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One day Yata hugged Fushimi and kept crying because he felt so tired. He always smiles in front of people to hide his sorrows, his burdens so just once I want him to releases it all

Imagine this like post-ROK and maybe it’s been a year since everything went down, the destruction of the Slate and the defeat of jungle, and by this point most of the casts’ powers have started to fade. It’s December and cold and Homra has some kind of remembrance thing for Totsuka and Mikoto that Yata goes to and the whole time he’s somber but he’s also trying to keep everyone’s spirits up, like they’re all alive and together and Mikoto and Totsuka would be proud of how the clan’s come together and all that. Plus he’s trying to support Anna and Kusanagi especially, the two who in some ways lost the most when Totsuka and Mikoto died and Yata’s really just trying his best to not burden anyone with his own sorrows. At the same time though he’s been a little depressed lately over the waning of his powers and the memorial just makes it worse, a reminder that this red that he stills sees as some remnant of Totsuka and Mikoto is going to be gone soon and all he’ll have to hold onto are Totsuka’s videos that he’s watched a million times, memories of a time long gone and warm place that he can’t ever get back.

So finally after the memorial Yata walks home alone in the snow, back to the apartment he shares with Fushimi. When he walks in Fushimi’s there on his computer, doing more paperwork for Scepter 4. He mentions that Yata’s late without really looking at him and Yata gives this strained smile as he apologizes and says he’ll start making dinner. Fushimi hears a strained note in Yata’s voice that makes him look up and he notes that Yata looks worn out. Yata tries to smile as he says yeah, something like that. Fushimi gets up and walks over, about to say something when Yata just grabs him and pulls him into a hug, bursting into tears. Fushimi I think just goes stock still, having no idea how to handle this as Yata just cries out all his strain and stress, hiccuping and apologizing and everything. Finally Fushimi just puts an awkward arm around Yata’s shoulders and pats his back, trying to do what he thinks Yata would do if Fushimi was upset and his movements are really unsure and stiff but Yata doesn’t mind because he knows Fushimi can’t handle emotion stuff but here he is trying, like Fushimi has no idea how to handle Yata’s crying other than to stand there and let Yata cry it all out. Finally Yata’s sobs slow down and he wipes his eyes, smiling at Fushimi and thanking him for being there and Fushimi looks away like ‘I didn’t do anything,’ Yata’s like ‘yeah you did, you’re alive and you’re here’ because after everything that’s all he needs, knowing that he’s got Fushimi by his side again.

You don’t care about Rey if you think her potential choices in romance will affect the agency of her character. Rey is Rey, a strong hero who deserves her own story - without you weighing down premature judgment on potential choices the character very well MAY MAKE.

You don’t care about Rey if all you want to see her character do is kill the bad guy. Where is the character growth in that? What is the message? How does it fit into the greater Star Wars themes? Do you care about that?

You don’t care about Rey if you see her as a “perfect cinnamon roll” who can’t handle herself and who needs to be “protected” from the “no good very bad man.” Rey is fierce and brave, but also flawed and human. She, too will face struggles.

When she makes mistakes - will you still be there to love her character then? If all you see in characters is a flat presentation and no potential…. what happens when your “perfect Rey of sunshine” messes up? Do you abandon characters you see as flawed?

If people ship her with a character with the belief the other will be redeemed and a better man, that is not shipping her with a fascist. That is shipping her with a person who changed for the better - that is fitting in with Star Wars themes and messaging.

You don’t care about Star Wars if you think these characters or story are as simple and transparent as what only 1/3 of the story has given us.

You don’t care about Star Wars if you think things aren’t going to change and grow from here.

And you don’t care about fandom or Star Wars if you think you get to tell other people how to enjoy it or interpret it. Bye 👋

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More Holiday AUs
  • “I’ve been caroling in this neighborhood for years, and if you think I’m going to let some two-bit amateur and their friends take over my turf, they’ve got another thing coming” AU
  • “I found the perfect Xmas tree, let’s go. No. Don’t turn around. They’re not yelling at us. They’re not saying ‘we stole their tree” they’re saying they love our xmas tree. JUST PUT THE TREE IN THE TRUCK AND GO GO GO.” AU
  • “i work at the wrapping counter in the mall and you work as an elf at the santa photo place and our departments hate each other. ” AU
  • “i’m tired of people forgetting about Hanukkah. I’M GOING TO TAKE DOWN THAT CHRISTMAS AND MAKE INTO A HANUKKAH TREE WHO’S WITH ME” AU
  • “this is the third year in a row i’ve been in jail on Christmas. thanks for giving me the nice cell this year. ‘preciate it.” AU
  • “someone new moved into the house next door and they really take christmas decorating seriously but if they think their house is going to be better than mine than they’ve got another thing coming” AU
  • “i accidentally walked into the wrong holiday party and everyone is pretending they know me SOMEONE HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE” AU
  • “my car is snowed in at my parents house and you’re the dumb plow driver that did the deed. come back here and get me out” AU
[Translation] Jurina’s confession (from Rena grad con pamphlet)

Jurina’s confession

For me, Rena-chan is lover.

