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Dean, I wanna thank ya.“

"For what?”

“For everything. You’ve always had my back, you know. Even when I couldn’t count on anyone I could always count on you.


“Woah, woah, woah. Don’t say ‘just in case something happens to’ you. I don’t want to hear that friggin’ speech, man.” 

“Salvation”, 1x21 

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49 naruhina plz

send me a ship and a number and i’ll write a short fic


49. boss/intern au



“Inuzuka, this is literally the worst day ever to bring in a newbie.”

“It’s not the worst day ever. It’s just – a bad day. I know. Sorry. But it couldn’t be any other day.”

A deep sigh. “You do realize we are having the most important mission of the year today, right?”


“And still, you’re asking me to bring along a fucking newbie?”

“Uh… yes.”

“What the fuck, Inuzuka?”

“Alright, alright! I get it. I fucked up. Still, we have no choice, Naruto. She’s here, and she’s signed the contract, and Hatake himself recommended her. Besides, from what I’ve heard, she’s not that inexperienced.”

“Has she ever assassinated the most wanted criminal of the decade?”

“Fuck, no, Naruto, she hasn’t, but my point is that she isn’t clueless. She has done a few killings already. She is skilled. She won’t be a burden.”

“Why are you so sure? To me, she seems useless-”

Enough, she decides, as she pushes the heavy doors open. Fuming, she marches into the dimly lit room, towards the table at which Kiba and her soon-to-be boss sit. Both raise to their feet, alarmed. The boss’s blue eyes glare at her, but she stares right into them, unafraid.

She comes to a halt until she is right in front of him. “I won’t be a burden,” she repeats Kiba’s words. “I won’t.” But more than affirmation for him, it is for herself.

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