticipated by the audience, to have the showdown occur between Cersei and Sansa. 

The Dany vs. Cersei storyline is anticlimactic at best. They have little history together and there is a clear good vs evil dynamic. That just doesn’t make for good, interesting television.

However, Sansa has known Cersei ever since she was a child. In many ways, Cersei helped raise her. Though Sansa fears and hates her, she has also professed to idolizing her and its easy to see why. As a girl, Sansa dreamed of being like her–being a beautiful queen, having a life of luxury and power. She eventually realized her disillusionment, but continued to admire Cersei for her intellect, her prowess–even as the queen tortured her.

In this last season, we are now being shown all the reasons Cersei is a terrible leader, while simultaneously we’re discovering the competent ruler Sansa has become.

What an incredible story, what an amazing conclusion it would be for this series-long dynamic between two beloved characters. I’d give my right hand to watch Sansa finally grow into her own–to outmaneuver the woman who taught her, manipulated her, terrorized her, killed so many of her family and is now trying to kill Jon. This is the justice the audience deserves! Its the only way I’ll ever accept Cersei’s inevitable death/imprisonment.

I don’t care who sits on the throne in the end, be it Dany or Jon or Sansa or someone else. I just need this one battle to happen. A battle between Queen Cersei and Queen Sansa, now standing across from each other as equals in this so-called game of thrones. I want to see the look in Cersei’s eyes when she realizes Sansa has beaten her at her own game. I want one of Lena Headey’s famous monologues confessing how she actually envies Sansa. How she bitterly, resentfully wishes for Sansa to sit in her place as queen and learn from all the mistakes of her predecessor.

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the us school system is nonsense and horseshit and you are right to disregard it

thanks for ur validation

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What is Tim's relationship with his parents? I keep seeing dissimilarities in the comics and fics that I don't really know which is true. Some portray his parents as negligent seeing that they usually travel and leave Tim alone at home. Some say he has a close relationship with his dad seeing he was really heartbroken and almost resurrect him using the lazarus pit.

Hey! I’m going to give my own answer to this, but let me first attach some posts from @syntactition who writes wonderful Tim fanfiction and posts and really helped me gain a grasp on Tim’s character. She’s made some wonderful posts on this subject here, here, here, here, and here to start. There’s a ton more, just… check out all her stuff, it’s great.

Damn, now after reviewing all her marvelous work, I don’t think I’m capable of describing the how uninterested the Drakes were in parenting so let me give you the cliff notes version.

- Very young Tim (~3-5) visits the circus with his folks and snaps the last pic with the Flying Graysons before witnessing their murder. He mentioned in ALPoD that the event gave him horrible nightmares.

- Tim discovering Batman and Robin’s identity at age 9 due to Robin performing ick’s iconic quadruple somersault (it is of the opinion of this fan and other fics that Tim became a bit obsessed with Dick following the hug at the circus which was why he was able to ID Robin so easily.) He then turns his attention to B&R in general.

- It’s stated over and over in the early comics that Tim’s parents were away almost constantly. Tim never actually knows where they are in the world, they’re on the brink of divorce, Tim barely gets more than postcard from them with 2 or 3 sentences.

- Tim is beginning his Robin training, doubting himself, when Jack and Janet are kidnapped. Bruce tries to save them but Janet dies and Jack is left in a coma. It’s not really openly stated, but it’s kind of assumed Tim is staying with Bruce while his father is in the hospital. It could be writing, but Tim isn’t overly sad after the initial shock of his mother’s death. I say it’s because he loved her as an ideal, but he didn’t really know her as a person.

- Time passes, Tim grows as Robin and gains some friends and confidence and boom, Jack Drake is awake, wheelchair bound and ready to make things right with his only son. Not. Jack is constantly nagging at Tim for not spending more time with his Dad (despite the fact that Jack does whatever he wants regardless of Tim), he’s angry at Bruce for being a better paternal figure than he was and once Jack starts dating his PT Jack basically says ‘bye son’ and goes back to his own life. Tim isn’t too surprised at any of this and is just trying to keep his vigilante career going.

- Again, more time passes and Tim is struggling with his dad. Jack is… really being a shitty parents overall. Because Tim is being ‘problematic’ (IE not being this perfect son Jack expected and to do whatever he wanted) he keeps trying to send Tim to boarding school. Tim is visibly injured and his dad, talking to his face, doesn’t notice or care. Jack regains his ability to walk, marries Dana and things are still tense but manageable.

