it's cr1tikal


dragon age 2 au in which everythings the same except fenris is voiced by cr1tikal

“fuck you, and your formal attire.” matsukawa to oikawa

quick chibi husband sketches feat. cr1tikal quotes (if cr1tikal doesnt get the role for mattsun in the dub i’m gonna riot)

So Cr1tikal is pretty unknown thief for a while. He does these small heist here and there. And it isn’t some interaction with Fakehaus or FAHC that makes him big, oh no it one big heist he does.

All by himself, of course all the camera catch is nothing but a guy with his hood up and what looks too be a penguin mask. He does a few more jobs, and now he has this weird cult following. The media’s going crazy, news station starts asking “Who is this new masked man in los santos!”

“Is he with notorious FAHC or maybe Fakehaus. Whats his name!” Everyone screams.

And so a few weeks past silences, then one day. At 12:00 at midnight on the dot. All the local news station glitch out. An suddenly there a video playing of a man in a red hoodie. Sandwhich in one hand, spray can bottle in the other. In one of Los santos most profitable Banks and he writes along the walls.

Hi my name is Cr1tikal