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Gunshot (a sneak peek)

So… This was written way back in January (yikes), when I first started to write the mafia au fic 8 Days a Week and only @kawaiilo-ren and a couple other people have seen it. You might think you’ve seen it before, because Kait is a babe and she’s been drawing the amazing comic of this scene (and murdering me along the way). 

My plan was to keep this private until it was time to publish it on Ao3 but life is short and I actually like this. People will probably forget by the time it’s published there anyway, oops. 

Under the cut because it’s long. 

Hospital hall is looking cold and bleak under the fluorescent lights, like it did many hours ago. Yuri doesn’t remember how long it’s been since he left the building but coming back feels like returning from war, maybe. He doesn’t know what war feels like. It must be exhausting, if it resembles this even slightly. 

Ignoring his shaking hands is easy, as is turning a blind eye to his pulsating head ache. His body is crashing after riding through the adrenaline waves and he would kill for a nap; but that would make the list of things worth killing for longer and he isn’t sure if he is ready to deal with the paperwork. He isn’t ready to deal with anything yet, he just wants to return the weapon to its true owner and fall into a lifelong slumber.

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Twelve Days of Twelve: Day Four

Favorite Episode: Listen

What’s that in the mirror, in the corner of your eye?
What’s that footstep following, but never passing by?
Perhaps they’re all just waiting.
Perhaps when we’re all dead,
out they’ll come a slithering from underneath your bed.”

strip that down around the world

Apparently there are places in the world that are not the United States. I know, weird, right? And like, people in those places also listen to music!!! You may even be one of those people. It’s fucking rad. So like, here’s how Strip That Down has been doing in a couple of those places.

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Finals are next week…

  • Cinderella (1950): beautifully animated. helped to birth an era of Disney animation. A cult classic. A little slow, a little lacking character development- definitely a product of its time. 8/10.
  • Cinderella II Dreams Come True (2002): alright. gave much needed character development to Cinderella and Anastasia. Fun to watch. Great soundtrack. Cinderella's ladies in waiting are lesbians. Bad animation and compulsory heterosexual romance between cats??? Weird and cringey at times. 5/10.
  • Cinderella III A Twist In Time (2007): Beautiful. Wonderful. A cinematic masterpiece. Great character development, beautifully written and timed jokes, crazy plot twists, wonderful relationship building. Straight out of an ABC drama. 100/10. A gift from God.

going to see All Time Low tomorrow.. any advice on anything regarding all time low shows????

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🎞- A memory that never fails to come back to their mind, good or bad

Peer into my Muses’s Memories

         Snowdin was not known for its silence.
The small town was usually buzzing with life, kids and adults alike always out and about, laughing and joking under the blinking lights of the Giftmas tree or enjoying a quick lunch at that age-old, cozy little restaurant: Grillby’s. However, that cheerful atmosphere usually present in the town was now long gone; the air was filled with tension, residents overwhelmed by uneasiness and anticipation.
          It had not been easy for the King of monsters to escape the crowd. Whenever he was caught sight of, he would instantly be bombarded with questions already answered a billion times; about the Queen’s return, the horrible dreams seemingly plaguing all monsters’ dreams, the safety of their friends and family staying at New Home…
          … and the small, red-headed human that refused to leave his side.
          The stares always petrified Chara. Despite the years they’d spent living in the Underground, the child never managed to grow used to bring the center of attention; and their current state made the monsters’ gazes even more unbearable.
          Thankfully for them, Asgore noticed.
          One didn’t have to be a genius to detect the child’s ever-increasing discomfort, of course. If the way they clung to Asgore’s cloak like a terrified little baby didn’t give it away, then their tensed shoulders and constantly shifting gaze would’ve been alarming enough. The Boss monster wasted no time; he took the little one’s hand in his and found an excuse to leave, gently redirecting whichever monster got in his way to certain people with the assurance that they knew as much as he did. Before-long, father and child had left Snowdin, finding refuge in a quiet, deserted spot near the river. Few benches stood here and there; and the two soundly made themselves comfortable on one.

