it's crazy the shit he does

pls consider this:

  • iwaoi actor au where they’re both famous and well respected in the industry but do completely different genres and have never met even though they’re constantly compared in the media
  • oikawa is a method actor and is notorious for dating his co-stars (men or women) bc he gets too immersed in his characters, but the relationships only last for as long as the filming + promotion
  • surprise motherfucker iwaizumi and oikawa are casted in a movie together as the main leads for an action romance 
  • u kno where this is going
  • as soon as this is announced the tabloids go crazy with “will iwaizumi be oikawa’s next victim?” 
  • but iwaizumi literally does not give a shit and is not affected at all by oikawa’s attempts at flirting/seducing (but its mostly bc he’s as dense as his thighs)
  • iwaizumi easily slips in and out of character so he can be completely sappy and in love with oikawa on screen but once the cameras stop rolling he’s back to being dense 
  • and oikawa??? predictably?? falls in love with this man who is so passionate about his job and able to pull oikawa into forgetting that they’re filming and is able to ease oikawa’s nerves before important scenes and is basically one of the kindest guys that he has ever met?? he tries to tell iwaizumi this
  • but iwa doesnt believe him bc of oikawas track record
  • theres a raunchy final kiss scene in their movie and oikawa’s lips linger a little longer than necessary and iwaizumi angsts over it bc he thinks oikawa is just getting lost in his character again and he doesnt wanna be another on of his “victims” 
  • oikawa angsts over it bc its really love
  • tabloids go fuckin crazy and the fans love them together and they’re always being spotted hanging out and there are blogs dedicated to analyzing their eye contact and what it means but??? they never announce theyre dating and oikawa usually always announces he’s dating his co stars but not this time??
  • they angst and pine for a while and a few weeks after promotion for their movie ends oikawa shows up at iwaizumi’s door step with flowers and hes like “im still in love w you please let me inside ur heart, ur home and ur body i cant deal with it anymore”
  • they get married probably 
  • oh yea also bonus points if their managers are matsukawa and hanamaki and they also fall in love

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ok but consider: gladio actually being good at hiding how utterly trashed he is. he looks dead sober but the next thing anyone knows hes pulling ignis away from the pole all "pfft, lemme show you how its really done". he does not remember in the morning

OMG YES. And then he’s just showing off how long he can do a flag hold and basically everyone is eyeing off his abs like 👀👀👀 At least, until Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love comes on and Ignis takes back the pole because “THIS IS MY FUCKING SONG, YOU CAN’T WORK IT LIKE I CAN”

I need someone to please draw drunk antics, I can’t draw for shit.

Converting the Masses

Context: Our party had just entered a massive port city for transport to the next continent, but before they leave the party warlock (undead patron) wanted to do a little religious service.

Warlock: Does this city have a slum?

DM(Me): Uh..yes, every city has its poor parts.

W: Okay, I go to the slums and attempt to convince the crowd to worship Jujura(God of Death and Disease)

DM: You’re going to preach to poor people about how death and disease are okay and he’s a totally cool god? Right, religion check.

W: *rolls a 19*

DM: The crowd is intrigued by your preaching, and one member of the crowd makes a gesture of worship you recognise.

W: Sweet, I attempt to convince them to build a church in his name *rolls a 26*

DM: They agree to build a chapel to the freaking god of death outside the city.

W: This is going really well! I name that one guy who saluted me pope of my new religion.

Party Bard: You mean cult?

W: It’s only a cult if I get them to murder people.

honestly now!! Hoseok didn’t start off as a rapper, he started as a dancer. He auditioned with his dance skillz and he was supposed to be a part of the vocal bUT even thought he didn’t have much of an experience as namjoon and yoongi, LOOK AT HIM NOW. he is such a great rapper, composer, lyricist, everythangg and its sad that not many people recognize his skills since he didn’t have the same past as the other two :( hoseok does crazy beats and the way he plays with his words are very artistic and his rap, man, his rap and his voice and his emotion when he raps the way he closes his eyes when raps holy shit made me tell myself “wow this man is deep” sO IN CONCLUSION WHEN THIS MIXTAPE IS DROPPED ITS GONNA BE THE BOMB

Fear the eye-patch

Context: Firstly, tonight we had an observer present who was not too familiar with anime tropes. After that, the party was discussing how to help an ally evade the fallen God of Hunters for a full 48 hours. And so this ensues.

GM: “You know, you guys are forgetting that he has an eye-patch, right?”


Guest: “He has an eye-patch? What does that have to do with anything?”

