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Uh, so I haven’t posted my face in a while, but i do sometimes on this blog so this is me, hi? :D

Pseudo costest of Yuuri (who turned out to have more natural makeup than my usual cosplays so is also like half just normal me lol), who I’ll be cosplaying at Katsucon this coming Thurs-Sun! Will have actual cosplays then, Stammi Vicino Yuuri is my main but I also have a fem!Eros Yuuri original design <3 Was surprisingly nervous because I’ve drawn Yuuri countless times in 2D but it’s very different on your own face… ^ ^; Hopefully is passable LOL

I got my hair cut just for this today, and well it was getting a bit long anyway and saves me from having to get a lace front wig ^ ^;;

Before (yeah lopped off a fair amount):

also bonus with glasses (not cosplay glasses, actual every day glasses but eh close enough in shape at least ^ ^;)

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Hey twin, wanted to say your Nino making adrien purr by accident comic had me in stitches earlier today, love your art as always lmao. Can't you just imagine Adrien is asleep and Nino absent mindedly pats his head only to get a purr. and in wild confusion he slowly raises and lowers his hand and the purr starts and stops like Lilo and Stitch with the record player

And Nino plays with it but its killing him. Sorry for such a crappy doodle lol. I have errand I have to go do and I wanted to draw this. 


Day 3: Favorite Companion(s)

I had to seriously narrow this down, because while I do definitely love all of Ash’s traveling companions for different reasons, I know the four that I identify with heart and soul, through and through, time and time again. They represent a lot of things I love so much in my own life! So yeah Misty, Dawn, Iris and Clemont are my favorites. 

So pokeani, thank you for giving me these guys even though you’re being outrageously selfish when it comes to showing me more Iris, I love them and they mean the world to me!


Me back at it again with the awkward pencil coloring and shadowed paper. Beeleave me i is arteest end very expearanced in tumblr. Send all complains to @snowbunnylester she keeps spoiling me with encouragements. Also Rachel’s comment on the last one made an impact i won’t lie so  @botanistlester thanks for urging me to make more messy weird stuff? lol


“There was one birthday… you asked me what I wanted,” he reminded her, pressing his face to her shoulder. “and I said: I want to be happy, and I am so, so happy, Mom.”

so i made a little edit and wrote a meaningless little fic for the birthday boy. can’t believe he’s 23. happy birthday, percy!

“Look at you,” Mom said, smoothing at his shirt and straightening his snapback even if they both knew he’d turn it back around again by the end of the day. 

Percy grinned at her, feeling like a little kid again under her gaze, even if it’d been years. 

“Look at you,” he said, fishing his keys out of his pocket. “You look great, Mom.”

And she did, in a dark blue dress the same color as Percy’s patterned top, her best accessory the bright smile on her face.

They linked arms as they walked down the short two flights of stairs to the lobby, the elevator having broken a day earlier. Neither of them minded, catching up happily even though Percy texted her almost every day. 

“Where are we going?” she asked. “And where’s Annabeth?”

Percy hummed. “She’s gonna meet up with us later. And it’s a surprise.” 

“So just us two?”

He smiled at her and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “Just like the old times.”

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REQUESTED | Happy birthday! 

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Mislefoe for Basil please?<3 ~ask-colourkingdom-greece

((Okay so Ollie looks like an octopus?? He isn’t too experienced in fighting and hasn’t been formally trained, so he’ll use anything that’ll give him the upper edge. In this case it’s his flexibility; he’ll throw his weight around in a concerning mass of flailing limbs, wrestling and using every opportunity he can get. 

With his muscular build and natural disposition, I assume Basil is an inexperienced tank? I’m guessing he would be very strong but I don’t think he knows how to use that strength to it’s full potential. He would probably be a bit slower, but when he gets his hands on you, he’ll crush you like a grape lol. Ollie would combat his obviously superior strength with sporadic movements to try and catch him off guard. Idk, this is all just from speculation, so I apologize if I’m incorrect about anything! 

Love ya @ask-colourkingdom-greece, merry Christmas!! <3))

Mistlefoe meme 1/7 (NOT TAKING ANY MORE)