it's diabetic sweet

Can you imagine how tempted Bucky would be to just hold Steve and pepper his face with kisses and never let him go

Like he’s fully aware that Steve is this smol, sickly little shit that has enough anger in him to fuel like ten suns, and goddammit he ain’t cute, Buck, but holy shit Steve just looks adorable all bundled up in Bucky’s big fluffy sweaters. All of Bucky’s sweaters are much, much too big on Steve, even the smallest ones. Steve is pretty much swimming in them, but goddamn he looks as cuddly and warm as he feels.

On Fire for You


Poe had been to the bakery a couple times before, and he decided that he enjoyed it significantly more when it wasn’t on fire. That being said, the storefront still somehow managed to look cheerful even with flames licking at the glass windows. Poe had to give the place credit where it was due, most burning buildings that he walked into weren’t nearly as inviting. If inviting was the right word.

Walking directly through fire was something that Poe had never quite gotten used to. Even with the fire suit and the respirator. Even with all of the training. It was still fire, after all. But it was worth it, because sometimes there were people. People that would die if Poe didn’t walk into the goddamn burning building and drag them out. People like the young man curled up on the floor under a metal cooking table with his shirt pulled up over his nose and mouth to keep the smoke out.

Smart guy. Poe thought. He’d be dead by now if he hadn’t done that.

He crouched down, placing a hand on the man’s shoulder to nudge him out from under the table before hefting him unceremoniously over his shoulder and walking back out.

“Is there anyone else?” Poe shouted through his mask as soon as they were a safe distance away from the burning bakery. “Is there anyone else inside?”