it's crappy and ugly and idk

I had an idea for mermaids where they are all hideously ugly and the only way for them to attract men is to hunt down and rip the skin off of the most beautiful girl they can find and then wearing it as a skin suit, thus tricking the man into falling for them and then eating them.

♥ ~ Smooch ~ ♥

I’ve been on a roll with making graphics every day for these last two-ish weeks, but I decided to put that streak aside to do something a little different today. I’ve been wanting to try those “redraw screencap” things for a while, and have really been wanting to try coloring / shading in photoshop for over a year now (never found the time) so doing this was a good way to kill two birds with one stone… sort of.

Except I’m not really an artist (not a good freehand one anyway), so the crappy, ugly, hastily drawn lines are more or less a direct trace from the actual cap. That aside, I’m quiet pleased with the coloring, since it’s my first time trying something like this out, so maybe in a few months next time I’ll try drawing something of my own. :)