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Undisclosed Desires (part 4)

Words: 1.7k

Summary: You get confronted by someone from your past and your secret is revealed.

A/N: Lets just say that a whole lot of canon has been tossed right out the window, I don’t even care. Season 11 never happened and some backstory is a little different. Let me know if you’d like to be added to my master tags list.


Castiel, Sam, and Dean made it into the house while you hung back, trying to figure out what the best course of action was.

“Maybe she’ll be too scared to talk.” You thought out loud. “Or maybe they’ll just kill her. That’d save a lot of trouble.”

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sagatheturtlekid  asked:

Okay idk how you're gonna feel about this but could I get a BTS text when y'all are in a gang or some shit and they all have roles, and code names and it's be hella lit because we crazy as hell idk but it'd be lit


This is…so amazing?? Just think about it:

  • Bangtan Sonyeondan- Bulletproof Boyscouts= Your local illegal arms smugglers/dealers. Need a pistol? We got you covered! Always wanted that automatic machine gun? Look no farther!
  • If illegal dealings could be listed on billboards, you bet your ass Jimin’s shining face would be saying “You need a weapon? I got you locked and loaded!”
  • Well known throughout Korea and select other places in the world, business trips go to the US, and parts of Europe and south-east Asia
  • Renowned for being very efficient, and professional, but on the other hand you’re also known for being…weird?
  • Like when messages are sent to confirm meetings, they get photos of those who will be participating, but its screen-caps from snapchat. so there’s hoseok with a puppy filter, and a picture of taehyung passed out in a noraebong with a sharpie marker mustache drawn on his face with the caption “go hard or go home”
  • To celebrate a big successful deal you all go out to karaoke and get blasted. yoongi twerks, jimin takes his shirt off, jin reminisces over when you all were sweet kids: the whole nine yards
  • Your old apartment building evicted all of you because you were constantly breaking the instituted quiet hours, and there was some incident involving taehyung peeing in the lobby’s ficus??
  • But you all found a new building where you all are some of the only tenants, and you try to see how much hell you can raise without the building supervisor calling you out on it.
  • (Side note: But your new building supervisor is The Sweetest Lady in the World. Brags about you all like you’re her own grandkids, brings you kimchi and other side dishes when she makes them, made sure you were all settled when you first moved in, even rode on the subway with you once when you had to go to the hospital cause you got a knife wound *cough* while cooking *COUGH* You guys got her flowers and a fruit basket for mother’s day and had dinner with her)
  • All of people who have burned you in the past will go back to their headquarters only to find it’s been completely sealed and is now housing a two foot deep fish pond, or bologna slices have been placed on their cars, or glitter has been sent through the air ducts
  • Jin- totally a half-hearted trying-his-best-with-what-he-can get medic. like on one hand he’s all like oh MY gOD YOU’RE BLEEDING, and on the other side he’s all what the fuck are you doing– stop that you idiot *smack*. Cooks for everybody cause if you’re going to be running across the city you need to eat more protein!! Has earned the title “J Momma” for a reason, cause if you need something he’s there to assist. Doesn’t like to do the dirty work, which at first through you off cause why?? is?? he?? here??? and everybody just says “wait for it”. SURE ENOUGH shit goes down, the pink rubber gloves come off, and Jin reigns mercy down
