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Virgil's Secret

Hello. I attempted a small fanfic. I’m sorry.

Warnings???: food mention, fire, embarrassment?

There was a secret Virgil had managed to keep from everyone. From Thomas. From Roman. From Logic. Even Patton.

Sometimes it was difficult, but it was necessary. If he told anyone it would offset the balance of the entire household. Sometimes he grew tired of this burden, the lies, and the secrets, and running around behind everyone’s backs, but he’d been keeping it far too long now. There was no going back.

Patton couldn’t cook. At all. It was complete shit honestly. The Moral side was terrible at following directions. He didn’t understand how food or ovens or flavors worked at all honestly.

Virgil had only found out recently. Patton had confided in him he was upset the others would never have dinner with him. Logan was always working, Roman was having ‘adventures’, and Virgil was in his room. The sides, not actually being people, didn’t need to eat. Ever. But Anxiety understood this was one of those “we should act more like a family” things, and so he had promised to have dinner with Patton. It was worth it seeing Patton’s face light up like that. He was going to cook and everything. Nothing could have prepared Virgil for the events to come.

Patton made quesadillas. Simple enough, you would think. However, when Virgil came downstairs, there was smoke coming from the kitchen.

“Patton,” Anxiety called out. “Is everything okay.”

“Everything’s fine kiddo,” said Patton brightly. “The stove’s just being a bit fussy.”

As Virgil entered the kitchen, he realized that, by fussy, Patton meant the stove was literally on fire. More specifically there was a dish towel on a burner which had caught on fire. Patton was blowing on it. It wasn’t working very well.

“How on earth– … Move over.” Virgil grabbed a set of metal tongs and used them to remove the fiery rag from the stove and drop it into the sink. He flipped the faucet on. The fire went out with a hiss, and Virgil turned to Patton.

“You really saved the day there, kiddo,” said Patton. “I don’t know how that got there.”

“I- uh, yeah thanks. Just. Don’t put flammables near the stove.”

It was then that Virgil caught sight of the pan on the stove. It was smoking. “Uh, Dad.” Patton turned around.

“Oh dear,” he nearly tripped trying to get back to the stove. He pulled the pan off and set it on the counter. Virgil quickly picked it back up. You can’t just take things off the stove and put them on the counter. You have to use a hot pad. But there wasn’t a hot pad. He opened the drawers until he found one and set it on the counter and the pan on top of that. “This one’s burnt,” said Virgil.

“That’s okay,” said Patton. He held up a plate of about ten already cooked quesadillas. “We just need to set the table.”

More chaos followed. Patton dropped a knife and two plates. Luckily the plates were plastic. He also overfilled the glasses of orange juice (why though) which meant they sloshed around and spilled on their journey to the table. He also tripped, apparently trying to avoid slipping in the orange juice, which meant they no longer needed to clean up the orange juice, but Patton needed to go upstairs and change shirts. Virgil sighed in relief when Patton came down and they were both actually seated and had food on their plates. They were cheese quesadillas. A little burnt. Still it was very nice of Patton to–

“Is there– did you put red pepper flakes in these? They’re very spicy.”

“Of course I did. Quesadillas are Mexican food. It has to spicy.” Patton was beaming. He was completely oblivious. Virgil was going to have to swallow his food and pretend to like it.

“Yeah,” he said. “Of course. Thank you for making dinner Patton.”

“I think I’ll invite everyone tomorrow morning.”

The what now. “Tomorrow?”

“Yeah we should all have breakfast. I’m thinking pancakes. Do you think the others like pancakes?”

“We’re all fractions of Thomas,” said Virgil. They all liked the same things. Always.

“Oh right. Yeah I think I’ll make pancakes. You’ll come right?”

“Of course,” said Virgil. Internally he was panicking. Logan and Roman didn’t really get feelings like Patton or Virgil. They sure felt things, but they didn’t really understand how their actions would make other people feel. Such as the sadness and embarrassment Patton would feel when someone (probably Logan) told him how awful the pancakes were. But he couldn’t think of a reason to tell Patton he couldn’t make pancakes tomorrow.


The next morning Virgil for once in his life got up to an alarm. He dragged himself downstairs to find Patton in the kitchen. There was a bowl of batter on the counter and Patton was cooking (burning) some eggs. Virgil dipped his finger in the batter. It was very runny. Also salty.

“Morning,” said Virgil. Patton jumped very high and screamed loudly.