Jurina cried…as Wmatsui that leads SKE until today, 7 years of being close to Rena…if we look back to their relationship that was full of emotions, our hearts would get warm. The history of the strongest pair- the pride of Nagoya- that no one has ever known and how SKE’s future will be once Rena left the group…”For me, Rena-chan is lover” Super Ace who is still here has revealed it all.

But it’s unrequited love…because of love, I couldn’t honestly say it.
True relationship of the two who have been leading SKE48 for 7 years

Jurina has just arrived at shooting location. When she saw purple flowers in the vase, she blurted out pleasantly “These flowers are so like Rena-chan”. Then, she asked staff who comes with her to pick a flower for selfie “This photo, I will send it to Rena-chan” she said with smile.

“What a creep I am right now. No matter what I see, I would say it is like Rena-chan. These flowers, also. In our unit song (TWO ROSES), Rena-chan’s dress was red and mine was blue. Red and blue combined will be purple. Two of us are purple. So, I am happy that Rena-chan love purple…”

As Wmatsui, they do their best to lead SKE48 along these 7 years. Especially, the beginning that two of them mostly worked together “Whether we went to Tokyo or stayed at a hotel, we were always together. I spent even more time with Rena-chan than with my family” To make SKE48 be the strongest group, for that reason, they have been fighting alongside of each other. However, Rena announced that she will graduate in August. There is not much time left to see “Wmatsui of SKE48”

“I only knew that she will graduate just a moment before she announced on the radio. She mailed to 1st gen ‘sorry that I didn’t tell you guys in advance’ but I was already aware of it. So fast…before General Election, I got a work with Rena-chan and she said something that she had never said. It seemed like she was thinking if she should say it. I knew it just by looking at her. I also talked to Masana ‘Rena-chan said like this, she must be thinking about graduation. What should I do?’ but Masana said ‘It is not like that. It will be alright. I talked to Rena before, she said she will not graduate soon’ then, on the day of General Election, Masana also went to Rena’s room to make sure again. The day after, Masana reported to me cheerily ‘no way she will graduate’ (laugh) but since I was always with Rena-chan, I knew it”

Sisters, friends, comrades, rivals…in these 7 years, it is difficult to describe relationship of Wmatsui that had walked along together with only one word. Break out in tears of joy together, feel the frustration together, quarrel with each other sometimes…for Jurina, Rena is special.

“Rena-chan, for me, is lover. I once thought she is family but that is not it. She is my lover. Not admiration but love. Not sisters, also. I realized how depressed it is to be separated from the one you love. Because of love, I couldn’t honestly say it. Anyways, Rena-chan always sees me as little sister, she loves me in that way. So, we are unrequited love to each other. We are opposite to each other because our way of thinking is different. But because of that, there are various kind of thoughts came out. It brought us together. I think it is a very good relationship”

Very good relationship…but also similar to Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko of AKB48. They could not avoid being compared - position, ranking in election, length of waiting line in handshake event- not knowing when people started seeing them through ‘rival’ filter, though they are in the same group, comrades in the same team. “Although we are close, I once felt that I couldn’t show it because everyone said that we are rivals. Everyone enjoyed as it became like that…fans got fired up, so I thought we also need to be the same. It felt strange when we need to let people think that we are rivals. But, I was taken by it. I took it for granted that our rivalry is real…”

Looking forward to seeing you again at 10th anniversary…

3 years from now, when it is 10th anniversary, it would be great if I could make her think “let’s go see SKE48 live”

In “idol no namida: Documentary of SKE48” that was released in February this year, there was a scene that shows complicated relationship between Jurina and Rena. In 2011, the 3rd General Election was held, Jurina got 14th and Rena got 10th. It was the first time that ranking sequence of the two switched. After the event ended, in the waiting room backstage, Jurina who was crying surrounded by members trying to comfort her. While Rena was alone in the corner with tight-lipped, her expression showed mixed feeling. When we asked about this scene, Jurina lowered her head sadly. Her eyes brimmed with tears shortly afterwards…

“Back then, I didn’t know that Rena-chan was around because I just kept looking at the floor. Then, when I was about to go home, I accidentally met Rena-chan. It seemed we only said ‘thanks for hard work’, bowed to each other. But at that times, I really hated myself for thinking like…’ah, did she just look down on me?’ I supposed that Rena-chan and I think the same, there was no superiority or inferiority. Since we had walked here together, I felt lonely when I saw her walked ahead. But to think about it now, it is not like that anymore. Rena-chan was older than me. She was mature. When she saw me crying, she did not come in to comfort me because she was thoughtful. At that time, I was really young. I only thought ‘it is good that she does not mess with me’ but I understand now that was her kindness. Even so…I still want to say sorry for what I have done”

Surrounded by fans’ thought, fighting intensely in General Election every year, for members in 48 group who always aim higher, this is unavoidable. That is why there are times when these two did not talk to each other, to the point that it became awkward. However, there was something that melted away Jurina’s hostile feeling toward Rena.

