it's dark and gray and weird to color

Here she is! The new and improved Shadow Princess! Things i remember abt her: has two forms, humanish and shadow, she rules over the shadow people (like the figures you sometimes see) she has a cool staff, she was based off of flame princess lmao

Things They Remind Me Of

This is a bit different from what I usually post, but I’ve been really busy with finals and can’t write as much as I’d like. This was just a fun little thing to do in what little free time that I have left. I wasn’t going to post it originally, but I figured that I might as well. Hope you enjoy :) 

Jumin Han: Lavender, tulip-poplars, snow falling, pin stripes, silk, the color blue, cats purring, the smell of cloves, half empty win bottles on star filled nights, kind words disguised as harsh truths, uncertainty, bottled-up emotions, strawberries in glass bowls, stars shimmering through a skylight, whispers of reassurance, unexpected encouragement, awkward laughter, cold nights spent in front of warm fireplaces, unspoken words, dawn.

Jaehee Kang: Lillies, the smell of old books, parchment, roasting coffee beans, neutral colors, clean rooms, late nights and early mornings, the steam rising off a warm drink, warm blankets, gentle breezes, flowers blowing in the breeze, kind acts that go unnoticed, pen against paper, books stacked in corners, pencils scattered across the desk, determination, sheets right out of the dryer, comfy sweaters, watching plays on a Friday night, brochures from theatres and museums.

Hyun Ryu (Zen): Roses, velvet, hot summer days, the applause of an audience, soft music playing in the background, love at first sight, crepe myrtles, spotlights, old theatres with grand flourishes, peacocks, sweet nothings spoken between lovers, shooting stars, holding hands in the middle of a crowd, random kisses placed gently on the skin, the smell of vanilla mixed with cinnamon, late night phone calls, bubble baths after a stressful night, dancing under the moonlight.

Yoosung Kim: Sunflowers, the laughter of children, the smell of a home-cooked meal, puppy love, loyalty, cuddling under a large blanket with a loved one, spring time, windowsill gardens, afternoon naps, game nights with friends you rarely get to see, essays written at the last moment, puppies playing outside, cool sunny days, playing on the beach, butterflies sitting on flowers, birds singing in the morning, hot chocolate on cold days.

Luciel Choi (707): Zinnias, the tapping of keys on a computer keyboard, a sweet smell that you can’t quite identify but it reminds you of your childhood, bright screens in a dark room, lions sleeping in the sunlight, the sun peeking through the clouds, hugs that last too long or aren’t long enough, 8-bit versions of songs, vintage game systems, a kitten’s meow, shy glances stolen at a crush, the warmth of a fire, the glint of metal in the light.

Jihyun Kim (V): Forget-Me-Not flowers, bright stars in the dark sky, waves crashing against the ocean, the smell of rain, swans swimming across a calm pond, camera film, the sound of rain on a tin roof, koi fish, plush blankets large enough to get lost in, satin, camera flashes, cuddling for hours, calm reassurances, little favors done without asking, the sound of an acoustic guitar, Queen of the Night cactus, earl gray tea, soft lights in dark rooms, white lilies.

Saeran Choi (Unknown): Orchids, cherry blossom trees, rainstorms, the sound of thunder, dark colors, a leopard stalking its prey in the night, rock versions of opera/classical songs, wanting something so badly but knowing it will never come, Edgar Allen Poe poems, mint chocolate chip ice cream, being outside at night, the sound of a ticking clock, the smell of metal, sharp glares, that weird feeling you get when you’re awake at four in the morning.