  • …with his fists
  • Our illustrious Leader Mon, Namjoon- the brains of the operation. Mainly does the desk work at this point, says he did enough running around when the company first started so you young fucks can do that shit now. He’s actually the one who got you your job with the group in the first place! …or, well…you bugged him until he let you in, and only with the requirement that they didn’t have to change their group name. Listed as “Mobster Mon” in your phone – y/n for the last time we are a legitimate business!
  • Jungkook- the resident muscle pig and fuckboi. Always there to help, but the least likely to want to do so. You want shit done, you better bring food cause he ain’t doing that for free. Has probably been talked to one or two (or five or twelve) times about helping you cause you’re a part of the team, and he gets that, he really does. However he also gets that when you’re angry your voice gets all squeaky and it sounds like you’re a cartoon.
  • Probably no one believes him so he keeps doing it in order to get a recording because- i swear jimin it sounds like y/n belongs on a children’s show singing some shit about your colors!!
  • Taehyung- Code name is V and he told you what it meant at one time, but it was long and complicated and you’re pretty sure you dozed off at one point during his story cause it was 3 AM and you guys were supposed to be installing cameras at the new drop sight?? but overall taehyung is one of the sweetest people you ever met and you’re not sure how he wound up here. From what you knew he was neighbors with yoongi, but the last time you asked he just giggled, pinched your cheek and walked away. Deals with all electronica: cameras, computers, equipment, wi-fi connections, PlayStations. You name it, he knows how to tear it apart and put it back together. He also got you a killer phone plan, so score
  • Hoseok- the renaissance man of the group. Hoseok takes up roles as the runner, navigator, mail carrier, armory assistant and lock-picker. A well-rounded individual with a sunny disposition. Owns the rare title of Bangtan’s armory assistant, being the only person yoongi can stand working in the same general vicinity for extended periods of time. You always call him for help when traveling cause he knows every nook and cranny in Seoul - your hope’s got you covered y/n~!
  • Yoongi- Honestly, though you all talk shit about him, yoongi is the reason y’all get paid. Works mainly by himself, sometimes with the assistance of hoseok, and does possibly the single most important job in this group: SORTS ALL YOUR SHIT. He’s the one cataloguing all the weapons you guys carry, updating clients, both old and prospective, and he’s the one who makes sure you have rounds for your own guns. So….get on his level
  • Jimin- the shining face of the company. Deals with all the ass-kissing and meeting with the ‘elite’ clients. Presents statistics and earnings to partners, but can’t organize for shit. Constantly panicking on the inside that he has the wrong packet, but you’re like- i already emailed you the right one, all you have to do is print it out. Gets to go on the majority of the business trips and does not hesitate to rub this fact in your face- hmm? sorry y/n. the connection here in santorini is kind of finicky
  • All in all, Bangtan gives you this amazing sense of family. And you wouldn’t trade the bickering with yoongi, the puns with hoseok, the final fantasy games with taehyung, the insane snapchat stories with jimin, the last-minute rushed reports with namjoon, the eating of lamb skewers on the curb with jungkook, or the quiet chats with jin while washing dishes for anything