“Now, I do not feel any rivalry anymore. What changed it was team shuffle (in April 2013). When Rena-chan moved from Team S to Team E, that was the first time I felt so lonely. We had always been together, but then it was gone. We were just in the different team, so I thought that ‘we just cannot stand together on the same theater stage’ but never thought that it was not only that…as our individual work increased, we could not go to Tokyo or somewhere, only the two of us, anymore. It felt lonely. If I were with Rena-chan, I would not have to eat anything. If only I had Rena-chan, I would be okay with everything. Once we talk, I would forget everything else, even eating. And when we talk about SKE48, I would put everything else away”

For SKE48, Matsui Rena’s graduation is the end of an episode in history. When a half of Wmatsui is gone, it would cause a huge effect to popularity. Will SKE48 without a pillar like Rena decline?…this pessimism started to float around, but Jurina said with confidence “It will be alright. Surely be alright! 7th gen and draft 2nd gen kids are all earnest. They are trying with all their might. When I look at them, I think of us 1st gen because the passion they have toward SKE48 is the same as us. They made me feel that ‘we will beat AKB48’ For members from 2nd gen below…Rena-chan’s graduation could be their most important turning point. Nakanishi Yuka-chan’s and Sato Mieko-san’s graduation before could also be encouragement for them. So, it will be alright!”

As 1st gen member and unshakeable ace, Jurina who has been the center of SKE48 until now will bring the new SKE48 after Rena graduated forward. Of course, everyone would think like this. But in Jurina’s mind, there is something unexpectedly different.

“I do not expect SKE to be like this or that. Everyone doing what they want with the feeling like they have right now is enough. I would not be happy if I said that we need to be like this and everyone is just too cautious to do anything. It is not necessary. About me leading everyone, I do not think that I have to lead anymore. This might be from when I listened to ‘Mae no Meri’ In ‘Mae no Meri’, there is a verse ‘Youth is a winding road. Even we fell, we will get up again. Hope is strength. We are still alright’ I think this is what Rena-chan wants to tell us. My youth is SKE48, so the feeling like ‘I want to hurry up and do something for SKE48’ or ‘I want SKE48 to be number 1’ these feelings are strong. We want to leap forward. I realized that being too strict or preaching others just because I am good at it is terrible. SKE48 members have a good attitude to learn enthusiastically by observing, I do not even have to say a thing. So, I am not worried”

AKB48 that was established in 2005 will reach its 10th anniversary this December. In another 3 years, in October 2018, SKE48 that was established in 2008 will also reach its 10th anniversary. When SKE48 mark 10-year anniversary, how will they be?…the only thing we can tell is that when the day comes, Jurina will still be working wholeheartedly as SKE48 member.

“Of course, I will still be here when 10th anniversary comes. 3 more years, I will be 21 by then. It still does not reach the age as Rena-chan is now. It is alright. Even though Masana said she will be here until 30, she might not be here by the time of 10th anniversary anyway. So, when it comes, I will make Rena-chan who is strict as an idol think ‘let’s go see SKE48 live’ To make her think that, I need to try hard in these 3 years. I want her to come and speak to me ‘I like SKE48 the most, after all. Jurina, thanks for your hard work. You did well’”

When I look at the kids, I think of us in the past

I can’t believe I have to write this post, but March is just around the corner and i trust like 3 people in this entire fandom so

Why Yurio’s birthday doesn’t give you an excuse to ship him with adults, the mini essay

From information learned from the creators, we know Yurio’s birthday is on March 1st. However, his birthday passing in the real world doesn’t age him in canon. This is actually shown really well in episode 9, which aired after Yuuri K’s birthday and everyone celebrated him turning 24, but since the date hadn’t passed in the show, he was still 23.

Only canon time and dates can affect characters. Things like birthdays are more of fun tidbits for the fans. 

So until March first passes in canon, Yurio is still 15, ie a minor. Because you all love “the age of consent in Russia is 16″ line guess what he’s not sixteen.

But let’s say, for… some reason that canon time continues even in the real world, and Yurio does turn 16 on March first (five days from when I’m writing this). He will have literally just turned 16. And I’m speaking as a minor here- the entire “well he’s legal now/wait until he’s legal” thing you guys have going on severely creeps me out. He was a minor the day before. One day doesn’t magically give him the full rational brain of an adult.

