it's drapple

  • Hermione: Blaise have you seen Draco? I can't find him anywhere!
  • Blaise: Did you call out for him?
  • Hermione: Yes, and I even tried using an apple to tempt him
  • Blaise: Well there is one other way, but you won't like it
  • Hermione: *hesitant* Umm...okay?
  • Blaise: *walks up close to Hermione* You ready?
  • Hermione: *gulps and nods*
  • Blaise: *goes to take final step, hears noise behind him, sighs, turns head to look back, sees nothing* What the?
  • Blaise: *turns head back, and comes nose to nose with Draco*
  • Draco: *glaring* I said no touchy.
  • Blaise: *pulls back in shock, and moves head to look behind Draco at Hermione who is being held by Draco's arms behind him* Found him

Winstons Wear Crystal Necklaces.

“I am never taking this crystal off. Well, I mean, except if I’m making a tomato sauce and the crystal keeps dipping in the tomato sauce. Then I’ll take it off, and that’s just being practical.” 

- Winston Bishop, police officer


  • Lucius and Narcissa lose Draco in the crowd:
  • Lucius: I'll search the south side, you take the north
  • **Narcissa and Lucius split up**
  • Lucius: *calls out* Oh Hello Hermione Granger! *nothing happens*
  • Narcissa: *calls out* Oh What A Delicious Apple I Have Here! *nothing happens*
  • **meanwhile in the middle of the crowd**
  • Draco: Hermione? *moves towards the south* Apple? *moves towards the north* but...but...which one!!!! I can't decide!!!!!
  • **later the Malfoys find Draco in the middle of the crowd rocking back and forth with his arms around his knees, debating with himself which one to go to**
  • L + M: *look at each other* Woops.
  • Draco: Ew Mudblood, you're so gross...
  • Hermione: You are annoying go away.
  • Draco: And so dirty...
  • Hermione: I'm warning you.
  • Draco: And full of diseases!
  • Hermione: I'm going to sneeze on you if you don't leave.
  • Draco: You wouldn't dare infect my pureness...
  • Hermione: *sneezes*
  • Draco: AH! *running away* Help me I've been infected! I'm dying! My father will hear about this! I'm too young to die! Quick I need an apple!