it's coming along ok

Me Watching Penny Dreadful

Show: *introduces Victor Frankenstein*
Me: Oh no. Oh no here it comes.
Show: *has Victor awaken his undead man-baby and, instead of running away, step up and be a parent to that undead man-baby like a fucking adult*
Me: Oh! Oh, this is different from the book. This is quite nice actually.
Show: *Victor teaches his man-baby how to eat, helps him pick his name, takes him outside on nice strolls and lets him pet a horse*
Me: Oh, this is really nice! This is so sweet! Look at him and his man-baby!
Show: So you like this? You like Victor being a good creator!daddy to Proteus?
Me: Yes! Yes, I really really do! Wait, why do you -
Show: *kills Proteus horribly* BAM say hello to Caliban!
Me:……… what the ACTUAL FUCK

i wanted to do a Stage Opinion thing too!! disclaimer that this is just how i feel about them personally, so HERE WE GO

in random order:

  • help dome- it’s good. a lot of open space and there’s plants. but can be hell if there’s a bunch of good chargers and you can’t move an inch off your base. SITUATIONAL
  • camp triggerfinger- fun but also charger hell beta version. they can get’cha from almost anywhere. i wish the gates came down earlier so i didn’t have to wait and haphazardly toss bombs up there
  • flounder heights- NICE!!!!! i love this stage, it’s so fun. a ton of open space, lots of potential for surprises and ambushes with all the climbable walls and vertical platforms. can attack people from above easily which is always fun
  • THE PIT- it’s pretty cool! i haven’t really formed an opinion yet. conveyor belts are interesting and there’s some nice Friendship Chairs
  • mahi mahi mahi mahi mahi mahi- maybe my favorite, or a tie with flounder heights. lots of different routes, many directions to go. can watch people fall into the water and solemnly stare at their drowning spot from the edge. 
  • skate or die- if you die in the game you die for real. it’s a pretty fun stage but god help you if the other team has long-range weapons and gets control of the tower. 
  • hammerdead bridge- It’s Hard. it’s an interesting stage and i appreciate it but there’s nowhere safe
  • salt rig- i’m kind of tired of this stage honestly. the chaotic fights over the top section are fun and exhilarating but IT’S SOMEHOW ALWAYS ON ROTATION WHEN I PLAY.
  • URGGHH UNDERPASS- it’s bearable but i’m Not A Big Fan. too few paths for me. too easy to get boxed in.
  • museum d’alfonse elric- it’s crazy easy to sneak into the enemy base here because everyone’s so distracted with the fight in the middle. no one ever notices me swimming over into their side. it’s ridiculous and i love it   
  • video games- WHY IS IT SO SMALL!!!!!! THERE’S LIKE A GRAND TOTAL OF SIX FANS AND FOUR DON’T MATTER. WHY IS THE GIMMICK BARELY USED. if it was bigger and had more moving platforms i would love it and it’d be one of my favorites. it’s not nearly chaotic enough for my tastes
  • arowana’s shop-‘til-you-drop- a pretty nice map, but i haven’t played on it in forever. and didn’t get to see it at night for splatfests. a part of me wishes it was bigger because there’s not very many ways to move forward. it’s got a nice aesthetic though
  • port macaroni- get out of my face. never talk to me or my family ever again
  • desolate depot- it’s just kind of there. if it rusted over and eroded into the sea i wouldn’t even notice
  • torture towers- you’re screwed if you’ve got a short-range team. it’s not a stage i hate but it can get REALLY ONE-SIDED REAL QUICK
  • wally’s fuckhouse- i never want to see this stage in another splatfest. please. god. 

Also, prediction time.

Dont hate me for this please I am honestly afraid that I feel this way cuz of what people might think.

Despite the fact that I love HTTYD2 more.

BH6 is taking the oscar this year unless something else comes along and pries it from its fingers.  And I am ok with that.

 And this is coming from a die hard Dreamworks fan. HTTYD is the most important thing in my life, I have never loved a thing (thats not a person) more than HTTYD.   I think about HTTYD every day of my fucking life. Cannot stress this enough. the choice between the two doesnt even exist. HTTYD and HTTYD2 will always win in my heart. Always.

I am prepared to see Bh6 take the oscar. And honestly. This year. I will be ok with it. I will not be angry. I want HTTYD to take an oscar I really do but the moments of “eh that could have been done better” werent nearly as present in BH6 for me.  Will I still be thrilled if HTTYD2 takes it? Fuck yeah I will.  But if we lose, we lose to a movie I am ok losing to.

I think HTTYD2 is bolder, and I think its more unique. But I think Bh6 is tighter and more crowd friendly and there will be zero shock on my end if it wins. I will be more shocked if it loses. HTTYD2 is my second pick for oscar so far.

Then again the oscars have proven to be ass backwards.

My realistic pic should probably be Planes: Fire and Rescue.