Just because he’s 16 and it’s legal doesn’t mean it would be okay for adults to date him, especially if they knew him as a minor

In conclusion (tldr)- only canon can age characters, so yurio is frozen in his age as 15 sometime in December. Even if he was turning 16, using that as an immediate “well its fine now!” is creepy

detective conan movie 22 speculation (taken from a fuck ton of japanese websites)

This is the result of what japanese conan fandom have managed to mine from a five second preview of movie 22. Most of it is from april 2017 when movie 21 came out, since the preview ran after the credits. I’m not going to include sources, because this can all be found by typing in “conan movie 22″ in japanese into google. That’s how easy this was.

things most people seem to agree on:

–furuya rei is a main character.

–it’s not going to be a BO movie– at least, following the unspoken rule that side-characters who feature heavily in one conan movie won’t appear again in another movie until at least a few years later. It’s only been 1~2 years since movie 20, so BO involvement here is very unlikely.

–it’ll involve the PSB in some way. As precedent, movie 18, which featured (subaru) akai and masumi, involved the FBI in its plot. This movie features rei.

–during his police academy days, rei was friends with matsuda and date, who are both pretty popular despite only appearing once (and being dead).

–the preview points to a terrorist bombing case, which… hello, matsuda.

–oh yeah, it’s probably a terrorist bombing case– a large-scale one, especially if it involves the PSB and a city-wide power outage. That’s grand enough for a conan movie. Also, conan movies love bombing the shit out of everything, so it fits.

–it’s not a full backstory movie, because that would mean conan himself would barely be in it.

–recent conan movies have operated on somewhat of a pattern: the movie would introduce an idea or character/plot thread, which would be confirmed and expanded upon in the manga (see subaru=akai in 18, rum in 20, momiji in 21). We’re very likely to get new backstory about rei and the PSB.

Also, I heard that apparently the full title was leaked, but that’s false. The structure of the title was revealed a few days ago (on sept. 23, 2017). The structure in japanese, lovingly copy-pasted from twitter, is


(the ○ are placeholders for actual letters, btw.)

An impromptu badly-worded japanese lesson: the first word, ○"○, consists of two letters, ○" and ○. The " can only be added to some letters in the japanese alphabet. one word that fits nicely into ○"○ is ゼロ, or “zero” in english. Then again, some people thing that might be too obvious… anyways, most movie 22 speculation now is concentrated on guessing the title from the number of syllables given.

Here’s the title structure confirmation link on twitter.

Based on precedent, we’ll probably get more hard information about movie 22 in december, along with the full title. Info for movie 21 came in a december shonen sunday release, so if they do the same with movie 22, it’ll come on nov. 29 or dec. 6.

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It might have a J on, the light it's blazing on it so it's not the easiest to see but it is the necklace she hasn't taken off since December or maybe the one she hasn't taken off has a different letter on? She liked a post about it last night which included the picture of her sitting on the balcony with Joe. Wasn't there an article saying he couldn't make the wedding because he's filming in the uk? Not many things film on a Saturday here so he could've made it & left first thing this morning.

Sweet Anon,

No he did not make it for the wedding, he had absolutely no reason to be there. What the article said was on purpose, to explain early why he wouldn’t be there….for her Het fans not to hope he’d be there: Tree planted that article.. 

For now Tay has to maintain a balance & consistency in the Joe narrative : she doesn’t want to stunt bc it annoys her, so she’s doing the minimum: compared to everything she did with Tom and Calvin, she’s fed up with it now + it suits her bc their “relationship” is supposed to remain private & low key, meaning no public events together (like Abi’s wedding for example)….She will do this for another few months, bc no matter how much her Het fans freak out & start to really question the whole thing, the general population is still (for the most part) in the dark…She can’t risk to blow the whole thing up now (+ Kar still hasn’t confirmed the “break up” from jerk either)….

Girls: Joe is not her boyfriend: he is under contract with her, she decides when she needs him to be there, to fake being seen as a low key and loving couple: it is fake !!!! He is her employee about this….No way she would have brought him to her best/dearest friend’s wedding, bc it’s very likely Abi has never met him !!! they are not friends !!!  Nothing you’ve read about their “relationship” in the tabloids is real : no trips to the UK for her to spend time with his family, no renting a house there, no little low key trips in the country in a Peugeot (rolling eyes but LMAO (good one) while she wears a wig not to be recognized (lol again), it’s all invented…..

She’s planned the whole thing since last summer (or even sooner), she knew she needed to find a guy who could pass for Karlie, to cover for the love songs she was writing (or had already written) about their secret, hidden love story,..

