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can you believe chanbaek invented chicken 

One of the shitty things about Ni is that it’s so bad with details. It skips to conclusions because the processing of facts is primarily internal and done in the subconscious. Demanding that an Ni-dom give proof of their claims on the spot is like asking the impossible.

Bill: Do you hear that? I thought I could hear the music… but I can’t, can I? They’re in another time.

Doctor: Music’s funny like that.

Doctor: Well they’re not trapped. And they’re more than just fighting. And there’s music. Always music.

Doctor: You are always here to me, and I always listen, and I can always see you.

(im fine im not dying or anything im fine)

I’m doing a lot better in a lot of ways but I still absolutely feel like that friend who just annoys the crap out of literally everyone but y'all are too nice to say anything


“Have you been collecting spoons?”


anonymous asked:

For the send a color thing: Purple! Also that last post with Doof's evil jingle was brillant, I laughed so hard XD--Thanks :)

Thank you! I’m not great at editing and putting videos together but holy crap its fun af.


What’s your astrological sign?


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

This was sort of advice, but I told my soccer coach that I had gotten in trouble for attending this fancy family thing in these overall type things and converse, and he said “Yeah but you were you, and that's great.’ I take it to heart for everything about myself. Sexuality, gender identity, ect. 

When was the last time you followed your instincts?

I can’t remember. 

What’s your favourite food?

Fried rice!

What’s your secret dream?

To be an author. 

@sassbeanpidge & @crissiti also asked purple, thanks guys <3