it's cool i don't have feelings or anything

We all joke about the Hobbits getting Way More Than They Signed Up For but you know who else??? You know who I feel is overlooked in that department sometimes??????? Haldir,,,, our homeboy Haldir the elf saw the One Ring and Immediately was like “naw son i ain’t dealing w/ that today” and yet he lets Aragorn convince him that it’ll be cool, totally fine, “Haldir you only have to deal with our problems for a few hours,” and suddenly before you know it whoops Haldir’s back in the mess at Helm’s Deep just to wind up McFreaking Dead

one more time for the fellas in the back: the PV kids are their own characters with their own universe so not everything i use them in is the twin au

like i’m super glad people enjoy that au so much, but why do so many of you guys assume they’re never in their own universe when i draw them? i’ve said a million times that if something is twin au then i’ll tag it that way, and it’s not as if it’s all i ever draw, so c'mon give credit to the original PV universe where it’s due