« –Golly, » Asgore had been the one talking the entire time, despite the pauses that were supposed to be Chara’s responses. The monster didn’t seem to mind too much, however. He understood. « Such a ruckus, is it not? I even missed tea time… »

           A tiny snort escaped them despite themself. Instantly, a tiny wave of guilt washed over them. This was supposed to be a little joke, and Asgore wanted them to laugh at it– but they felt shouldn’t. Their father would not let it show around his people, but he was exhausted. Now that the two were away from the crowd, alone in the silence of the forest, they could spot the slump of his shoulders, the tiredness in his eyes… Now that he didn’t have to worry about demanding, worry-filled stares, his weariness was clear as day; and Chara couldn’t help but feel responsible.
          The redhead remained close to the Boss monster. Their feet were still too short to touch the ground; something that would’ve normally frustrated them, but with so many other concerns crammed into their mind, there was little room for something as childish as this.
          … Was a child allowed to grow up this fast?
          There was a sharp exhale– and then a lung-expanding inhale that turned into a yawn. Much like their father, Chara had been awfully tired lately; terrifyingly tired, having even fallen asleep while attempting to eat a slice of butterscotch-cinnamon pie. They had been like this ever since waking up at the bed of golden flowers… and while it scared them, it was just another problem to be added into the towering pile of problems that were waiting to be dealt with.
          They felt Asgore’s gaze on them.

« Did you not sleep well? »

          His voice was calm, yet tinged with concern that the monster didn’t attempt to hide. This tiny little detail alone caused a warm feeling of safety bubble inside the child’s stomach.

« No, » Came their response. Then, softly, they added: « You? »

          Silence. One second, two… Laughter. Short, silent, half-hearted, almost unfamiliar in the child’s ears. The king needn’t say anything more, of course. This had been enough for Chara.

« It’ll get better, » The hope present in that sentence managed to surprise even themself, which gave them courage to continue. « Trust me? »

          A smile spread across their father’s features. While his body was untouched by time –same golden mane, same soft, white fur and fluffy ears– his eyes reflected centuries upon centuries of knowledge and experiences. He had seen things the child couldn’t even dream about– and for once, the ever-cheerful king Fluffybuns appeared old.

« Of course. »

          Chara pressed their lips. He didn’t trust them completely; and they couldn’t blame him.

« Trust me, » They repeated, voice a determined whine that made them sound like a protesting preschooler but didn’t manage to hold their attention for long. « I s-saw all of you– dusted. And now? You’re here. It’s– already better. »

          This time, although short, the King’s laughter was genuine; and Chara couldn’t help but feel a spark of pride.

« Good point, » He admitted. Chara took notice of that warm twinkle in his eyes, and they once again realized how much they had missed him. « In fact, » The Boss monster continued, gaze now thoughtful. « once all of this is over, we could finally have that cup of tea. »

          Chara grinned. They leaned against their father’s arm before it was wrapped around them like a warm, fluffy blanket. Suddenly, that big pile of problems appeared a lot more manageable… if only for now.

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I saw that you've reposted a thing so ye 1. Scorpio 2. Green 3. Designer? Photographer? 4. Draw and read alot 5. 😂 6. Noodlers?? 7. 2 8. ??? 9. In beeeeeed 10. Something Zelda maybe

1. right!

2. right!

3. honestly i have no clue either but those are some of my interests!!

4. i actually dont read at all but i am indeed doomed to draw forever

5. nope! good guess tho its definitely up there

6. one of the big ones! yep!!

7. yep

8. lmao same idk even if i have one do i

9. pls you are like little baby watch this *proceeds to lay awake in bed for 7 hours without moving before i get hungry*

10. im in the club of “I Love The Legend Of Zelda But Breath Of The Wild Is Kicking My Ass” so yes

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Hi, do you or your followers know where this scene came from youtu(.)be/fCYuZ_PIXkU?t=3m49s I know it's the game they played in Rookie King Ep 3, but it says it's a 'Behind Story' & it definitely wasn't in the episode.

its from ep 8 and starts at 52:05


Teen movies of the new millennium have legitimately lost their edge. 2004’s Mean Girls was decent but played it too safe. The 1999 theatrical release of the movie Jawbreaker marked the first real attempt at a dark teen comedy in a style reminiscent to the 1988 hit film Heathers. Panned by critics and ignored at the box office, it still managed to obtain cult classic status and remains one of my all-time favorite movies. I have yet to see another teen film that dares to take the risks Jawbreaker did.

