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shinee + space-y things for the birthday girl, @leejinklies. ♡

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Can you do 29 for the prompt list

Kara pushed the door open slowly, reverently, like she was entering a temple, like she might disturb the spirits still lingering there.

Part of her felt guilty for never returning her key. She planned to give it back to Eve plenty of times, but something in her just couldn’t. Now, she was glad she kept it. It made sneaking in that much easier. Not that she wouldn’t have found another way, because this — breaking into Cat’s empty condo — was all she had left, and the only thing worse than losing her completely was knowing she’d never get the chance to say goodbye. Not the way she wanted. Not how she would have if she knew the last time they were together would really be the last.

She kept tabs on her travels at first, tracing her movements on a map each day with her fingers, like they would somehow paint a picture that made sense of her decision to leave. After hearing nothing for weeks, she knew she needed to move on. She was restless in her absence, agitated, and it affected her work. Eventually she became less invested, distracting herself with other things, other people, losing track of exactly where in the world Cat had landed, until that was, news broke of the earthquake in Nepal.

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so niall couldn't make it to the awards but could make it to an afterparty, not like things weren't already shady

And saying his been working on his album…. That’s a really long album there. Why is everything so shady I need ANSWERS

Robron Week 2017 is starting this coming Monday!

I hope that all of your fics/gifsets/drawings/videos are finished to your satisfaction and if they’re not then I wish you all the energy and time to finish them in the next four days!

This post is a little reminder of a few things: 

  • All fanworks for robron week are going to be reblogged on this blog
  • For that to work don’t forget to tag your entries with #rw2017 in the first five tags
  • Please always make clear what day/prompt your entry is for
  • You can participate in how many days you want

If this is the first you’re hearing about robron week and want to know more about it check out the FAQ or send an AKS

i just got a job on a film for 5 weeks (maybe 8!), my dad’s helping me out bc of my situation (long story, i cant work atm) and has got me in as his intern so it’s not properly paid or anything but it’s how i’ll pay my rent and i don’t care bc i‘ll be on a film set again, i’m so HAPPY (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