So far she has always used her jets to fly him in (& out) the US to stunt (early june (for Nash on the balcony, he was “camped” in LA, she flew him just to take the pictures that morning, and 2 hours later he was already back on the big bird to LA !!! and later that same day, she flew with the little bird to St Louis to join Karlie and (Kar’s family) for Mother’s day), and once again early july (NY in the hoodies), then she flew him back to the UK with the big bird, right after. Except for that, she doesn’t need him, she doesn’t see him, she doesn’t talk to him….at all…..seriously….

Both her birds were in the US (back and forth from Nash to M.Vineyard, before the wedding) none of them were overseas..


Day 9: Merranna (Merrill x Velanna)

i think these two could mean a lot to each other!!!!! theyre both outcasts from their clans, finding peace and acceptance amongst each other. i could see them both fiercely supporting and protecting each other when nobody else ever did, which would mean the world to them coming from another one of the people. they just have so much in common!!! and they have that great grumpus+sweetiepie thing going on

maybe warden mahariel introduced them. maybe its an ot3……………

ill be posting one npc/npc femslash pic a day all month. like femslash rarepairs? they will be here. feel free to come and request a femslash rarepair! ive either drawn it already or will add it to the overflow bin

Day 1: Morriana
Day 2: Merribela
Day 3: Sigranna
Day 4: Cassephine
Day 5: Viviera
Day 6: Josiebela
Day 7: Cassera
Day 8: Josera

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Just wanted to check on you, this is in no way a message asking you to post or anything, but you haven't been posting for a while and I just wanted to know if your okay and are you doing all right?

this is a very sweet message, and im honestly a little touched LOL. i am doing okay, and i do apologize for the lack of posts for a while to anyone who has missed them! i was/am going through some personal things at the moment, and on top of that its also my senior year of college and i have grad school applications due around december/january, so i have a number of things going on! i promise that i’ll wander back here eventually though! i appreciate you taking the time to ask, anon!!

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Hey Jolie, I was thinking of your game about Npcs that gotten their own mind and I was watching a player pass though a quest item because they aren't paying attention... and I was seeing the Npcs were watching the player walk around with 'aren't they seeing they passed though the thing they need to complete the quest five times?' it could be hilarious XD I can't see the link, so I had to write here ^w^ Sorry.

Oh, something along those lines will definitely be happening, lol XD

I’m hoping to get @awake-the-game up and running in its new form by December, actually! I’m taking November to do nanowrimo, so my fic writing and art will be slowing down that month while I try to hammer out another 50k on my novel ‘Once a Hero’.

In the mean time, though, I might post a few polls asking for input on how to carry out a few of the interactive story mechanics for Awake, so keep your eyes peeled!

Kuroko no Basket Replace Novel 5 Chapter 1 - Stopping Along the Way

REPLACE NOVEL 5 CHAPTER 1 - STOPPING ALONG THE WAY (featuring Nijimura and Himuro)

My editor changed the title to “A Scenic Route” because she thought it made more sense.

I’ll also be making use of the queue feature for the first time ever because this thing is so long lol. I’ll be setting it to every five hours or so. (So sorry to everyone on mobile.)

Everything that was originally in English is underlined.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Translated by me. Edited and proofread by the wonderful Emma.


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Before TsukiPro

So…about this DVD announcement

We heard back at the “Infamous 6th stage of 2017″ that there was going to be a movie for UtaPri and back in December of last year AT THE END OF SEASON 4 there was going to be an Animation project (this is revealed now to be the aforementioned movie) which is cool and while I still have my reservations about it I want to see what they are going to do

Here’s the thing though

According to the Wikipedia article (NOT the UtaPri wikia) the movie was slated to be in DECEMBER of this year…now we have this!

I guess my question is this

So is the movie not happening now until 2018 or what?  It would seem almost pointless to have the movie and the Concert DVD come out the same month right?  Its not like putting out HEAVEN SKY and the Shining Live CDs (which are technically cheaper to import) so…yeah

Now it could be that they are doing the movie next year and this is legit JUST the concert DVD that is done after every other one…but I just found this fascinating that they announced THIS DVD in the month the movie (allegedly) was suppose to come out you know?

I dunno this is just bizarre to me for some reason and I might be the only one that thought that

A Christmas together, Part 1 (GoMxKagami)

Kagami has found himself in a bit of a pickle, at the moment he was being asked to be invited to the houses of each Generation of Miracles; the tricky part was which he would go to first.

“Come one Kagamicchi! Go with me first.” The blonde exclaims to loudly for him to find bearable.

“Hah, yeah right Kagami’s going with me, Right Kagami?” Aomine says as he stands next to Kagami.

“Wrong, I had asked Kagami first, before all of you.” Midorima states as he pushed his glasses further up his nose.

“Eh~ That’s not fair Midorimacchi! I wanted to spend Christmas with Kagamicchi!”

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I'm on mobile so I can't copy the message thing but do the 5 facts!!! Friendly reminder I would pull a Bruno and take a grenade for u :)

I would pull a bruno mars is the best quote ever im gonna tattoo it on my forehead.

