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Jungkook’s mature and he isn’t like a maknae. So, Jimin is charge of being the real maknae. Jiminie has the qualities of a maknae. He gets spoiled and his aegyo is full marks (he’s really cute). It seems hard for him to say this, so I’m saying it for him.
—  J-Hope, to which Jimin replies, “I don’t know but it just turned out like this. Hehehe. Thank you♡”
I can find a little bit of you in everything. I can find you in the smell of freshly brewed coffee and I can find you in the warmth of a soft blanket on a cold day. I still remember the way you wrapped your arms around me so tightly and the way you smiled when you were exhausted. I can’t forget you. I don’t know if I even want to.
—  I wish it could just be us again. I need you now more than ever.

(2016, Barry Jenkins)

Two years ago, Richard Linklater’s Boyhood was one of the major talking points of the year in film – a breathtaking journey that showed the coming of age of its main character over the course of 12 years. It was easy to see why it drew the acclaim that it did, yet at the same time centering a story around the experience of growing up as a straight white male in America gave off a slight whiff of been there done that. The technique was impressive, but we’ve seen that story told time and again over the decades in film. Something that we haven’t seen nearly as frequently, if at all really, is an equally affecting and intimate portrait of the existence of a gay black man portrayed on screen. Barry Jenkins is here to start to redress that balance with Moonlight, his first film in eight years, after his debut feature Medicine for Melancholy. Chronicling the transition from adolescent to teenager to adulthood, Jenkins casts three different actors (Alex R. Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, Trevante Rhodes) to depict Chiron, a man who spends his whole life struggling to find acceptance as he grows up in a rough neighborhood in Miami.

Forging a relationship with local drug dealer Juan (Mahershala Ali), who becomes a father figure to make up for the absence of one, and his affectionate partner Teresa (Janelle Monae) isn’t enough to save Chiron from the beatings at school that he receives for being different, the difficulty reconciling why it’s so hard for him to fit in, or the troubles he faces at home with his unstable addict mother Paula (Naomie Harris). It’s a very specific story, beautifully told with a style from Jenkins that resembles a form of meditative cinematic poetry, yet the greatest strength of Moonlight is that it never feels like a film that shuts off those outside of this particular experience. Rather, Jenkins builds a bridge of understanding that draws natural empathy for the struggles that someone living this life endures while also bringing forth universal themes that we can all relate to. I’m certainly not someone who has had to live with the difficulties that Chiron faces, but I was constantly finding moments and ideas throughout the film that spoke to my own experience, from the themes of loneliness and feeling like you don’t belong, to the ease with which you can slip back into the comfort of an old relationship, even after all of the terrible things that happened to drive you apart from that person.

For Chiron, that person is Kevin, a close friend who is also played by three different actors (Jaden Piner, Jharrel Jerome, Andre Holland) through each of the different time periods that Moonlight traces. Every actor excels in this remarkable ensemble, to a point where it’s almost disingenuous to really point to anyone as being the standout of the cast, but the film really hits its high point in the final section, almost exclusively devoted to one night between the two men years after they had gone off their own ways. Seeing them come back together, after so long apart with such different experiences, speaks tremendously to the power of what Jenkins gets across in his film, and the chemistry between Rhodes and Holland is positively electric. As is the case with the rest of Moonlight, there’s no pomp to Jenkins’ portrayal of this encounter, none of the exploitative poverty porn that can seep into films rooted in these kind of communities, nor any showboating from the director or his cast that would feel disingenuous in a film as quiet and unassuming as this. Jenkins simply lets this story exist in a way that feels organic, never drawing attention to itself, but always feeling potent and made from a place of deep understanding. It’s wonderful to see a film depicting this kind of experience being embraced as wholly as Moonlight has been, and one can only hope that it will open doors for opportunities to see a wider range of experiences portrayed in film moving forward.


it’s really easy to see why charlie and dee are drawn to each other. they are arguably the most victimized members of the gang and the most influential, while the other members are the ones who do the influencing. when they’re together, there isn’t anyone to manipulate them this way or that, they can just be themselves and bond as the two real people they truly are ok it’s beautiful and deep and i hate this trashy sitcom

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What were you like in your teenage years Marco?

