it's cute uwu

theskinnybaker  asked:

So when people do that with two guys like, I don't know, Sam and Dean or Sherlock and Watson or any other one it's. Also if it's just fan fiction you need to chill because that's not disregarding someone sexuality it's just a story it's fake. You can respect someone sexuality and be like oh I ship them with someone else because it's all fake it's just cute just think of it like that it's not disregarding their sexuality period I personally think that Neil Patrick Harris and Colbie Smulders

What be the cutest couple ever. Does it make me disregard the fact that Neil Patrick Harris is gay and married it’s just that they would be cute it’s not meant to be offensive if you seriously need to chill

‘you need to chill with these characters, it’s just a story it’s fake’

‘oh but also I think this openly gay real man who is married with a husband with a female actress because uwu its cute’

literally do me a favor and shut the fuck up.

bonus pro-tip: if i don’t even know who the fuck you are (which I don’t) and i’m angry on my personal blog, you don’t get to tell me to “CHILL”


guess who found the Ardent Blossom and is happily making flower crowns for the whole team now

Jonghyun/Taemin; Demon Sickness; PG

anonymous asked: can there be more of how Jonghyun’s taking care of his sick demon bf uwu your fluffy stuffs were so adorable

Jonghyun blinks as his boyfriend disappears from the right side of the bed and reappears on the left, rubbing his nose and sniffling pathetically.

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