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We’ve seen world maps without New Zealand. We’ve seen globes without New Zealand. Board games without New Zealand. Jewellery without New Zealand. Portal turrets without New Zealand? Man, New Zealand is kind of… not there a lot.

Don’t you just wish you carried around a set of New Zealand stickers, that could help you fight this injustice first-hand? Well, now you can! Sort of.

With New Zealand is a set of awesome Messages stickers for iOS 10 that we’ve put together for all of you. You don’t need to be a kiwi to respond “Yeah, Nah” to that friend of yours (you know the one). This is the only right way to do just that.

Give little Aotearoa a bit of love, put her in your phone and plaster these stickies all over your message bubbles. If this blog has taught us anything, it’s that the world needs more of New Zealand being on things.

Get With New Zealand on the App Store  for your iPhone and iPad.

I hope you enjoy it!

Ka kite anō, your WMw/oNZ guy


The Finest Faces: Thrax (part 1)

Behold, the derp faces of Thrax XDDDD I already know I will also do his scary faces and cute faces as separate parts because he makes a lot of both XD

Neop: I’m finally done with my exam phase.. sorry for having you wait so long, but here is the next page. If you need a little recap read my note below ;)

Graeystone: Okay, so we confused a good chunk of people with the past few pages. Now I’m going to clear a lot of this up as best as I can without spoiling too much.

  1. What many readers said what may happen could happen concerning Derpy. (Keyword being ‘could’. Nothing is guaranteed)
  2. Chrysalis - She knows there is a One out there. She thinks its the Changeling (Derpy) she can’t mentally control. However she doesn’t know what shape the Changeling (Derpy) took.
  3. Luna - She knows she has an Apprentice yet doesn’t know who or where she is. Luna doesn’t know that what she felt is a connection between herself and a Changeling instead of herself and an Unicorn… which is ironic considering what Luna just said about keeping her Apprentice safe from the 'Unknown Changeling’.
  4. Derpy - Will be more stress piled onto her growing mountain of stress.

I hope that clears everything up.

Neop: Here is a short summary of the past 21 pages as a little reminder:

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Haizaki & Kise Parallel: First Appearance

i haven’t played mass effect andromeda yet (waiting until it actually comes out) but i’m pretty sure i prefer ‘maybe sometime wonky animations’ in comparison to ‘blank face and as much minimal animation as possible’ like in the previous games, but that’s just me. 


Day 30 - Out of Work Derpy

She is a fun Tumblr Blog and I wanted to make something of it. While she doesn’t have anything too different from normal Derpy, but I can still make a comic about it. And if anyone can get to Oa unexplained, its Derpy. I hope you like it @outofworkderpy.