“If you ask Oyaji, then most likely a brat, yoi..” Marco answered with a chuckle as he thought back to his young-self with a small smile gracing his full lips. Even if he had struggled in his teenage years, far more than most teenagers had to, the phoenix also had fond memories, like when he had learned what exactly love was and how tender and wonderfully warm it was. And that it were something he had deserved, never mind what he had thought before realizing. That Oyaji had bestowed love upon him the moment they had met. It all had been without ease to comprehend, but the moment he did..

“I struggled a lot with my–” A hesitation could be heard, as like always when he had to speak about the time where he had been unable speak properly, his throat closed up, making it difficult for him to voice exactly what he desired to say, even if it was more of a mental thing.

Swallowing a couple of times, Marco pushed to continue with a slightly hoarse voice like someone who needed a nice glass of water. “Speech problem. I had quite the difficult time learning how to speak properly, but luckily I had my family to help me out, yoi.” It had truly been a difficult time, especially because his progress had been slow, even if he now spoke perfectly - better than most people. “You can easily say that I wasn’t like most teenagers, which was both a bad and a good thing.”

CHARACTER SOCIAL MEDIA/TECH INFO     (    repost don’t reblog please!    )


TWITTER  NAME : @ sierass ( personal ), @ bestwhitelantern ( verified )
NUMBER  OF  FOLLOWERS  ON  TWITTER : 1,845 ( personal ), 10.2mil ( verified )
WHAT  DO  THEY  POST  ABOUT ? ‘mealtime with a homeless hot chick’ ( personal ), space shenanigans ( verified )
FACEBOOK  NAME : Sierra Dawson 
WHAT  DO  THEY  POST  ABOUT ?  unflattering selfies tagging the person, outdated memes. 
INSTAGRAM  NAME: litebrite 
WHAT  KIND  OF  PICTURES  DO  THEY  UPLOAD ? selfies, space, cars she’s working on, , cool pics of space
SNAPCHAT : sierrasss
TYPE  OF  PICTURES  THEY  UPLOAD  ON  MY  STORY : videos of people when they aren’t looking, terrible jokes, experimenting with filters
TYPE  OF  PICTURES  THEY  UPLOAD  DIRECTLY  AT  PEOPLE : extreme close ups of the person she’s sending too, butt shots, tbh n00ds 2 certain ppl, jl members w/ filters bc she’s Bored


5  LATEST  PEOPLE  THEY  CALLED : Wally, Babs, Barry, Sophie, Jason
WHO  WERE  THEIR  LAST  5  MISSED  CALLS  FROM : Bruce, Bruce, Babs, Jason, Barry
LATEST  TEXT  AND  WHO  FROM : Wally: you coming over later?
LATEST  PICTURE  THEY  TEXTED :  sonic the hedgehog to the entire flash fam
LATEST  VIDEO  THEY  TEXTED: Hal’s drunk shenanigans to hal
TYPE  OF  PICTURES  ON  THEIR  PHONES : Space and selfies

5  MOST  USED  APPS: snapchat, messaging, music, twitter, instagram
WHO  THEY  CALL  MOST  OFTEN: Wally, Sophie, Barry
WHO  THEY  TEXT  MOST  OFTEN: Hal, Wally, Jason, 
LATEST  VOICE  MESSAGE  AND  WHO  IT’S  FROM: Bruce with a stern reminder about the jl meeting and that he Knows she’s on planet
WEBSITES  THEY  VISIT  MOST  OFTEN : google bc she needs 2 google memes and pop culture references she doesn’t get
BACKGROUND  PICTURE  ON  THEIR  PHONE : sneak attack cheek kiss w/ the friend of choice. This changes Weekly

