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I don’t give a flying fuck what you look like. If you tell me you’re a woman, then you’re a woman. If you tell me you’re a man, then you’re a man. If you tell me you’re more than one gender or non-binary or agender or anything else, then that’s what you are. That’s your call to make, not mine.

If you’re not telling the truth for some reason, I’ll still respect that, because I understand that it’s sometimes easier to misgender yourself than to endanger yourself, or maybe you’re just not comfortable coming out to me or the other people around you. Again, your call.

And if the next time we meet you tell me you’re a different gender, then guess what! I’m going to respect that, too.


Negan/Rick Fic List

(Last Updated: April 28, 2017)

List of fics I personally loved. Made this so it’s easier for me to find them. Prolly the closest thing to a fic rec list I can do (I’M SORRY)…

Chaptered (Complete):

Chaptered (Ongoing):

  • All the Hallowed Roads -If Negan met Rick in TWD season 1 
  • Excess -Negan coerces Rick into marrying him amongst other things (PRETTY DARK.)
  • Ready for Another Life -canonverse!Rick wakes up in an AU where he’s been in a relationship with Negan for years (SAD STUFF AHEAD) 
  • Bloodsport -Negan asks Rick to marry him (the Sanctuary/Savior characters as the supporting cast)
  • The New World Order -if Rick met Negan in TWD season 2 (Negan’s already with The Saviors) 
  • Your Body’s Borders -If Negan was with Abe’s group, and happens upon Rick who seems extremely troubled post-Terminus
  • hallelujah -AU Rick picks up a mysterious hitchhiker (Non-con, VERY VERY DARK and violent)
  • Red riding hood and the big bad wolf -Childhood friends AU
  • All Roads Lead to Terminus -If Negan was in a different group searching for Terminus and ends up defending Rick’s group/the prison from the Governor’s attack
  • Heart In A Blender -AU friends to lovers
  • The Delegation of Power -Simon takes an interest in Rick, handling things a little differently when Negan’s not around (Non-con)
  • Parallax -AU Sci-fi, Rick and Negan are part of a crew sent to investigate a distant planet, which their ship crash lands in. Stuck, they have to work together to survive and find a way out


Fic Collections/Answered Prompts:

By @hatterized​ :

By @neganstonguething​ :

By @psychosexualnegan

By @ocegion 

“One shot where Rick is saved by Negan after he stops breathing and it’s hella awkward.” (I see what you did there anon ;D )

That’s it for now. There are other fics that I’m interested in and currently following, but I’m still waiting to see how they go and how I feel about them??? So I won’t add them here for now… Will be constantly updating this post I guess.


I have a feeling that the words are too small to read…. ◔̯◔

Art by あららぎ なな || Translation by Akaritakutranslations || Permission to post was given from the artist || Find this comic untranslated here || Reposting elsewhere is allowed but please give credit to the artist 


spiffy-space-dragon  asked:

Hi there! Sorry to bother you, but I was looking through your tutorial tag (amazing stuff!) and I saw the hair gif. What exactly is a clipping layer, and are you just using the smudge tool to make the hair go whoosh whoosh? Kind of hard to explain, haha. Anyway, don't worry about it too much, you can just link me an article if it's easier. I love, love, love your art! You draw Keith perfectly omg.

(aaaaaaa I’m sorry for the late response) right click the ‘clipping mask layer’ and select ‘Create Clipping Mask’ and also for the hair I think it’s just because of my brush settings ksdjfhs You can check it here ‘ v ‘  Thank you very much~~

nerdystuff-and-bookishthings  asked:

Hey, I was just wondering if your comic is live. Is it going to be a webcomic or are you publishing it? Because I saw your Paetron commission and I want more queer pirate ladies. Please give me info about if/where I can read more :)

Hello! Posting your question publicly ‘cause I get this often!

My comic isn’t out yet, neither in physical book form or webcomic! It is planned for it to be published online (first) at some point during this year. I’ll talk about it non-stop so you won’t be able to miss it when it happens :)

Also, I’m taking the opportunity of this ask to say that I’m probably gonna revert back its title “Everett Was Right” to its old one, “Quantum Disaster”. Sorry to everyone who already started a tag!

@cript-art-blog submitted to fini-mun:

Hi, I’m the anon who asked about you giving critique… This is my oc Cole (the snowshoe cat)… This is the only full body reference I have atm- I made it just the flats, so that it might be easier to critique.

anyways here’s some info on him to help your critique; he lives in Holoska (which is basically Canada), has hydro-kenisis and I didn’t give him much to wear because most male sonic character don’t wear much. Just gloves and shoes.

Ps. If you’re going to tag me- tag me as “cript-art-blog”. Its the blog I usually use- its just happens to not be my main. (I wanted my ask blog to be)

Okay sorry for the long, long delay on this. You sent this to me back when I did that bottlenose redesign thing, so I’m guessing you wanted me to give similar input for your character (”How to make it look more SEGASonicish”).