Player 1: “If you’d ever watched anime, you’d know that if a character ever has an eye-patch, THAT EYE-PATCH IS HIDING SOMETHING!!!”

Player 2: “Yeah, the most mundane thing that was hidden behind an eye-patch was a super-powerful cherry bomb tucked inside of the vacated eye socket.”

I HATE that I never see Ed Sheeran Appreciation Posts..He’s a Gem.

^^Like what in the hell does that even mean?

^^then you’ve got Ed and Harry’s wonderful friendship..which always results in crazy shit happening. 

I love how he works his audience..and just blurts out whatever he’s thinking

^^I will gladly do this. I already have a Panda onesie ready!

^^ He has absolutely not restraint and I love it.

^^^ If you haven’t seen this cover go and do it right FUCKING NOW!!

^^Dont even get me started on this, its probably my most watch music video.

Distance (J.J)

|based on the request: Your writing is just amaze balls 😭😭😭 please could you write me a Johnson imagine where I go and surprise him on tour or whatever after not seeing each other for months???💖|

|2.1k words woo, it’s rlly long and boring tbh, it’s rushed af but idk, fluffy Johnson for you, masterlist is in my description and if you want to request, please do, but I need more requests for the other boys😫😘 AND THANK YOU FOR 700 FOLLOWERS ITS CRAZY HOLY SHIT I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH|

“And here we have a whining Jack Johnson, sulking over how much he misses his girlfriend.”

“Screw you, Sam.”

“I’m pretty sure you’d rather screw your girlfriend!-”

The 10 second long video comes to an end, leaving me smiling. Sammy is pretty much documenting everything that Jack does and posting it onto his Snapchat story and sending them to me. For the past 120 seconds, it’s just been videos of Jack being comforted by Nate and Sammy mocking Jack and Jack threatening to beat Sams ass.

That’s my boy.

Jack has been everywhere but California in the past month and a half so we haven’t had any physical contact at all. He’s been touring with the boys and doing one off shows and meet and greets and going back home to Omaha to be with his family for a few days every few weeks, but he hasn’t had the chance to come back to LA.

I would normally jump at the chance to go travelling with the boys, some of my best memories have come from the Jack and Jack DigiTour, but I couldn’t this time around.

I recently got a job at a daycare centre to help pay off my student loans and buy me food. I don’t have much vacation time and I didn’t feel confident enough to ask for some time off after I had only been working there for three weeks.

The red barrier across the top of the Snapchat app pops up as I receive another picture from Sammy.

It’s a picture of Jack tucked under Skates arm with his face hidden in his hands. My heart clenched at the sight. I instantly reply back with a selfie of my pouting sadly, captioning it: “My poor baby😫 I’ll call him”

I make sure that the photo actually sent before I exit the app and open my calls list, Jacks contact being on speed dial and at the top of the recents list. I quickly press his name and hold the phone to my ear. He answers after about 3 rings.

“Hey,” He sighs into the phone, making me pout even more. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too, J, but what’s wrong? Why are you so glum today?”

“Because I just miss you so much and it’s hitting me really hard today. I haven’t seen you in so long and I’m under so much stress and I don’t feel good about traveling without you.”

“I get it that you’re under pressure to perform well and be a perfect star and that’s putting you under a lot of stress, but you need to try and cheer up, please. I saw a video of last nights performance and I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you, what the fuck happened out there?”

He just wasn’t in it, not at all. He was forgetting lyrics, constantly yawning and he never smiled. All of the fans could tell something was wrong, Jack is usually so happy and excited when he’s on stage.

“I feel like I need you here to be able to perform at my absolute best. I haven’t had a proper nights sleep since I’ve been away, I can’t even sleep without you.”

“Baby,” I whine, resting my head against my pillow. “Don’t say that, you’ll make me cry!”

“I can’t help it, I just miss you.” He chuckles through the mic and I can just picture the sad, innocent little smile on his face. “I really wish you were here.”

“I wish I was there too, J.” I sigh, rolling my head back. “When are you coming home?”

“Not for a while… Can you come out for a weekend? Please? I’ll pay for your ticket.”

“I have work babe, I can’t.”

“On a weekend?”

I scrunch my eyes up and purse my lips, “Yeah, one of the moms needs me to look after her kid on Saturday night and she’s paying me quite a lot, I can’t pass up the money.”

I can’t pass up the money because I already brought my ticket for a flight on Sunday morning.

“I’ll give you the money, Y/N! Please, I just really need to be with you… Fuck it. You know what?”

I give him the ultimate rhetorical answer to his question, “What?”

