it's cute uwu

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1 would be chaos for them due to future vision... -n- So 12 please! It's formal and cute. UwU

Nice choice anon!

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👀 how much did you cry when Kara told you that she was pregnant?

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A lot. It was pretty emotional for the both of us… We’d been trying for months and it was… really stressful. So when a test confirmed it, we were just over the moon. Then I cried again when we went to the very first ultrasound. Honestly, it’s like I’m the pregnant one sometimes.” 

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the matching outfits are so weird/extra lmao. If u see a gay couple, what u will probably see is them using the same clothes. My brother uses his boyfriend's clothes ALL THE TIME, is not "aww its so cute uwu" for straights, its more like "the fucker has more clothes than me!! and w this economy?? Ofc im gonna use them?" i feel like w gay ships everything ITS SO PERFECT/ROMANTIC!! or its toxic/gross. No between. Let us be normal,our ships are not only for hets lol.

Y E S!