These are just my personal thoughts, and this is your character so take from it what you will!

I didn’t draw the full body because it wasn’t important towards the points I was going to make, sorry if that looks odd.

  • I emphasized the star like shape the fur was making around the head. I always think with Sonic characters that it’s a good idea to find a strong shape and work with it. You could also turn the ends of the ‘points’ of the stars upwards a bit to be more like your original design, but I just wanted to emphasize the star-like quality.
  • I like the mask you did around the eyes a lot. Very snowshoe and adds visual interest to the face. The only thing I really changed was to make it more flush with the shape of the eyes. Think of how Marine’s eyemask follows her eyes.
  • I made the ruff around the neck more ‘poofy’ and going around the entire neck. I’m trying to invoke sort of the concept of a wooly jacket hood, since the character is a Holoska native.
  • I also added the fluff to the gloves and boots, but I’m thinking the colour may have been better white rather than lavender, or even a pale tan? But anyway I was trying to make the gloves and boots look somewhat heavy duty- gotta keep those extremities warm. Since Sonic characters don’t generally wear a lot of clothing, you need to work with the articles you do get.
  • I tufted the tail, a bit like Blaze’s. There’s really nothing wrong with the blunted tail, but SEGASonic characters don’t really do that and this is slightly more visually interesting/ties with the head shape better.
  • Small, small detail, but on the legs (and would have on the arms if it weren’t covered) I made the markings begin just a little down the leg and not immediately at where the leg joins the body. It helps emphasize the limbs as being ‘part’ of the body and not placed ‘onto’ the body, if that makes sense.
  • … I changed the colour pallete, obviously. A big thing I see fanartists do is use more natural colours for their characters. I’ve done it before myself, so I’m not saying ‘never do it’. But as a rule of thumb Sonic characters aren’t coloured anything like their natural counterparts. I picked a desaturated blue and purples for your character because they gave an ‘icy’ or even slightly ‘aurora borelias’ feel, to tie into the Holoska thing. It also played well with the teals of your character’s clothing.

I hope that helps you out. Like I said, it’s your character so you’re free to do as you wish. You can use any of these ideas or ignore all of them, that’s up to you :)

anonymous asked:

everytime someone says the ship name is canola I just think about either canola oil or the plant. cinnabun is 10000 times better, sorry not sorry.

?? their tagged name is canolan, not canola; it’s a combination of canigula and rolan

and the emphasis isnt on which name sounds better, its just so its easier to search through a tag for the ship content (ie canolan) rather than the actual cinnabun dessert (ie cinnabun) :0c


sorry for the messy sketches but working on some fake x&v au finally!!! (labeling it that now since its easier to use) boooy do i have some idea brewing just currently doodling a bit till i figure out how i want to draw the ideas. really loving these idiots in this au

anonymous asked:

apologies for irritating you- the anon that fked up and did an ask w/out realizing they weren't open. Sorry.

You didn’t irritate anyone, don’t worry ^.^ 

Just its awkward to have to tag all the asks and Kayla has to help out so its easier to send em over to me since Im the one that does the in character ones lolol


kittyichooseyou  asked:

(Ah, this message is for the mun. I'm not sure if that carrot cake tag was in character or not but I wanted to say anyway) Carrot Cake would actually be a great dessert for All Might though!! Because carrots are sweet on their own, a carrot cake has plenty of natural sugars, and not necessarily as much added sugar as your average yellow cake. So it'd be much easier for someone who's had their stomach removed to digest. But in small servings still, of course.

(( 🥕 Sorry for the confusion! 🥕 Any posts within parentheses is out of character/mun speaking! I don’t plan to make a lot of ooc posts or tags unless its to compliment an artist!
I’m happy you agree with carrot cake being a good dessert for him!!! You hit the nail right on the head! I’d imagine All Might could only have a teeny slice or maybe even just a cupcake after his accident. )) 

I’m back~

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I left for so long, but the blog is now up and running again, I have updated the tag finder with the missing gods and added tags to all of the posts i didnt tag heh~ Just giving a friendly reminder that the blog has a “Submit” button where you can give submit your art and I’ll post it here :) you can also submit a link to a post and I’ll reblog the post directly if its easier for you. Also feel free to message me and ask stuff, or make requests :)  I hope you’re all doing well!!

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Is it possible that once a week you repost your wish list so it's easier to find?

ya sure that sounds good! sorry its hard to find, i can also tag it as wishlist so you can just look it up on my blog

i was tagged by the legend @selftitledegomaniac for the URL playlist thingy thankuu 

(its easier to just search through kpop so sry for being lazy trash)

I I love it - Dean

N Need To Feel Needed - Amber

F FXXT IT - Big Bang

I I Need U - BTS

R Run - BTS

I I Love Too - Mamamoo

N Not Today - BeyondTheScene

G Girls Girls Girls - GOT7



R Rough - GFriend

A Autumn Leaves - BackToSchool

S Spring Day - BangtanBoys

H Hate - 4MINUTE

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