“I’m just gunna leave, I’m gunna come home to you first thing in the morning.” His voice modifies from being soft and sweet to determined and serious in a matter of seconds.

Is he being serious? Does he really think that Gilinsky, Nate and Sam would just let him run off and ditch them when he’s a key performer at an event?

Does he think that I’d let him do that?

Hell no.

“Jack, you’re staying where you are, there is no way I’m letting you leave the boys.” I argue, keeping my voice strong and firm to keep myself from cracking and blurting out my plan.

“I’m leaving to be with you!”

I roll my eyes, “This isn’t a Nicholas Sparks novel, J, I’m not going to let you sacrifice your entire career just so you can fly to Los Angeles to be with me for a few hours.”

“But babe-”

“No buts! I’m not letting you leave!”

“You’re so bossy, Y/N, but please, I need to be with you…”

“I love you, but no. And if you dare try to argue with me about it, I will hang up and refuse to speak to you.”

“Y/N, I am coming home-”

“Bye, Jack. Love you.”

And I hung up, ignoring the rest of his calls, texts, Tweets and Snapchats for the rest of the day.


Two days later, I still haven’t spoken to Jack and I’m currently in Oregon, where the guys are performing a show tonight. I told Sam and Skate that I’m coming, who told Gilinsky who didn’t tell Johnson. Obviously. It would delete the purpose of it being a surprise visit if they told him.

I manage to get out of the airport fast and get into a free cab before the rush of people force their way out and into random cars. I give the driver the name of the hotel and relax in the back of the comfortably warm car.

Sam and Gilinsky are going to take Jack out to get some food as soon as I tell them that I’m 5 minutes away from the hotel so when he gets back, he’ll be surprised. Nate is staying back at the hotel so I can easily get into the room without the hassle of the front desk.

To my surprise, there aren’t that many fans outside of the hotel, not like there were when the Jack and Jack tour was going on. There’s a few people scattered around the entrance and sitting on the benches and grass area, just waiting for one of the boys to walk out and greet them.

I pay the driver and pull my hood over my head, I don’t really want to get stopped when I don’t have much time to get in and hidden (in Johnsons bed). I only brought a small carry on bag with me so I’m quick to jump out of the cab and scurry into the warmth of the hotel, where Nate is sat in the lobby waiting for me.

“Yo,” He grins when he sees me, jumping up from the seat and walking towards me. He wraps an arm around my shoulder and gives me a short side hug. “Long time no see.”

“It’s been too long.” I sigh, gently patting his back in the hug. “I missed all of you guys, I can’t even lie.”

“We all missed you too, partially because Johnson was a moping asshole and someone needed to cheer him up.”

“I reckon he’s gunna cry.”

“We already made a bet about it.” Nate laughs, shaking his head with his laugh.

“Why wasn’t I included in that? I would’ve made easy money!” Yeah, betting on my boyfriends emotions because I know him so well - girlfriend of the year.

“We’ll include you next time, Y/N, just hurry your ass up because Sam said they’re around the corner.” Nate literally tugs my shoulder and pulls me forward, towards the thankfully open elevator.

I don’t know if I’m actually going to be able to pull this off, I’ve never surprised anyone before! I don’t even know what I’m supposed to say when Jack walks in, do I just stand there and awkwardly wave or do I attack him with a hug?

There’s so many options but so little time.

As soon as the elevator reaches the floor the room is on, Nate rushes me down the hall to where the Jacks room is, scanning it open with what I assume is Gilinskys key card and literally shoving me inside.

He slams the door open and shoves me in, like I’m a fucking rag doll or something, he just doesn’t seem to care. At least I landed on my feet.

“Go and sit on Johnsons bed and just wait,” I go to ask which bed is my boyfriends, but Nate cuts me off as if he can read my mind. “His is the one closest to the bathroom.”

“Okay, thank you for helping me out with this, it means a lot!” I rush, flashing Nate a big smile before he slams the door shut and rushes down the hall. I guess they’re closer than I thought.

I place my bag on the small couch under the window and take a seat on the bed Nate instructed me to. I lean over and click on the lamp, not really knowing what else to do. But just seconds later, I can hear shuffling footsteps and muffled words from outside the door.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna come back to mine and Skates room? We’re gunna order up some desserts and order a movie.” I hear Sam say, clapping his hands together in a ‘it’s a plan’ sort of clap.

“Nah man, I’m just gunna go call my girlfriend and try to catch some zees.” I hear my boyfriend loud and clear and my heart starts racing. I’ve been longing to hear him in person for so long now.

“Well just come down if you want, we’ll be there.”