- Then, whoops, Tim’s been outed as Robin. Still not clear on exactly what happened there. Anyway, Jack is pissed and forces Tim to stop being Robin. Tim does which is when Stephanie takes over. Jack, again, is being a shitty parent and getting angry over the fact that Tim isn’t happy with his new, civilian life cut off from all the people who’ve supported him while Jack was doing his own thing. Tim tries to make an effort to bond and eventually he and Jack are better able to form a tentative relationship

- Steph dies and Jack has some weird change of heart and let’s Tim be Robin again. Tim and Jack now have a better relationship that’s… kinda out of nowhere. But Tim is Robin and clearly working on repairing a relationship he’s never really had.

- But! Jack is targeted due to his relation to Tim and is killed by Captain Boomerang. Tim is incredibly upset, I’ve said my reasons for that here in this post because to me; Jack and Tim never had a good relationship but Tim mourned the possibility of one happening that likely never would have.

- Now whenever Tim’s parent are mentioned it’s very tragic and they were loving and perfect but??? they say absence makes the heart grow fonder and, again, it’s my opinion Tim mourned the idea of loving parents. That he convinced himself that their treatment of his was normal and okay and maybe even deserved but they were his and he loved him despite the fact that they didn’t treat him right

y’all shall know i reach the maximum of sin and crackness when i end up doing this.

@Dante I am so sorry

There once was a poet from Florence
who traveled with uncommon endurance
to heaven, through hell
where fainting, he fell
but was bolstered by Virgil’s assurance

Quick Overview

Okay so the first proper dagger user I’m looking at and partially because I used to love using Felicia. I thought she was amazing till characters defences began to climb and her poor attack showed itself. That’s not to say she’s bad though, shes an incredibly niche counter to all the mages everywhere. With 37 speed and 35 res at base its easy to see why, her speed is used more for defence than offence and allows her to stay healthy against mages while targeting their low defence stats. Not only that but she can effectively debuff the foe to secure the kill for someone else, just don’t expect her to be some kind of Kagero.

Base kit

So thankfully she comes with Silver dagger + one of the best daggers out there and one of the few worth using, her attack is too low to use poison dagger anyway. Glacies is how she truly shines damage wise adding on 80% of her avg 35 resistance. Res +3 is okay and bumps her res up even more and synergies very well with her base kit, while finally she had breath of life which heals allies around her when she attacks. Its okay and very niche in usage. If you haven’t guessed by now, Felicia is meant to be used to debuff the foe and take magic hits to then launch off one very powerful attack.

If you need a B skill, Seal atk/res are nice options as they stack with her weapon, or even things like Quick riposte as you’ll see in a second…

Suggested set

Freeze mage!

+spd/res -def

Silver dagger +, Reciprocal aid, Glacies/Iceberg

spd+3 or any speed increasing blow skill, Quick riposte 2/3, Threaten speed 3/Atk ploy 3

Essentially she’s meant to be mage bait. Her speed is incredibly high but with +spd and speed +3 she reaches 43, which not only means more doubles but less doubles on her. Meaning units like Linde, Sonya, Delthea, Thajra and Nino will find it hard to deal with her. However if you want to initiate battle more any skill which boosts speed on initiation works fine, just not fury and life and death. Quick riposte is best used as her B as she will struggle to double the faster mages and build up her charge for Glacies. Glacies is used over iceberg due to it being cheaper but also a lot more useful. Reciprocal aid is used to help heal herself and allies, while her C skill should be threaten speed to prevent doubles, but any ploy skill is nice as it works of her resistance. All of this makes her deadly to mages, but she’ll disintegrate at any physical so make sure there’s so bulk unit to back up when able too.

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Poor Keith :( I'm really hoping that someone from the team will come back for keith and see that he's really not okay. This is like langst but for keith and ut makes me so sad to think about how he feels like he doesn't belong. Ultimately, with how tight the garrison trio is and how shiro has been kinda mean to keith, it's easy to see why he would feel left out.

One of the most ironic things is that what happened to Keith this season is utterly something I’ve seen before in more than one Langst post, only happening to Lance.

Someone realizing how Keith feels, how he feels separated from the team and as if they don’t want him there, how he is struggling with a lack of self worth and is now in a state where he sees himself more as an asset then as a person would be something I’d be so fucking happy to see.

On the Shiro front, I feel like the writers had Shiro being a bit pushy toward Keith because of the frustration that Shiro must have felt in not being able to help the team as he once did. I didn’t particularly like it, and I feel that it is very different from the supportive, loving version of Shiro we have had in the past; but I can definitely sympathize with where Shiro is coming from.

