it's cute ok it's fluffy

like the movies

hi im adi and its late but i wrote a thing

its the first thing ive written but hey

rated: t for like 2 swears that aren’t swears plus one in the tags

pairing: ethan nestor/crankgameplays x reader

word count: 703

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“If I’m oh-so annoying, why do you even hang out with me?!” Ethan yelled, throwing his hands in the air. You rolled your eyes.

“Because I like you, for God’s sake!” You retorted, then widened your eyes at what you had just revealed.

Oh, God.

You immediately averted your eyes from Ethan, instead choosing to look at your feet. Of all times, of course you had to let it slip now. You felt your face heat up to the point you were sure you looked like a tomato and sucked in a deep breath.

“Wait, what?” You hear Ethan question, confusion laced in his voice. You swallowed.

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OK OK BUT IMAGINE DOMESTIC!RANDL like in any context you want it could be the usual rhink, it could be friendshipping them,, roommates, both, or maybe even my fave QPR!rhink. but they live together in a house/apartment/whatever. and just…..OMgG….

  • give me the legs on the couch thing from did you get me anything? where rhett comes in to sit down but links asleep on the couch and has to move his legs
  • give me link fell asleep on rhetts shoulder during a movie or a show or something and rhett has to decide whether to leave, stay, or wake him up
  • give me throwing things at each other to get the other one out of bed in the morning.
  • give me rhett walking in on link taking a head shower and saying dude thats weird and teasing him while he brushes his teeth
  • give me rhett is the one who cooks more but link really wants to give him a break and try and it doesn’t generally turn out so well but rhett doesn’t care bc its cute that link tries and he thinks its good anyway
  • give me “JUST PLAY SOMETHING bc im not gonna start eating til you play something!!” from link to rhett at dinner in front of the tv
  • give me link cut himself on something and he RLY TRIES to not bother rhett bc he feels like he shouldn’t be so bothered by it and he does really good until he realizes theres like a splinter in there and he has to pull it out and he just CANT and he ends up resting his head on the counter taking deep breaths trying not to faint but then rhett comes in and he’s like !! LINK !! and he rubs his back and takes him over to a chair like are you ok whats wrong omg and then he sees the wound and he takes care of it and links like “dude thanks you didn’t have to do that i had it” and rhetts like “of course you did link” and link doesn’t know how it happened but all of a sudden he’s wrapped in a hug
  • give me rhett being the one who remembers to lock the door at night
  • give me link immediately gives important things like files or keys or whatever to rhett bc he knows rhett won’t lose them (even while he grumbles about how ‘unorganized’ rhett is lol)
  • give me rhett begging and begging to get a dog and FINALLY link says yes ok i’ll share our space with a dog and then rhett brings home….two of them…
  • give me link throwing a blanket on rhett when he falls asleep on the couch
  • give me one of them is sick and the other staying home to take care of them (against many protests and amid secret appreciation and gratitude that isn’t actually that secret to the other)
  • give me link not allowing rhett to wash the dishes bc “you don’t clean them to my standards of hygiene”
  • give me rhett having back trouble and link flying around the house to bring him anything he needs and make him comfortable and distract him and rhett is like no i shouldn’t let this affect me i should take it !! i should absorb the pain //tries to stand and link is just like rhett no….relax…i don’t like to see you in pain man
  • give me rock paper scissors to see who gets to drive this time
  • give me shopping and link wants to stick to the list but rhetts just like an excited puppy running around the store like LINK LOOK AT THIS look at THAT can we buy this i think we should try tHIS and link’s like rhett i think maybe we shouldn’t- but then rhett’s already off to a new thing behind him
  • give me one of them can’t sleep/is lonely so they go into the other’s room to just lay in there and sleep
  • give me link forgets to pay the electric one time andhe calls and gets it worked out but its still off for a day and hes afraid rhett will be mad but rhetts just like hey it happens and in THE MEAN TIME CAMPING IN THE LIVING ROOM
  • NOT TO MENTION all the totally domestic things they ALREADY do IN REAL LIFE like the argument about which handed link is ?? or the whole sharing a car who fills it up etc argument ?? or the CUDDLING WHEN THEY HAVE TO SHARE A BED….