Here we go:

1. Im gonna donate my hair in December. Its a dream I have had since im a kid and im finally gonna do it (follow your dreams kiddo)

2. I have a lot of dreams with tigers and in there they usually pet me

3. I have broke my left arm two times, and both times were because the same girl

4. If I wasnt a nurse I would be a journalist or a psychologist

5. I dont eat meat, some people think its because im a veggie but actually I just dont like the taste

So, they needed a box from the back of the store so that this woman could carry like 100 ceramic ramekins safely and I volunteered to get it. And on my way to the back of the store, I kept getting pulled in different directions because its December and everyone is looking for a thing.

And I will gladly help them find the thing. If they are polite. 

But this one dude… I am on my way to the back of the store and I hear him long before I see him:


Naw. We’re a self-serve kind of gig. (sarcasm) But I digress. 

“How can I help you?”


“Wilton or Testors?”


“Wilton or Testors?”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Edible or inedible?”


“Are you airbrushing on food are are you airbrushing on an inedible material?”

“What do you mean ‘inedible?’”

“That… you can’t eat it.”

His wife finds him, and he pulls her over. “Can you make sense of this?”

“We’re looking for airbrushing.”

“Wilton or Testors?”


“Aisle 33.”

if tpp isn’t a thing anymore, and hexafusions aren’t a thing anymore, then this must be a match made in heaven

(for the record: i totally want an abbacon)

man i’ve gotten so accustomed to digital art,, last time i did an actual traditional piece was probably in december, for school

but yea heres max/marx from the new fire emblem game! i also decided to record myself drawing it, so here’s a video!

ColaChampagneDad’s Top 10 Albums of 2015

I told you guys the deadline for this year’s entries was going to be December 18th, 2015 so with that date being past us, it’s now time for the rankings to be released. This list was heavily requested by a lot of you guys so I put a lot of thought & effort into making sure I selected the best albums to drop this year.

Everything I did to select these albums were with things like, lyricism, progression as an artist, overall cohesive sound,  and its impact in the hip-hop community…with that being said, here are my Top 10 albums of this year.

10. Freddie Gibbs - Shadow of a Doubt

Released in Late November, Shadow of a Doubt, like the majority of albums in 2015, was unexpectedly unannounced by Gibbs with no real sign of a release prior to its announcement. After releasing what is arguably 2014′s best hip-hop album with Madlib (Piñata), it was only natural to have high expectations with the promotion of this album.

After listening to the first single, Fuckin Up The Count, it was definitely safe to say that Gangsta Gibbs was still in his prime form leading up to this album, the album further solidifying this statement.

This LP continues to showcase Freddie’s lyrical abilities through his use of personal storytelling and fast-paced rhythm over production efforts that are more similar to his work prior to Piñata

One of my fears before listening to this album was that Gibbs would return to music that was just up to par to his old standards but I think with this release, it really showed us that his goal is to be recognized as a heavyweight in hip-hop. This album is dark, catchy in certain areas, and overall nicely assembled for a really comfortable & enjoyable listen.

This only gives the Gary, Indiana rapper more reasons to show the world he has more to offer than just gangster lyrics and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next.

 9. Lupe Fiasco - Tetsuo & Youth

Promised for a late 2014 release, T&Y didn’t see the light of day until early March of 2015. Attached with it were low expectations stemming from his lackluster efforts from his previous album, Lasers, me being the  huge fan of Lupe that I am, I too was not expecting much from the Chicago MC.

There were a bunch of singles leading up to the release of this album, however, Deliver was the only track that actually made the cut for the track listing of this record, thankfully so because I could not really digest the idea of Chris Brown being included on a Lupe LP.

Laced together through four seasons and one concept, Tetsuo & Youth really blew away all expectations that the entire community had for Lu. It took about seven or eight listens before I finally began to understand the majority of the tracks and even with that in mind, there is so much to indulge through this album that I really cannot go further into detail without writing out an extensive review on it.

The lyricism displayed on this record was a return to Lupe Fiasco’s older work, the storytelling was diverse, the topics were relevant to today’s world, and he had a great group of producers come together to give this album that extra push that it did not have on Lasers

What it lacked in commercial performance, it made up for in substance and I still cannot name a song released this year that was as lyrically packed as Mural. After announcing The Cool 2, I can only hope that his future efforts surpass or at the very least match what he accomplished with this 2015 release.

8. Vince Staples - Summertime ‘06

Prior to this album, I couldn’t have considered myself to be a Vince Staples fan and I shrugged off all of his releases with the exception of the Hell Can Wait EP that he released prior to this.

Coming out of LBC, about 20 minutes from where I live, Vince had an entire year prior to this release to promote himself and reinvent his image to something that was a little more mature in comparison to the work he was releasing before this LP. Long-time fans of the young rapper could easily tell you that he drastically changed up his sound to something that was a little easier on the ears and more enjoyable to listen to.