Below are ten reasons why I think you should start cherishing Jawbreaker and stop giving Mean Girls so much undeserved hype:


This 90’s movie gets straight to the point, having the story begin with a high-school clique of popular girls unintentionally murdering their best friend during a birthday prank gone horribly wrong. Mean Girls doesn’t even try to touch any subject matter of this sort.

I’ll never forget the image of their deceased BFF in the trunk with that giant jawbreaker protruding from her neck.


Dowdy Fern Mayo (Judy Greer) gets transformed into the mysterious Vylette, as HBIC Courtney’s favor for keeping her mouth shut about witnessing her clique’s concealment of their friend’s murder. The only makeover Lindsay Lohan underwent as Cady Herron in Mean Girls was dressing slightly better and wearing cosmetics.


This movie got Rose McGowan a nomination for Best Villain at the MTV Movie Awards. She didn’t win but really should have. Her portrayal of high-school queen bee and stylish femme fatale, Courtney Shayne, was spot on. Her character murdered her best friend, creatively covered it up, insulted her peers and pushed Vylette into a mirror until it cracked. Courtney Shayne was the ruthless high-school ruler Regina George wishes she could have been.


The popular girls in Jawbreaker didn’t exclude pink to Wednesdays. What they did do was ensure they were never seen eating publicly, changing their personas to attract mass popularity, all while being unapologetically aggressive with men in order to get what they want. The ladies of Mean Girls seemed tame in comparison.


The scene between Courtney, her hookup, and a popsicle is infamous. If you’ve seen Jawbreaker, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This movie doesn’t hide the fact that some of its characters like to get down and dirty, or sticky. Mean Girls did a lot of alluding while Jawbreaker got straight to the point.


Do you remember Courtney’s sleeveless sweater with sheer cutouts, Julie’s groovy white framed rose-colored-lens sunglasses, or Vylette’s hot pink t-shirt with the word “bitch” emblazoned across it in black? The fashion from Jawbreaker is unforgettable and makes you miss some of the better styles people embraced in the 90’s.


From Tatyana Ali to Marilyn MansonJawbreaker featured a surprising cast of well known and unknown actors. Even legendary female action star, Pam Grier, had a role in the film as the sassy detective investigating the murder of Liz Purr. Mean Girls was written by Tina Fey and featured new faces, familiar faces and some former SNL alumni, but Jawbreaker definitely wins for its riskier casting choices.


Not only were The Donnas the performing band in the movie’s prom, but the scene simultaneously documenting the rise and fall of Courtney Shayne was classically executed. Rose McGowan really did own this role and all of the corsages people pelted at her as she made her exit into social exile. Mean Girls’s Cady Herron shares her Spring Fling Queen tiara with the school and disbands its clique of popular girls, which would unlikely occur in reality. Again, Jawbreaker wins for its consistent edginess. 


No classic teen movie goes without its fair share of memorable one-liners and Jawbreaker is chock full of them. The reason I would choose its one-liners over the ones featured in Mean Girls is because of the excessive cussing and unforgiving tone they possess. I can’t say it enough. Mean Girls was too nice.


Jawbreaker officially started the whole popular-clique-walking-down-a-high-school-hallway-to-cool-music scene and Mean Girls blatantly copied it. Hell, these kinds of scenes have become a teen movie standard nowadays and Jawbreaker definitely deserves its credit for pioneering that.

You may still prefer Mean Girls over Jawbreaker after reading this and you’re completely subject to that opinion. But the truth is, Jawbreaker is a fantastic movie and I wish more teen comedies dared to get as dark as it did without being as nice as Mean Girls, farcical as Heathers or as poorly executed as Jennifer’s Body.

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[…] language must be such that in all discourse, language can transmit and betray, according the double sense of the Latin tradere, “to transmit” —  the unconcealment that it is, leaving it concealed in what it brings to light.