“Oh hey Anxiety, didn’t see you there. You usually aren’t awake yet.”

“I didn’t want to miss pancakes.” Virgil shrugged. That was a lie. Patton’s smile grew wider. “Would you mind waking the others?” asked Patton.

“And interrupt Princey’s beauty sleep?” scoffed Virgil. “No way.”

“He can be a bit dramatic. That’s okay,” said Patton cheerfully. “I’ll do it. You keep an eye on these eggs.”

Virgil nodded. He waited till Morality had turned his back and then quickly moved the poor burnt eggs off of the stove. There was nothing to be done there.

He quickly took the old batter and dumped it into the sink. He rinsed and dried the bowl quickly as possible. Roman was hard to wake up, so that would buy him some time, but not much. He was prepared though. He went to the fridge and pulled out a bowl. He removed the sticky note that read “do not touch” along with the plastic wrap and emptied the contents into the batter bowl. The night before, after Patton had gone to bed, Virgil had stayed up and made pancake batter. Just in case. He had been right to do so. Maybe his pancakes wouldn’t be great, but at least they were decent. Probably. If it went badly he could always reveal the batter was his and lie about why he did it and they still wouldn’t know Patton was a bad cook. He had just finished hiding the now empty bowl and sticky note, when Logan came down the stairs. He looked as proper and professional as ever, if a little sleepy. Virgil hoped the guilt and secrets weren’t evident on his face. Logan didn’t seem to notice though.

Patton soon followed with a grumpy looking Roman. “I burnt the eggs,” Virgil told Patton.

“You let Anxiety cook?” asked Roman, as if horrified by the very thought. Virgil stuck his tongue out at him. A gesture which the Prince returned. It was too early for this.

“That’s okay,” said Patton, “everyone burns things sometimes. It’s not a big deal. We still have pancakes.”

“As factions of Thomas’ personality we don’t require sustenance,” said Logan from the table.

“We’re not eating pancakes for sustenance we’re eating them because they’re pancakes,” said Patton.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” grumbled Logan. Patton acted like he hadn’t heard.

He got the batter and a new pan. Disaster was looming.

“C-can I flip the pancakes,” said Virgil. “Please.” Everyone stared at him as if he had just begun to tap dance upon the living room ceiling and declared himself a unicorn.

“He’ll burn it just like the eggs,” said Roman.

“No I won’t,” hissed Virgil. He hadn’t even actually burned the eggs.

“Now Roman,” said Patton in his dad-voice. “That’s no way to talk to people. If Anxiety wants to flip the pancakes he can flip the pancakes.” Patton ushered Virgil to the stovetop and handed him the spatula and the batter.

“I’ll make some coffee,” announced Patton. Virgil decided he couldn’t do anything about that disaster and he would have to focus on pancakes and hope for the best. He greased the pan and began making little pancake blobs on it. He really hoped this would work.


Anxiety waited anxiously as Patton served their plates. Logan’s pancakes were drowning in syrup and butter.

“That is a lot of fat and sugar,” Roman said, disgust evident in his voice.

“I’m not a human,” said Logan exasperatedly. “It doesn’t affect my health.”

Roman made an uncomfortable noise, but said nothing as Patton handed him his stack of pancakes.

“These are delicious, Patton,” said Logan. “I had no idea you could cook this well. Thomas can’t even cook.”

“Thanks, kiddo,” said Patton happily. He handed Anxiety his plate and took some pancakes himself.

“These are fantastic,” declared Roman with a Dramatic Hand Gesture™.

“Well pancakes are super easy,” said Patton. He was blushing furiously.

No one noticed that Virgil was also blushing. He hadn’t expected Roman and Logan to actually like the pancakes so much. He took a bite himself. They were pretty great.

“We should do this again,” said Roman.

Oh no.

“I agree,” said Logan.

No. No. No.

“Maybeee tomorrow?” asked Patton hopefully.

“I don’t see any reason why not,” said Logan.

Now every morning is pancake day. Now Virgil has a secret. Now, every morning, is hell.