I can also see how Shiro being more closed off and stern because of that frustration would help Keith feel like he had lost his place on the team. So much of Keith’s place on the team has always been defined by Shiro’s place; to have Shiro suddenly be pushing Keith into what he views as Shiro’s role openly threw Keith for a loop. He’s not comfortable with it, and part of the problem comes from his own poor emotional state, and part of it comes from lack of preparation.

Where the writers carry that forward from here is going to be interesting, and is something I am nervously waiting to see.

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i. pinimg. com/736x/71/9a/64/719a64cc6028ea01f3e99b20e2d080ef--colin-odonoghue-killian-jones. jpg I've always wondered. Is this pic real or fake? Cause I've seen it around, but no one seems to agree on on whether it's real or fake.

I’m glad you came by to ask, Nonny, because I can absolutely answer this for you with 100% certainty - IT IS 1000% FAKE! Here’s the fake of Colin next to the original image of Dane Goodwin:

Now, I’ve debunked this one before, but people still fall for it… so here’s one more bit of proof for anyone still doubting the fakeness of the image:

This scene from 2x04 is where the face on the fake is taken from. At first glance, it doesn’t appear to match exactly - but that’s because the manip maker actually altered the spacing of Colin’s facial features in order to fit his features onto the framework of Dane Goodwin’s face. When you compare the individual features in the faked image and the screencap - they are all identical. In particular, pay attention to Colin’s forehead and the wisps of hair falling on it. It would be impossible to have two different images where errant hair strands have fallen into the precise same places the way they have here.

When you compare the fake image to either the original of Dane Goodwin or the original screencap of Colin from 2x04, you can start to see some issues with the fake - but when viewed entirely on its own, it’s easy to see why it’s fooled so many people!

Especially unfortunate is the fact that an Entertainment Weekly editor fell for the fake and used it to promote the Brave New Warriors panel at SDCC in 2017. This still infuriates me to no end, because this tweet of hers, with a completely FAKE photo manip of Colin, ended up being retweeted by Adam Horowitz and even Colin himself, because they were supporting the promotion of the BNW panel. Talk about (a) not doing your bloody homework and (b) making it even HARDER to separate this fake image from Colin’s image. Now people can point to this idiotic editor’s tweet and say, “Of course it’s real! She’s a professional… and Colin retweeted it! How could it not be real??”

And this, my friends, is why I still continue to have a love/hate relationship with photo manips. Colin should have the right to decide what kinds of photo shoots he takes part on and what kinds of images will be used to promote him and his work. Whoever decided they needed a beefcake shirtless shot of him and made this one for themselves has essentially taken that right away from him. I’m sure they didn’t mean to. I’m sure it was all in good fun. But that’s what they’ve done, anyhow. And it is NOT right.

Victra and Sevro

So a couple weekends ago, before I created my account, I was looking at tumblr posts about Red Rising and found a review of Morning Star that got me thinking. The main things the review talked about (can’t remember who posted or reblogged it) were how Victra and Sevro hooking up felt like it came out of left field and only served to “make Victra seem less harsh by giving her a love interest” iirc. Admittedly, the execution does feel rushed, but as I though about it, I realized why Pierce decided to pair them up: because their character arcs complement each other, because they both have the same core, that actually ties into one of the series’ themes about family being more than blood, as pointed out in an eloquent post I found on @aubellona’s page. 

 Spoiler warning (obviously) 

 Throughout Morning Star, both Sevro and Victra define themselves by their biological families. In the wake of Fitchner’s death, Sevro is desperately trying to fill his father’s shoes but feeling that he never quite gets there. He’s trying so hard to be his dad that he doesn’t feel like he can be himself around anyone, even the rest of the Howlers. It’s only after his and Darrow’s fight on Phobos that the self-imposed burden of living up to Fitchner’s legacy is lifted from his shoulders. Victra, by contrast, feels that she will always be defined by who her mother and sister are, rather than who she is as a person. First with everyone being suspicious of her in Golden Son, and then with her brutal beating of Antonia in Morning Star. She feels that because she and Antonia are related that she has the same darkness deep inside her, and it takes Sevro’s hanging himself later in MS to make her realize the whole “family is more than blood” idea I mentioned above. 

 Looking back, its easy to see why Sevro and Victra ended up together. They were two people who both felt defined by their families learning to value themselves as individuals separate from their blood relatives. The reason it seemed rushed the first time reading through it was because Sevro completed that arc faster than Victra did. But with this in mind, it no longer feels so sudden: What at first seemed like a sudden hook up can now be recognized as Victra’s completion of her character arc prompting her to propose.