“Thanks man, see you later.”

“Tell Y/N that we say hi.” Gilinsky adds, but I can hear the teasing hint in his voice that makes me smile and become all giddy. I feel like I might through up, I’m that excited and nervous right now.

“Um, okay, sure…” Jack mutters in response to his best friend before he goes quiet, he’s probably standing right in front of the door right now.

I hear a small beep and suddenly, the door creeks open. Jack carelessly walks in without even looking up from the floor, running a hand through his hair, tugging at it softly and sighing.

“What’s up, buttercup?” I ask, sitting up straight with my feet against the floor, ready to stand up.

Jack jolts backwards at the sound of my voice, backing himself against the wall with a hand rested over his heart and the other holding his forehead. “Holy shit!”

I raise my eyebrows and laugh a little bit, “You okay?”

He looks at me in shock before looking at the floor, shaking his head in disbelief before looking up at me again. “What the hell- Y/N! What the fuck?!”

“Hi.” I smile, I slowly stand up and walk towards my boyfriend. “Are you okay?” I ask quietly.

“Fuck, baby girl,” Jack throws his arms around my neck and pulling me tight against his chest, hiding his face in the crook of my neck. “I can’t believe you’re here, this is fucking amazing, I missed you so much.” He mumbles into my skin, lightly peppering kisses every time he made a point. “I really fucking love you, oh my God.”

I can’t help the few tears that escape my eyes as I cling onto Jack, wrapping my arms around his middle and squeezing him as hard as I can, without hurting him.

“Thank you so much for coming out, baby, I don’t think you realise how much this means to me.” He muffles his words into my neck, wriggling his hands into the ends of my hair.

“I needed to be with you, J.”

“I fucking love you, Y/N, thank you so fucking much.”

“Don’t thank me, babe.” I smile, shaking my head into his chest. “I came because I love you.”

“You’re seriously helping me by being here, Y/N. I’ll finally be able to sleep and I’ll be able to perform properly because I’ve seen you and the fans will be happy with me again-”

“Hey, Jack?” I mumble, cutting him off from his little speech and pulling my face away from his warm chest. “Could you shut up and kiss me?”

He nods frantically with a loved up smile, looking down at me and grabbing my chin with his fingers. “I love you, beautiful.”

ok but you know who needs more love? okieriete onaodowan. hes so amazingly talented like holy shit i didnt know that he was both hercules mulligan and james fucking madison until i saw the credits because his voice change as mulligan is so fucking perfect?? like can you imagine how hard it must be to change your voice to be more rough every night and not damage your vocal chords? and to sing in a voice that isnt your own is like an amazing feat on its own hes just. so good. and what a talented actor omg his whole physicality changed from mulligan to madison i mean god damn hes just crazy good at what he does. 

also look how attractive he is??

(god damn those arms i need a moment)

also his voice is beautiful???

and omg hes such a dork god save my soul

his twitter handle is OAKSMASH and his header is thE HULK WHAT A DORK

god i just have a lot of feelings about this man he is so unbelievably talented and i want to see more love for him

this is been an official okieriete onaodowan appreciation post

What pisses me off the most about Markiplier getting hacked, or any youtuber getting hacked like this, is that these people are essentially holding Mark’s job hostage. YouTube is what he does to earn an honest living, to support himself, and what enables him to be so charitable. And these assholes are seemingly doing it for laughs or to ‘celebrate’ getting 10k Twitter followers. But their way of 'celebrating’ is taking over someone’s place of work?

And then they released his private financial information like its nothing. Like there aren’t crazy people out there who will see his monthly earnings and think that’s a pass to send him death threats or hate! Or how a whole shit storm will start about how he earns X amount of money and that’s another 'reason’ to hate him.

When supposedly they do this like they’re trying to 'help’ Youtubers, yet reportedly take their money or add insult to injury by making the Youtubers thank them over social media before they can get their account back. I don’t believe for a second anyone they’ve hacked thanks them without being forced to.

We have no idea how or if this will negatively affect Mark’s earnings or analytics or the channel as a whole. But no one seems to realize that these guys are essentially going into someone’s actual office building early in the morning, locking the employees out and then not letting them back in until arbitrary conditions come about. It’s not just about Markiplier as a creator of cool stuff, it’s about Mark and the physical money that ends up in his physical pocket to pay his physical bills with.

I follow Markiplier in kind of a surface way and even I know he’s had one hell of a bad 2015. So it just pisses me off that we’re not even 2 weeks into 2016 and Mark’s year has to start off like this all thanks to these assholes.