it's crap af

One of the shitty things about Ni is that it’s so bad with details. It skips to conclusions because the processing of facts is primarily internal and done in the subconscious. Demanding that an Ni-dom give proof of their claims on the spot is like asking the impossible.


“Have you been collecting spoons?”


Ichigo loving SS and wanting to live the Shinigami life in the shinigami land was never a thing until Kyouraku said there’s a slim chance he’ll be forced to stay whether he likes it or not and if he doesn’t he’ll be basically locked up.

i’m pretty sure y’all despite denying it, you still know of this and realize it but you just choose to ignore it and in the same breath claim to actually genuinely give a shit about Ichigo Kurosaki as his own character.

I would give all the “Ichigo needed to stay in SS” theories a chance no matter how illogical and how fanon Ichigo is in it, if only it didn’t reek of biased-ness and the OP did actually give a fuck about Ichigo and isn’t transparent af.