Memory: disposition of the soul, which keeps watch over the unconcealmemt
within it. (Plato, Definitions, 414 a 8)

This is why from its inception, philosophy, which seeks to give an account of this double structure of tradition and human language, has presented knowledge as caught in a dialectic of memory and oblivion, unconcealment and concealment, alētheia and lēthē. In its Platonic definition, the task of memory is not to shelter this or that truth, this or that remembrance, but to keep watch over the soul’s very openness, its own unconcealment. The anamnestic structure of consciousness refers not to a chronological past or to ontic preeminence but, rather, to the very structure of truth. Being incapable of grasping itself and transmitting itself without becoming a remembered thing, this structure can preserve itself only by remaining immemorial in memory […]

— Giorgio Agamben, from “The Tradition of the Immemorial” in Potentialities: Collected Essays 

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 8)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Recommended you’ve played at least one of Zen, Yoosung, or Seven’s route due to small spoilers.

Shit. An icy hand grips your insides. You try to slam the door shut, but the intruder – Unknown, whatever his name is – thrusts his leg in its path and forces it back open. You almost fall over at the strength behind his shove and scramble to regain your footing, pushing off of the wall and running to the kitchen. There has to be a knife, o-or a frying pan… anything you can use to defend yourself…

The intruder is in the doorway to the kitchen just as you pull out a knife and brandish it in front of you with both hands. Goddammit, it’s your bread knife. The rounded tip and serrated edge do little to make you look menacing. Why had you spent all your excess time cooking and reading instead of studying judo or self-defense?

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Forgive Me (Ashton Irwin Smut)

Sorry I haven’t put anything up in forever! College is crazy, but I am going to try to write more! So send in requests!! 

Imagine Masterlist

Request: Can you do an Ashton smut where you dated for a long time but broke up bc he’s so busy all the time but you still love each other and then he comes come from tour after a long time and you and his family pick him up from the airport and later you have really romantic sex? :)

“Next question boys. Have you ever been in love?” The woman interviewer raised an eyebrow and looked at the four boys sprawled out in front of her. Michael and Calum both wrote “no” on their white boards, but Ash debated his answer for a minute. He revealed a messily scribbled “yes” and the woman’s eyes grew wide. “Well you know I have to ask now. Is that special lady still in your life and if so, who is it?” She leaned forward to give Ashton all her attention.

“No. I let her go.” He looked down and away from the cameras as Luke patted his back.

“Sounds like you still love this girl.” She sighed and gave him a sympathetic look.

“More than anything.” I couldn’t believe I was hearing those words fall from his mouth. I slammed my laptop screen down because I couldn’t watch this anymore. Ashton and I were together for 3 years prior to his worldwide success and it was, without a doubt, the best 3 years of my life, but when the band took off, we never saw each other. He would call me crying at 4 in the morning because he missed me and I felt horrible that I couldn’t be next to him while his dreams came true, but I was in college and I couldn’t put my dreams on hold to follow him around the world, no matter how much I wanted to.

I laid in my bed crying for the next three hours thinking about all the fun times Ashton and I had together. I thought ending things was for the best, but I have never been so miserable. I have to call him. I have to tell him that I miss him more than anything in the world. It was about 2:30am in Sydney and I knew he would be up since he was in L.A. I dialed his number and got his voicemail.

“Hey Ash. It’s me. I, um, I just wanted to tell you that I miss you. I miss us. I have never been so miserable in my entire life, and I made a big mistake. I will wait for you for the rest of my life if I have to. God, Ashton, I love you.” I hid the fact that I was practically bawling my eyes out and ended the call.


I woke up groggy and tired from crying half the night. I had class, but I wasn’t in the mood to sit in lecture for a day so I decided to stay home. I leaned over to my bedside table and looked at my phone. My heart stopped when I saw that I had one voicemail.

I pressed play and put it on speaker. There were a few moments of silence followed by his soft voice.

“I know you’re sleeping right now, but I couldn’t wait to call you back. I’m sorry, I was in the middle of sound check when you called, but I miss you too. I never stopped loving you and you’re all I think about. Every time I get on stage, I miss being able to look over and see your face cheering me on. I will do anything you ask if you forgive me for letting you go. I love you so much. We are coming home in a couple days and I want to see you. I have to see you. Please come to the Sydney airport at 4:45pm on Thursday. All my love baby girl.” Tears were streaming down my cheeks again and I must have replayed the message 4 or 5 times.

