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blow a kiss, fire a gun

Sansa knew that Jon would always love Arya more than he loved her. She just never thought he would ever confront her about it, especially during times like these.

Sansa was lucky to find Jon in the godswood; just when she was about to give up altogether, the possibility had struck.

He was sitting beneath the heart tree while he tended to his sword. It was a task that should’ve have been delegated to his squire, but Sansa knew that he liked to do it himself, if only because it brought about a certain calmness that was missing from his life—from all of their lives, really.

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  • ❝ I’m gonna turn her into a bloomin’ onion ❞ 
  • ❝ I’m worried because your PC thought that was NASTY 
  • ❝ Have you noticed something approaching DAWNING HORROR on the husband’s face? 
  • ❝ She looks like a human goldfish cracker 
  • ❝ NO, DON’T SMILE 
  • ❝ I’m gonna yartz ❞ 
  • ❝ There’s no reason to have a rough face and seven different types of forehead blemishes 
  • ❝ Fucking look AT her 
  • ❝ I want the middle of his face to just be sort of a ruined wasteland; a blighted hellscape 
  • ❝ Look at that just, like, beef steak ❞ 
  • ❝ I can’t interact with objects yet, honey, I haven’t completed the tutorial 
  • ❝ Baby enjoy toy; mommy buy for you 
  • ❝ I will take a hammer and FIX the baby 
  • ❝ Baby is broken; it’s too SMALL 
  • ❝ Superglue baby back to his BIG SIZE 
  • ❝ Baby need snack; I give baby snack of cleaner 
  • ❝ Clean baby’s tumtum; SCRUBBIESCRINKLEWINKLE 
  • ❝ He’s caught in the atoms of the linoleum 
  • ❝ Come to me, my Shaunster 
  • ❝ Nobody move, I’ve lost both a contact lens and a husband 
  • ❝ God forgive me 
  • ❝ He cool… He cool, he cool 
  • ❝ I DO THIS 
  • ❝ Pretty good, IT DOESN’T SEEM 
  • ❝ I tell little joke 
  • ❝ Next time, you INVITE Pam 
  • ❝ Did the dialogue just support your slash fiction? 
  • ❝ Uh, Final Pam forget keys; BRB 
  • ❝ Okay, I got them, WE COOL 
  • ❝ I bet you did not OVERSEE that coming 
  • ❝ Hey everybody, it’s me, ROACHIE, your favourite guy 
  • ❝ Drink up, Roachie 
  • ❝ I have a son; he’s a can of peas 
  • ❝ Ask him something only Roachie would know 
  • ❝ Guns are just so last year 
  • ❝ Roachie, I’ve been meaning to ask you something for a long time now and I just want you to know that you’re the most special bug in the world to me and I can’t imagine exploring the wasteland without you; will you marry me? 
  • ❝ He said YES 
  • ❝ Nothing, you leave me NOTHING? 
  • ❝ I’m gonna be in a deep depression for the next few minutes 
  • ❝ It didn’t get noodley though 
KagaKuro Workouts (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و
  • Kagami talking Kuroko into doing push-ups with him. Kuroko gives up after like five, then either wiggles underneath Kagami to kiss him whenever he lowers, or flops onto his back and just lays there, saying, “It’ll improve your strength, Kagami-kun.”
  • It takes a lot of persuasion and nuzzles to get Kuroko to go jogging with Kagami in the mornings. But they take Nigou with them, and jog through the park, and it becomes one of Kuroko’s favorite routines.
  • Kuroko really enjoys doing yoga, especially in the afternoons. Kagami joins him once out of curiosity, but when he ends up flat on his ass and possibly strains his back, he decides just watching is much better.
  • Kuroko very much enjoys watching Kagami do one-armed push-ups and pull-ups in the doorway. He just loves looking at the lines of Kagami’s bicep and the veins in his hands. Until Kagami notices him watching and gets embarrassed and falls.
  • All it takes is a dare and a challenging smirk for Kuroko to try and pick Kagami up. He just wraps his arms around Kagami’s waist and grunts and tries so hard his face turns red. And manages to lift Kagami only about half an inch off the ground. Kagami laughs and swings him into his arms much easier than Kuroko would like in response.
  • Kuroko likes to jump rope, and he’s surprisingly very quick and good at it. And as much as Kagami likes watching him, with how his shirt rises up his stomach with each jump, he can’t help but be confused. “But I’m the jumping guy, how are you better at this than me?!”
  • Both of them quickly learn that neither of them can work out shirtless. Kuroko plasters himself to Kagami’s back, kissing and nipping up his spine, while Kagami buries his face in Kuroko’s shoulder and rubs his hands all over his stomach. It always ends up in an impromptu make out session and they forget about working out entirely.

y’all: how well does your show handle all issues ever on a scale of t100 to poi

me: how well does your show handle its disabled and/or neurodivergent women of color, on a scale of inhumanly cruel and unnecessarily graphic mindfucking torture to the point of attempted suicide to inhumanly cruel and unnecessarily graphic mindfucking torture to the point of attempted suicide