it's cool just ignore me

have you ever finished a book or show and just had the strongest longing to be a part of that universe, where you have special abilities like them and friendships like them, and sure life is hard there but you know you’re special, you’re valuable, and that everything will be okay in the end

my piano student told me a funny joke today.

he said, “you might not get this joke, but have you seen the movie ‘constipated’?”

and i say, “um no! i didn’t even know that was a movie…”


this is a sort of intro post because i’ve never really done one and it’s about time okay

HI MY NAME IS DANA and that’s what you can call me
to sum myself up in three words: PIZZA, PUPPIES, PSYCH

i love psych first and foremost and that’s what you’ll find most on my blog! i like to make psych things too.
i also love puppies and everyone knows that. i have a puppy/animal/cute things blog HERE that you can check out if you want!
and of course i love pizza a lot. like a lot a lot.

other shows i like would include: parks and rec, the office, doctor who, community, the mindy project, white collar, um so not a lot rn but my list of shows to watch is quite long and i’m getting there

idk what else to put
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hi so first of all happy new year!!! 2015 is just hours away and i wanted to make a list of things i’ve learned in 2014 bc it was an interesting year for me but anyways
yeah this is me talking to myself, some notes to self that i thought i’d share:

• expectations are the worst so learn to not have any. let each situation be what it is, not what i think it should be

• other people are not medicine

• don’t avoid confrontation; it’s a lot harder to talk about something if you put it off, especially if that something is important to you

• keep a budget! and be okay with eternal spending freezes (aka 2015: the year i spend no money unless it’s necessary and food/rent/school related)

• how you react to things is a lot of what life is made up of

• find balance; nothing in excess, everything in moderation

• being sad is okay sometimes

• related: find those things that make you happy and do them when you’re sad

• if you want to be something, start now to be it. “we become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day”

• be happy for others, for their accomplishments and successes

• don’t sacrifice what you want most for something you want now

• learn to let things go; consider whether something is even worth getting upset over or if it’s better to just take a deep breathe and move on (you can’t change people!)

• “only a fool takes offense where it wasn’t intended”

• comparing yourself to others gets you nowhere so just don’t do it. live your own life

• tell people how you feel