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Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
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Inktober 05 - Strawberry

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 4)

I kinda love that Vehlmann lets Spirou be /really/ ready to throw a punch when it comes to very, very boyscout matters. its weirdly endearing

this is after a full sketchbook page of the boy crying about which I still feel real and boiling hot shame   so I think I have some real problems

a moment of appreciation for these girls <3


They’re called “nightmares” for a reason ;-;

Ergh, this one just didn’t agree with me one bit but I spent so many dang hours on it so whatever, here you go, gays stargazing. (I don’t even have an excuse for nearly topless Scarlet. Make up your own explanation.)


Valjean: Honestly Javert, put on a scarf! You’re covered in snow. Just looking at you makes me feel cold.
Javert: Is that so? Just looking at you makes me feel warm.

Breaking out of my hiatus to share this with you all! :D

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Part 3 of my Gruvia Vampire Au! Sais come back mouhahaha! 

(Grey drinks a lot of blood.. Juvia’s blood must be delicious )

I hope you like it! =D And Good Halloween day!

Part 1  Part 2

May the Gruvia’s force be with you! (´∀`)♡