In Summertime ‘06 we see a rapper who commits to his upbringing and channels it through his music, the result being an album that tells the story of a person caught up in between an area & city riddle with drugs and violence.

Essentially a double disc effort that provided diversity in terms of subject matter, one of my favorite aspects of this album is the storytelling. Now, it isn’t as complex as Lupe Fiasco, but it is definitely attention grabbing and creates vivid images in one’s head, something that I feel makes the album standout and helps the listener really experience the stories that Vince himself lived through or at the very least was a witness to.

With 95% of the tracks produced by veteran producer No I.D, Vince was in good hands when it came to help on the production end of this project. Both parts of this album are as equally enjoyable as the lyrics that come with it, the dark & gritty sounds on this album flow extremely well throughout the entire listen with maybe one or two bumps that sort of derail it from its overall sound.

This was a surprise to me but at the same time I think it deserves all of the credit it has gotten since its release and hopefully Vince can continue to thrive off of this new sound & image that has resulted from the release of Summertime ‘06.

7. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Surf

Surf is actually one of the albums that I can’t really say I listen to regularly like the rest of the albums included on this list so I’ll keep this review short. Respectively it deserved to be on this list even if it wasn’t one of my personal favorites and not an LP that I revisit for the most part.

However, sonically it was one of the best albums to be released this year. One could argue that it probably had nicer production efforts than every album on this list. There are zero mistakes on this record when it comes to its production and they did an amazing job putting it together.

One of the other things that I love to point out about this album is that the features on this thing are so unique yet managed to only add their own flavor to the LP’s general sound. I do not think anyone else could have Migos AND Erykah Badu on the same album and make both of them sound essential to the overall sound of this effort. 

This album is fun, emotional, and again, beautifully laced together; you really couldn’t have asked for more from Chance & Donnie Trumpet.

6. Future - DS2

Many people could argue that the type of music that Future brings to the table isn’t worthy of being placed on any year-end lists for music but I honestly can’t see why people would dismiss how great DS2 was.

Every mixtape leading up to this album sounded better than the last and the LP served as proof that his work wasn’t just a fluke but a sound that he had perfected in every way, shape, and form.

With Metro Boomin tackling the majority of the album’s production efforts, every beat on this project hits extremely hard, making it nearly impossible to not enjoy a single track; and with a talented writer like Future, it was inevitable to create an album that was not perfected in terms of sound.

Lyrically we remained on the same topics of heartbreak & drug use but the album was darker, more aggressive, and fluid with its consistency throughout its entire listen.

For anyone disagreeing with this, like I mentioned before, in the end it’s not about what is considered “real” hip-hop because that’s all a matter of opinion. An album’s true success comes from its ability to give the listener an experience that is not matched by other artists of the same genre. 

Creating something unique while remaining in the arena of hip-hop is hard to do with so many rappers trying to sound like their heroes so to call Future’s DS2 overrated would be a huge understatement. This album deserves all of the accolades it’s received and more for being such an enjoyable experience to listen to.

5. Earl Sweatshirt - I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside

Essentially what you have here is an album by Earl that mirrored his maturity and adulthood, shying away even further from what threw him into the limelight.

Whatever traces of the adolescent Earl that most people still remember are almost non-existent. Doris probably had the last bits and pieces of his former self sprinkled around the debut album, but with I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, you really get the full-on presence of a mature Sweatshirt.

An album that does not even last 30 minutes and only 10 tracks, his sophomore effort still manages to speak volumes of depressing subject matters, characteristics, and internal issues dealing with anti-social behavior that is aggressive in its own way.

In addition to all of this I think one of my favorite aspects of this album has to be that the production, entirely handled by Earl with the exception of one Left Brain credited song, complimented the lyrics by not only maintain the same thematic feeling..but by also allowing the attention to be completely directed at the lyricism displayed.

Similar to Surf, I can’t say that I revisit this album as persistently as some of my other favorites on this list, but I think it set the bar pretty high early in the year for the rest of the community in regards to the demand for artists to release albums that actually sound complete.

4. Czarface - Every Hero Needs a Villain

This is going to be one of the albums on this list that might have slipped through the radar of a lot of people or just wasn’t interesting enough for someone to dive into based on the trio that composes Czarface (duo 7L & Esoteric and Inspectah Deck).

The features on this album are pretty impressive with a majority of them being old heads, the most captivating verse coming from MF DOOM. All tracks were produced by 7L, setting a very fast-paced mood with tracks that averaged around the 3 minute mark.

What I loved most about this album is that it was straight to the point. With only a minimal percentage of songs with choruses, it mainly focused on spitting rhymes over percussions & grungy guitar riffs. On paper it probably lacks flash but hearing it for yourself really changes your perspective and makes you wonder whether we overproduce some of the tracks we hear today.