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@Dante I am so sorry

There once was a poet from Florence
who traveled with uncommon endurance
to heaven, through hell
where fainting, he fell
but was bolstered by Virgil’s assurance


It’s easy to see why Lower Calf Creek Falls is one of the most popular hikes in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Utah, designated 20 years ago today. The hike traverses a lush streamside oasis that bisects the dramatic and harsh bedrock landscape east of the community of Escalante. Observant hikers on the 6 mile round-trip trek can spot pictographs and rock granaries perched on the opposite canyon walls as they wind up the cottonwood lined canyon. The hike is relatively level, but stretches of soft sand make it moderately strenuous.  

At the end, the reward is a picture-perfect 126 foot cascade over a red-rock cliff. The green and yellow colors that line the contours of the column of water came from algae growing on the sandstone that thrive on the falls’ year-round flow.  A must for your bucketlist!

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shared motivation : keeping the avengers the family together

One of my favourite things ...

 …about the Dangerverse is how open it is in terms of interpretation and representation. there are multiple characters whose gender and/or sexuality is purposely ambiguous, the way the gay relationships are introduced and portrayed is pretty natural and chill, and gee confirms vaya and vamos as genderfluid and encourages people’s gender headcanons on twitter, and everyone in the fandom is super accepting of each other’s interpretations, and that’s just another reason why I love danger days and everything it gave us so so incredibly much.

Amethyst and Peridot

what gets me more than anything in message received is not Peridot’s betrayal of YD, but Amethyst’s reaction to Peridots betrayal of the Crystal Gems.

in this screenshot she is so hurt and confused.

and its easy to see why. Peridot saved her from the drill

i mean she breaks the freaking leash for Amethyst. She really cares for her if she does that, especially since we’ve seen how pathetic she is without her gadgets.

and then

Amethyst is so intent on Peridot’s song

but back to her betrayal.

Amethyst is heartbroken. the other gems are surprised and scared, but amethyst is just confused and hurt. she bonded with Peridot. 

sad grumpy Amethyst.

But her backlash is even more interesting.

Amethyst doesn’t react like the other gems because they don’t share the same connection with Peri. Amethyst is hurt and what does any person do when their emotionally hurt? They want to get back at them. Make the other person (or gem) feel the same hurt. 

And we see that in this

Yes it was a funny face and reaction at the moment, but this is not just for comedic purposes. Amethyst is manic and wants Peridot to understand what she has done.

Her satisfaction in catching up to her isn’t like the other gems expression. I don’t think Amethyst cares about the why Peridot did it, but just the fact that she did it.

But maybe I’m digging too deep. Besides. Its not like they’ve been flirting…


Yes they have 

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Hello :) I live in Australia but my dad and I are huge Messi fans, I have been watching the NT since 2007, I'm unsure of something. Do you know of anything going on behind the scenes? Why, failure after failure, are the same players who are bottling being called up and not players eg. Icardi?Do Argentine coaches have something against Icardi? Why players who are not fit for any more NT games like Higuain and Di Maria and Aguero being called up Why no youth? I'll never see Leo lift int. trophy :(

Well, its not easy to explain why after 1993 we were a failure. I think its because of afa’s mafia, or maybe just some bad luck years that turned into a karma for the other generations.
The icardi thing its even harder lol in arg we think its because the team doesnt want him, some even say its messi (personally i think its masche, itd make more sense)

