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Reasons why I don't think Paranormal Reaper is OOC

So, I was thinking about a few years ago when I first started drawing these two together and people were calling them OOC.

Well, here are a few reasons why I think they would actually work. 

1. Neither of them can stand most people. Every time Dib has to deal with someone, he usually ends up completely annoyed by them. The Paranormal investigator, That guy in the chicken costume, Mortos der soul stealer. 

2. They’ve both seen more than any other human. Dib with space and Mandy with the Underworld. Imagine the Adventures!

3. When I put them together, they’re teenagers. Hormones all over the freakin’ place. 

4. Mandy IS capable of love. Did you see that episode when Mandy fell head over heels for that new greaser kid? Or that time she almost cried when she thought Billy was eaten by the Cracken? Or what about her dog Saliva?

5. Both of them have saved the earth countless times 

6. Who says you can’t plan to rule the world And date a dude who’s trying to save the world from an Alien? At least she doesn’t plan to wipe out all humans… so that’s good, right? 

7. They will both risk their lives to save the ones they care about. 

Welp, those were my reasons for creating and shipping Paranormal Reaper.

I don’t know how to end long posts….

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let the flames of your passion grow.

I can’t wait til it’s summer holidays over in America so ya’ll can quit going to school, quit avoiding tumblr to do assignments, and fuck up your sleeping schedule to talk to me instead. 

Han Sanghyuk’s nose is the only reason I wake up in the morning. Without it, what purpose would life have? What would deliver us from evil? Forgive our sins? What will grant us eternal life in death?
Han Sanghyuk’s nose.
It is an art form of its own, it guides me through the darkness that is time.