3 days of pure agony passed as I waited for him to return. Finally it was Thursday and I skipped my 3:30 class to meet him at the airport. I must have been a bit anxious because I arrived about an hour before his flight was scheduled to land. I waited in the terminal and nervously played on my phone until they announced the 747 arriving from L.A. I looked over and saw Ashton’s family standing over to the side and went over to say hello. I have known Ann Marie since I was about 7 years old so when Ashton and I broke up, we still kept in touch.

“Y/n! How are you dear?!” She yelled excitedly as she pulled me into a hug.

“I’m great! How are you?” I smiled and pulled away from her.

“Better now that Ashton is coming home,” her face lit up at the mention of her son, “Are you here to see him?” she asked confused.

“Yeah, he asked me to come see him when he got off the plane so here I am.” I smiled before feeling Harry attach to my leg.

“Y/n, Y/n, Y/n!” He shouted and hugged me tighter.

“Harry, Harry, Harry!” I mocked him and picked him up for a hug. I was really close with Ashton’s siblings as well. I absolutely loved his family.

I turned around with Harry still in my arms to see a tall, dirty blond haired boy standing in front of me. His smile spread from ear to ear as he took in the sight before him. I set Harry down and he ran into his brother’s arms followed by Lauren and Ann Marie. They embraced for a few minutes before moving to say hello to the other boys. Ashton turned back and walked over to me.

“Hey Asht-” I began, but he just grabbed my face and crashed his lips onto mine. I was a little shocked, but damn did it feel right. I melted into the kiss as he snaked his arms around my waist and lifted me, spinning me around. He finally pulled away when he heard his mother clear her throat from behind us. My cheeks flushed red as I caught a glimpse of the smirk on her face. She motioned for us to follow her to baggage claim and Ashton and I lagged behind. He still hadn’t said a word to me, but I could tell what he was thinking. He had the dark eyes he only got when he needed me. His chest was heaving in and out and he was biting his lip so hard that I thought he was going to draw blood. I reached for his hand and intertwined our fingers as we made our way through the airport.

It seemed like forever before we got back to my car. Ashton told his mom that he had to talk to me alone so he was going to ride home with me. We barely made it to the car before his hands were on my waist and his lips were pressed to my neck.

“Ashton, aren’t we going to talk about this?” I asked trying to be serious, but failing when it came out as a moan.

“We can talk after I show you how much I missed you. I need you Y/n. I need you more than ever.” His low voice sent chills all over my body as I started the car to drive home. I must have driven 15 over the speed limit to make it home in 20 minutes. I was shifting in my seat the entire way, and I know Ashton noticed because half way there he placed his palm on my bare leg, rubbing soft circles with his fingers. I had completely forgotten the effect he has on my body. 8 months without his touch definitely took its toll on me. I was a mess. We pulled into the drive of my apartment building and Ashton flew out of the car like it was on fire. I let Ash into the house first before I turned to lock the door behind me. Before I could turn around, he hands reattached to my waist and lips to my neck. God, did I miss his lips. He drug his mouth from under my ear to my collarbone and back up to my jawline, familiarizing himself with my body again. His large hands grasped my love handles and held me close to his front. My need for him grew as he turned me around and pushed me up against the closed door. I let out a grown and he pulled his lips away from my skin.

“Sorry,” he chuckled and brought his lips to mine. It was like a work of art. Our lips perfectly molded together as my hands found his messy curls. He deepened the kiss after a few minutes and I knew there was no going back now. I needed him just as much as he needed me, maybe even more.

I disconnected our lips and grabbed his large hand, leading him to my bedroom at the end of the hall. I pulled him through the door frame and slammed it shut behind me. He sat on the side of my bed and I went to straddle his perfectly toned thighs. His hands wrapped around my body to hold me close as he started to grind his hips up against mine. My lips moved to his neck and he let out a throaty groan when I began sucking on his sensitive skin. I could feel his arousal through his tight black jeans which only fueled my need of him. My hands moved the hem of his muscle shirt and tugged it up over his head.