Sorry if this isn’t what you were looking for, but I love the idea and just kind of went crazy with it!

There is a text series that goes with this and it can be found here!

anonymous asked:

tbh it's sorta awful that people are already trying to defend and forgive Mutsuki's actions. Mental illness and abuse can be causes, but not really excuses. I'm not saying he is completely 'unforgivable', but right now, he does still need to be held accountable for his horrible actions. I feel that most of the fandom now is just jumping to protect the favorite no matter what.

Are you sure you aren’t confusing defend and explain here?

First of all let’s look at “Mutsuki’s actions” - the murder of his family, the cat, the cannibalism at the auction, and torso’s mutilation.

I’m going to say right off the bat that Mutsuki’s father and Torso I am actually willing to just write off. Mutsuki was 12 when he killed his father, who beat him and raped him and tried to drown him. That’s self defense there. And Torso held him captive for over a week, beat him the whole time, possibly raped him, kept him completely helpless… I don’t care if he was conscious when his dick was shoved up his nose. 

His mother and his brother we know less about. Let’s assume they are as innocent as possible for the sake of the argument. Maybe his older brother didn’t know and the mother was a fellow victim. That’s two horrific murders.

For which he was found guilty and sentence to jail. Remember he was 12 when he committed this crime. You don’t try 12 year olds as adults and you don’t punish them as adults. Here’s an article on juvenile murderers in Japan, if you want to read how this is handled in real life. [x]

Then he kills a cat. This is animal cruelty and I understand that this offends people on a visceral level. I’ve lived with pets my whole life. Abuse of animals is both linked to harming humans - as in some studies suggest it may be a sign of sadistic tendencies and future crimes, and it’s also linked to having witnessed or received abuse as a child, a kind of trickle down abuse. Here’s wikipedia on the subject [x]

Animal cruelty laws vary from place to place from nothing - it’s a stray - to up to 5 years jail time. But I’m gonna be completely honest. This is a manga where people kill people all the time. The horror of the cat’s death is in the way it viscerally impacts us - we accept and expect people to die, but animals feel more innocent, even though that’s not at all logical. The horror is also in the strange ritualistic way the organs were in a jar and the odd comradery we saw with Tokage, a man who until this chapter, has been nothing but a total monster. 

But if we are putting this on a scale of crimes committed by characters in Tokyo Ghoul for which characters must pay? This doesn’t even register for me. I guess I value people over animals at the end of the day? Ghoul and human lives are worth more to me than a cats. I know some people will disagree, but you aren’t going to convince me Mutsuki is terrible because of a cat when Tsukiyama killed a dude because he wanted to eat his junk and has had no remorse what so ever. (But he loves Kaneki, so you know. It’s chill.)

The cannibalism was a matter of survival. I’m pretty sure that investigator was already dead and in a dead person lump when Mutsuki found them, but I am willing to be proven otherwise if someone sees something else there. But honestly, eating from a dead guy in order to survive is like. What we praise ghouls for. That is a victimless crime.

So the family, which legally, he was punished for, but you feel morally he was not (which he agrees with you on, btw), and the cat, which we established is, all things considered, pretty minor.

Now, in terms of explaining vs excusing or forgiving, I suppose i’ve already forgiven the murder of his father and Torso, but we as a society forgive acts of self defense all the time.

We are reintroduced to both Touka and Nishiki with them super casually killing a person. Touka because he “pissed her off,” (it’s possible to read this as her defending Kaneki, too), and Nishiki because of a trespassing violation he totally made up. 

In the world of Tokyo Ghoul, Mutsuki’s actions might be grotesque, but they aren’t “horrible.”

Unless you read the fact that it was his family as more horrible than if it wasn’t. Which is a fair reading in terms of the way this manga talks about family, but be aware that that is how you are reading it, and that that is why you think it is more horrible than other murders. Because this manga actively struggles with the idea of family and whether that sacred bond of family is actually a good thing or not.

Because it’s the same thing that bound Kaneki to his mother and aunt who abused him. Family is the bond that Big Madam used to abuse and manipulate Juuzou. Family is how Kanou manipulated the Yasuhisas.

We even have unique words for the kind of murders Mutsuki committed - patricide, matricide, and fratricide.

But also remember that these people were in a unique position to hurt Mutsuki as well.

Family in Tokyo Ghoul is endlessly complicated. And it’s important to realize that you’ve decided that Tooru is somehow more horrible for breaking that notion of family than characters who have killed a lot more, a lot more flippantly, and with a lot less punishment and remorse.

I don’t think this is being overly forgiving. I think this is trying to view these new reveals in the context of a larger story where almost everyone has blood on their hands.

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Can you stop objectifying Dylan & Tyler so much? Also I think RPS & how much you've been arguing "for" it is creepy. They're people and I hope it's fantasy, but you're examining their actual lives & relationship as if it's not. When someone else has tried to 'ship' me with a friend/colleague it has creeped me the fuck out. I'm one of your followers & I'm fond of most of your posts but those particular RPS ones are becoming creepy. Shipping should be semi-joking about RPS if you respect them.

This is honestly pretty hilarious to me, because I was just discussing with someone how important it is to be respectful when discussing real people’s lives and relationships.

And that aside… seriously, when have I said that Dylan and Hoechlin are definitely dating? Like… (prepare for recent Rachel Hobrien excerpts)

I can completely understand not shipping them romantically (and some people don’t like the idea of romantically shipping celebrities at all) but I’ll never get people who say they mean nothing to each other.