Uh, so I haven’t posted my face in a while, but i do sometimes on this blog so this is me, hi? :D

Pseudo costest of Yuuri (who turned out to have more natural makeup than my usual cosplays so is also like half just normal me lol), who I’ll be cosplaying at Katsucon this coming Thurs-Sun! Will have actual cosplays then, Stammi Vicino Yuuri is my main but I also have a fem!Eros Yuuri original design <3 Was surprisingly nervous because I’ve drawn Yuuri countless times in 2D but it’s very different on your own face… ^ ^; Hopefully is passable LOL

I got my hair cut just for this today, and well it was getting a bit long anyway and saves me from having to get a lace front wig ^ ^;;

Before (yeah lopped off a fair amount):

also bonus with glasses (not cosplay glasses, actual every day glasses but eh close enough in shape at least ^ ^;)


Christine: aro/ace

Jenna: lesbian,ace

Michael: gay

Brooke: Lesbian

Rich and Jeremy: Bi


Chloe: pansexual


Where are you now?
            Was it all in my fantasy?
Where are you now?
            Were you only imaginary?
Where are you now?
                         A n o t h e r        d r e a m…


But like can we just appreciate the Doctor’s look when Hydroflax says “false wife” I MEAN WHAT A SMUG IDIOT.— @hegaveallhecouldgiveher

insanelycapricornus  asked:

What if instead of Lily being the core, Stefano's lover was. Like, the lover went missing (stuff still in his house) but despite desperately looking for his Beau,they remain missing until he finds out their the core though Theodore.

At first, Stefano would think that you simply went out for a bit, but when night started to fall, it caused him to worry, expecially after seeing that you left your phone in your shared appartament, so after a sleepless night because of waiting for you to arrive, the first thing he did was calling the police, because even he didn’t know what to do.

Sadly, after many weeks of searching for you, the police stated that this was an unresolved case, that they couldn’t do anything more and that the case was officially closed, but not for Stefano.

Even after many weeks, months even, he still couldn’t believe that you’d just vanish into thin air. Even your family and closest friends didn’t know where you went and reconciled the fact that you were propably dead, it was as if you never actually existed.

And believe me, Stefano was a wreck, to put it nicely. He stopped eating, sleeping was a no, everything just became gray and hollow without his beloved (Y/N) by his side, so when he received an “offer” from and organization called ‘Mobius’ that he had a chance to start a new life, he almost immediately agreed to it, it wasn’t like anything bound him to his old life anymore, right? The only thing that he had from you, was the silver necklace you had gifted him for your 3rd anniversary.

After entering Union, everything went back to his ‘normal’ old life before he met you, so he still murdered, still made his ‘art’ but there still was that hollow part in his heart that screamed and cried after his lost love.

But everything changed when suddenly because of unknown reasons Union started to fall apart and Stefano succumbed to his sadistic and bestial nature.

Then he met the smooth talking geezer, as he liked to say, Father Theodore.

The old man stated that he had something that Stefano desired the most in the deepest part of his mind and heart.

Stefano, thinking it was some kind of trick with his precious art, of course immediately agreed to it, driven by his desire for appreciation of his ‘art’, but it all went to a screeching halt when he saw you, his beloved (Y/N), his long lost love of his life, asleep with various tubes sticked inside your body, and before Theodore could do anything Stefano went berserk.

No one stopped him form taking you away from him, not the Harebingers, not the Haunted, not even Theodore himself would stop him form taking what was rightfully his.

After taking you and teleporting back into his mansion he was a mix of fury, anger, sadnes and other emotions he was sure he’d never feel again, but after seeing you awake, seeing you recognize him, seeing the tears that welled up in your beautiful (E/C) he couldn’t help himself but fall in love with you again.

This was one of the most emotional things he’s done in his entire life, if not the most emotianal one.

Just- seeing you, the one he thought was dead, the one he loved and still loves the most being alive here in his arms, it was overhelming to him. Stefano even ignored the fact that you told him Mobius is using you as the Core, all that mattered was that you were alive and well in his arms, the rest didn’t matter.

I don’t give a damn who will try to take you away from me, I won’t let them. I waited for so long to see you again, and I won’t let anyone take you away from me. I love you (Y/N), from now on, till the end of the world.”

I was happy when I saw you that day
The way I saw it was that I could finally tell someone who would listen and try to understand
But when I went to open my mouth and speak
The words died in my throat and nothing came out
And days passed
Things happened everyday
And somehow, I never ended up telling you anything

You weren’t happy to see me that day
You looked pretty angry
And I tried to think and understand 
But why you would do that just didn’t make sense to me
Nothing did
So I did the only thing I could
I let it go
The only thing it seems I’ve been doing the last few days
Letting stuff go
And every time I talk to you
I leave with a headache
It hurts to think of what we used to be 
And what we are now
Shattered hearts
Too proud to patch the other up