So this is how my morning went *laughs*

[6:30:50 AM] Dragoon Sama: no but like, i keep thinking about what happened when arthur woke up
Dragoon Sama: like he’s just in a panic, realizing he’s not in his own body, completely off kilter due to the differences
Dragoon Sama: and there’s the teens/young people, who can be just as bad as the old crazies but also tend to be more athletic, harder to get away from, and what sort of cult is this, what do they /want/?
Dragoon Sama: where were lewis and vivi and mystery?  were they safe?  if it was just arthur, that was better, but he wanted to know where they were (help him), and he’s trying not to panic
Dragoon Sama: and the mystery inc guys, they don’t /believe/.  they want to know why shaggy’s playing such a silly joke, how far he’s going to take it
Dragoon Sama: and by their acting like arthur/shaggy is the crazy one, only reinforces arthur’s fears that this is their plan somehow, they want him to forget his own life for some reason he can’t figure out.
Dragoon Sama: and it’s scooby who calms things down, who gets both parties to realize that there’s something Wrong here.  because scooby could tell.  shaggy, even if he were inclined to do such a prank, wouldn’t do it without scooby knowing.  he wouldn’t let it go this far, to the point he was in a real panic attack, /scared/ of his friends.
Dragoon Sama: oh hi are you awake
Dragoon Sama: i was just rambling to you offline didn’t realize u would be there
Dragoon Sama: >>

Charlie McCarthey: He smells DIFFERENT too which is what starts it. But instead of getting on edge, Scooby was raised that way-to be aggressive to strangers, especially ones so frightened they can’t peel themselves from a corner.
Charlie McCarthey: HIIIII yes I live

Mabel Pines: The Ultimate Problematic Fave

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Spoilers Ahead

First off before anybody starts throwing tomatoes and knives at me, Mabel Pines is probably the best written characters in the entire show and is definitely my personal favorite. And based on a ton of other posts, it seems that she’s alot of people’s favorite character. And its easy to see why. She’s cute, charming, has a big heart, and isn’t stupid. Also, she’s quirky with reason. It seems that every single one of her quirks was written into her with purpose, and unlike a ton of other female characters considered “adorkable” and “quirky” these traits don’t seem superficial. 

And yet she is also a character who constantly screws up everything. At several points in Gravity Falls, Mabel will do something that will cause the audience to yell “Mabel, No!” at the screen. Examples of this include:

  • Having a very poor track record with romance. She has so far dated
    • A group of Gnomes stacked on top of each other to resemble a Zombie
    • An entire boy band she wished to keep in the Mystery Shack almost like a group of pets
    • A Blonde Boy who makes out with Puppets
    • And a creepy 9 year old with psychic abilities a luscious hair.
    • Actually, the only sane romance she had all summer was with a Kind-hearted merman.
  • Pushed Dipper and Wendy into a room together with the Shapeshifter, and didn’t let them back in, despite their cries for help.
  • Accidentally ruins Dipper’s attempts at embarrassing himself in front of Wendy so she could save a pig.
  • Nearly sold his brother out to Bill to keep her play going.  Emphasis on Nearly.
  • Ruined Waddle’s attempt at turning the entire world into a world of supergeniuses.
  • Very nearly erased her own memories with a mind wipe gun.
  • Stole love potion from Love God and briefly ruined her friend group.
  • Showed a really nasty side of her personality in “Northwest Mansion Mystery”
  • Regularly makes fun Dipper. To her, its all affectionate fun, but it has been shown to be hurting Dipper in a couple of ways.
  • Chose not to play DD&MD with her brother, despite the fact that both of them really need to do something fun and stupid together.
  • Drank Unicorn Blood and is now officially living a half life. You heard me right, cubbletherobot
  • And is officially the harbinger of the apocalypse.

If I were to tell a random non-GF Fan that these where traits of everybody’s favorite character, I’d be called delusional, and yet here I am praising this show and praising this character. Why do people like Mabel. I have a couple of theories.

