it's crap but

  • [ directed by me ]
  • yoongi: [laughs]
  • seokjin: it's 2 am in the morning. why are you laughing?
  • yoongi: i just saw this post that says we are ex-roommates. this is bullcrap like i've always told we are roommates in live interviews, broadcast or what not, even though its unnecessary, and someone will post this.
  • seokjin: that's life for you though [smiles] its full of crap
  • yoongi: but i have you as my roommate so i don't see that crap. [smiles]

(boy, i should answer asks)

(boy, i should animate some)

(boy, i should do something)

(………….. i proceed to continue reading jorge joestar instead)

Dead cold hands.