The chemistry is so natural and organic on this LP which is another added pro to the listening of this album.

Like I said before though, it’s straight to the point, it’s raw, and it’s refreshing even with the fact that it primarily focuses on old-school sounds. I highly recommend you guys venture into this one and give it a listen, it does not get enough credit for being such an amazing album.

3. Milo - So The Flies Don’t Come

Without question, So The Flies Don’t Come was a Top 3 album for me the second I heard it after its release. I wasn’t familiar with any of his work prior to this album but given that 2015 had so much to offer, it says a lot about how impressed I was by this record to have it in my Top 3.

Entirely produced by Kenny Segal, the album is melodic with its instrumentals through the use of a lot of jazzy sampling & sounds giving Milo a nice platform to display his work.

The best way to describe his style would be spoken word, there is not much punch or aggression that gets through the delivery of Milo’s verses but I don’t think any of that is really required if the quality of the lyricism is there. With that being said, lyrically this album sets itself apart by not only how its given to you, but by how direct it sounds as you’re listening to it.

It’s a very mesmerizing album, it lures you in and you can get lost in its sound, songs like An Encyclopedia & Zen Scientist are primary examples of this. The complexity of the bars on this album are largely due to his extensive vocabulary and he’s not afraid of showing it off while simultaneously showing you that he does not need to rap a specific way to meet that stereotype thrown onto hip-hop artists.

While racial issues, life in new settings, and personal experiences are what this album addresses, it seems to lean more towards all of his lyrics coming from a personal point of view and not necessarily summarized observations. It’s a very personal album and that definitely sets it apart from other records released in 2015.

With this album now under his belt and his return to Wisconsin, I think we’ll be able to see Milo more frequently on 2016 and the later future as he continues to find himself and become more prominent in the hip-hop community (I mean peep his verse on Busdriver’s Worlds To Run).

2. Pusha-T - Darkest Before Dawn

The last hip-hop album to be released this year (or at least for my cut-off date for this list), Darkest Before Dawn came into the world as an easy contender for the Top 10 list. After providing hip-hop with what is regarded by many as the album of the year for 2013, My Name is My Name set the bar extremely high for King Push’s follow-up record.

With King Push being set back for a 2016 release, the prelude now serves as the sophomore album for Pusha-T and if you thought MNIMN created buzz, this album just skyrocketed all expectations I have for King Push.

Just over 30 minutes long & 10 tracks deep, this LP was darker, more aggressive, and even more captivating than his last.

The production was unique in both how it sounded and how it lay the foundation for the thematic sound you hear in the entirety of this record. There were hints of old Clipse-style beats like in Got Em Covered with Re-Up Gang member Ab-Liva and even some flows with content reminiscent of his old days as a duo.

Lyrically we see Push take it a notch further, coming off as conscious and a lot more aware of his surroundings while continuing his trademark coke flow that we’ve all grown to love. Tracks like Sunshine a great indicator that he’s becoming more in tune with understanding the importance of conscious lyrics in today’s society of racial tension & injustice.

The entendres are memorable, the rhyme schemes are powerful, and this LP is a display of how Pusha-T ages like fine wine. With The Neptunes set to assist him on his upcoming release, given the fact that this is only a prelude, he’s really becoming everything he says he is as a solo artist, untouchable.

1. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly

…I mean, is this really a surprise? After having an amazing major label debut with the guidance of Dr. Dre, it was hard to imagine what exactly Kendrick would do next to follow up good kid, m.A.A.d city

To Pimp a Butterfly is an album you get once in a decade, if that. There aren’t many artists or bands that make albums as flawless as this one and to do it as a sophomore effort (speaking major label of course) is amazing in itself and in 2015, no hip-hop album came close to touching it.

Infused with a mixture of jazzy sounds, funk, and a variety of old school samples, this album was laced together by the finishing touch of lyricism relevant to present day U.S. living conditions of black america.

I truly believe that a person who does not fuck with this album simply is unaware of the events revolving around racism in the U.S, and not just any racism of course, but the discrimination and anti-black behavior of all people around the world. I can understand how it may not be an album that gets you hyper like other hip-hop artists but you really cannot discredit this album for being as incredible as it is.

The lyrics are blunt, unapologetic, aggressive, and emotional which all serve to give you who Kendrick Lamar is as a person without holding anything back. K. Dot is essentially giving you everything he stands for and everything he believes is wrong with the world today through each track and delivers it through a poem.

Everything about this album is flawless. No one is saying you have to make an album as conscious as this in order to reach this level, but it definitely shows you, again, how important it is to have an organized album filled with consistency, lyricism, and a need to push the boundaries set for your skill set.

If the last two albums weren’t classics, this one is already certified as one for the next decade.