it's doodle time!


these are all doodles from years ago when i first got into spn. theyre very bad but its nice to see how ive improved lol


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“Why are you shivering? Are you cold?” A man hugs him from behind as Victor cooks dinner.

Victor nearly jumps in fright.

The question who are you is on the tip of his tongue but then he looks down and sees their matching rings.

Oh, he thinks, surprised. I’m married.

He tries to remember who his husband is.

He can’t remember.

i’ve been fixated with this fic where victor shows early signs of alzheimer’s and this one particular scene stuck with me 

i keep on endorsing it but you can read it here and cry with me


- Today on: things Kirishima Eijirou pulls off


Love Square Week Day 1: Senses 
Hearing, Smell, Touch (+ Sight) and Taste

Im a bit late (not a bit… timezones suck), but I found topic of this day really… interesting~