“God, baby, I missed you.” He moaned as I reconnected my lips to a now dark spot on his neck. I pushed him back onto the bed and moved up to straddle his naked torso. My hand moved back to rub him through his jeans as his hands lifted up my shirt to trace my stomach. I pulled my unwanted shirt over my head and threw it over to the other end of the room. I moved my hand from the prominent bulge in Ash’s jeans to his belt and began undoing it. I pulled it off as his lips connected to my abdomen and made a pathway to my covered breasts. I reached behind my back to unclasp my black bra and gave it a toss across the room following my shirt. Ashton’s eyes immediately moved to the naked portion of my body and he had a large smile plastered on his face. “I had forgotten how beautiful you really are. I am the luckiest man in the world.” He whispered making my cheeks turn a dark crimson. I snaked my body down so that I was lined up with the button of his tight black skinny jeans. I must have been moving too slow because Ashton undid the button and zipper for me before shimmying out of the confining material. His boxers quickly followed releasing his hard member for my viewing pleasure.

“Impatient, are we?” I laughed eyeing his length. He just nodded his head and undid the button to my shorts and slid them down my legs. The only thing separating us was the fabric of my underwear and Ash had enough of it. I screamed when put his arms under my legs to flip me. He smiled and put his hand on my cheek and kissed me softly. He retreated down my abdomen kissing every few inches until he stopped at the top of my panties. I sat up on my elbows and watched him with wide eyes. His eyes moved to mine when he hooked his fingers in the waistband and slid them down. I was now completely naked under his gaze and he licked his lips at the sight. He got in a push up position over me and reached one arm down to tease my entrance with his tip. I moaned as it brushed my clit and I bucked my hips to meet his. He chuckled darkly at my eagerness. “You are so wet baby.” He said as he went down to kiss my neck. I just nodded my head and put my lip between my teeth. My hands found his hair as he slowly slid into me. It had been so long since I was with him and his size was almost too much. He stilled in me to give me time to adjust and reattached his lips to my neck.  

 “Ash…” I whispered in his ear giving him the okay to start moving.

 “God I missed being inside you baby.” He thrusted into me slowly and passionately, making the pleasure all the more enjoyable. I couldn’t fathom words and just ended up moaning his name over and over. This seemed to have fueled him to go faster and start rubbing me to bring me closer to my release. I felt my end rapidly approaching, but I didn’t want it to end so soon.

 “Ashton,” I said in a lower tone making him look into my eyes. “I want to ride you.” I said plainly and he smiled and pecked my lips before pulling out of me. He grabbed me by the waist and rolled over so I was straddling him. I ran my hands up and down his torso one more time before lowering myself onto him. His hands immediately darted to my breasts kneading them softly. I threw my head back and began to bounce more on is hard member. “Oh my God Ash.” I breathed as he began to thrust his hips up to meet mine.

 “God Y/n, you feel so good baby. Oh shit.” He groaned and I knew he was getting close. I grabbed one of his hands and brought it back to my center signaling him to help me finish. He started to quickly rub me and I felt my stomach muscles tighten. I laid myself down so that I was lying flat on top of him and started to kiss and suck at his neck.

 “Ash! Fuck!” I yelled as I came around him and a few thrusts later he did the same.

 We just laid there for what seemed like hours and took in each other’s presence.  I finally got off of him and snuggled up so that my head was on his chest and his arm was around me.

“I love you Y/n.” Ashton whispered softly making me look up at him.

“I love you too Ashton. I love you so much.” I smiled kissed his swollen lips.

“I don’t ever want to miss you like that again. I want you to always be mine. I’m so sorry I let you go. Please forgive me baby.” Tears brimmed his beautiful hazel eyes as he studied my face for an answer.

“There is nothing to forgive Ash. I love you and you were just doing what I asked you to do. If anything, you should forgive me.” I placed my hand on his cheek and gave him a slow kiss before falling asleep in his arms. 

your ugly asses: louis left harry lmao he doesn’t care he in in l.a. with his son and his girlf-
louis: morning here from the u.k. where is 8.00am and its DEFINITELY morning