it's coming...2013 comeback

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how much do you want to bet that sm got their idea for ‘EXO next door’ from the fanfiction that the exo-l accidentally sent at the start of the year

yours is the light | you are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars. — e.e. cummings | an oisuga fanmix

1. I love you by akdong musician; 2. some (썸) by soyu x junggigo feat. lil boi; 3. heaven’s door (천국의 문) by eric nam; 4. joah (좋아) by jay park; 5. day 1 by k.will; 6. best place (내 곁에만 있어) by shinee; 7. kiss kiss by kim hyunjoong; 8. yes, you (그래 너) by standing egg; 9. love love love by roy kim;

[listen] [art by the wonderful @paltita-sketch​]

It’s about to get emotional up in here pt. 2 because ya girl is back with another follow forever!

Since this blog just turned one and I passed a milestone quite some time ago, I thought I would combine those events and make a super follow forever! I honestly can’t thank each of you enough for making my experience on here as amazing as it is today. From sending me sweet messages, to tagging me in different things, and heck by just reblogging and liking things from me, you’ve made such a big impact on my life. (woah there, dramatic much? lol but seriously!) Whether I’ve followed you since the beginning or just yesterday, I love you all from the bottom of my heart!

So here’s to one year with kimbapkidding and hopefully to many more! ♡

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Guys, don’t forget to keep watching BTS “Run” on BIGHIT’S channel since it’s safer that way! They’re currently behind on some music shows and I really want for us to be able to pay back the boys so please pass this on! <3

Imagine fanboy!Woozi trying to calm himself down after watching the comeback teaser for his favorite artist.

Day6 appearing on Music Shows

I hope everyone will continue supporting Day6 even when they go on music shows. I’m not sure how the stage will be like and idk if they will be able to play their instruments or just sing with instrumentals BUT what I do know is that they will definitely put in their best to give us a great performance. 

If you’ve watched the VAPP of their live premiere, you would have seen how nervous the boys were (for example when Youngk kept stuttering and Dowoon’s face and ears turned super red). This is all new to them and MCountdown will be their first music show stage. I’m sure they will be even more nervous with such a different setting and with all the professional stage cameras and lighting. I hope fans don’t feel disappointed that they are not performing live with their instruments (if that’s the case) because I know they would’ve put their heart and soul into it. Music shows are just a new way of promoting and gaining fans. I believe we all agree that they are underrated and deserves wayyyy more fans (just look at their MV views) so I just hope that y’all will continue to support them. I’m sure they would still want to keep their colour and their main selling point of performing live for their fans, so for now can we just all accept their new way of promotions and wait patiently for their live shows?