it's cute ;aa;

anyways substance abuse and addiction is not a cute trope, can’t be cured by the right romantic partner, and is a terrible punchline

real people who deal with addiction deserve to see stories that treat them respectfully and kindly, and don’t trivialize their struggles, their triumphs, or their relationships with the people in their lives

MONSTA X’s reaction to a heated argument and you storming out...

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*wouldn’t be finished with what he said, but let’s you go* “she’s upset”

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*sits quietly thinking* “jagi…” *lmao Wonho comforts him* “it’s happened to me too…” *sighs from Minhyuk lolol*

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*would be upset at himself* “I’m sorry…”

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*wouldn’t know what to do, he would feel really bad though*

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*wouldn’t know what to do either*

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*awkward and sorry, he would feel really bad and wouldn’t know whether to call or text you about it*

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*would still be kinda mad that you left, but sorry that you guys got in an argument*

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Hope you enjoyed lol, these boys are so precious~

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