I’m not even saying they’re secretly in love here. I’m putting any shipping feelings aside and saying that they clearly at least care about each other. They’re at least friends.

[sarcastically] So yeah, obviously Hoechlin and Dylan don’t even like each other. Not even friends. They basically don’t exist to each other, ok?

I actually make every point and extra effort not to get super shippy when it comes to Hobrien, because I know that it makes some people uncomfortable. I do say that they love each other, and they’re important to each other, and they’re comfortable in each others’ space. And I’m not going to back down from that. I think it’s absolutely insulting to them when I see people saying they’re not close, or they don’t care about each other, and all of their interactions were just “baiting” for the Sterek fandom. Because really, let’s reduce years of friendship and interactions to a ploy to promote a non-canon ship. Makes total sense.

But back on topic:

Shipping real life people is complicated, and people need to take extra care to be respectful, because we as fans don’t know exactly what’s going on in any celebrity’s life outside of what we see and hear from the media.  I’m never going to say that Dylan and Hoechlin are definitely dating, because there’s no way to know that. …So if that’s what you mean by “shipping should be semi-joking” (and I think “semi-joking” is a terrible way to describe it, but it you mean “not saying you’re definitely right”) then I don’t think I’m going outside those boundaries at all.

(I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with going outside those boundaries, and saying they’re together, btw, as long as it’s done respectfully. That’s just not something I’ve personally done, so it’s weird to me that you’d come at me all “grr, stop so aggressively shipping them”)

Here are my feelings on shipping real people:

I’m sorry, but it’s completely natural. You can see two people sitting together in a cafe and think “they look cute together.” You can have opinions on Brangelina or whatever the new hot celeb couples are, and no one will bat an eye. You can meet your sister’s new boyfriend and think “I don’t think they’re that great together.” And I’m sorry if your friends’ interest in your romantic life creeps you out, but it is just part of life for people to have opinions.

That said, your friends shouldn’t be pressuring you about their shipping, or trying to push you to be with your friend/coworker. They can have their opinions (and they will, everyone does) but they shouldn’t be pushing those opinions on you. And that brings me to a very important rule about real people shipping:

Do not bring up your shipping to the parties involved. When shipping celebrities, don’t tweet at them or go to conventions and tell them you think they’re together, or should be together. And do not insult or attack or in any way belittle their public SO’s. Shipping is for fandoms, and there’s no reason to bring the celebrities into it.

Also, realize that you don’t know everything. This goes back to what I said at the beginning. Shipping is fine, opinions are fine. You can have headcanons and beliefs down to the day you think they got together, but on some level you have to remember that you don’t know everything about their lives, and they know their own lives better than you do.

And I think that’s basically it. Otherwise, feel free to ship and let ship.

So yeah. People are going to ship real people. There’s nothing wrong with shipping real people, as long as it’s done respectfully. And considering that I don’t even go out of my way to gush about them romantically, I find this comment both odd and amusing.

Remember that I tag every post that has to do with Hobrien, romantically or not, as #hobrien , so feel free to blacklist that at your convenience.

…And as far as me “objectifying” them both too much… Hey, they’re both hot. I’m going to discuss their hotness. They’re also ridiculously skilled actors, and dedicated craftsmen, and Dylan has this awesome snark that comes out in some interviews that I adore, and Hoechlin is the sweetest, sunshiniest person I have ever seen, and I talk about all of those things along with how hot they are.

So… no, I don’t think I’m going to change anything about the way I blog. Sorry if that offends you. Blacklist or unfollow if it bothers you too much.

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Hahahaha how about Ward asking FitzSimmons' approval if he can take Skye out on a date. After they say their answer, they ask him to ask May too. After May answers, she tells him to ask Coulson too. Then after that, finally he asks Skye (The team is protective over Skye okay hahaha)

With all the aos angst recently i think a fluff fic is needed

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