  • Mabel may get a happy ending, but never actually “wins”: Mabel’s Sock Opera was a total disaster, Mabel did not win the Golf Tournament, and Mabel has never had a successful romance. Gravity Falls seems to have a pretty good Karma system, and anytime a character screws up, they are immediately given their comeuppance. Mabel not only follows this rule, but arguably has it worse. Little Dipper establishes that Dipper is always the one getting awards and winning at everything, while she has to settle for “average” on almost everything. Actually, there is nothing in this show to suggest that Mabel is book dumb. We never get to see her actual grades, and the only canon thing we here is that Dipper’s is higher. Dipper could be getting all A++ on everything while Mabel keeps getting B’s. All this of course means we can feel for her when everything is going wrong. Everybody wants Mabel to get some credit, but all the scenarios given to her seem to give her the short stick.
  • Mabel is an Extroverted Loser who is actually somewhat aware of her status. Extroverted nerds are not uncommon in pop culture, though the biggest difference is that Mabel seems to be aware of some of the things said about her. We can laugh at how oblivious Tucker Foley from Danny Phantom is, but Mabel is smarter than that. Alternatively, she could be considered a “cool loser” in the same way Sam Manson is, but unlike Sam, its really easy to see why she might not fit in with people considered popular.  This makes Mabel an anomaly among “cool loser” characters, being someone who legitimately fits the definitions of both words. 
    • On another note, Mabel is an example of an extrovert whose insecurities stem from the fact. The most recent episode as of this blog has her running off because she doesn’t want to be alone. Mabel needs attention in order to function properly, and when she’s left out of the loop for something, something bad happens. Something bad always happens.
    • Still, Mabel’s strangeness is thoroughly embraced as a positive trait, especially after “Irrational Treasure”, by both herself and the show as a whole. At this point she doesn’t care what other people think of her. Surely thats an admirable trait to many of the fans out there.
  • Mabel has developed as the series continued. Well, duh, she shares the role of protagonist with her brother, and as such is expected to grow in one way or another. One of the most tragic developments in her character is her new found fear losing her brother, which makes its first official appearance in a Tale of Two Stans. I highly doubt she ever considered losing her brother a possibility when the show first premiered, and yet here we are now. She’s also become a bit more… morally ambiguous as the series progressed. Her lesson in The Last Mabelcorn is revealed through a fit of rage on her part. Mabel got angry and violent, and the fans loved it.
  • And most importantly, everything Mabel does is out of love, Why did she give Bill the Rift? Because she thought it meant more time spent with her brother. Why did she refuse to press the button on the portal? Because she saw the best in her Grunkle Stan. Why did she allow her show to be ruined? To save Dipper. Mabel’s heart is her biggest strength in the show, and is probably the one thing that keeps her from falling into the usual trappings of the usual quirky, moe-blob type of girl. The fact that she shows it off so often proves to the audience that she is in fact more than just the lovable sidekick in a show that could of easily went in that direction. Heck, she’s the beacon of light in a series pretty close to falling into straight up horror territory. She’s the glimmer of hope of hope the audience can cling to when the series is at its darkest. It’s this element that made the last thing we see in “Dipper and Mabel vs the Future” so tragic. She screwed up royally, but with the best of intentions. And now she has to deal with just how badly everything is going to be. But based on what I’ve seen in the show so far, I’d still have to say she still is the last glimmer of hope for the future of the mystery twins. She might have been the cause of this problem, but I betcha anything she’ll also be the one to solve it.

“But does Emma really love Hook though?”



Sometimes it’s easy to see when photos have been manipulated. Sometimes its not. That’s why it’s so important for each of us to question our motivation behind consuming #fitspo and supporting this type of “inspiration.”

You’re all smart people - You know that photoshopping occurs online. You know that some images are tweaked and edited. But once we stop pointing out these changes and just accept them as a normal part of everyday life, we lose that important element of distinction: What once was recognizable as fantasy now starts to merge with the way that we think about our own bodies and other women. Expectations change, aesthetics change and we start to value these manipulated images over the real thing.

As always: All pictures in the left column are photoshopped images that were found in the #fitspo tag while everything in the right column is the original photo. Before reblogging or sharing fitspo, please consciously ask yourself: Is my motivation and inspiration being derived from how much I respect this person, or by how much I’m attracted to them? Am I more interested in the body or the person? And most importantly: Did this person consent to having their photo spread online in this manner? If you don’t know and if you aren’t willing to look up this information, then it would be best not to reblog.